Friday, December 31, 2010

What I wish for you.......

I wish all of you PEACE, LOVE, and JOY this coming NEW YEAR. It has been such a pleasure getting to know all of you sweet people. If we find peace in our lives , love of God, family and friends and pure joy of living life to it's fullest, we are BLESSED. Happy
New Year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This little piggy had roast beef

I imagine that title will catch your attention. This Grammy was babysitting Sweet Goose and Sweet K. Bug (behind the camera) last night and broke her toe......the one that ate the roast beef.
Also maybe the one that "stayed home." I wish I could say it was during "my makeover", or Duck Duck Goose or Hide and Seek but no......just walking. I caught my toes under the sofa and I kept walking while they cracked and bent sideways. So toes are black and puffy but doesn't hurt as bad as the headache right now. The headaches have returned for several days now. I haven't had them since August so this to will pass.
Thank you all for your sweet comments. So much fun having family around. Only 2 of my grandchildren live here. The other four out West near the mountains. Our mothers live about an hour a half away in Logan County. My daughter and her family went to Disneyland last week so they weren't here for the holidays. Yes, they were there in all that rain.
Okay other news......guess what Santa brought 100th follower. Thanks Suzy Q for being the 100th.
Now, I am not a counter and not blogging for that reason BUT I am so thankful for all of you that take the time to read my blog. When I started about 10 months ago, I didn't know what direction I would go. I must be pretty chatty looking at all the posts that I have made. I don't think I planned on being "so personal" but that is just me. I don't know a stranger and have been known to tell someone I just met my whole life story. SO if you get a comment from me and wonder if I am "for real" just know it's ME. I don't tell fibs but probably tell alot more than most of you really want to know. I care about everyone. So much that I take in strays.....humans, animals, just about everything. Not good with plants, though, just saying. SO there you go.........this blog is all about the truth and I do appreciate all 100 of you.......
NOW..........I am going to have a giveway celebrating this milestone.
Not the numbers but "YOU" my blogging friends. It will be of "my favorite things". Just give me a little time to get it together. Keep checking back and I will post how you can enter.
(((((HUGS)))))) to all of you.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

Dads and daughters
Skype with those that couldn't come

Football gear and a
New TuTu

No it's not Great Grandma's Tu Tu

Skpying with a Great

One on a computer, one watching football

A happy Grampy

Christmas dinner with son and DIL

new doll

new doll and a temp.

Hubby's Mom

Toy Story Jessie shirt and red boots gets a Gracie dog and a high temp.

Rudolf and Clarisse

Barbie RV

Mabel reads Matthew Mead's Holiday

Baby Q. with his new giraffe (missing but celebrated at Thanksgiving)

Opening early Christmas (also missing her at Christmas)

Grampy and his littles

Mabel's new doll

Love at first sight

A little bit of bed head

And one tired, short on words, but happy Grammy that needs a little snooze. Hope your holidays were full of these kind of warm fuzzy memories.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town

So be GOOD for goodness sake.....................
I hadn't thought about posting this until I saw another friend post about Santa pictures. I had these framed years ago, never was crazy about how they were framed for the price they charged. So one day I hope to reframe it and add some pictures of the "grands".
These are several pictures of years of sitting on Santa's lap. There are picture of the old Lazarus Santa, he was always the best. There are some of my second son with his Christmas catalog. He did that two years in a row. There is a picture of the same son chewing on my key chain with the big letter "D" . He cut his first tooth that day. There is even a picture of my youngest adopted son with his birth sister before I even met him. There is a picture of the same son with his college age sister. (That Santa was a girl....shhhhh) There are some that have that yellow tint from the old instant photos.
All to be cherished, for sure.
When my kids grew up and asked if Santa was real this Mama always said that Santa was "real" in my heart. I would never say that he wasn't. Trust me, the truth being held back didn't hurt them one bit. They are still believers and passing it on to their "littles" .
It isn't Christmas til I get that butterfly feeling in my tummy. Do you get that, or am I a bit wacky. This morning I had that feeling. I love it. To me it is all about the giving and celebrating with family and friends.......and I do know the reason. Merry Christmas my friends. (Oh my I almost have 100 of you now........oh how sweet that is)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

Merry Christmas Everyone

Swaps are fun

This first picture is of a tag swap hosted by Elisabeth. We made 22 tags and sent them to her. She sent us back 21 different tags. I wanted to be able to see them so I hung each on .
Not sure how great it looks but I like being able to see them. The second picture is the swap I got today from Tammy. It was "A cup of kindness swap". How sweet is this. I think she made that sweet rag doll. Love rag dolls and teddy bears. Love the giant cup......that filled with hot chocolate should get me through the mornings at school.

