Friday, February 28, 2014

Packages Mailed

I am in Viv's St. Patrick's Day Swap.  It was a quickie so we could get the swaps early.  I have very little decorations for St. Patty's Day.  I do have a son that was born on that day.  Here is what went in the mail for my person.  It is supposed to be a surprise.  I don't know if my person is a follower but we will see.  I love the little leprechaun that is sleeping and the little boy that stands.  It was hard to find things.  My person likes vintage linens.  I found this dresser scarf and it's green.  A couple of embellishments and a little bouquet of green.  I hope she likes her package.
Remember when I had the Origami Owl giveaway.  Well this is what I mailed to Viv today.  It was supposed to be a locket.  It is so much fun putting these items together for someone.  She got a locket, a long chain and three charms.  The charms are a heart shaped family charm (Viv is all about her family) a little cat (she has two Siamese kittens) and a camera (to represent her blogging).  She also is getting two dangles that are attached next to the locket.  One is a bird cage because she has a parrot.  And the other one is a blue flower.  That was just added to give some color.  I hope she is excited about her gift.  It is really hard to photo with the glass in the locket.
This is the little leprechaun that is going to my swap partner.  The one on my banner is from the same family. 
Little Izzy had her blood test today to see what is wrong with her kidneys.  It came out okay except for the high protein problem.  We are going to try her medicine that she is currently taking twice a day for a month.  If here isn' a change then we will try another med.  Her blood work was $130 and taking her blood pressure was $49.  The blood work was done in house.  Why would it be that much.  The blood pressure I did voice my concern about that cost.  They said they had to do a Doppler on her.  They left the room with her for both and she was gone about ten minutes.  I am so glad that the tests were pretty much normal but wish we knew why she has an overactive bladder and has these wetting accidents.  She can be on your lap and have an accident and you don't know it til you stand up.  Last night she wet the bed......our bed.  Luckily she was on a doubled up quilt sleeping.  I guess there is always diapers......yuck.  She is really frisky.  At the vets a couple thought she was a puppy.  There was a Mastiff that came in when we were there.  He weighed 180 lbs.  Izzy walked up to him and they sniffed each other noses.  Afterwards I stopped at the store for just some bread, coffee, diet Coke and dog food because we have a big storm coming.....again.
 Here is Izzy after a bath.  She weighs 9 lbs. and has the cutest face.  Mr. Cozy calls her Pork Chop.  She would eat non-stop if we didn't restrict her intake.
It looks like this storm is going to be a big one and a lot of states are involved.  Our area was colored in a color that the weatherman didn't even know what to call it.  Things can change.  Maybe we won't get the 10 inches of snow.  More alarming is another week of below freezing temps.
Stay warm and cozy and safe.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Felt critters (owl, bear, sheep and bird)

These are the felt critters from the Christmas ornament sew along. 
These are going to be so cute on my bear hugging Christmas tree.  And here they are one by one......
.I decided to glue mine instead of sewing after attempting the first one.  Sorry about the glue strings that I need to trim.  I really need new scissors.  I didn't realize that mine were so dull.  I don't have a printer.......I know, can you believe that.  So, I am free lancing from the pictures.  This is fun.  I can't wait to do the next two.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello my friends.  I'm using my Kindle to post today.  I wanted to use a picture that didn't have snow in it.  I have been a bit lost this week.  Not sure why but I have a few reasons.  I am excited to take my hearts down and put the few St.Patrick's Fay things I have put and about.  I am also excited to be in Bob's swap.  I have been a little sad this week.  It has been three years now so 've my cousin No passed.    Anniversaries are always the hardest for me.  We have been having a snow .let of sorts this week.  Cold temps are returnable Nguyen thought.  As long as the sun shines once in awhile it's okay.    I am really enjoying volunteering at the elementary school.  The second grade has a concert this week.  I am so excited.  Esp. Since I have two brands in the class.  Also since I am getting to know the second graders at school.  I'm ha ing so much fun ha going out with my little Mabel.  Ok also got to watch the little B boys this week.  Not much housework got done obviously.  I am Maj my ther felt critters in Claudia's Christmas ornament  challenge.  I think its a challenge to me.  I made the first four yesterday.  I will post soon.  I started harnessing them.  That was a disaster.  So I got the glue gun out and my buttons.  I think this will look so cute on my bear hugging Christmas tree this year.  Found out little Ixxy ·····My Yorkie doesn't have Cushing s disease.  But  more tests as the doctor thinks there is still a problem.  Mr.  Cozy and I are going to use another card today.  This one is for movie and dinner.  Yesterday we used one for Olive Garden.  I ordered from the GF menu.  Quick.  It was so dry.  Obviously the chef was confused about how to cook for GF.  Good news Deb is home .  She starts chemo something n.  I booked a free flight to Colorado for late Appril.  I will get to see my granddaughter Dane in some competitions.  I will be a Dance Grandma.  Hope Annie Lee  won't be there.  I might have to teach her to be nice.
Okay.....I rely need to use makeup.  Well more later.  I have rambled along too much.  Xo

