Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mary Engelbreit Apron Swap

I am participating in  Cindy's rick-rack and gingham  M.E. apron swap.  My first swap of this type so I have no clue if I did it right.  My apron is the waist type.  I had to have a scottie on it.  In the pocket s a ruler (neat new ribbon), a pencil, and a yoyo paper clip.  I bought these paper clips in Colorado and thought they were the cutest things ever.  I hope to get these mailed today.
It is cool in Ohio today, yippee, a short break from the heat.
Don't forget to enter my give-a-way......make a comment and/or become a follower. 
Have a great day.

Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Give-A-Way

I have enjoyed blogging so much since I started in March.  I have met some beautiful people inside and out through this experience.  I feel like you are all a part of my extended family.  We share our homes, lives, comments.  We don't do this for personal gain but for the love of others.  I get excited every time I see there is a new follower.  I feel that I have a new friend.  I know that I spend way too much time doing this but I gain so much.  I actually think blogging makes me feel better about myself.  I care about all of you, say prayers for you and wish nothing but the best.  Okay,  I need to stop this as I have no idea where I am headed.  I have decided it is time for me to give back to all of you.  So, I am going to give-a-way one of my altered boxes.  Nothing spectacular but something from my heart.  There a little something special inside.  So here is how you can win this.  If you are a follower you are automatically entered.  If you leave a comment and are a follower, I will enter you twice.  If you leave a comment but don't choose to follow (sob) you will also have one chance.    Make sure I have some way of getting in touch with you.  GOOD LUCK and thanks for all the fun I am having.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorority Rush

Karen at Some Days are Diamonds started a Blog Sorority. 
For rush we had to do something with the above picture.  I had my husband copy the picture at work and he brought home this huge picture.....just last night.  So quickly I made a scrapbook page.  I used buttons, paint, cute little flowers and Tim Holtz dimensional crown and Glimmer Mist.   We were supposed to take a picture of ourself with the project.....that didn't work out so I added this crazy picture of me taken by 3 year old Elliana, my granddaughter. 
I have only been blogging a few months and love the people that I have met.  Such wonderful caring people.  I think this sorority will be so much fun.  Thanks Karen.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teddy Bear Thursday and the butterfly story

This teddy bear was a post wedding gift from my daughter.  I recently posted about her butterfly release at her wedding at the top of a mountain.  The butterflies were Monarcks that they released.  They were ordered and delivered a couple of days before the wedding.  We had to lower the air conditioning to keep them cold until the ceremony. 
After the ceremony everyone was given a butterfly.  There wings were closed as they were still cold.  We had to wait for them to warm up to fly off.   That didn't happen for several minutes.  One butterfly choose to land on my daughter's bouquet and stayed there throughout all the photos.  How neat was that.  When we started down the mountain it decided to attach itself to my daughter's neck.  That got a little weird.  He was nudged a little to take off. 
At the reception every once in awhile you'd see a Monarch floating by.
The had a little gift shop at the Dude Ranch were we had the reception and my daughter bought this bear with the Monarch for me.
Funny story about the reception.  When we arrived for the wedding they were serving breakfast. 
About one hour before the wedding they finally finished.  One of the groom's brothers and I got the room ready for the reception in just a matter of minutes.  He took care of the cake table and I did the other tables with flowers, favors and etc.  I also was checking in on my daughter getting ready.  It was crazy but such an easy wedding to put together.  It was a morning wedding with a brunch following.  The grooms family are from the Southhamptons and our family hadn't met them until this occasion.  We had dinner the night before in Boulder, Brunch after the wedding and then that evening another dinner in Boulder.  We had such a good time.  When the groom's brother sat next to me at the last dinner I said, "  Oh, no, I don't think I can laugh anymore, I am exhausted.  It was such a fine blending of families.  The interesting thing is there is at least 20 years difference between my husband and I and the groom's parents.  The groom's sister is our age.  Great family.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Don't strain your eyes please, this is what the sign says......Life is not measured by the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away.
Isn't this a beautiful saying.  I had been looking for something to go under my big clock.  I saw this at FRENCH BLEU VINTAGE and knew it was what I wanted.
Today is my daughter's anniversary.  They were married atop a mountain in Estes Park overlooking the Continental Divide.  The wedding was in a tiny chapel that only held 30 people.  They did a butterfly release before heading down the mountain to the reception inside a ranch.  This was one of those breath taking moments.  My son's anniversary is this week as well.  They got married at the bride's home......another breath taking moment.  Flowers everywhere and where the guests sat under a beautiful white tent.
My son and his girls and their Mama are headed home today from
New Jersey.  They have been at the beach.  They got to see a whale that was close to shore.  Unbelievable, wouldn't you say?   I am so glad they got to experience that.  My son said people were flocking to the beach to see the whale. 
So on this first day of summer as some of us cherish the
A/C, enjoy those "moments" that take your breath away.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My new little plates and some blog name droppping