I can't believe that I am showing you my bathroom. I won't show you my aqua tub and sink. Very vintage. In alot of my decorations you might recognize things you have sent me in swaps. Everything but the teddy bear on the shelf came from one of you. The beautiful bird in the other picture was from an ornament swap. What great fun these swaps are. If you haven't participated in one, do yourself a favor and take the leap. The best thing is the friendships you make.

Gingerbread Houses and Cheesecakes

taking time out to meet cousins at the Cheesecake Factory...... My cousin, Jo (guess which one) ,and I see each other as much as possible. My son and his daughters joined me to see Jo and her neices. Goose the little one, sang non-stop Christmas carols entertaining us all. It was fun. It is also nice being teachers and having time off.
The other picture is of Doodle and I making gingerbread houses at her school. Today is her last day. Doodle is my surrogate granddaughter. I have watched her since she was a mere 6lbs. We have a very special realtionship.

Another son flies in tomorrow. He only gets home once a year. It will be so much fun spending time here with him and his sweet family.
Christmas is such a special time.
And it isn't about one day of the year, it is about the "season", the "reason" and the "feelings". It is a COZY time for sure.
Christmas (((((HUGS))))) to you all.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas here

Presents are appearing under the little TREES. Thirty One Gifts personalized and being used as STOCKINGS this year.

The new little tree with my grandchildren posed as ANGELS.

And my house surrounded in SNOW. The countdown is on. Time to be MERRY.

Friday, December 17, 2010


So excited.........last day of school and on Holiday Break for two weeks. Packages have arrived at last. (At least most of them) I hope to get things wrapped and cards addressed so next week I can enjoy my family. Oh, and a little sleep is sounding just heavenly to me.
It's cold here and lots of snow........I love it.
I hope this week brings you smiles, memories and peace.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's on your list?

This was our Christmas wish list board at school. The snowballs are the wish lists of the children. Lots of I pods, DS's, American Girl dolls, Legos and Star Wars, and two wanted a real bunny. (The gloves and bow I took out of Lost and Found, hah)

Okay what is on your list.......what are you buying this year for others. Hmmmmm, on my list is an
American Girl , legos, Playmobile, play dishes, doll beds, giraffe teether, lots of 31 gifts, books, gift certificates, candles, craft kits, clothes, dog bones and dog toys. It is fun to shop for others esp. the little ones.
Now wrapping is another story. So far nothing has been wrapped yet. Cards are still sitting undone. But there are only 3 more work days left for me. It'll happen, probably later than sooner.
We have lots of snow on the ground and BABY it is cold outside. The grandkids and the kids at school are getting so excited. They talk about their travels to see their families and about the presents they hope to receive. Tree trimming is high on their list just like making cookies to share. Hopefully the little ones will remember that it is Jesus' birthday that we are celebrating. It truly is a magical time. Every year there are new memories. So much work goes into planning for that one day, or in many cases, several days of hugging, laughing and exchanging. Most of us are exhausted by December 25 but isn't it all worth it......the smiles and the love that we have for our families.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorating cookies

Doodle, Goose, and K. Bug came to decorate cookies yesterday. Doodle had spent the night.......she's my surrogate granddaughter and I am her
Nanny. These girls were in my care since they all were babies while their parents worked. They are always so excited to see each other(Doodle lives in another town). There are always lots of giggles and silliness when they are together.
I quickly threw on some chili for Hubby and my son and fixed Toy Story Macaroni for the girls.
Goose, K. Bug and their Daddy couldn't get up our big hill because of the snow and hoofed it to our house. I took them down the hill in my bug, when they were ready to leave. Went to turn around in a driveway near where they had parked and one wheel went in a ditch. I was lucky and got out ot that hole.

Baby, it's cold outside. School was closed today but we still have the before and after school program. Just let me tell you without getting into detail it, it wasn't pretty.
Having problems with online ordering this year. One order has taken way toooooo long and I can't get answers. Can't even call right now.......the recording says "network" problems.
Another order charged me once the total amount and now are charging each part of the order as it is shipping out in different boxes.
The other order charged my account and now the charge has vanished. I "think" that is a problem.
Pardon me, I think I will take a nap(under my cozy blanket). When I wake up all will be well, yeah right.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

White out, black out

Yesterday I went to Barnes and
Noble to finish my shopping in another town. I don't do malls after Thanksgiving.....seriously. I had a double arm load of toys and books and made it to check out and the power went out.
All the stores, restaurants and the street lights......all went out. I came home and ordered everything online.

Today we are having a white out of sorts.
Not as bad as some of our neighbors in the Mid West. Still don't know why we are called the Mid West. It's Ohio, we aren't even near the middle or the West.
Sorry about the dark photos but it was getting dark. I couldn't get my window down so these are taken through my car windows.
I love this kind of weather. I don't like having to be out in it if it is really bad but I love in inside under my COZY BLANKET.