Friday, February 27, 2015

Love It or List It

Here we go again.  I'd love to just rather " love it"  but we do need to downsize and it's not going to get any easier.  So we will "list it".  We are both dreading this.  I think after such a lousy experience this fall,  we are looking at it all negatively.  Hoping with a new realtor and being listed the right time of the year  and low inventory,  it will be a better time.  The snow needs to melt and it needs to warm up.  That would help so much.
Until then I will clean, declutter, and make minis.  I have probably whined before about my daughter's Betsy Clark doll furniture that went missing when we moved 30 years ago.  I have looked and looked and can't find a replacement.  But I did find this.......
A Holly Hobbie doll house.  I got it for a steal.  It's not Betsy Clark but it's also something that I have "loved" for a long time.  When my daughter was a baby I would do H.H. oil paintings on slate.  A local gift shop loved them and sold them in their store.  Thank goodness there weren't copy right police then.  I remember how thrilled I was that an artist actually bought one.  It was fun and a little extra money at the time.  I was pregnant for my second son at the time.  I wish I had kept at least one of them.

The house is in really good condition for around 1975. That's 40 years. 
The house is tiny but had all this furniture.  It had outdoor playground furniture which I didn't post.  One side of a swing is broken.  Now it came with one of the plastic dolls and the two rag dolls.  I ordered the other dolls from a different vendor.  The baby and one of the dogs came with one of those.  The dolls are so big compared to the house.   
Some of their clothes I will wash.  I even have a change of clothes.  Their hair needs spiffed up a little.  One doll is missing a shoe.  They are in wonderful shape.  Don't they have the cutest faces. 
Here are the doggies.  They even have a house.  See my new pillow in the background.   
Here is the naked baby. 
Ooops, I said two rag dolls but there are three.  The plastic doll's hat is a little flat from being stored away all these years. 
So it's LIST the real house and LOVE the play house.
(Dr. Mr. Cozy, don't even ask me.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Basketball season is over/ A funny story about our 8 year old grandson

Our grandson is the third fro the right.  His team had a great season  It was travel basketball.  They played so many games.  Every week-end 6 games or more.  Also practice a couple nights a week.  We didn't make many of the games because most were an hour away.  Now onto the next sport.

This is Goose's team.  They played in the finals on Monday night.  They won the first game and moved on to the final and they won.  You wouldn't believe how hard these little girls play.  Their team was so small where other teams were so tall.  Our Goose is in the front center.  She and the little girl to her right were the peanuts.  That little girl with the glasses is so small but mighty.  I would say very easily she was the best on the team.  Her dad was one of the coaches.  It was so much fun to have 10 family members rooting them on.  We take up a big section of the gym, hah.

Basketball for Mabel ended a couple weeks ago.  She also takes dance lessons.  I don't know if she will play sports in the spring.  Goose has been on a soccer travel team all year  That's where she excels.  Basketball ended early for K the oldest as she broke a finger.  Goose actually has a black eye from running into a pole.  It's kinda a family issue with not looking where you are going.

Now, the Colorado kids are into dancing for E. and fishing for our Fisherboy.  I am hoping to fly out when E. has her dance competitions.  I love watching them.  I like Dance Moms for the dancing.  I sure don't like Abby.

Our grandson had a school project to do for a month.  Getting him to do something is like pulling teeth.  He had to decorate a box from one scene in the book he read.  Boxcar Kids, I think was the title.  He kept putting it off because he told everyone that Grammy would do it.  So I scanned the book quickly and suggested a scene where the mom sells pies.  Still not motivates and me not wanting to do it for him, I outlined a kitchen on the back wall.  I gave him a foam person.  He finally decorated the person to look like a mom.  He stated, "This is the hardest thing I ever did."  Hah.  All he did was cut out clothes from construction paper.  I told him he had to color in the kitchen wall.  Oh my gosh, that took another forever.  He said, "It has to look good because I got some future girlfriends in this class." He flipped his hair and said, " All I have to do is walk through my class, and I got 20 girlfriends."  I knew he wouldn't say that to anyone other than me.  All of a sudden all the wall was colored.  Yeah.  He stole a table from Mabel's house for the pies.  But Mabel through a fit and there was a big fight and she won.  I told him to take it later or I would give him a table.  I am giving him my left over pies from my swap.  So he is finished.  I have seen some of these projects before.  They have been so overboard.  His will look simple but like he did it not an adult.