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hoot Hoot, Piper has picked an Origami Owl Winner

I have chosen a winner.  And her name is:
Please send my mom a message at  Congratulations.  You are going to love your locket.  My Mom wears one everyday.

Puppy Kisses

Hearts and Snow

Not a lot of words today.  Just wanted to share some "heart" with you.  Just in case you happened to miss the snow where you live, I thought I'd send you some.  I will be back soon with the Origami Owl winner. ((((((HUGS))))


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From the heart

Wouldn't life be so much nicer if we did this.
In case you haven't already signed up for my Origami Owl giveaway, you can still on this post.  I posted about it in my last blog post.  I said it was for a free locket.  I think I will change that a little.  You will still get a locket.  I thought that you needed to have some charms with it.  So it will be a small/medium size locket of your choice and a couple of charms.  I will draw the winner on Valentines Day.  If you haven't checked out my site, here it is 
My heart is sad today with the passing of Shirley Temple.  I grew up with her movies when she was a child.  They are so wonderful.  What a cutie and what an actress.  How could you not love her.  I even named my daughter Heidi.  I told everyone I wanted a little girl with brown curly hair and brown eyes that looked like her.  Not sure why I thought she had brown hair but I did.   My daughter did have brown curly hair and brown eyes. 
 I borrowed these pictures from my Susies' from Facebook.
 Just look at this face.

Remember how excited I was when I got this doll at an auction.  The dolls were going so high that I didn't think I would get one.  I didn't want a china faced one because it was too fragile.  When this one came on the block there were a couple bids and then it stopped.  When he said sold to me, I shouted out in excitement .  I surprised everyone.  So many are just there to buy and resale.  The auctioner even said it made him happy to see someone get excited.
My mother always talks about having a Shirley Temple doll.  She didn't have much money when she was growing up.  Her doll was the last doll she was able to get.  Her mother let her pick it out.  Then my brother destroyed it when he was little.
Someday I will give my Heidi this doll.

My husband insists that my word for the year be "HAPPY.".  I told him I was already HAPPY.  Maybe he was trying to tell me something, I don't know.  So be prepared for a lot of HAPPY.
I am doing well on my wishes.  Well, except for the Paleo diet.  I have had issues with my stomach since I posted that I wanted to try that.  I did start out the first day keeping track of what I ate and calories.  It just about pushed me over the edge. Too many memories of all the diets in the past where I lost weight and gained it back.  I can even remember being on a diet when I was a teen.  It's painful.  I don't want painful right now in my life.  My stomach already gives me that.  So, I will continue to make healthy Gluten-Free choices.  The exercises is the one area that I haven't gotten to. I am using the minus degree temps and snow covered my excuse.  Jane suggest a video for exercising at home.  I am going to look for one.  Thanks for the volunteering suggestions.  Don't think badly me of me but I can't do nursing homes or hospitals.  Just too sad and personal for me.  BUT I am volunteering at our elementary school.  My first day was last week in my grandson's class.  My granddaughter's teacher saw me and wanted me to help in her room.  The two teachers were fighting over was funny and made me feel good.  So I am going to help them both.  My granddaughter's teacher taught my  middle son.  She has been teaching for 42 years.......she does not show her age at all.  Now my grandson's teacher taught my youngest son.  And get this, my oldest son teaches her sons.  Small town, small world.  The rest of the elementary teachers I know from working at S.A.C.C. but I don't have any connections with.

