Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow Rollers, Go Broncos

Have you heard about the snow rollers.  Where here is what they look like.  Aren't they interesting.  Our temps during the day are getting warmer but still have below zero evenings.  Some of the snow is to melt tomorrow before we get rain, sleet, or snow.  There seems to be a big storm that the Ohio Valley is caught in the middle of.  Oh boy.  So these snow rollers may be gone soon.  But at least you got to see what they looked like, right. 
Gee, I wonder who my Colorado babies are rooting for at the Super Bowl.  Gotta love the bow.  Don't be booing me............I'm just sharing.

Thanks my friends for all your well wishes.  I am better, the worst is over.  Still not feeling like leaving the house.  I hope that happens soon. 
Have a good week-end.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

minus twenty

-20 here this morning.

Yesterday I came down with a stomach virus.  With all the stomach issues that I have sometimes I end up in the hospital.  After a miserable night I think it's just a virus. The aches have been the worst.  So staying in drinking Gateraide.  I will be back.

Friday, January 24, 2014


I copied this picture off of Facebook at Christmas time .
I tried to make them.  Why aren't mine cute like the picture?
Maybe they need necks.  The ones in the picture are so cute.  I will keep trying.  I think maybe just two and one heart might be cuter.
It's sooo cold outside.  We had frozen pipes again today and no water.  The repairman (God Bless that man) showed up at the door.  He said he had been trying to call me and it just rang busy.  Thank goodness he just came out .  Our phone was dead, another problem we have been having.  He worked for over an hour.  You see, our hot water heater and pump (we have a well) are outside in a concrete hole in the ground.  It's not heated of course.  The ideal situation is to leave water running but then that could make us run out of water.  here is no outlet in the pit.  The repairman found two holes that could be letting the cold air in and he pugged them.  It is concerning because it is around 0 degrees right now.  Next week it could get double digits below zero.  Winds and snow are predicted as well.  Not sure our homes here are ready for these temps.  Our house is 46 years old. 
On Monday, I met a friend for lunch.  I went to Target first because I needed a few things.  I decided to get a few groceries so I wouldn't have to go to the grocery.  $125 later, I met my friend at TJ Max .  She loves shopping there.  I bought the dogs a new pad/bed to lay on the floor in the living room.  It had to be waterproof on the bottom for Izzy, the Yorkie since she is having incontinence  issues.  I thought the material was ugly.  I put their blanket on top of it.  They both love it.  Actually right now they are both on the pad.  I also had to put back their jackets.  Just too cold for them.  Izzy's hair is growing back from her groom but not Piper's. 
Oops, I got off track.  So after shopping we went to the restaurant next door.  This whole time, we saw hardly anyone out. When we were done I had to go watch my grandson and granddaughter.  They didn't have school and their mama needed to leave for work.  My grandson was shoveling the driveway (hill) for me.  When my son got home I tried to leave.  Well, we tried for about an hour.  We could not get my bug up their hill.  So I spent the night.  The groceries froze but all but the fruit survived.  The next morning Mabel (5) and I headed up the hill.  My son had salted and shoveled and it worked.  The whole way to my house Mabel sang songs.  After I picked both of them up from school later I went down that drive again.  This time I was able to get out and come home.  I didn't get to sleep much that night.  In the guest room the heat sounded like tennis shoes in a dryer.  So loud.  They have hot water know the kind with the radiators.  Although no radiators but baseboards.  They have had it serviced many times since they moved this fall.  It's hard to find someone to fix that kind of heat. 
Well, I keep hearing car doors.  There must be something going on at the Clubhouse across the street from us.  Those people must be crazy to be out tonight.
Well, all I can say is STAY COZY.

Updates......Deb is still in the hospital but doing okay.  She was able to talk to my husband on the phone this week,
My friend Brenda has started radiation and doing okay as well.  Her leg looks better she said.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Snow, Babies, Basketball, and Valentines...........oh my

We are having an old fashioned kind of winter.  One that I remember growing up, where there was always snow on the ground.  We had a couple of warmer days last week and it melted most of the snow.  On Friday the snow came down in huge fluffy flakes.  It was so beautiful.  We are continuing to have snow every day.  We have more coming tonight and tomorrow and our temps are dropping and will stay cold for several days. 