I think it might get close to freezing today.  Wow, it has been bitter,  HUGS

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hobby Lobby must be reading blogs


I know these really don't look too alike in these pictures.  Overlook the glue strings above.  I made this one from a mini matchbox.  I built up the sides a little and then I distressed it to look old.
Well, yesterday I was in Hobby Lobby and low and behold they had fairy garden things out and on sale.  I spotted these wagons.  They feel like they are some kind of light weight metal;  They could be just some kind of coating over paper, I don't know.  They used nuts for wheels and even the handle resembles the handle I made.  They were on $2.99 and then on sale.  I bought the three they had.  I put it next to the other matchbox I just made.  They are very close in size.  The matchbox is a tiny bit larger.

The last time I was in there they had the books that are made into letters.  Just like these.  They had small ones and little ones.  They were made to look like they were out of old books but they were made from wood.
I also saw the burlap table runners with the lace on the ends.  I really feel they must read blogs or pinterest, don't you.  I suppose that's how they do their job. 
I got a new print from awhile ago.  I think this is the third one I got from here.  One was a gift .  I can't wait to frame these and hand them.  It's still in it's package but the bottom reads "I'm so lucky that I ended up next to you.  They look like worn out bears, or should I say aged.  She does the cutest things.  The original print was called cereal box art.  I think she painted it on a cereal box.  You can see how she edged it.

Okay, it  is like way too cold around here.  I have had to be out the last couple of days, and it's just nasty.  Schools cancelled again. 
I will be back soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bear's, Deer, and Bunnies

My little bears got freed from the little box.  I put some of my minis inside.  Actually these were the minis from Sweet Hilda.
Front yard guests are always best.  Except a skunk.  We saw one once in the front yard.  Oh my, so glad he left.
I took this picture yesterday before all the new snow (oh only about 8 inches more).  I used the zoom on my point and shoot through the double window pane.
A new mini that I am working on.
Hoot, hoot, We got out and went to church.  The roads were a bit bad out.  But, oh it was good being out and around "my people".  I love our little Church in the Mall.  We went out for lunch as well.  I wanted to stop at T.J Maxx and Hobby Lobby just to look.  I told Mr. Cozy I'd skip T.J.'s but I really wanted to go to H.L.  I think I heard a little snicker when I noticed the parking lot was empty and remembered they are close on Sunday.
One more week til March...............yippee.  Not complaining, as I save that for summer.  Just saying...............

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mini Swap Pictures/Doll Houses

Miss Mabel participated in this swap.  That meant I made 19 things for her to swap and 19 for me.  Whew.  Don't think I will do that again.  But look at her face.  They were all wrapped up and she took her time opening each one and lining them up.  Then they went straight in her doll house.

This was the temporary home for my minis.  I know it's not too clear.  See the cute little kissing booth.  That was a favorite of many.  E. of Tennessee made that.
This I the kitchen in Mabel's house.  I want this for my house.
This is Mabel's house.  It was her mother's.  It was put together but never finished.  Her other grandpa finished it too look like their real house.  See the mat on the porch.  That was from the mini swap.  See the flowers.....shhhhhh, there is a hidden key under the pot.
Here is my house.  I can hear you laughing.  I can't wait to put it together.  But wait is what I must do if we relist our home.
Here is what it should look like when finished.  It has some furniture to put in it, also will need to put together and paint.
Back to Mabel's house.  These are the pegs I made for her to play with in her house.  Do you see the doll on the bed.  Yep, Mabel and I aren't worried about the scale.
Do you remember this flower wagon.  I mailed the antique wagon to my swap partner in a different mini swap.  This is a one on one swap.  Well, I still had this one.  This month you are to make a food item.  Just one, nothing fancy.  Well, I adapted the wagon and added veggies and little signs.  See the lettuce.  It's just a paper rose painted green.  The carrots were Joiles.  It amazes me how the glue stringies always show up in pictures, more than human eyes.
Okay, this is a secret.  I already received my mini items.  This was all in my package  Hilda asked me to only post a couple of items so she wouldn't get in trouble.  She said she joined the site because she loves making minis and didn't have a way of sharing.  I'm pretty sure that no one from that site reads my blog.  I had to post what beauties she makes.  Unreal, I am in shock.

