Saturday, January 31, 2015

A winter walk down Shady Lane/ Valentines Swap

This is our house down Shady Lane. I am standing by our mail box.  This is the snow we got last week.  Our forecast keeps changing for tomorrow.  We are either going to get a ton of snow or a ton of rain.  With the rain comes ice.  I vote for snow.

Now this is from our front door looking down at the mail boxes.  They are to the right of the stop sign.
Our mailbox.  There are three boxes here.  You have to look through the pines to see our house.  See the little fence on the right.  It still has the wreath from the boy scouts on it.  I didn't like the wreath so I put it there.  I had hoped someone would take it or it would blow away.  Nope it's still there.
My little bug.  You can see where Hubby parks.  We have a 2 1/2 car garage but hardly ever park the cars there.   One reason is if you park in the garage and go into the house from there you go down a few steps, then across the family room and then up a flight up steps to the main level where the kitchen is.  That's one reason we want a house without steps. Can you see Mary and Joseph.  I did put them in the garage after this picture.  to the right of my car by the door to the garage is where the mail lady used to put our packages.  Or just throw them in the snow.  In front of Mary and Joseph is a box.  Now that's where they put my packages.  I have been getting a lot this past week.  Mostly because I am hosting the mini swap this time.  Or sometimes the mail lady stuffs the mail box as in the picture below.
This was all in my standard size mailbox.  That gray package was big.  I had a hard time even freeing those packages.
I made this Valentine box for Lynn for Viv's Valentine Swap.  That's an old valentine and the bottom closes up.  The little cupid has wings and is in a diaper.  The scrabble tiles fits over the small letters on the bingo card.  I wrapped ribbon around the outside of the box.
This box was made for Jenny.  We exchanged at Christmas and decided to do another swap for V. Day.  It's a little different with the wood slice and a corrugated heart with the heart paper clip. 
I can't wait to show you all the minis that are being swapped.  I have to wait until everyone gets theirs.
Remember when I said I didn't even have a doll house.  Well I do now.  I bid on one on Ebay this week.  Talk about quick delivery, it came today.  It's still in the box.  I will open tomorrow to see what it all looks like. It's unfinished and has some furniture.  I will have lots of accessories from my mini swaps.  My husband said it was great that I had a new hobby and it would be something else we have to move.  I told him it's a MINI hobby and it doesn't take up much space.  I know he is so excited to help me put it together.
Well everyone have a good Super Bowl Sunday.  I hope the northern part of the US doesn't get buried in snow tomorrow.  As long was we have electric, that's okay.

OOPS, Last chance to sign up for the giveaway.  I will draw this week-end.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow/Blogging/and a GIVEAWAY

This was taken this morning in the township of the village where I live.  Not my house, not my picture, not my neighborhood, but it's COZY.
Schools are cancelled everywhere.  Our snow is coming to an end.  I am really worried about those in the path of the historic snowfall that has been predicted.  I know that the weather forecasters have to prepare people for this storm, but I wish they could break the news a little less frightening.  Any, how, please stay safe and warm my Cozy followers.

Brenda of Cozy Little House brought up a great subject the other day.  She brought up how blogging has changed the last 4 or 5 years.  I started blogging almost 5 years ago.  While I don't think my blogging has changed, so many other blogs have.   So many have just quit blogging for one reason or another.  Some of the bigger blogs continue to go to the extreme on showing how to decorate their homes.  I swear they redo and redo.  They don't get to know their followers.  Some never comment after you have commented on their blogs for years.  There are less giveaways. Lectures on how to build your blog.  Ads, they are okay for those that want to make a little money on the side.  When I can't finish reading a blog after several pop ups, not so fun. Well those are the things I don't like about blogging...................but here are the things I do like.......................
friendships and even meeting in real life
a caring community
simple down to earth people that are on a budget, live in small homes and have a lot of heart
great ideas for gifts and decorating
personal stories
I am sure that there are many other reasons but these are the ones that stand out to me.
I have decided to have a giveaway.  Follow down and you will see what I am giving away.  It came from D├ęcor Steals.  It isn't really for spices but it does hold those tiny tiny spices, pill bottles, just small things.  I would not put loose spices in it.  But, it's cute.  I even saw it on someone elses' post.  I have had it for awhile.  I thought I ordered one but ended up ordering two.

