Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Doodle

I went to visit my Doodle yesterday. We have a special bond. I am her Nanny.....I watched her when she weighed six pounds and until she started school. She has a special place in my heart. Her pre-school teacher once told me she could only hope that someone would love her as much as Doodle loved me. It is so true, she loves me alot. When she was little she always wanted me over everyone else. She still calls me from, what I call the Hello Kitty Hot Line, whenever she wants. Our families have blended in a special way.

Doodle took this picture of me. She kept saying, "Put this on your blog." She has never seen my blog but she sure seemed like she knew all about blogs.
Now a year and a half ago along came Baby B. He wanted nothing to do with Nanny. He even turned his head and sometimes cried. Doodle's family thought it was so funy that he didn't like Nanny since I was so loved by Doodle. They would say, "Oh no you have to like Nanny." Well yesterday Baby B. decided he liked me. Mom stepped out to get some groceries. Baby B. has been crying lately for everyone except his Mom and Dad. I feared what would happen. He decided he really liked my straw.....then my cup of iced tea. So I went with it. I dumped the teat out and just put ice cubes in the cup with the lid on. He loved it. He played with it for a long time. Doodle wanted me to see something on her computer. So we went into the office. When she was done, she said she was going to call her cousin on Skype. Well she did. Do you know where her cousin was.....In the Ukraine. She was there visiting her grandparents. It was so much fun. I knew Doodles Aunt but I got to meet her aunt's family. Now how cool is that.

Back to the cup, hah.

Check out his lashes.

By the time Baby B.'s Mom came back he was my buddy. He even tried to push Doodle over (twice) so he could sit next to me. He gave me kisses. Oh this Nanny is so happy that he finally likes me. Yeah.

Oh, Doodle and I filled her treat bags for her birthday party next week. I am always invited to her kid parties. So funny. She always wants me to sit by her. I know one of these days she will outgrow me. I told her once when I was picking her up from school that she could and get me someday from my nursing home and take me on rides

Later last night she called on the Hello Kitty phone to tell me she rode on a ride at the festival and got sick. She said she just wanted me to know.

Love you back bunches Doodle.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bo Bunny Mini

I love this little mini album. I added the pictures and used the chipboard accessories that came with the package. I added the ribbons and that was all. The kids can look at this one and it looks nice sitting out.

The shovel is a chipboard. Oh, this little boy loved the beach. His Daddy was born and raised in the South Hamptons. They both love the ocean.

This was a super hot day. Sun was so bright.

This one was lost on the good camera. A passerby took this. Baby Q. wanted down really bad.

I love this shot of all the little in the sand. So busy aren't they.

This photo shoot was lost. They worked so hard to get this picture for us. We had two shots on one of the other cameras. If you look between the older boy and the tallest girl there is a line. I pieced the picture together. Little Fella had a melt down and this was a better look on his face. Yep, sad, this would have made a great photo.

I loved the pirate adventure as much as the kids.

It is so hard to get all 6 in one spot, eveyone has their own agenda. Out of the 5 CDs in the photographers (DIL) camera 3 were okay. They just didn't have the pictures that we had hoped for. I do have some good ones of all six in the kitchen eating ice cream cones. I actually just ordered 200 more photos from those CDs. That's it for today. Stay cooooool and COZY.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Flowers

This is not the post that I had planned for today. I sure do love my sunflowers. Well, not mine, the sunflower guy's from the Farmers Market. I got some for me and some for my bestie that had her knee replaced last week. I also got her family McDonalds food. A great friend I am to buy them junk food when they are recovering.....but......that was what sounded good to them.
What I am not happy about:
Our government
The elderly man at the drugstore with a huge bag of prescriptions. He told another lady it was alot of meals. I am assuming that he meant the meals he could eat if he didn't buy the prescriptions. Then his credit card was denied and he had to talk to the bank right there. I felt so bad for him and for our elderly people that can't afford their meds......and that may not get their social security checks in
Mean parents at Walmart. That is why I can't shop there.
Not happy that the deer ate my flowers last night.

Things I am happy about:
Having time this summer to spend with family and friends. Do I really have to go back to work soon?
I have A/C (yep, I said that before)
All of my blessings including my blogger friends.

Okay, happy thought, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.....................

