Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm back.......fall swap pictures

I was in a Witch's hat swap hosted by Sweet Viv.  My partner was Kathie of Creative Expressions.  She sent me the cutest witches hat with candy corn buttons and ribbon.  This picture is not a good one.  I am having problems posting today.
She also sent these goodies.  A pillow cover with cute critters and owls.....I love owls.
Sweet little pumpkin salt and pepper shakers.  Some candy corn that Mr. Cozy has been feasting on.  A cute bottle with a witch's hat and a candy corn car freshener that makes me hungry just to smell it.
Thanks Kathy I love it all.

These are the things I sent her.  I made this hat from scratch.  Kathie said her colors in her living room were black and white.  I loved this fabric.  It took awhile to figure out how to make a witch's hat and how to attach the fabric.  I added some other ribbon to the hat after the picture.  There is a yellow crow charm on the hat.
Swaps are fun.  I was in another one for fall.  I will post on that later.

So glad to have my computer back.  It was a long 8 days. I went to the library two times to get online.  Somehow I got switched to the new blogger format.  I knew the other was about to go away.  This post has taken forever.
I did read two books in two days while not being online.  Both were Nicholas Spark books.  I don't read books that often.  I think I have to read non-stop when I start. 
Our days are just beautiful right now.  Cool at night and it warms up to a comfortable 70's during the day.  The leaves are changing fast now.  I love the beauty of fall.  There is nothing like seeing those wonderful colors. 
Hoping you are having a fun fall Sunday. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Friends.
Sorry no pictures today.  I have lots to share but they will have to wait.
My computer is in the shop.  The internal mouse button quit working.  We just purchased this computer this winter.  Because it is under warranty it had to be sent away.  They first told me 4 - 6 weeks, are you kidding me.  It has only been a few days and I am lost.  I can see emails and facebook on my phone.  I can see comments to my blog but it is almost next to impossible to read blogs.  So I came to the library today.  There is a 60 minute limit.  That will go way to fast after I check everything else I need to check.
Nothing to new to report.  I am loving the cooler weather even if the heat is on.  I have been decorating for fall.  I received my two swaps I was in.  Thanks girls.  I will post those pictures when I can.
Another soccer game for Goose.  That girl is good.
Claudia named her new Singer Featherweight sewing machine after my suggestion of Mabel.  (After my sweet granddaughter)
I am getting tired of campaign ads and those dreaded phone calls.  Someone called the other day and asked if I had decided who I was going to vote for.  I said I hadn't and she asked if I wanted an expert on the issues to call e.  I said," Nope, my husband thinks he is the expert."  Poor lady had the hardest time keeping from laughing .
New TV shows starting finally.  I can't wait for Grey's Anatomy to start.
I am making chili tonight.  It was in the thirties this morning......don't we all make soup as soon as it gets colder.  Also some GF brownies......perfect fall dinner, right.
Walked my little girl I watch to the bus stop today.  Piper has this figured out.  He goes to the door as soon as he knows it is time.  Izzy can't go as she huffs and puffs til she is sick.  Today (while on the lead) Piper climbed on the bus and went and sat next to the bus driver and wouldn't budge.  He would love to go with the kids to school.  He's a hoot.
Speaking of "a hoot", David B. from HGTV has a pull out print of his owls in the new HGTV magazine that you can frame.  It's very cute.
On a final note.  Landon got to go home yesterday.  The streets of Granville were lined with well wishers.  He even rode in a police car.  This town is amazing.
While Landon still faces uncertainty there is another little one that is getting better but was very ill.  She had some illness that she had blisters all over and inside her body.  I can't remember the name but it's a fatal disease.  If you can make it through the worst I think you survive.  She was so ill.  There are signs of improvement.  She is in Goose's first grade class.  Her name is Skylar.  Please say a little prayer for her.
Okay, folks, my time is running out....19 minutes left.  I want to read a few posts.
Miss you.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Country Living Fair Day Two

Lots of pictures for you today. I hear you laughing at the first one. This is my bugs bunny look. I wanted to include it because my friend Paula was in the pic. She is one of the girls that I meant in the bathroom last year. Her friend, Julia, couldn't go this year. She had her sweet daughter with her this time. Even thought it cooled down the night before it was still hot. Hot under those tents especially. It was really crowded. This is from one of the vintage tear drop campers. Last year they had three different ones at the one end of the fair. So fun these campers are. A little space to sleep, eat and potty though. People lined up to peek inside. Sorry there are alot of butt shots.

