Monday, February 29, 2016

A bonus day

How does Leap Year justify an extra day.  Not sure  how that happens but that's for someone else to figure out.  I have enough to keep my head above water and protecting my head, hah.
I am okay from the last bashing.  I had headaches for awhile.  The next day the dog leash went flying from my hand and off went Hank.  Well the retractable part went flying with him and landed next to him in the yard.  He was puzzled as I ran out to catch him with one shoe on in the snow.  Can you imagine if my life inside this cottage was being viewed by the outside world.  It isn't my age because truthfully life has always been like this.  If not me, my kids.   Back to the leash, I caught him before he realized what had happened.  I think he thought that I the the leash at him.  Well, I got him safely in the door and turned to put Piper out.  Well guess who was out in the yard loose, yep, Piper.  He came right in, this dog is a sweet heart, but stood by the door waiting for me to unhook him, so I pretended to do that.  So, I came in the house and called the surgeon.  I have an appointment set up for in a couple of weeks.  Not sure they can do anything, but maybe they can. 
OKAY, the little store I went to after dropped the dogs off for a haircut, is where I got this flower canvas came from.  I saw it and there was no hesitating.  The colors are not any I would put together but oh, I like it.  It is also where I got the doggy picture.  That dog looks like Hank but different coloring, esp. the ears.
Okay here is another purchase.  I asked if it was in the sale and it soon became a sale price.  Do you see what I see.  I think it might have been a mailbox ??  I see a doll house.  The little thing on the top opens up like an awning. 
I can't wait to make something out of it.  But I have to get this place in order.  I know why I stopped unpacking before Christmas.  It makes such a mess all over the house til new homes are found.  Getting closer to being done.
Okay here are the things I have squeezed in between boxes.
This was a little round vintage suitcase.  It didn't clean up well so I painted it.  I got the idea from a crafter I met in December.  Remember the cute doll in the chair.  Well, I knew what I wanted to do with it.  When I opened my little closet retail space I really thought the idea of little bags with story items in them.  The intention was for the little ones to be able to play with them.......and with fairy tale stories. Well the Three Little Bears is my favorite.  I had little books and items that went with the books.  The only one that sold was a modern story.  Light bulb, kids today have their own fairy tales like princesses  and super heroes.  So I decided I would make things permanent so they could be staged.  Otherwise, little fingers would rearrange the whole space and who knows where the things would end up.  BUT, here is my problem.  The little suitcase I had seen had not been painted.  It did have doll house furniture on it.  Wouldn't you know when I finished this that artist posted a picture of a duck suitcase just like mine and painted.  She had a doll glued in and on the open part a pond painted with a duck glued in.  She paints over the dolls and they are just beautiful.  I have a hard time altering the dolls.  At first I had a cheap rubber doll in this.  I decided that made it look cheap.  Now she would charge $100 for her.  (I will find out this week-end when I go to the Barn Sale she is in)  I would probably ask $25 for this.  Trust me, hers are real art work, still a little high but people pay for it.  SO here is my problem.  Is this copying her talent.  ??????  Should I not do this to sell.
I used pages from a Three Bears book.  I picked pages that you could figure out the story about the bears.  I added little pink trees, a Mama bear with a hat that I got in a mini swap, Papa Bear with a Smokey the Bear hat (it didn't come with a bear) and a little baby bear with a little rubber dolly.  Also their is a play pen to represent the beds.  Also a little bowl and whish that I purchased.  The bears came from some of my auction boxes.
The other doll is supposed to be Mary of Mary had a little lamb or Bo Peep.  In her hand is a button that is cotton candy.  I got the little chalkboard that she is glued on from Target in the dollar bins.
Well I need to tidy up as the day is getting away from me.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hank's first haircute