I was busy last week finishing swaps for the mini swap girls, plus a couple of other swaps.  I have shown most of the pictures and will share more after my people get their packages.  I have always liked that "my people" phrase.
I have been receiving al those mini swap items as I am the host.  I will have to put my snow boots on to get the mail today.  It has been so much fun getting these packages 'm sure my mail lady is not happy with me.  Remember the one that pulls in the driveway and throws the package out.  I had to tattle on her twice .  We almost drove over packages that she put in a white trash bag and left in the snowy driveway.  They also leave packages very far from the front door.  Once she came to the door for a certified letter.  Our Yorkie always runs out to greet anyone.  She about freaked out.  She said, "Oh, I can't deliver mail when there is a dog out."  I am speaking of a Yorkie not a pit bull.  So as of lately she stuffs them in the mail box. No comments on how pit bulls are sweet and safe pets, I was just comparing.

Our week-end consisted of three basketball games.  Actually four.  All of us that share the same last name went to Goose's game at 9 a.m.   I love that we can really fill up the seats. Goose is little.  The team playing against them had really tall and sturdy girls.  Goose went in for a rebound.  She held on for dear life.  Would you believe the other girl totally off lifted Goose off the ground, her skinny little legs were just hanging there.   But Goose was still holding on.  Mabel was to play at 10 at another school.  So we all get in our cars for Mabel's game.  Now remember my son is one of the coaches.  Well............her game was at 9 and it was over.  Hah.  If you know this little family, they are always late, and mixed up.  But in their defense, you should see there schedules. Also only three others showed up.  It's hour by hour in their world.  So, Hubby and I went to breakfast and went back to see the 6th grade game  Now, I don't think I told you but our six grader broke her little finger and isn't even playing.  We went anyway.  There is also another girl on the team that  we are close to.  I came home and made chili for the chili cook off at church the next morning.  When it was finished at 8 p.m. Hubby said he really wanted to sleep in and not go to church. He had been sick all week and worked non-stop.  And sleep in he did.......til 11:30.  We went to our grandson's game and to their house afterwards.  I'm a wreck after his games.  His coach is loud and yells all the time.  This time the other coach was just as bad.  My husband who does not hear well, heard him say SOB from clear across the gym.  He got a talking to after that by a ref.  Then things got very quiet.  My DIL was hosting a Wildtree meal workshop at another friends house.  I was going to go but was worried about the snow.  I will still be making my meals later.
I sure made you go through a lot of chatter to get to the giveaway.
You don't have to do anything but be a follower and comment.  The post office is going to love me walking in next week with 21 packages.
Deadline for this giveaway is Feb. 1.  I will draw the names that day.

I hope that everything turns out okay for those in the path of the storm.
Stay warm and cozy out there my friends.

I told you this was cute.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mixing it up on a Monday

Be prepared this post is all over the place.  If you are in the Mini Swaps or Matchbox Swap, spoiler alert.

After Mabel's basketball game we took her to Bob Evans for lunch and then to see the movie Paddington.  The previews make it look like a movie you might want to miss.  The movie was surprisingly good.  In a sweet kind of way.  Paddington was adorable and the characters were as well.  As in all movies there is a villain.  Nicole Kidman was the taxidermist.  I don't think the little ones would have any idea that she wanted to stuff poor Paddy. 
One of the great scenes was from the attic where Paddington slept.  There were scenes of him looking in a doll house at his family that he lives with.   It was like a live doll house. 
Here is one picture from the movie.  I borrowed it online as I am not a pirate. (Except for Halloween)

There was a birthday party group of kids that sat right behind us.  I never heard a peep from any of them.  It's not an intense movie just a nice one.

Now, you already know I like teddy bears.  But let me explain a little Paddington Bear story. 
After just a couple of months of meeting our son at the pre-school where I worked, I bought him this bear for Christmas.  I had inquired about his adoption status since he was a foster child.  I was told that he would be adopted with his sister.  I had no idea he would be adopted without his sister and by us.  So, back to Christmas.  My Hubby dressed as Santa for our little holiday party.  Wouldn't you know on this day our son was ill and didn't attend.  I later dropped off the gift but never saw him open it. 
I picked this bear because I felt he needed looked after and needed a home, just like Paddington.  So, I still have that bear from 25 years ago.

A couple shots of the basketball game. These are kindies, they travel a in walking.  But our Mabel is a terrific dribbler.  She can also do a mean bounce pass.  Baskets........just not tall enough. 
that's her Daddy that is helping coach.
Here she is in the actual game getting some advice from her dad on how to handle the crazy cute kid in front of her.  Who knows what those two in the background are doing.  Notice everyone except the coach is blurry.  These kids just don't stand still.

