Friday, March 30, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

(This cute little bunny was on the box of some chocolate once upon a time. )

Okay first up........My grandson is doing well. His mom and dad are still in shock and he is driving them crazy for fear he will bump his lip. He acts like he normally does and is a wild thing. I called this morning and he was yelling, "Daddy sit." He wanted his daddy to play cars. I am heading out to see if I can find someof those Easter eggs with matchbox cars in them to send to him. Yep, he is getting spoiled.

Another buzzard story......just when you thought I said "no more." Well this didn't happen to me. A over the top OSU Buckeye fan was returning from the OSU basketball game in all his gear and in his over the top fan convertible when he hit a BUZZARD. That buzzard came through the windshield and knocked him out. (I don't make up stories, honestly) Luckily his passenger was able to get the car stopped. That buzzard did a number on the poor guy. They showed him on the news with a swollen cut up face and a black eye and blood everywhere. (Seems to be a theme this week) They said the buzzard weighed 35 pounds. Now, I have been telling you these bad boys are big........35 pounds is big.
Oh, by the way the OSU Buckeyes are in the final four....Go Bucks........OH IO.

There was a picture in our local paper of an eagle's nest and two eagles flying overhead. I told my husband that I saw two eagles the other day and I am sure he didn't believe me. You see I see weird things that no one else every an albino groundhog and squirrel, a mountain lion or bobcat that only a few people saw, a spotted deer.......not a baby, a grown one that looked like a painted horse..........I don't make these thing up.......and I have said that before.(he he) But it is exciting that we have a nest here in our little neck of the woods in Ohio.

Please bloggers turn off your word verification, I am going blind.

I have found some amazing prices on Amazon lately on books.....Matthew Mead's Flea Market finds.....bookazine.....only $10 and free shipping. Both Nie Nie and Enjoying the Small Things books $10 and $12. I can't drive to Barnes and Noble for that. And the price is still cheaper that in the store. I got Matthew's book and it is really nice. Can't wait on the other two books. I can't see enough cute pictures of that Little Nella.

I am thinking of a doing them.

I start an online art course this coming week. I won it on Simple Thoughts........sweet.

I am making things for my granddaughter's birthday party. She will be 6. She is our unique grandchild to say the least. The theme is "BIGFOOT". Seriously.......have an ideas that you want to share.

Our yard is a winter mess......I want and need new furniture, a new roof and hardwood floors. I think it is called Spring Fever.

My granddaughters are coming to spend the night tomorrow. They haven't been here for ages because of all the germs and surgeries. I am so excited.

Is Easter honestly almost here. What happened?

Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments, prayers and are just the greatest. I am so thankful for all of you.
Enjoy your week-end.. ((((((HUGS)))))

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sweet Baby Boy Has a Boo Boo

Our sweet little grandson had a bad fall at the babysitters yesterday. We just think he is the cutest thing. I think becuse the rest of his family has brown eyes and brown hair and he has his own look.
He fell into the bottom of the stove. On that little handle thingy that pulls out the pot and pan storage.
His Mom and Dad took him to the ER and the ER sent him to another hospital. That hospital sent him to Childrens. (Denver) He had to have surgery. He cute his upper lip very badly. The plastic surgeon said it would take about 20 minutes but it took an hour and 20 minutes. Part of the lip was missing. I am sure that it will look alot better than we can imagine right now. He had other marks and bruises on his face. I saw pictures. My daughter and I texted til 1:30 this a.m. I was trying to keep her mind busy. I am always there on Spring Break and this year I didn't go.
This little guy is also having tubes in his ears next week. He has had 15 ear infections. My daughter and the doctor tried hard to avoid surgery. He had his pre-op done on Monday.
So, if you would please, say a little prayer for him for his injury and his next surgery.
Another note.......I had the tummy virus that my Hubby had......but finally better. Geez, I'm over all this illness. Just got a call that our granddaughter has it.......I didn't get near her either.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Our kindergarten has a "dress like your favorite story book character" day every year. The children are supposed to come dressed like their character for the day. So little Miss Goose(don't tell anyone but her real name is Allie Grace......but I have always called her Allie Goose) wanted to wear her new birthday princess dress and wanted to be Belle. Her Daddy decided to surprise her and dress like the Beast. Parents don't dress for this.....usually the kids just come to school this way. Goose's Mama got off work early and got Goose from her pre-school and got her all dressed up. Then her Daddy walked out in his Beast costume. Allie (ooops Goose) was so surprised. You know what she said. She said, " I am the luckiest girl ever to have you for my Daddy." Yep, that's what my Goose said.......I have been telling you she was special. I think he said something like, "Let's do it." So he took her to afternoon kindergarten dressed as the Beast. I have more pictures but they weren't cooperating. My son teaches in the same district. (He was always the one that would honk the horn when he rode with me when I was in my clown costume)
When his oldest daughter was about three his wife said she fell in love with him all over again on this one day. He came out of the bedroom dressed in a suit. She asked him what he was doing. He said he was going to a tea party with his princess. K. Bug had a princess dress on and a tea party all set up. She got some really sweet pictures.
Now I know you are all thinking how special this son of mine is. Let me tell you something so sweet.....I think you'll think it was sweet. When K. Bug was a baby.....she always took a bath at night with her Mama. Well Mama was at teachers conferences (they both are teachers) and it was bath time. Well, Daddy (my sweet son) put on a bathing suit and took a bath with her. She was probably 10 months old. Isn't that cute.
My son is a little envious of his sibs that they have little boys. He loves those boys and loves to spoil them. I know he would never trade one of his princesses for a little boy.
The end.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Memories Expo, My home, Spring Swap

