Monday, March 13, 2017

Daffodils and Snow

BloggerImageMy daffies are in shock. They bloomed in February.  With snow predicted they will probably not make it.
We have had such warm weather. Lately some chilly weather. 70s on day 20s the next.  Hoping you all surviving.
A couple of cuties I have made for my retail spaces. I really like needle felting.  My little Hank loves to steal my wool.
BloggerImage  A tiny birds nest.

BloggerImageNew project started with some ducks.

My daughter and her children are coming the end of the month from Colorado.I need to finish projects and get ready. I can't wait to my fisher boy sees the pond.  The deer and the ducks are making daily visits. 

BloggerImageOur 3 ten year olds have started turning 11. Goose is first.  On her birthday she had an accident that involved hitting a sign twice and cutting her head.  They used glue to mend it but later they found out she has a concussion.  Hoping she will be well soon. She is tiny but plays very rough basketball and year around soccer.  Then she got hurt running on the playground.

Well that's it for today.  Stay safe.