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zoo Mini

I went to an all day long crop awhile back. I had my camera card and planned on printing out pictures while I cropped. Well, thier machine wasn't working. So not to waste time, I found this little album in my stash of things I had brought. It was plain as anything. I started by covering all the pages with some cute paper I had with me. Sorry, not sure who makes this paper. This zoo, if you remember back, is in Colorado Springs and its big attraction are the giraffees. Just a note.......if you want to see the cutest giraffee picture yet go to this blog http://The things I learn From Bear . Scroll down on her "the giraffee" post to the end. The giraffee looks like it is posing for the camera. These animals are just the cutest, aren't they.

I realized that in this album there are no other animals, maybe a bird, just my sweet family. I did take a picture of a monkey and a moose. OH, and a horse the 5 year olds rode

Ever since I saw this Bo Bunny mini album I had to have it.
Now, I need to take another trip to the zoo. It is adorable. Still in the package. The last picture is what the other pages look like. It will be hard to cover those pages up. There is a Bo Bunny blog. Just recently they released a pre-view of new papers and mini albums and bling. Oh my, some adorables. You have to see. I will show you in another post the beach album I made from another Bo Bunny Mini album. So easy. The album is adorable without any embelishments. (My links do not seem to be working.......if they don't work for you try my side bar)Oh, the Bo Bunny albums were $7.99. Sweet. The only thing I didn't like were the rings. They don't hold tight. Happy Scrapping.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Just peeking in on you

Just checking to see if all my Bloggies are staying cool. This heat is not good. It makes my head hurt. (Yep, the headache is back) I took my Mom to the doctor yesterday and that takes alot of driving. ( In and out of the car) But another good checkup on her leg. I am heading out to visit my bestie who had a knee replacement. We have some rain and there is another weather alert scrolling on the telly right now. If it is going to be hot then it might as well rain, right.

Tomorrow my husband and his sister move their mother into assisted living. That is going to be so hard. She is failing fast and she just isn't safe. She will have a hard time adjusting. Change isn't ever good for her. My sister-in-law got her an answering machine a few years back. She cried for a week just having it. Seriously.

So girlies, I just wanted to check in you. I thought this picture of Mabel looked like a little turtle and perfect for my post. Stay cool and safe.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Buckeye Bloggers Get Together

On Saturday the Buckeye Bloggers met once again, this time in Tipp City. Here we are in front of the beautiful fireplace in the Coldwater Cafe. Yes, there is a fireplace behind us.
Not sure why this picture is so grainy, sorry, it was my camera but I didn't take the picture. I think this is the only group picture. The bottom row is Jo (L) and our ringleader Sue(R). In the back row from left to right , Sue, Pam, me, Pam. That's right two Sues and two Pams. We are missing a few faces. Just being an Ohio Blogger gets you in this group of crazy girls.
What did we do besides eat? We went shopping, hah, imagine that. A few antique and vintage stores. We got to see lots of Chalk Paint in one store. The owner had painted several items with different colors. That was fun to see the colors up close. We purchased old camers, a toy high chair, toy pink retro kitchen set, baskets, suitcases, blocks, and other treasures. It was a fun day but it was HOT.
The great thing about blogging is the people you meet. You meet real people that have real lives (some are really busy lives, he, he) and real families. We have different styles and likes but we all blend together. The best part is that these people become our friends. My grandmother made a sampler that said," Make new friends, keep the old, one is silver the other gold." Thank you new friends for a great time.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ice Cream Social Yum Yum

What is your favorite ice cream are some to choose from.

Our favorite ice cream is Peppermint from Velvet Ice cream. (Photo taken before Mr. C.B. threw his cone at the fighting ducks......see past post) (puffy eyes....allergy or headache?)

Goose and K. Bug posing in a banana split

Their favorite is birthday cake ice cream

Friday, July 15, 2011

My blessings

All together and all so loved. We had so much fun and made so many memories. Lots of hugs and kisses.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I marvel at some of your beautiful pictures. I think I will start saving for a new camera. When it comes to cameras, don't put all your apples in one bucket. By that let me explain. When our family went on vacation we designated our own family photographer. She worked non-stop taking pictures of everyone.
At the same time there would at least be at least one maybe three other cameras clicking away. The rest of us are just point and shoot people. Our photographer's camera's disc failed. It's complicated but no pictures. Said sweet photographer was in tears and so upset. With the combination of all three other cameras we still got some great pictures. She was able to do some magic to the ones we took. Soon, I will post. So be prepared as you never know what will happen.