Hank and Piper went for haircuts yesterday.  Hank's first.  His hair is so weird.  It grows around his neck and on his sides but not much else other places.  I mean he really had about 4 inches of hair around his neck. They asked me if I wanted a Yorkie or Schnauzer.  I was thinking how could they get either style out of his fur.  My mind was a cloudy as it was traumatic getting them out of the car.  Hank's leash had gotten stuck in the seat so I carried him.  Piper was on the long extending leash.  Oh my, you would have to have seen it to believe it.  Once in the shop I put Hank down.  Big mistake he took off exploring and I was afraid the salesman that walked in had let him out.  No he didn't.  Said salesman thought it was funny that I couldn't catch him.  I was just about to tell him that he could help me.  Our last visit here the lady that is in charge didn't listen to our request and just did it her way.  Again she did the same thing.  She also seemed grumpy and it worried me.  When I picked them up she was trimming a little dogs nails and kept telling him "Stop" and "don't bite me".  I asked her if my dogs tried to bite her.  She said, "Heck no they just licked me to death."  That would be my boys.  Check out was $131.  If you use a card there is a tip guide on there.  I don't appreciate having to tip after that much but I did.  Hank was traumatized, and I am not kidding.  They were both in the same crate when I picked them up and they were okay.  But certain things later showed me that Poor Hank was really scared.  I took the bandana off because clothes freak him out.  He just wanted held all night.  The reason I went back to this groomer because they clean the dogs teeth, extra $30.  They get all the gunk off of Pipers teeth.  The vet had wanted to put him under and clean his teeth.  They expense was $400.  After he had the groomer clean his teeth the vet never said anything but his teeth looked good.  Now, I may look for someone else for Hank for the next time.
Piper didn't want his picture taken.  I think he was a little embarrassed.  Yes, there are blankets and a beach towel on the floor.  You know the reason .....Hank's little problem.  If he doesn't pee on them he tries to eat them.  If he wasn't so darn sweet it might be a problem.
Okay enough about my boys.  Oh, I got a haircut too, 3 inches shorter and back to bangs,
Remember the hanger falling on my nose. Well my poor nose took another hit yesterday.  While the guys were at the groomers I want to clean the sofa with the Dyson attachment.  Well I was thinking to myself how I hated the attachment.  The hose is really stiff and won't pull very far away from the base.  While you are using it the base flips here and there.  Usually it bangs my leg.  WELL, just as I was feeling the hate, the sweeper moved and the attachment flips right into my nose.  To spare details......bloody nose, headaches still and I feel like I am cross eyed.  I put frozen peas on it and cancelled the dentist appointment that was to be in a couple of hours. I feel so clumsy.  On the other hand, I am thinking this could be from the hand I had surgery on.   I wish there was a warning when these accidents happen but there isn't.  This is the third accident just lately.  I may call the surgeon and have him look at it.  There is  weird lump on my hand that doesn't seen to go away.
Last time I posted I did take off.  I went to the garden center.  I forgot my camera.  Not much put out yet but saw the cutest thing.  Little red flyer wagons filled with succulents.  Oh my gosh they were cute.  I have one of the wagons.  They wanted $49.  I also went to my space and walked around looking at all the other booths.  I ran to Hobby Lobby for a couple of things. That helped to get out. 
I have been working on the last of the boxes.  I am out of space.  So I am trying to be creative.  Meanwhile I made a mess all over the place.
Interesting, I asked Suri what the def of "a Cottage" was.  She said she looked it up and a cottage is a small simple house typically near a lake or a beach.  So I am convinced since our condo looks like a house and has a little pond that I live in a cottage.  So......I am going to refer to it as a cottage from now on out and not a condo.  Condo is just weird for me.  So cottage is it.
Here's what's happening on the pond today.  We have three couple hanging out.
I know this is a long post but I need to tell you about our sweet Goose.  She is such a team player.  She plays most of the game and probably one of the top two on the basketball team this year.  Well she was out for a couple of minutes and another teammate made a basket.  That teammate and another one had crossed the center line.  The rest of the players were in the other half of the court taking the ball in from the side line.  So Goose runs out to hug the girl that made the basket.  The ref starting blowing his whistle and called a technical on Goose.  Really.  Goose gets so upset and is crying and loosing it on the bench.  The ref knew he shouldn't have (at least in my book).  He walked over to Goose and said, "I'm sorry honey you can go right back in."  It took a long time for her to settle in.  I saw the ref tell her coach he was so sorry that she got so upset.  Well, basket ball is over for the three playing and I can't be happier.  It was a stressful season for the 9 year olds.
I am working on a couple of things that I will share with you soon.  I wish I could have everything in order in the "cottage" so I could do more projects.
Well, if you are still reading.  I hope you all have a great week-end.  Watch out for those Dyson attachments.  (Goose is the one in the blur)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Some days you have to laugh

I brought the stinky girl back in the house.  She is smelling better.  She is really cute. 
Did I tell you about my pearl ordeal. Well, it went bad.  I accidently dropped all the pearls and they scattered everywhere.  Hank has to chew everything that drops to the floor.  This is a pearl he ate.  The metal is all that is left. Someone left me this note.
The next day I find this note.  He had eaten a hair band.  Well broke it more than he ate it.  Then the other day he decided to eat his dog bed.  He made quiet the mess.  The funny thing was that Piper kept trying to lay on it as Hank tore into it.  I think he was trying to save it.  I tried to get a picture but they wouldn't hold still.   He is a stinker but when he crawls up in your lap and puts his little head on your shoulder , he is all forgiven.
Now today has had a few ups and downs.  If there wasn't humor, I think I would explode.  Yesterday it was a facebook message that had me upset all day.  Then this morning a phone message.  Then I walked into the closet to get something and a big wooden hanger fell on my nose.  So, then I decide that I just need to get out of the house for awhile.  I took a shower and I am waiting on my hair to dry a little and then I will take off for a couple of hours.  I am feeling better.  I am still stuffy and tired but better.  I should be as it is over three weeks now.  It is supposed to be 60 today.  One would think you could tinker around in your garden.  But there is snow covering everything green.  So I am going to take off.  Toodles.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Belated Valentines Day and just random stuff