Now Swappers, cover your eyes....
This is a group shot of two match boxes I made for a swap.  I  haven't decided which to give my person.  The other two items are for the Mini Swap where we make 19 of the same thing and everyone gets 19 different things.  I made Mabel's swap items with very little help from her.  It's cherry pie and a blackboard.   Let me tell you that cherry pie was a challenge.  On the other side is a bulletin board.  I tried to make stands but it just wasn't working.  I figure it could be free standing or on a wall in a doll house.  In case you are counting that's 19 x 2.  My house is a crafting mess.
Okay now I need  YOU to tell me which wagon is your favorite.  The antique one with the peg doll or the flower wagon garden.  That's a chicken on the side of it.  Thanks.  Sorry about the shadows but I am enjoying any and all sunshine this month.
Have a good week .  (((((HUGS)))))

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another Christmas Gathering

We finally had our Christmas with our son and his girls.  We went to Goose's basketball game and then to their house to open gifts.  Then we went out to the town greasy spoon breakfast place.   Goose got a bath before we started but her hair is so thick they skipped her hair.  Would you believe all four of the littles have basketball on Saturdays.  She was so excited over her gingerbread girl.  Remember she was the one and only gingerbread person for the third grade Christmas program. 

And her is the bike.......I asked her if she remembered what she asked for and she did.  I think she was shocked.

Then there is K.T. Bug.  She wanted money.  I'm not ready to start doing that but she didn't come up with anything else.  I always pick up little things during the year so at least she had those to open.  She likes "spy" things.  This was one of those invisible pens and I think it was her favorite. She had written on her face and was lighting it up but it doesn't show in this picture.

I always try to have a picture of  Hubby and me, just to show that we were there in the moment.  Not always do I like the picture but there was only one.  Their house has these huge windows and it's full of light.  My hair has been really bothering me.  I let the bangs grow out and I'm not liking the flat look.  Oh well.....

My Dil did not like me taking a picture of all of them I said I wouldn't post it.  Well, I didn't on Facebook.  But I needed a picture all of them.

When we went to the greasy spoon, we knew it would be cold.  The door opens right into the restaurant.  It was only in the single digits.  Of course we had to sit by the door.  Everyone in the restaurant had their coats on.  That door nearly froze everyone.  You could see your breath.  Denison University resides in our community.  They usually are very nice.  (their parents aren't)  So one of the college guys went to the door to leave.  He opened the door and was yelling outside at a friend and just left it open.  Every was saying ,"Shut the door."  Finally one of his friends yelled, "Shut the door you idiot."  It was so funny.  He walked back in and told us that he was really sorry.

I am headed out of the house soon to get Mabel and her brother from the bus.  I haven't been out much at all lately.  This will be the first time this week because of the cold and ice.  Mabel needs to help me make pies.  Wish they were real.

I'd like to end this post with OH...........
I am so proud of the Buckeyes.  It's pretty incredible considering we lost the first game of the season and two of our quarterbacks were injured.  I think there are a lot of Buckeye fans that are pretty tired today.  My grandson was just sure they would cancel school today because of the late game last night.  But they didn't.  Way to go Buckeyes.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Downton Abbey Tea/Late Christmas Swap/Urgent Care

I had to use the tea to get you to read the post.  I'm such a tricky person.  I found this tea in one of our downtown (pun) stores today when I ventured out in the freezing weather to meet a friend for lunch.  I have gotten into a good habit of drinking Sleepy Time tea at bedtime.  I wanted to try this one as an evening tea.  The girls in the store said it was really good.
Would you believe I haven't seen one episode.  I'd Love to start from the beginning.

I wanted to tell you about my Urgent Care experience just last week.  (I am feeling better, thank you)
It is impossible to get in to see my doctor anymore.  You have to call the morning first thing to see if you can get in that day.  You can't make advance appointment unless for physicals.  So, I needed to see a doctor since my daughter had strep and more sore throat wasn't going away.
So off to Urgent Care I go.  I knew it would be a long wait with so many having the flu.  So when I checked in there were about 6 waiting ahead of me.  Not very crowded.  So I waited. 
So I will list the what the people said in the waiting room.  I just sat there and didn't say a word.

This baby is my husband's.  We just got married 2 weeks ago.  He didn't even know he had this baby.  His mom is in jail for drugs and she tried to sell this baby.