This one was air brushed so cute. There was a couple of ladies that were vendors next to this camper. We were asking about the campers. She said she didn't have a camper but joined the group by glamping in a tent. Sure sounds like fun to me.....the camper not the tent.
Don't let this guy scare you.......much more to show you.
The next three pictures were inside the tent with Earth Angels. Can you tell no one was buying things in here. I loved the shadow boxes. There was lots of jewelry in the front of the tent. Lots of jewelry everywhere but it was selling. I heard a vendor say they didn't bring alot of furniture (I use that word too much) because it wasn't selling very well. I didn't see people carrying many big items. I did see several carrying old window frames. I thought the prices were high.

This doggie was all zipped up in his carrier but found a spot to look out. There was another doggie there that I saw on both days in his stroller as well.
I thought this was the name of the booth but I didn't seen any reference to that name inside. Of course the "circus" caught my eye.
One of my favorite vendors was there......from Tickled Pink. I met her a couple years ago standing in line at a sale. Next time I saw her she was a vendor at a spring Urban Society sale. If you turn sideways this sign says 50 shades of pink, hah.

I took this picture for Claudia. It says, Never ever kill a mockingbird.
Lots of dress forms or busts? Some were very dark.
Lots of benches made out of doors and beds.
Cari's spot. I saw her shopping and we said hello. I wish I could have made her presentation but I went to Goose's soccer game.
These two pictures having a sofa and two chairs made from a bathtub. I couldn't get it all in one shot. Too many butts in the way.

How about this chair.
This artist was sitting there painting these paintings. Different.
I didn't go back to the fair today. Stayed home with Mr. Cozy today. I got to see most of the fair, I think. I didn't buy much....the banner, a couple yards of oilcloth, three little flashcards and the fairy kit, two box lunches, and two lemon shake-ups. It was a fun time. So glad that I was able to go.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Country Living Fair

Today was day one of the Columbus Country Living Fair. This is my friend Kim.....isn't she pretty. They have a photo booth that you can get your picture taken and buy one to take home. Last year you could get one taken but they weren't printing them. Actually on the video to advertise the Fair my friends that I meant in the bathroom (hah, really) and I got on the video. We are behind the editor being interviewed. We were laughing when we were in the photo booth. This time we didn't cause a scene. This is what I bought. An oil cloth banner from Modern June. The flip side is chalk board vinyl. I saw these last year and for a whole year wished I had gotten one. So yippee.
Last year this stack of pumpkins was 3 x this size. Wondering if the heat and drought damaged the crop. It was hot and humid, can you tell. Everyone dressed for cooler weather and were complaining how hot it was. The weather forecast was cool weather coming in before the rain around noon. Sure enough both happened. We left early, around 1. Three hours was enough today. My friend is a nurse and worked last night a 12 hour shift. I got a week-end pass and I can go back. It's less than an hour to get there.
There were four groups of these hay letters. I think they wanted people to sit on them. They looked nice.
And my friend Cari of Cash and Cari (HGTV). People were waiting in line to have their picture taken. I had mine taken last year with her. She walked away for the line for a minute and I snapped this. I told her I was just going to take a quick pic and that I had gotten my picture last year. Then I told her, "I love you." She said, "I love you ,too." Ahhhhh. She is just darling and no I don't know her.
We had a box lunch....great salad, chips, cookie and a drink. We ate inside one of the historical buildings that was had A/C. The doors were open so it was not really too cool but out of the sun and the real heat.
Hoping to go back tomorrow after Goose's soccer game. Maybe I will sit in on one of the presentations. It's hard to see in one day. I think if you go one day you push yourself to see everything. So I bought the 3 day pass. In advance it was $13. At the gate for just today was $16. How about that for a deal, he he. I must say that things were pricey.
So more to share when I return.
Hubby has to stay off his feet all week-end (hip strain/sprain) and it's okay with him if I go back to the Fair.
Guess what I got for our anniversary and for my birthday coming up.......a ticket to Colorado to see the kids and grands. So excited.
See you later.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today is a happy day because I said so

Only happy things today, because, I said so. All the bad things need to go away. Here are my girls playing with Baby B's birthday presents. These two love each other so much. They are in a world of their own.
Here is Doodle in her new glasses. She looks so cute in them.

Baby B's first birthday cake. I love birthday cakes........even though I can't wat them. Gluten free ones aren't as yummy.