I had planned on using this picture for Valentines Day and I am a few days late.  Hope the day was good for everyone.  Hubby got me the pretty red tulips and some kisses.  The valentine is from a bloggy friend from the past.  I love this little bear.  We went to Red Lobster for dinner and to a basketball game for our grandson.  I needed to get out.  I was worn out after about one hour.  I am still battling whatever this is.  But at least I am getting some little things done.
My newest Kewpie.  I think the bear wonders why she is so naked when it is so cold out.
Like I said random pictures.
I was looking for another picture and ran across this one.  Halloween 45 years ago.  A hunter and his bunny, hah. 
Okay random stuff here....................
I called and made an appointment with a new doctor today to see if she was taking new patients.  She actually used to work in my practice.  I haven't been able to get over the fact that when I called on a Thursday because I was sick and didn't hear back til the following Monday.  I haven't seen a MD in probably 3 years.  Always a PA.  Nothing against a PA but once in awhile a M.D.  I have an appointment for March.
This whole political stuff is getting to me.  It is so long til we have the election but I am so sick of it all. 
I may or may not be a little grumpy.
The first part of the Grammy's was okay but after the rap show I turned to watch Teen Mom.
I am not getting the last boxes unpacked like I should be.  I do have too much stuff.  So I am organizing it. 
I am trying essential oils.  How many of you use them.  I am new and probably have no idea what I am doing.
I am fortunate to have a Hubby has been doing the grocery shopping.  He is so kind that he brings home gluten free things for me.  We would probably starve if he didn't. 
Well, I better stop this random stuff. 
Trying hard to be positive but some things just get my goat, hah.

Friday, February 12, 2016

100 year old couple

Did you know that Ann and Andy are celebrating 100 years.  Yep, they are.  Pretty awesome in my book.  I know my kids had a room done in Raggedy Ann and Andy when they were little and shared a room. They had yellow plaid curtains.  We had a lot of the dolls. Until I stored them in a basement.  Yep, they molded.  There were many at the last auction.  I didn't get any.  Some collectors know everything about these dolls.  I thought once a Ann always an Ann.  So I didn't bid on any.  Plus I didn't want a moldy one.  I ordered the cutest rag doll, not an Ann, off of Ebay.  I asked first if there was a moldy or smoke smell to it.  I stressed that I was allergic.  Nope.  She even had her husband smell and he said "Nope".  Before I even got her out of the box I could smell the cigarette smoke.  So Dolly is living in the garage for now.  These little dolls were from another auction .  My friend bid on the display they were in.  She gave me the dolls.   
I am mending but still  down and out.  I am getting so far behind.  I haven't been out of the house for so long, but to go to Minute Care.  I am not worse so a little better each day.  I think.
And we can't forget about Pete.  He has company in the wagon for awhile.  Unless Hank steals one or two of them. 
Whether you  a couple or a single give some love this week-end.  Hug yourself.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sending hearts your way

I have some random hearts to send your way today. 

Maybe I will see my box of hearts someday soon.
But until then you can enjoy years past.
It is snowy here and you know I love snow.
I miss our past heart swaps.
Until next time.......XOXO

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hank is taking notes

I hope I am not boring you with pictures of Hank.  Well, I haven't been out of the house for so long, that's all I got.  I finally went to the doctor this morning.  Or I should say Minute Clinic because my doctor told me to.  I called the doctor on Thursday morning and they finally called me this morning.  When I feel better I will look for a new doctor.
Hank first took off with my sticky notes.  The next thing I knew he had my pen in his mouth.  Doesn't he look guilty. 
I didn't go anywhere this week-end but Hubby got out.  He helped in a casino night for our granddaughter's soccer league.  It isn't a local league but out of another city.  My son and he were dealers.  He bought tickets to win one of the many baskets that the individuals teams had to raise money.  He got our granddaughters team.  My son put it together.  Liquor, $200 of lottery tickets and a Longaberger basket.  We don't even drink.  Huge bottles.  We may have to have a party, hah.  Or be generous and give it away.  I will post his winnings when he scratches al the tickets off.
Okay, can someone tell me why I can't pictures I take with an ipad mini to my blog.  The usual thing comes up but no place for me to find the pictures.  No I don't have a iphone.
Well that's it for now.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What snow looks like

IN case you have forgotten what snow looks like.  These are my Colorado grand kids on Monday. we have not had more than 2 inches at one time.  Actually 2 times but it melted the same day.  I hear little hints of a storm coming next week.  I like snow.  It is my reward for the really hot humid days of summer.
peaking of the weather.  I am somewhere under it.  Swollen glands and sore throat.  It is my time of year when I usually get something.  Trying to not let it hold me back but it is.  Blood tests were okay but I don't think they did the thyroid or CBC.  That's what I needed to see.  There is a doll auction tomorrow, so we will see if  I bounce back in time.  My doll friend is in Germany visiting her daughter so she won't be there. She is going to being me something back from the flea market.  Exciting.
There is so much sadness right now.  Family and friends fighting cancer.  Close friends loosing their parents.  I will try to post three things that make me happy for this month of hearts.

See that bit of sunshine.  It is only 30 out but the sunshine is nice.
New visitors today.  The other day there was a blue heron.  The faithful couple of ducks have been in and out since the pond thawed a little.  These geese honked so loud when I went out with the dogs.  I think they were telling us to keep their distance. 
Well that's it for today.  I had to get the beast out for this post.  The beast that I dropped on my feet.  I can't figure out how to post pictures from my mini I pad.