A friend and I went to the Memories Scrapbooking (Rubber Stamping and Papercrafting) Expo. It is a two day event in Columbus, Ohio, with many vendors, cropping, demos, classes and etc. This owl was a make and take. I only did a couple make and takes......but this was so cute. I think the eyes need to be darker. The top part of the owl is made from punching out a half circle. Love all the ribbons on the bottom. I could see using this for several projects. I didn't take any other pictures. It was just too crowded and alot of the places said not to. There were all kinds of vendors. Alot of spaces selling pre-made scrapbooking pages.......I wasn't interested in that. There were alot of people buying laser cuts, embelishments and rubber stamps. I used to sell Stampin Up so I don't need any stamps. I did buy an owl stamp. My favorite space was Jilly Bean Soup. She is also having a warehouse sale this week-end in Dublin. She has the cutest papers. That's what I spent my money on. Some of the other spaces were way too overwelming for me. I just don't do well in crowds.
I am usually in Colorado on Spring Break so this was my first time.

This is what my home looks like right now. This bush is a pet peeve for my husband. He whacks it every year and it just comes back. Once my daughter and I were having a garage sale. About 2:30 in the afternoon a deer walked out of it. He must have slept through the whole sale under that bush. My daughter about had a heart attack.
Linda at LBP Sews had my name in a Spring swap. She sent me this cute little chick and all of the things in the next picture. It was so much fun opening the big box. It was non-stop. Now, she the one you want to swap with.
To the left. the purple sign is on slate. She made that cute green heart with a bunny on it......and the pink egg shaped decoration on the right. It's so cute. She also made a spin head doll......I hope that's what they are called. Candy, bunny, cupcake liners, napkins, enough bunny stitckers for a project, seeds, two little baskets. See the carrots. They are so tiny and so cute. They look like ornaments. I thought about making a banner with them. Thank you.
Okay, that's it for today.
Mr. Cozy is feeling so much better.
Piper said thanks for all the comments. He is a cutie but I like his hair longer. He is such a sweet dog.
Spring break baby. I know I have Tanner one day but not sure about the others. Hoping for several days off.
Have a good week-end.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Week-end