My son is here because he thinks he broke his hand.  He was mad at his girlfriend and instead of hitting her he hit the stop sign.  She drove off and he doesn't have any ID.  She tells her son that he might not be able to get his meds without the ID.  (She hadn't seen the doctor but was assuming their would be drugs involved)  Mom could not remember son's birthdate.  She remembered her cell number and his.  (I can never remember mine)
This woman walks in limping.  She said she fell at work last night  She didn't have her insurance card and the receptionist said that was okay.  Instead she limps clear out to her car and back in.  Now I could never do that when my leg was hurting.  She sat down and was talking with the lady with the baby.  She started telling her how she could help the baby learn to talk.  She and the stop sign guy didn't seem to be in any pain.

In walks in this very large and loud woman .  She was really mad at her #%)&^& doctor for not phoning in her meds.  She never stopped talking.  She sits down and keeps talking about the $%%&*$^& doctor and how mad she was at him.  She said she told him she would just get another doctor.  I looked around to see who she was talking to......not one person was looking at her.  She just kept talking.

I get called back.  They put me in the last room and it was freezing.  The nurse said it was terrible.  So I waited and waited.  I heard the doctor order an x-ray for the lady that came in after me.  I heard the doctor tell the loud lady to open her mouth.  She wrote her scripts and then told her to "stay out of trouble".  Loud lady never stops talking.  So........

I  usually have a lot of patience but I didn't feel good, I was cold, and grumpy.  So, I go out the door and run into the doctor.  I asked if they had forgotten me.  She said that the patients were seen in the order they come in.  She was busy and she would get to me when it was my turn.  I said but you saw the loud lady, the work accident lady and the boy that hit the stop sign.   (Sounds like the ole lady that swallowed the fly sequence)  She said that I could check with the receptionist and she would tell me she saw patients in the order they were seen. I said that I would.

Shortly after the doctor came in my room, all of a sudden very nice. and the visit was pleasant.  On my way out I was going to stop at the receptionist and talk to her.  The waiting room was full so I literally held my breath til I got outside.
 You sure get an education about other people in a place like that.
I was in a Christmas kitchen swap with Jenny.(  Here is what she sent me.  It was a fun swap because we got to meet and learn about each others likes.  She did a great job. 

Look what else she sent me.  Yeah.  I love showing my skinny ankles. 

Thanks Jen.
 I borrowed the pictures that Jen took of the things I sent her, since I forgot again.
I know it doesn't show but this a tiny little bottle that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I had a hard time finding a tree small enough to fit through the top.

This was a teeny tiny cupcake pan that I got from Jillibean Soup.
Just a little of this and that.

This post was started yesterday.  It's now past midnight and I need to turn in.  Baby, it is cold outside.  We went to Goose's basketball game this morning and then had our Christmas with my son and his girls.  I will post those pictures soon.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do you love dollhouses and minatures?

Do you know about Club Mini Swaps USA.  It was started by Mary Bell after a swap with Amy Powers.  So many in the swap had so much fun doing Amy's swap that they wanted to swap more often.  Since then there has been a Halloween Swap and a Christmas Swap.  It truly is so much fun.  Each person makes an item or items and they send them to a hostess.  That person gathers all the items and sends them to those participating.  The items come all wrapped up in some cute little way.  They are so much fun to open.  My little granddaughter loves these swaps.  She wants to be in the next one.  and she is going to be.  I am the hostess.  If you would like to join go to Club Mini Swaps on FaceBook and sign up.  The deadline for the current swap is January 10 to sign up.  To sign up all you need is to send $10 for postage by way of Pay Pal.  This swap is a Valentines or Favorites Swap.  So just about anything goes.  We try to use the 1:12 inch scale.  This means 1 inch is equal to 12 inches.  You don't have a doll house, well neither do I.  I have a cute shelf that looks like a house and a printers tray.  You can make shadow boxes or anything you desire.  We use the cut off sign up date to figure out how many items we send.  On this swap items have to be mailed by Feb.1st.  You can find out more information on the Face Book page.

I just got the latest Country Living Magazine yesterday.  Guess what article is inside......yep, dollhouses.

When we were starting the latest swap someone posted a picture of a room in her doll house.  Someone asked where she got the teddy bear set.  She said Hobby Lobby.  I know of at least three of you that ordered the same set.
We have been downsizing here at our house for sometime.  Since these are all little things, they fit in my lifestyle.  Hah, that's a pretty good excuse right.
Now I love other miniatures like Mini I pad users.................

Our great nephew has his own apps.  He's the one with the crazy hair.  He had a haircut.  He's 7 months old now.  How about this for cuteness.

