Monday, September 20, 2010

Some fall decorating and CHRISTMAS BOX/JAR SWAP

More decorating to follow, including my ME banner swap.  I love decorating with my bears.

Now, finally about the CHRISTMAS BOX, OR JAR SWAP.

I decided that some might not join if they have to alter a box, so their are two options.  I have not done a jar swap, but I know I would sure love a mason ,(esp.) blue, full of Christmas goodies.  I learned from the host of my last swap, so really good ideas when swapping.  So here are the rules.
Sign up:
1.   Send me your address by email at .  If that fails to go through just message me on this blog. 
2.   Please leave me a message here that you are interested.
3.   When you email me please state if you are using a BOX, or a JAR. 
4.    Aso tell me what you would prefer to receive. 
Now that may be complicated and I will try to work that out on my end.  I know I will do a cigar box most likely, but would love a jar.  You can also say that you don't care what you receive.  I will try to match people.  I like that because you get to know the other person. 
5.    It is up to you what you put in the jars. 
Be creative.  Please don't fill with items from the dollar store.  I know you wouldn't do that, would you.  Christmas or holidays items, please.  You can make things to put inside. 
Actually that would be such a nice touch.  You don't have to go overboard.  You can put supplies inside.  My head is spinning with ideas.
6.   In your email to me please send some ideas.  Such as:
 a.  What colors you like at Christmas.
 b.  Do you like religious items
 c.  What is your style:  examples such as cottage, country, victorian, eclectric, modern, Me, etc.
 d.  You can begin to sign up now.  I will keep the swap open til October 15 but I will begin to assign as people sign up. 
 e.  I think we should mail before Thanksgiving.  It gets too crazy after that.
 f.   If you don't celebrate Christmas we can do snow, or winter or something else.

I think that is enough rules for right now.  If you think of something I have forgotten please let me know.  This is the first time I have organized a blog swap, so bear with me.  I think this will be great fun, don't you.


Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Debby I'm in!! The only other swap I've done was with you. :) So this one will be great, I'm sure. I'll send you an email.
Oh and your fall decorations are adorable. I love all the pumpkins and bears. So cute.

bj said...

This sounds like a lot of fun for folks that have talent...bwaaaa...I don't !
Have fun with it...

Love your fall decorations. I need to get my rear in gear and get mine up....

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Love your tabletop decoration. Your bears are wonderful.
Your swap sounds like lots of fun. I'd like to join in. I'll think about whether I want to do a box or a jar and e-mail you later. Thanks.
--Susan @ Blackberry Creek.

Megan said...

I oh-so-love the idea of swaps, but I know myself too well to think I'd actually get something in the mail. But I love the idea and hope it goes well!


I'm in and will be emailing you!
Deb :)

CHERI said...

I think I will join in too. I'm not all that creative but I will do my best! Sounds fun.

B said...

I just put a link to your swap on my twitter. Hopefully that may bring some creative people your way for the swap! :)

B said...

Ok, now I just put a link on my Facebook too! :)

genie said...

You know I am in....I can’t wait to get started on my box.


Denise Marie said...

I'm in and can't wait. I already started gathering stuff. Christmas is such magic!!

I also think we should not give up on the scrapbook page swap. Let's do it after the Holidays. :)

Cherry Chick said...

Sounds like fun...if Genie is doing it I'll join in.

Sarah said...

Vicki sent me your way. I think it would be great fun to join in a box or jar swap. I've never done one. I'll send you an email. ~ Sarah