Little L. has been here one year now. Her parents had to wait forever (8 years). Last year she was so scared and adjusting. Now she is a happy little girl in her new home.Baby B needing a nap instead of a party. Daddy cut his hair again.
This bear was a gift from my Hubby on my is in the wrong order on this post.....remember when you get to the bottom. And the hat.....we will talk about that in another post.
Am I really supposed to eat this.
And today is a happy day is our 42nd anniversary. (The bear had been a gift the day after 9/11 for our 9/12 anniversary.
Oh hair in a little wind. I look like a dandyloin gone to seed, hah hah.
Even though Mr. Cozy was in the ER early this morning, (He hurt his leg and hip climbing on the roof) We hope to celebrate dining out somewhere cozy.
So....Happy Day to all of you. (Turn the TV off, don't listen to the news. We can deal with that later.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


While we take time to remember those lost lives on 9/11 please remember the soldiers that have lost their lives and limbs since 9/11.
God Bless America.
(the idea of this firetruck came from White Weathered Hutch)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Loving the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

A little shelf and a cigar box that were painted with the Arles ASCP. The pictures in the post are a little backwards. I thought I would put some back to school items with them so you could get a better idea of what they could be used for.
Closer up of the cigar box. Not sure what else I will do with this but it's not finished.
Here is the shelf plain. My friend Sue at Sullivan and Murphy had a ASCP workshop at her home. Another friend Kathy at Creative Home Expressions attended. The instructor was Jean a stocklist for the ASCP paint. We had a wonderful lunch in Sue's gorgeous back yard. Sue posted about the workshop a few weeks back. She does a much better job explaining than I do, if you want to know more. You can mix the dark with the clear wax, the method I used on both of these. The old drawer really took the stain well. It gives the piece you are painting an aged look. Makes quite a difference from just the plain paint.
Closer of the shelf. This shelf had some little holes in how it looks with the wax. I am hoping to hang it on a wall as a little shelf.
When I first got the shelf, I used it at the Springfield Vintage Market Ohio Bloggers get together. We were supposed to bring a snack in something vintage. We had our little get together in Sue Whitney's (Junk Market) Space. There weren't many of us but it sure was fun. I won the prize for most creative. I think that was the category. I won this great book by Sue and tickets to the Springfield Vintage and Antique Market which is happening next week-end. Also next week-end is the Country Living Fair in Columbus. Also the Backwoods Fest in Thornville. Wish they were not all on the same week-end. I can't handle all that junkin in one week-end.
Here is the same little drawer that is pictures above with a banner that says TREATS and has some yummy vintage candy.
So if you are on the fence about the price of the is so well worth it. No prepping or priming, easy clean-up, unique colors, and the paint goes so far.
Hoping you have a great week-end. No weddings this week-end for us but Dimples and Eyelashes turns 1 and he is having a party.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Piper

Happy Third Birthday Piper. I know we gave you a girl's name and I made you wear a pink birthday hat. Maybe that is why you are sticking out your tongue. But you know we love you to the moon and back. We are so glad that we found you at the pound. How lucky were we that day. Hope you liked your birthday song and your new toy. XOXO

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another beautiful outdoor wedding

This is the wedding we went to yesterday. It was a hot and humid day with storms before and after the wedding. The wedding had a theme of birds.
It was held at this beautiful house in the back yard.
This is the first thing you saw. Thought this was so funny. My daughter says that her doctor has this sign but it says "if your cell phone rings".

Sorry you have to stand on your head here. I swear it looked like they just cut this tree down and stripped the branches. That's Mr. Cozy.
See the top left corner. They called this the airplane style bathroom.....for the men.
The pool house
One of the fish ponds. I was in awe of this back yard.
The pool with a bunch of ducks.
A amazing train set-up.

A blimp flew over......not planned.
The couple got engaged in Cinderella's Castle at Disney. Cutest little cross stitch picture.
Pictures of relatives that passed, their engagement and photos of the couple growing up.
Stand on your head again. This was so neat. It was their wedding tree. They had an ink pad next to it. You were to put your thumb print on a branch and sign your name. Wish I would have taken an after picture. It really looked nice with all the green thumbs looking like leaves.
Table numbers and decorations.
Guess who sat here.
Pictures of the couple dating.
The menu. Wish I could print like that.
The seating arrangements. This was the wedding of my BFF's son. Her name is on the left and mine on the right. Loved this banner idea.The bird cage arrangement. The colors were a hot pink and pretty.
This banner was made from cloth and had pictures clothespinned on. We helped put this up twice. (Because of sprinkles) A corn hole game in the background with a bird painted on......the other one had a bird on it as well.
The picture banner up close and a picture of my friends family.
This is the second recent wedding where I have seen this sign........
Before the wedding......and yes those are rose petals.
And moving forward to the kiss.
My friend and her hubby.

My friend wanted a picture of their whole family. Two of the DIL's weren't in the wedding so weren't in the wedding pictures. The photographer saw us taking the picture and then came up and took one with her camera. I hope she can crop out the stuff on the table.
I just loved the wedding, except for the heat. I loved all the little details that the bride added to make the wedding special. I love seeing how weddings are all done so differently these days. Another interesting thing was......the groom side had his siblings and the brides her siblings. Her brother was the man of honor. It was different but nice.
This should be it for weddings for awhile. Two week-ends and two weddings.......sweet.