Our downtown when the big flakes were coming down.  It was also very dark that afternoon.  It's been dark all day today.  When the sun does shine it is wonderful.
Our house with just a little snow.   If you look way up high in the clearing you can see one of the turkey vultures.  They have been leaving for days only to return when the temps warm a bit.  I can hear someone shooting at them sometimes in the evening.  So glad that others here are taking action. so it's not all up to us.  We bang our trash can lid and hundreds will take off.
On Friday my DIL, her mother and I were invited to my DIL's neighbors for a Valentines Workshop.  Her neighbor is an old friend of mine and quite a character.  She is 80 and very bossy but hilarious.  I have made these Danish cut outs before but not for years.  There were others there as well.  She charged us $10 and that included soup and dessert.  She had all her grandmothers china in use.  I didn't take pictures because it just wasn't the right thing to do.  Next summer I will take pictures of her fairy gardens.  Jo Jo as my granddaughter calls her, runs a tight ship.  She makes you pay attention and follow along.  Even though she is bossy she is funny.  She wants people to share her art with others and encourages similar get togethers to do just that..  The three of us like to talk and meet new people.  The other guests were not very friendly.  We tried to get to know them but it wasn't working.  Jo Jo kept asking me if I was okay.  I was very quiet, and she knows that's not like me.  The lady next to me was loud and intrusive.  She kept reaching for things in front of me and bumping my scissors.  I was a good girl and didn't jab her with my scissors......I was close but I didn't.  Here is what we made.
Saturday was a busy eventful day.  We had basketball games for the grands at 12, 3, and 5.  We also had Baby O.'s first birthday party.  She walked right over to me when we walked in the door.  Doesn't she look pretty in her birthday dress.
We made it to all the games and had lunch at Bob Evans and coffee at the coffee shop between events.
(Before I move to Sunday, I have something to tell you about one of the games.  My oldest granddaughter plays on a 5/6 grade team.  They happened to be playing the best team in the league.  It's actually a traveling team not a rec. league.  They have paid adults refereeing the game.  The star player on the opposite team's mother was an assistant coach.  We were sitting in the opposite side of the bleachers so I didn't see what this mom did or hear what she said.  All of a sudden the ref started screaming at her to shut up and sit down and called a technical foul on her.  The gym got silent.  I have never heard a man yell at a woman like this.  It is probably old fashioned of me to think of it in that way instead of coach vs. referee.  It was something else.
The girls play very aggressively.  My granddaughter is timid and shy.  This was the first game that we were allowed to go to because she was embarrassed.  She did really well I thought.  Her dad said it was the last year for her to play.  He is so protective.  While this game was going on her mama was in the ER having tests run.  She is okay but they did find some minor things wrong.
Baby O
On Sunday we went to the two little B's baby dedication.  They go to a huge church.  Tons of people.  Very casual and non-denomination.  The kids on stage were so funny.  So many wiggles.  I had to show you a couple of Little B doing funny things.  These little guys are so special.  As soon as they saw us they were both in Mr. Cozy's arms.  We went out for lunch afterwards.  It was the quickest lunch we have had in awhile.  Good thing I didn't have a time to chew.
On the way home we met our son with his girls.  We took the girls to see Nut Job.  While they laughed out loud and said it was the best movie ever, we struggled to stay awake.  But I will admit the ending or after the ending was the best part. 
Don't you love their spikey hair.
Check out these last two pictures and Baby B.'s arms.  So funny. 

See the little guy on his dad's shoulders.  He tried to pull our Baby Mamas hair.  She was unaware until I told her.  He almost had it in his hands. 
(This family may not be blood related but we couldn't love them more)

My wish list is going well.  I am concentrating on less sugar, more organic and fresh veggies and fruits.........but today has not been a good one.....a new day tomorrow.  I did connect with more than one friend I haven't seen for awhile.  I looked online for exercise's weak, but it's a start.  I think writing it down and publishing it helps keep me responsible. 

Now to hunker down and await the snow and cold.  Not really, I will be out and about tomorrow.  I did stay home and rested today.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello there

Sorry, I borrowed this picture as the snowman picture.  Please don't sue me.  If you know the owner, I would gladly give them credit.  Isn't this just beautiful.  Have you heard that they are finding snow owls in the South.
I thought I would use the picture instead of taking a picture outdoors today.  I woke up to all of our snow being melted.  We are having a warm up, which is a good thing.  But in my book, there should be snow on the ground if it is winter.  I think all of our furnaces and pipes need a rest from the freezing cold.  We had pipes that froze and busted.  No water damage though, because our pump is in a hole in the ground.  Our hot water heater shares the space with the pump.  It's very weird, and not our idea. 
Good news on Deb.  She was able to talk on the phone after yet another surgery.  She may be transferred back to the local hospital.  Hoping they can start treatment for the cancer soon.  She has to be strong to have gone through the endless surgeries and complications.
Basketball starts up today after the long holiday.  Baby O. is coming for a visit.  I can't wait to see her.
When I'm not watching M and M, I feel so lazy. Just read blogs and do the basics to get buy.  I need to be more productive.  Maybe it's the post holidays readjustment.  It seems that we are non-stop getting ready for everything and then BAM it's over. 
I still don't have a word for the year yet.  Last year's word was enJOY.  It turned out to be a good word for the year.  So I am thinking or looking for a postive word for the year.  I have a couple ideas that I should decide soon.  I know that you are all waiting to hear, hah.
Remember the 20 Wishes....the book I read and I talked about choosing those wishes.  I am going to do that for sure.  Kinda like a check list for here is a start.  (There is no rhyme or reason to the order of this list)  These are not resolutions but wishes.  Therefore if I fail, I will not feel as guilty.  Way to be positive, right.