Here are the ones I choose to post.  Can you believe the detail.

Okay, girls, that's all I have today.  I could tell you about all the snow and ice and school cancelled for the week, and whoppie more to come.  You know I love winter and snow, but we all have our limits.
Today I am tearful, I'm missing my first friend.  My cousin that was like a sister to me.  She died 4 years ago from H1N1 on this week-end.  I know she lived her life to go to Heaven, so she is where she always wanted to, but I still miss her. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

10 Best Dynamite Day Trips

Find unexpected travel treasures in many small cities near major urban cities by Lisa Waterman Gray.

This was the article that I talked about yesterday.  I could copy the picture but not the article.  If you want to see the full article go to my facebook page.
I am surprised that out little town made this list as most of the other places are much bigger.

1.   Ann Arbor, Mich.
2.   Columbia, Mo.
3.    Fredericksburg, Texas
5.    Lake Charles, La.
6.    Las Cruces, N.M.
7.    Lawrence, Kansas
8.    Madison, Wisconsin
9.    Mason City, Iowa
10.  Moss Landing, California

Do any of you live near any of these cities.  If, so please tell us about your city.
Well, Hubby arrived home from work in the freezing cold and snowy weather, so I will get dinner on.
Stay warm and safe.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Under a Cozy Blanket

It's so cold today.  After being on the road in the bad conditions yesterday, Mr. Cozy and I are just staying in.  Izzy, the little one doesn't seem to mind being buried in the snow when she goes outside.  But Piper does.  He just panics.  He's very sensitive, you know.  Can you tell which one is the boss of the applesauce.  Sorry for all the cords. Usually the little fireplace hides them but someone moved it closer. The plastic bag at the bottom of the steps is a package we saved from the conditions, and is one of our neighbors.
I may have posted this one before.  I was just looking at my Kindle photos and thought I wanted to use it again.  Thanks Jenny.
I wanted to make robots with the candy hearts.  Mabel just wanted to eat the candy.  So I put all the heart candy, star bursts, and raisins in baggies for the four grands that live here.  I am sending my daughter a Valentine  of Lucy and money for a pizza night.  My daughter did and still does remind me of Lucy from Charlie Brown.
This was the other day. I went to sit down on the sofa at my sons' home and this deer about scared me silly.  You can't tell how close he was but if the glass wasn't there I could have patted his little head.  I love the hill they live on.  You can see for miles.  At night it's fun seeing the lights.  Since it is a small town, really a village, there isn't a ton of lights.  Oh this deer, he had many friends with him.  I haven't seen the fox that lives there lately.  That was a surprise as we don't have many.  We used to have a ton of rabbits but they are scare anymore.  There are coyotes around but not very many.  There was an article on Facebook this week.  It told of the 10 best places to visit near big cities.  Granville, Ohio was number 4.  Amazing, for such a small place.  There were places in California and Texas. 
I am hoping that everyone is okay in this weather.  Spring will be here before we know it.  And that means fairy garden time.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Just a few of my loves.  Mr. Cozy got me these pretty roses.

We went to Goose's basketball game.  The guy with the perfect hair had two games later out of town.

Rudy said to tell you he is one now and Happy Valentines Day.

We had white out conditions today.  It was crazy windy and snowy.  Poor Izzy 's next step had her up to her neck in snow.  You can barely see the chair behind was on the other side of the patio facing the other way.  I opened the door and snow fell in. 
It's a good thing I got all those groceries.  After we got caught in the white out we barely made it home.  Of course, the entire family was out in the storm.  We had lunch with one son and his girls and Mabel.  We were to take her to an ice skating party.  It was close to our house.  We were only about 3 miles from where we ate to the rink.   She was an hour late.  But everyone is safe and home.  Now on the other hand our daughter in Colorado was wearing shorts and had all her windows open.  It's been 70 there all week.  Tomorrow it is to be minus 30 degrees here with the wind chill.  It's supposed to be below freezing all next week.  And once again the East Coast is getting blasted.
Stay safe and I hope your day was full of love.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