Piper got a new haircut. Really short. He looks so thin to us. We knew he was but it shows up now for sure. He is 2 1/2 now and we think he should be filling out more.
Doodle had a carnival at her school. So I took my granddaughters to her carnival. It was so crowded. I managed to keep the three of them together and didn't loose anyone. Doddle's mom and dad were the next picture. They are the ones holding the babies with the green shirts. They had their hands full with the boys.
They all won goldfish. Hurrah. So exciting.
Here they are waiting on the magic show to start. They also had a photo booth. I just love those things.
I also met my Mom and my cousin (Jo's sister) in Dublin (Ohio) for lunch. I hadn't seen my Mom since Christmas. Usually it is more often but always seems like when it's winter we don't see each other much.
That was about it for the week-end. My Cozy got some nasty tummy bug. He has been really sick. We spent most of the day Sunday in the ER . He was dehydrated and had to get a couple bags of IV fluids. He still isn't back to normal.
So......Happy Spring today. It was 83 here today. I took O. to the park. We were in the sun for an hour and we both had really red faces when we left. It was really hot. I was worried about O. getting too much sun since she is so fair. But after alot of water and a frosty she was fine.
Tanner the older one that I watch will be in Children's Hospital for the next three days. Praying that the doctors can find some answers about all the seizures he has.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my son, Shane Patrick. Yes, his birthday is today. Wish we lived closer so we could celebrate. He was my third baby. I thought he was my last. I spent so much time with him enjoying every minute. When he went to kindergarten it was so hard on him and me. It didn't help that it was all day that year. I remember my husband calling home and having to leave work and come and get me. He took me out to lunch. On the way back home we drove by the school. Shane was on the playground and I lost it again. I think my husband said something to the fact that I was on my own from that point. Shane used to ask the teacher all day long and all year long "how many more hours" until he could go home. He volunteered me for everything. I put a picture of he and I in his lunch box to try to help. Then he grew up. He fell in love at age 15 to his beautiful this picture. He went far away to college. When he told me he got accepted at the college he went to, I said, It's not funny, go to your room." Yes, I really did. Then when he graduated he was in the Army and stationed in Hawaii.....then went to Bosnia.....then to Afghanistan. That was also "not funny."
His job is really"not funny". But you have to give them wings........ You miss them but you are proud of what they become. He is a wonderful Dad. This morning he said he was on a treasure hunt with his son for St. Patrick's Day.
Love this boy. It's okay to still call him that right?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Special Day/Weather/Misc.

This picture was taken at Doddle's Special Person lunch. I ended up being a special person to the other two since they didn't have anyone there. I bet you can tell which one is my Doodle. I think I look like a turtle in this picture. The crazy janitor took the picture. He was telling me how I had to get in line and dance. So I did.....the girls thought that was funny. (None of these beauties are my grandchildren)
Computer is working. I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with our carrier. He took me to computer places that I didn't know existed. Check this, delete this, go here......crazy but something worked. I think it must not have been programed right. But I have had it for two months. Just glad it works.
We had terrible storms last night. I was sure at one point there was a tornado. (But there wasn't) We have all kinds of flooding going on and rescues underway. Makes me thankful I live on a hill. When I looked outside I couldn't figure out what the white stuff was......maybe hail. It was 75 degrees yesterday. Too warm too soon, I should have know we were going to have a storm.
The buzzards have not been around for a few days. They have some kind of migrating reunion in Hinkley, Ohio on the 16th. I guess they are headed there. Good bye and don't come back no more, no more.
Ohio has been in the news alot lately and not for good reasons. I think we need some prayers to end all this violence.
Poor Piper is off to get groomed. Poor guy, will have to be in a strange place all day. Being a pound puppy, I worry that he will think we have deserted him.
Okay, that's about it for today. It's almost the week-end......yippee.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Computer Woes

Off to the Geek Squad for my new computer.........befor I loose my cool and toss it out the window. I will be back eventually.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Doll Babies

I asked Pat of All Things Bright to make a doll for my Goose. Goose loved the doll on the right that was mine. She played so much with it that it needs a new hairdo, hah. This doll on the right is th doll that Pat it not ADORABLE.........I just loved it. So did Goose.
My son and his wife overload the girls with gifts. It is hard to find something to give them Usually Mom tell us what they want . But now that the girls are old enough to give me their wishes, it is easier.
It is so hard taking pictures of a birthday. Other people taking pictures, always someone else in the picture, lighting, you know this, I'm sure. Goose got this pretty dress. She looked so cute in it. She gets to go to Build-a-bear with some friends today and she is wearing this dress. Probably with a turtleneck underneath's in the 20s out. (Next two weeks we are supposed to have 60s.)
Her is her favorite, well loved, Build-a-bear Bunny.
I can't figure how to turn the pictures on this computer........such a sweet picture.
Pat signs the back of her dolls and Goose is reading that.
This was so funny. She is making a wish.
She had her eyes closed but her little lips were saying the wish but not was soooo funny. There is a bunny on top of the cake.
Posing with her cake. (See her pearls....she left them at our house. I had them all on when we went to her house.)
Blowing the candles out.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Goose