Hoping this will post. My Hubby realized we weren't getting all the cable channels we were paying for. The serviceman came yesterday and said that sure enough we weren't getting the signals we needed. He left and said he would call in a work order and someone would be out. Well, he never left the street we live on. He was outside for about 4 hours and sure enough he has been here all morning.
And folks he has multiplied....there are more trucks outside. My cable, computer, and phone go off and on and off and on. So much fun. But I am getting other things done. Hmmmmm, maybe this is a sign.

Newsflash......our windows are open......we are having a bit of a cool wave......well cooler wave. It's not 90......I don't know how ya all in the south deal with 100 plus temps.

I am in love with Bo Bunny mini books........I will show you later. I am working on an airplane mini book that isn't Bo Bunny today. I have to add the papers. BUT, Bo Bunny has some gorgeous ones .....printed in beautiful designs. And they have some brand new ones just coming out. They are fun for a trip or special event.
As soon as I add some things to the ones I am doing I will post.

Okay these are sure some random comments so I will exit before I loose the whole thing.

Stay cool.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Mail Lady

I love the things my mail lady brings me. These are my recent fun things. This is a cute bookmark from my friend Jan from The Journey. Isn't this little girl sweet. Jan does amazing things with paper. I keep asking for lessons but I think she thinks I am kidding. This cookbook is from Victoria from The Things I learn From Bear. I love Gooseberry patch. This cook book is loaded with easy good recipes. The Gooseberry girls are from Ohio.
Also on almost every page is a homemade craft......I sure will be making lots of these.

Next is from Heidi and our exchange in a Homemade Gift Exchange. I think she should win for being most creative. This tin is adorable . Love the fringe. She asked what colors I like and I said ice cream colors. She did well didn't she. Inside as you can see, are little slips of paper of things to d with my grandkids. She added special things that are in our village. She researched my corner of the world. Sweet, huh.

Any how, I love all of my gifts. Whether the gift is from a random act of kindness a blog win or a swap, what fun I have receiving them. I also like to giveaway. I need to have another one of those soon.

So, I have a question for you. What is your favorite thing about summer. Besides spending time with family and friends I think mine is AIR CONDITIONING. Seriously.

What is yours?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mr. Cozy Blanket saves a duck

Mr. C.B. and I took K. Bug and Goose to the Velvet Ice Cream Ole Mill today. We ate our lunch while the girls had ice cream, since they had already eaten. I took the girls out to feed the ducks. Grampy stayed in to pay the bill and to get us cones. Well.....we were eating our cones and the girls were feeding this one white duck. You can see some other ducks in the background.
All of a sudden all the ducks gathered in one spot. We thought they were fighting over something. Low and behold one duck had this white duck by the neck under the water and the other ducks were sitting on top of the poor thing. They were trying to drown the duck. OMG. The girls yelled. I yelled at Mr. Cozy to do something. He yelled. When it wasn't breaking up he threw his ICE CREAM CONE at the ducks, smacking one of them on the back. It broke up the fight, almost. The one duck still had the other one by the neck. My husband went over and was clapping and yelling at the duck and that bad dude let go. The poor injured duck came out of the water (next picture) and kept shaking itself. (The duck under the bush had already been there and wasn't a part of the posy of bad boys.)
After awhile the duck went to where the other ones were.
The last photo was of my husbands cone floating in the little lake. He did get another ice cream cone.

I think we made quite a scene. Lots of people were watching. I heard one kid say," That guy threw his cone at the duck."
Another lady told me that she was afraid that my Hubby was going to fall in the lake. We all said that we have never seen anything like that. I am afraid I would have gone in that water to save the little thing. We couldn't have witnessed a murder. After all Goose was with us. That is her real nickname that I gave her. She has always loved anything Daisy Duck and rubber ducks.

We all think that Mr. Cozy is a hero.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buckeye Bloggers Get Together

If you are from Ohio then you know what a Buckeye is. The Buckeye Bloggers are having a get together thanks to Sue at http://Sullivan and . We are to meet in Tipp City, have lunch at the Coldwater Cafe and do a little shopping. This will take place on July 16. If you haven't been invited you are now. Send us a comment and we will fill you in on the details.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun Family Times

A little swinging time

Catching lightening bugs and a slamander (Yep, we found one of those in the dark)

S'mores were big hit

With the kids and the adults

Some silly popping fireworks (pretty safe, no one injured) A little cousin kissing

Mabel and a marshmallow

And proof that I was there.

I hope your holiday was fun of fun.

Happy Birthday