There is a Facebook page for the school that I went to.  This photo popped up on it this week.  Even though the picture was tiny on my Kindle, I knew it was my Mom.  So I got on my computer and enlarged it.  She is the one on the top left sitting down.  We aren't sure but her sister may be the second from the right behind the steering wheel.  My Mom could only see a tiny picture on her phone but was going to try to enlarge it.  She will know if it is my aunt and will know others.  I know a couple of them. 
These girls worked at Beatley's On The Lake.  That's a hotel in the back of the jeep.  They worked as waitresses in the restaurant during World War 2.  I think she was 19 or 20.   My Mom will be 88 in April. They could only serve sandwiches as there was a shortage of meat  You always hear the sad poor stories of wartime.  These ladies were making the best of the situation.  This hotel was at Indian Lake in Ohio.  It's a teeny town.  The hotel was demolished and the property sold for trailer lots.  It was almost surrounded by water.  There were even boat docks  That looked like little houses.  I can't begin to tell you what a great hotel this was.  Beautiful.  When I was about 14,  I would stay with a family that came down for vacations .  I can't even tell you how I met them.  If you can believe this, I don't ever remember my parents meeting them.   The father was a dentist.  He and his wife had one daughter about 10 years older than me and a son a few years older.  I literally spent the whole week with them when they came down.  Even overnight.  I kept in touch with the daughter for many years.  She lived in Hawaii the last I knew.  They were wonderful people.   I was just a part of their family when they came to the resort.   The owners of the hotel knew my parents well and they knew who I was.  I don't know why these kind people took me in like that.  It was an amazing experience. 
Across the street was a swimming area at the lake.  Huge, with a big sandy beach.  Lots of playing areas, and so much fun.  That's not there either.  There is another place down the road called Fox Island.  My husband and I lived across the street from that one for a few years.  It hasn't changed much over the years but the ducks have taken over in a really bad way.
Two of my cousins and a good friend now live on that island.  They didn't grow up there but their mother did.  There was also a small amusement park.  One of those that used to have all the Big Bands.  There were some amazing things going on in this tiny little town.  I think it's sad that it is mostly just gone.  The lake is still nice but nothing much to do unless you live there.

On a closing note......why did I wait til their was a whiteout going on and frigid temps outside to get a ton of groceries.  It is supposed to be freezing for the next couple of weeks.  We are talking a minus 30 wind chill on Sunday.  I know we are so much better off than Boston.  But the groceries are in but not put away.  We have to walk clear across our length of our house and up steps to the kitchen. 
I think I will stay under my COZY BLANKET for awhile.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sweet and sour

Check out my swap items from Jenny.  There are Minnie Mouse socks that didn't show up.  I guess the little ice cream cup behind the card you can't see either.  It's cute.  It has a large heart that looks like a balloon.  There is some candy and a magnet.  See those conversation hearts.  I saw some robots made from them ad I hope to make them for the grands.

This little chest was from Mary Holley in a miniature one on one swap.  It's made from matchboxes, the tiny ones.  Each drawer was full of teeny tiny things.  This is the swap that I made the antique wagon for my swap partner.  So sorry about the quality of these photos.  I took them on my Kindle to save time.  Not good.
Poor Izzy isn't feeling well.  Her tummy, her bladder and her legs just aren't working up to par.  It looks like she is going to fall over the ledge here.
And this is Rudy.  It's blurry because he never sits still.  He is such an adorable puppy.  He has the funniest personality.  He just turned one.  I love how he loves me.

I am headed to the post office with 10 boxes.  My husband took the other 5 with him this morning to mail at a different post office.  This was for the mini swap.  This was a lot of work for me.  I do think I am swapped out for awhile.  I used every box that I could find to mail everything.  Just hoping that everything arrives okay.  It was a bit difficult making sure everyone got one of each 19 things.  Some things were in similar packaging.  They were all to be mailed last Monday.  Some people set their own deadlines.  That's all I am going to say about that.

So sorry for those on the East coast.  That is way too much snow, even for someone who loves snow.  Our snow finally melted but just heard on the news more snow is coming.  It is really cold.  It will be fun carrying all those packages up the huge steps at the post office.  It's funny, they clear and ice the steps but the arm rails are covered with ice and snow.  If you have to hold on you can't. I am trying to time the trip to the post office.  Not early morning or lunch time as I found the mail people aren't always in their best mood.