How can you be 6 years old. I remember so clear the day you were born. We rushed to the hospital and waited and waited. You were a c-section baby but your Mom and Dad took so long before letting the grandparents in. Your Daddy wouldn't tell us what you looked like. He said "Just wait and see". I fell in love with you at first site. You had lots of black hair and a puffy face and weighed almost 9 pounds. I called you "my south of the border baby". It's funny, because your Daddy looked like that as well.
While you were still in the hospital, I would go take care of you. Mommy had her mommy taking care of her. Then when Mommy went back to work, I watched you. I loved seeing you every day. Kissing those sweet cheeks of yours. I watched you til you were almost 5. It was decided that you needed to strech those wings you have.
Everyone says that you are so funny. Seriously everyone. Little kids to adults. You are funny. I don't know what it is. I was trying to pin point why. The only thing I could come up with is that you think outloud. You love everyone. You can remember anything.
A little bit of time with you is like a whole day of sunshine.
You wanted a little rag doll like mine. Well, you actually wanted mine. I had Pat of All is Bright make you one similar. It is beautiful. So much cuter than mine. Can't wait til you see it tonight.
I ordered you a tooth fairy pillow from GiGi Petals. It has a crown and a tutu. (You wear tutus almost every day) I know how bad you want to loose your first tooth.
Well Goose if I could freeze you I would. I love you sweet girl.

P.S. Piper wasn't sure about those pearls. I have all of your pearls and will bring them to you tonight.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buzzard/Vulture 101 (funny and gross)

Hopefully this will be my last post on these creatures. Unless something weird happens, that is.
I finally got some pictures. I was on the road alot yesterday. Taking my son to the dentist and taking one of the littles to school. I kept passing this area near my home where the buzzards were taking care of business with a road kill deer. So I thought to go home and get my camera. But the funny thing is....these don't look like turkey buzzards. We also have big big blackbirds that come around when the buzzards are gone. At first I thought maybe these were the black birds. But they aren't, but not sure what kind of buzzards/vultures they are. Maybe that is why they are staying longer here this year.....because it is a different roost. Anyway, enjoy these pictures, HAH.
These birds have a wingspan of 9 -12 feet. They can glide for up to two miles. When I see them high in the sky gliding like that, makes me a little envious as it looks so peaceful.
As I have said before they are migrating birds so you can't kill them. I called so many places asking for help on what to do. I would get another place to call. Finally I got ahold of the ODNR (Ohio dept. of natural resources). Okay here is what they wanted us to do. They wanted us to pay them $100 for them to come a put a dead buzzard in our trees hanging upside down. Strange, yes. And we were to pay them $100. Then now get this, we had to wait because they only had three in other areas and they would bring one of those to us. I asked if they didn't stink.....not sure what they said. Why have to wait when we have 200 they could have. Anyway they never got the dead one........I finally said can't we kill a couple and then we could have one and give you one. The answer......are you ready........YES........but we had to pay them $50 for a license to kill them. Are you kidding me. Finally they sent a rep. from ODNR to our house. They gave us a flare gun to shoot in their direction to scare them. We were allowed to use fireworks as well. Okay, that was about 4 years ago, obviously that didn't work. Oh, and when the rep. was there our tree hugging neighbor came out to say that he was against killing anything. Okay, fine, go back to your house......hah. So fast forward to this year. We have a new neighbor. He bought the house next door that belonged to Dave Longaberger's girlfriend (when he died.......baskets in case you didn't catch the name). So when the buzzards started coming around, we could hear him banging pie pans or something. We had to laugh, like that was going to work. My husband went over to talk to him........I don't think he thought we knew anything. My husband has been shooting at them with a pellet hits their chest (he's a pretty good shot) and they sit there a little ticked off and then fly away. I can tell you that things will get serious if they don't leave here soon. I have heard shots from another neighbor. That neighbor was in the National Guard and sent to Middle East a few years ago......I doubt it is a BB gun, just saying.
Now someone (Jo from It's my Story) asked if we could cut down the trees. Yes, we could but there is a forest of them.......40 - 50 maybe on our property. That would be big bucks and alot of clean up.....way too expensive.
Another suggestion from the internet still makes me laugh. They suggested to shake the trees......I have shown you pictures in previous posts of what how tall our trees are. That's funny. I think the trees they are thinking of wouldn't even hold these birds.
So we are tired of our cars, home, sidewalk, everything covered in this white stuff.
Okay, this is all I have and truthfully it is making me a little sick talking about them so much.
Today I am headed to Doodle's school (not my granddaughter....the one I was a Nanny for for many years) She has a special lunch day that she only wanted me to come, not even her Mom. Her mom is like a daughter to me...she has never been upset over Doodle and I being so close. I had to give up my Friday off to switch with the girlies to go. Doddle's mom said she felt bad. My response was that Doodle was 8 1/2 and in a few years she wouldn't be asking me. But maybe she will.........I have visions of Doodle picking me up from the nursing home and taking me on car rides.
Have a good day. I hope you can read all this without it sticking in your brain forever. I am done on this subject........xo