A little not so happy note.........Granville, Ohio is home to Denison University.  We lost a student over the week-end.  He was last seen leaving Brew's a popular restaurant/pub  alone at 2a.m. (This was on the video security camera)  He wasn't wearing a winter coat.  (remember we are having minus degrees)  He probably had too much to drink.  He turned the wrong direction leaving the pub and walked about 1/2 mile and was found dead in a snowdrift.  So so sad.  He was a senior and very handsome .  He was on the swim team.   At noon he was discovered missing and the search began.  I feel bad for his family and the whole community  Lots of fingers pointing blame to the pub and to the college.  He was 21.  At some point we do have to take responsibility about our actions.  At that hour not many would be out and about.  There is so much drinking that goes on in all colleges.  Denison addresses that all the time.  But still so sad.

Goodness, I think I need to post more often and avoid writing novels.  Must be going now.   Stay warm and safe.  Sorry coastal states that you are getting the storms this week.  We are having a little break.  Can't wait on above freezing temps.
Take care and BE HAPPY.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BIG snow, My LITTLE Business

 The weather reports and warnings are scary.  Thank goodness the storm for us starts late this afternoon.  Hopefully most people will already be home. We are very close to the line between ice and snow. You know I love snow but not ice.  I don't want to loose power.  It's a mess when that happens.  It's not an easy fix either, it can take days even a week.  If you can get out and get somewhere warm then it's not too bad.  We don't have back up heat or a generator.  But we have a neighbor that does.......also two sons with small generators if we could get to them.  I worry a lot about our dogs in an outage.  You can't just show up at someone's house with your pets.  Esp. when they are allergic.  Oh well, praying the power stays on for all of us.

OKAY, my little business.  I signed up to sell Origami Owl in the fall.  I had been seeing things online about the company and had already looked into joining up when a friend had a party.  My friend and I both signed up.  We did it on a whim just because we loved the product that they offer.  I love the whole idea.  You pick a locket then you begin to tell your story.  You pick the charms that go inside and dangles to hang next to your locket.  Oh, yes, there are chains to choose from.  So many options for you to choose.  I have so much fun with this.  I haven't made any money because I bought so much for Christmas.   I'd like to break even eventually.  If you haven't seen or heard about Origami Owl you can go to Debby and check out all the goodies. (OH, IT'S REALLY IIMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THAT DOT)  If you'd like to order you can do that as well.  I like giving gifts to those that order,, hint hint.
The lockets are hard to photograph, for me anyway.  Let me tell you some of the combinations that I like.  I change of my lockets often.  Sometimes just but changing lockets on the same chain or going to a different chain and locket.  So here are my favorites so far.

My winter locket charms:
4 beautiful blue birthday stones
ice skate
coffee /coccoa mug
snowglobe (no longer available)
an owl with a blue stone (gotta have an owl)

My favorite football team locket charms:

Crystal letters:  O  S  U
a football (we have all kinds of sport charms)
red heart
colored stones

Wizard of OZ charms:

princess crown
letters OZ
little dog
different colored accent stones

Can you just see all the combinations.  Lots of themes.  Maybe just some things that mean a lot to you.

When I went on my cruise I made one with these charms:

a suitcase
palm tree
a Dream plate ( because I was on the Disney Dream)
birthday cake (since it was my birthday)

So if you are thinking of a great gift for yourself or someone you love check us out.  No pressure.

OH.  AND IF YOU ARE STILL READING.....I AM GIVING AWAY A FREE LOCKET OF YOUR CHOICE.  JUST COMMENT.  You need to be a follower, only fair, since you are the ones that put up with me on a daily basis.
Hey, we even have chocolate lockets and chains.


Off to make sure dishes are done, laundry dried, water set aside.  We have bottled water, diet Coke, T.P. and dog let me see what else do we need.