We went to see American Sniper this week-end.  My family members didn't think I should go.  Mostly because of being a mom of a soldier that had two tours of duty.  I think what got to me the most was the PTSD that happens.  It's real life for sure.  It doesn't end with the wars either.  Right here in the USA we have such awful things to deal with.  Just going to a movie is stressful for me.  Having a family member (same one) that was involved in the after math of the Aurora theater massacre, you tend to think of things others wouldn't.  Sometimes you wonder how people handle all that they do.  So many bad apples out there.   Sometimes it's a mental health issue or one of religion. 
I am feeling so sad for the family of Kayla right now.  I will admit, I'm almost afraid of posting things to do with the government since there is so much internet hacking right now.  Just waiting to see what happens from being an Anthem member.

Are you sensitive to smells.  My daughter has such a strong sense of smell.  Things really bother here.  I am usually the opposite.  I noticed that my pantry smelled like cat ---.  I don't have a cat anymore.  I couldn't imagine what it was.  I found it....a rotting sweet potato.  Yuck.  The other night when both dogs were on my lap the little one woke up and acted all weird.  Mr. Cozy put her outside.  I kept smelling something.  It was driving me crazy.  Finally when I got up I knew what it was.  My pour incontinent doggy had an accident on me.  It has happened before.  You would think you would notice it but you don't til you get up.  What a lovely thing to happen.  I hope you are laughing instead of being grossed out.

My house is upside down right now.  I have to go to the post office and the grocery before I get M and M at the bus stop.  I also watched a couple of cuties over the week-end and yesterday.  I don't have them often but I enjoy it when I do.  They have a Great Dane puppy.  He was upstairs in his crate.  The mom said no matter what noise that was coming from the room to not let her out.  Well, she almost came through the floor.  You would have sworn that the house was shaking.

HAPPY THOUGHTS HAPPY THOUGHTS HAPPY THOUGHTS........sometimes it is just hard to stay above everything.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Swapping away

I was in Viv's Valentines Swap.  I showed you the heart candy box that I made for my partner, Lynn of Life on the weinie ranch.  She was much more generous than I was.  First is this magnet.  I saw it at Hobby Lobby, picked it up only to put it back down. 
Now, the two pictures in this shelf are ones that she cut out on one of those machines.  I just love them.  They look so cute in the shelf.  For some reason this shelf never takes a good picture. 

This is the whole box minus the magnet.  Lots of candy, a heart mug, some pretties for Valentine's Day.  She made an adorable card as well, and threw in some vintage Valentines. Wasn't she a sweetie.  I had hoped she would send me one of her Weinie dogs but she didn't.  The last picture is what I have been doing all this week.  I was the host of the mini swaps this time. Here they are ready to go into the boxes that you see piled up.  Actually there are 5 swap items not added when this picture was taken.  Yep, its a lot of cute minis.  I will post pictures when they are mailed and received.
I haven't had a migraine in many months.  When they come back they stay and stay.  This the third day.  Yesterday I had a crown done.  All in one day as the 3D machine makes the crown.  I have a small mouth which makes it uncomfortable.  Yes, I didn't make that up, all dentists say this.  That with the headaches have kinda knocked me for a loop.  I am thinking of walking to the mailbox just to get some fresh air.  So that's about it for now.  You all have a nice week-end.  Hugs

Monday, February 2, 2015

The winner is

I tried to get Piper to pick the winner but he said he just wanted to take a nap.  So his little friend stepped up to the plate.  I asked if he would pick a fish, oh I mean a name.

Isn't he a cutie.  He goes with a book, that I will tell you about another day.  Can you see who he picked.  No, me either.  So here is a close up.

The winner is Musings from Kim K.  Yeah, I will be sending your gift to you this week.  Please send me your address Kim.

Okay, what were your thoughts on Super Bowl Sunday.  No parties here.  It snowed all day and then during the night we got freezing rain.  It is getting colder now so everything is icy.
Commercials:  Bud does it best .  Love that commercial.  There has been so many adorable pets on videos lately. 
There were some commercials I didn't get.
Now the one about the boy that died.  That was a bit much.
Did you like the half time.  Yes, it was clean and cute.  I also liked the singing of America and the Star Spangled Banner.  Good job.
The, that last play was something, wasn't it.
So that's about it for now.
Congratulations Kim.