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cozy Time

Thankful to have a place to be COZY. I feel so bad for those affected by the destructive tornados yesterday. We were under watches all day but only got rain and lots of wind. Praying for those that lost their homes and family members.
...................I tried to see how a quilt would look covering the white couch. It looks okay, but doesn't stay in place. Notice Brenda's (Cozy Little House) pillow on the couch. Also one of my plates fell and crashed. I need to get that replaced and others put up. I have a small stack of the little butter plates.

Well Brenda's pillow was quite the hit this week. Piper loves it......Izzy doesn't careas she likes the top bunk.
As soon as O and A walked in the door they saw that quilt and pillow and ran for the couch. They were all covered up before their Mama left the front door.
Piper checking them out. You see why I have to have only child proof things in my house. No wonder the plate broke, right. Well I did it, not them. The pink fuzzy so soft throw COZY blanket was from JoAnne's and 80 % off.
The paint color on this wall (shows different in each picture) is........are you ready.........COZY BLANKET. That's where I got the name of my blog. Looks like a Wendy's
Frosty. I have always said I would love to name paint colors and crayons. Wouldn't that be a fun job.
Not much happening here this week-end just alot of resting (again). This coming week will be a busy one with lots of fun things to talk about. (And some more buzzard information)
Praying for all of you in the path of these tornados. And as always ((((((HUGS))))))

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1, a photo a day& Vulture Vomit

I saw this on another blog........a photo a day. I think it started before this month. I thought I'd join along. I'm not linking just doing it for the fun of it. Here is the link in case you are interested in it #marchphoto366@photo_366
Today the photo word is GREEN. So here is my Goose on a John Deere tractor showing you her John Deere shirt.
Okay my friends......I notice nothing different about Google or Blogger today. Did you experience anything different. The ones that commented said they had no idea about this happening. Maybe it's not. You can still read my posts on GFC , at least I think you can. Let's wait and see what happens.
Now is your chance to not read any farther...........esp. if you have a weak stomach......
Vulture Vomit/Buzzard Poop 101
Vultures and buzzards are the same thing. The ones we have are turkey buzzards. They are the huge birds that circle something dead like road kill. And my folks, they eat that stuff. Then they come back to my house and roost in our trees. They like evergreen trees. Probably because they can stay warmer than other trees that do not have leaves in the winter. I have researched these birds and also had alot of phone calls out there to get help. I will get into that on another's complicated. These ugly birds are endangered because they are migraters. What....yes, that is true. They migrate from where before they get to my house for three months. They should be leaving soon. If not things may get serious around here.
Okay the vomit........the come back to roost and digest that dead crap they just ate. Then they vomit the rest up on our cars, house, got it. It is white and messy and gets all over the place. Sometimes you will see small body parts and fur and etc. So surprised that you all don't know all of this. Have you not ever been curious to find out these things. HAH. You can also register your roost. Hubby said not to in case they come to our house and see how we try to get rid of them. SO far we haven't killed any, so we are still legal. Okay I think that's all the information you can handle for now. Questions, anyone? Tomorrow or the next time I post I will tell you the suggestions given to us on how to get rid of them........this is actually very funny. I will try not to gross you out;
Cozy Blanket, Buzzard Expert