And you know how I like snow.......................SNOW DAY.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Sun before the storm

This morning the sun was shining even though it was only 15 degrees out.  So I decided to show you some pictures inside the house.  Then the sun quickly went back behind the clouds.  We are getting a winter storm tonight.  You all know how much I love long as we have power.  But I also feel bad that I love it so when my husband has a long drive to work each way in the bad weather.
The week before Christmas and before I left for Colorado, I mentioned about my son having a rough week.  Since he lost all his belongings we had to help furnish his apartment.  We gave him our denim sofa.  He doesn't have a bed but I thought he could sleep on the couch.  Better than sleeping on the floor like he was.  We have had this love seat downstairs for quite awhile.  So, upstairs came the love seat.  I really like it back upstairs.  I have the cushion turned over right now.  I throw a quilt over it for when Piper sleeps on it.  Sure wish I could have a rug in this spot, but my Yorkie thinks rugs are potty pads...sound familiar Brenda.  I still like the bench that I got for $20 for the sofa table.  It was marked down.  I actually carried it myself and put it in the little green bug.  It fit somehow.  I moved the blue table that was there to the other side.    I like it there as well.

Yep, the tree is still up and their are presents undelivered.  Due to illness we haven't had our exchange with my son and his girls.

Check out how different the same paint looks in this picture and the one above.  I took this picture of the cabinet to see if Laurie and I have the same one.  I always put the Christmas card photos on this.  Not many this year.  Since my address book is MIA, we didn't get as many cards.

My little blue shelf always looks weird if I take a picture of the whole thing.  I went around the house and took a few things down that were Christmasy but left all the ones that looked like winter.  See this adorable snowman in the ice cream container.  It was part of a swap I was in with Jenny.  I will post more of those pictures soon.

This other snowman by the deer is from Polly's store.  It was funny, when I was their with my girlfriends (he he Sue) I kept picking it up and deciding that I didn't need it.  It was funny when one of my friends said they kept seeing this snowman in different places.  That was it, it was such a funny thing that I knew buying it would preserve that memory.  They didn't know that I kept putting it down.
  My little heater and my wagon.  A woodland bear toting some forest animals hopped on board for a ride.  (It was a bear from my dear cousin)  Did you know that Boyd's bears have closed their factory doors.  There are so many on the market that they can be purchased for very little)  Everyone that I bought I had a reason for liked it. 
I ventured out today.  I thought it would give me a boost.  I hadn't been out of the house for 7 days.  We needed dog food.  Poor Hubby has been waiting on me night and day.  Luckily he got some groceries since I haven't been up to it.  I was out last Tuesday when I went to Urgent Care and got a few things at CVS waiting on my meds.  Today, I thought I would go to Aldi's for a few things.  After the pet store, I was out of steam and just came home.  My energy level is at zero.  I fell like a nap right now.  I got up early was 10 a.m.  I had been sleeping til 11.  Isn't that crazy.
I got the Country Living magazine today.  It is so small.......but what's inside is the best.  Article on doll houses and tiny houses.  Wahoo......Also on the back page is a picture that you can order in a pain by number kit.  And it's a retro trailer.......yippee.  I noticed last month there was one that I was tempted to get as well.
OKAY, signing off..............more down the road.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Our first little Christmas/The one before our trip to Colorado

I am doing things a little backwards. Mabel and her family had Christmas here with us the day before I left for Colorado.  Mabel and her mom weren't feeling well.  Mabel ended up on antibiotics a few days later.  Which is a good thing since I ended up having streph .  I went to Urgent Care.  My goodness, when I feel better that trip can be a whole post another day.  We gave her this little writing tablet.  Dollar section at Target.  Such fun things to be found.
Here is Rudy.  He has gotten so big.  He just is like a mop.  He was a little naughty at our house.  He wouldn't quit barking at our dog and our youngest son.  Finally his mama had to hold him when we ate.  Rudy, you are a little stinker.
A family shot.  Those little boxes are American Girl Doll outfits.  Miss Mabel turned 6 this week.  Those are her birthday presents since her Christmas ones have never arrived.  I did find out that the only package not getting here was my etsy order.  Evidently my credit card numbers changes when they were renewed.  All of the things I waited and waited on never officially got ordered.  I used Pay Pal.  I never got a denial or anything.  The way I found out was going through all my purchases.  The numbers are changed now.  But this wasn't the case for the Etsy.  Still hoping that finds it's way here.  I really don't want to report the vendor.
I am pretty sure that M. took this picture.  He's pretty sneaky.  I was trying out my new camera as he was taking pictures on my old one.  He also deletes the ones he doesn't like.  Grammy doesn't like that.  I am enjoying seeing everyone's posts about the holidays and the New Year.
I am still on Christmas here.  I will catch up soon, I hope.
Until then Happy New Year.