1.    To try the Paleo Diet.  Not a diet but a lifestyle change.  I don't know if I can do it but I want to try. 
2.     I want to be able to reduce the amount of medication that I take on a daily basis.
3.    Walk or swim on a regular basis.
4.     Spend less time on the computer
5.     Find a new church.  One that is small enough to get involved and know each other. 
6.     Create more.  I need to use up supplies and make all those things that I have been wanting to.  (So sad that Archivers is going out of business.)
7.     Redo the bedrooms.  Kinda shop the house kind of redo plus paint.  I have all the accessories just need the blank canvas.
8.     Paint wise.
9.     Spend time with good friends that I haven't seen for awhile.
10.   Volunteer somewhere.  I used to be a full time volunteer.  When we adopted our son I put that on hold.  He was so high maintenance I just couldn't do it anymore.  The places that I want to volunteer at may not be a good idea.  I can't (won't) adopt any children or animals......and think I need to avoid those areas.  We will see what comes up.

Okay, time for you to wake up....if you made it this far, I will save you the suffering and continue another time.
I am off to work on a project for my friend Genie.  It has to do with snow.......imagine that.
I am thinking of another swap  Any ideas, ladies.
Til later.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Christmas Wrapup

Let's see......what has happened since the last post.  Well, for one thing, my daughter, granddaughter and son arrived from Colorado.  Actually at this moment they should be boarding the plane to head back to Colorado. They stayed with a friend that lives next to the airport pending weather conditions.  Praying for a safe flight in this frigid weather.
The first picture is of my youngest grandchild squeezing the heck out of our dog.  This continued the entire visit.  The poor little dog took the biggest hugs because as he says, "She is so cute."    Now the next picture is of Mr. Cozy at his birthday party.  All his grands and kids were present.  Only my SIL was missing.  It was wild, crazy and fun.
 When the six darlings are together we always try to get a group picture.  We try to recreate pictures from the past.  You can see that it isn't always a success.  The little guy had just fallen off a chair that he probably shouldn't have been standing on.....and hurt his eye.
Of course more pictures of opening presents.  We didn't have the Colorado Christmas til New Years Eve.  American Girl presents for E.
Okay, let's goof around in this picture.  We were holding cupcakes for a bribe.
Off to the mall for a movie (Frozen) and the game room and a train ride.  Of course, they all rode in the little red caboose (chug, chug, chug)
All kinds of looks in this picture.  The mamas and the papa that went with us said they could hear us from all over the mall.  I guess we were really noisey.
What do I mean "we", yes, this is me riding alone in a car so our children were not kidnapped.  Let me tell you it was uncomfortable and felt like a jail cell even though I have no idea what that feels like.
The Colorado kids and I went to see "our" Moms and their grandmas.  Mine was thrilled.  Wonder how she felt when they destroyed her condo.  Hubby's Mom was asleep so they left their Christmas card and blew her kisses.  My daughter said she would probably wake up and wonder who in the heck this picture was of.
The next stop was The American Girl Doll Store and the Lego store.The temps were soooo cold.  We ate at The Rusty Bucket before heading home. They have little chairs for the American Girl Dolls to sit in.  You do know that these dolls are made in China.  I think that's sad.  I do make this an exception because it is such a wonderful experience to pick out a doll that looks like you. Of course, Grammy bought all the dolls the granddaughters have.  When it comes to the accessories I don't buy unless it is on sale or I buy generic.
This little guy has a smile to light up any room.  He is a handful though.  He can destroy a room in no time.  I have yet to venture downstairs in the bedroom they stayed in and the playroom, oh that poor playroom.  it is more like a pre-school my DIL says and she thinks I need to thin it all out.  Oh, and he made us tickets to use for the airplane if we want to come play with him.
So here is the update.  I am still in the jammies that I was in yesterday when the Colorado crew left.  I have coffee spilled on them.  All the schools around here were cancelled due to the cold temps.  But do not fear, I am going to get a bath and head out in the cold.  I am watching my grands that I usually watch all day.  Kinda was hoping that my DIL's store wouldn't open just because I didn't want the kids to have to go out or me.  At the same time, I probably need to leave my nest for a little bit.
I did have a nice Christmas.  My Hubby and I exchanged stockings this year.  They were stuffed with little gifts, gift cards,money for certain items and candy.  It was fun.  I think we will continue doing that.  We don't get many gifts as far as gifts go from our children.  We get gift cards for dates out.  When it warms up we will be cashing those in for sure.
A Deb update.......I didn't update before because I was trying to keep my posts positive.  You wouldn't even believe what she has been through and still going through.  I started to list but deleted it.  Please continue to pray for her.
My other friend that I said I would tell you about is doing well.  She had cancer in her jaw.  They removed her entire jaw and used a bone from her leg to replace it.  She had a trach and over 55 stapes in her leg let alone the incision in her neck.  But, she is doing well.  So that is amazing.  Pray for her if you would, please.
My decorations are all still up as I knew they would be.  I am ready to start taking them down.
I haven't chosen a word for the year or set goals to accomplish, but I will. 
I hope you are all doing well and staying warm.  If you live where it is already warm that's okay too.  Happy New Year.