My little plates are up.  I may find more and add them around the picture.  I love it.  What do you think.  I also thought this table was too high for a coffee table but I am thinking it's okay, thoughts?  I got tired of my long cherry table. 
Also the "littles" were getting bumps from falling into it.
How did I hang the plates?  Thanks for everyone's suggestions.  I went with  http  Marcia @Vintage French Hen.  She suggested a glob of hot gue with a paper clip.  Hey, it worked.  Cheap and I had both on hand.  Check out her blog post today.  She is showcasing where she creates in a little milk house.  That milkhouse will soon be room for her son returning from his 3rd tour of duty in the Middle East.  Thank you to her son.Vintage French Hen
See that cute little pillow in the middle of the well loved couch?  My friend  Beverly @Flaming Toes.  We were swap partners in a Spring Swap and have become good friends.  You can't see it but there is a no. 10 on the pillow for my 4 children and 6 grandchildren.  She does some really cute sewing projects on her blog and is giving away the neatest ever tea towel.  She is also going on a road trip with her parents, hubby and two teenagers.  She'll swap post cards with you if you sign up.
Flamingo Toes
Now, one more Blog name  Cindy @ Rick-Rack and Gingham is hosting a apron swap. 
Not the real thing but with paper.  One is a Mary E. style.  It could be a book or a banner.  She needs more to sign up.  Hint.....
Nan and
Brenda and ELizabeth.......we need you. 
Also stop over and read CIndy's blog today. 
A wonderful love story.

I hope you are all doing well this week-end.  Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful Dads.  I am missing my Dad again this year.  ((((HUGS))))

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I need some advice

The first two pictures were from my adventure yesterday.  I had some time to kill while waiting on someone at the doctors (not me).  SO I drove to The Urban Farmhouse.  This store is in a tiny old town with nothing more than a bank, pharmacy and a police station.  The owner is the second owner.  Originally this store was called The White Cottage.  It was everything painted white, now there is some vintage thrown in.  I never buy much.  I was looking for something to go behind my couch (the picture of the print is there now).  I love this print.  You can't see because of the blur but it is a rodeo clown knelt down holding a hand of a little boy.  There are three children (prairie like clothing) and a Springer Spaniel)  This was a gift from my son and his wife.  Okay, back to the point......I bought these little dishes.  I'd ldike to put these under the print in a row.  What do you think? 
Also how do you hang these little puppies?
And one more Kodak Easy Share is stuck on internal memory.  I can't find my booklet.  It just keeps saying that the internal memory is full.  How do I switch it back to the memory card.  Geez........
Thanks for your help.   ((((HUGS))))

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garage Sale Find

I don't go to many garage sales, but I want to.  Does that count.  I haven't seen very many exciting ones around here.  There was a sale at a nursing home, so I stopped.  I had hoped that there were some old quilts. 
A few little old ladies were sitting in their wheelchairs oblivous to what was going on and one of their caretakers running the sale. 
Trust me nothing exciting.  I saw a little box for 75 cents that had the blue frames and bud vase.  The guy said if I saw anything he would make me a deal.  SO  I saw this and gave him a dollar and told him to keep the change.  He looked at me funny, hah.  So that's how I do garage sales........I'm quite the bargainer, right. 
Anyway, I really liked these when I unpacked them .  The flag will be replaced and pictures will go in the frames.  Cute,aren't they.
I am feeling much better, yeah.  My grandbabies won't be arriving from Colorado today.  Hubby home from work as he had originally took the day off to pick them up at the airport.  It will be okay.  We will see them soon.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My God Flowers and a my Hypertufa House

First the sunflowers...........I love these flowers.  Every year at our Farmers' Market , people swarm to this guy's stand.  You see people all over town carrying bundles.  Yesterday, I was driving home from getting my dogs' tested for the illness I had (campylobactor, same thing as K. Bug had)
AND my car drove by the market.  I thought only IF I can find a close spot.  Still so little energy......and it was my first day out in a week other than the doctors.  So no spot that I could see.  SO, I decided to go down the alley and just see if I could find a place.  Would you believe I found one, the only one, behind the flower stand ,with only the sidewalk between us.  SCORE.  SO these are God's flowers, because he knew I need some "happy" flowers yesterday and because we have such beauty in this world we live in.

Now the little house........yesterday I saw that there was an Art/Wine Festival at the Bryn Du Mansion that is about a mile from me.  It was a miserable hot, humid rainy day yesterday so I decided to attempt going today.   I went, parked and walked.  I didn't get too far and felt like maybe this hadn't been a good idea.  I got a lemon shake and headed for home.  I didn't see half of what was there but I found my hyperfufa artist.  Same houses that I had seen at the garden center.....1/3 the price.  I bought one of the smallest ones in hopes to make a fairy garden.  Isn't it cute.  It was so hard to decide.  The artrist lives like 10 miles away so just in case I WANT another one.  Yes, not a need. 
Anyway, I love the house and don't even feel guilty.
So, the week-end wasn't a wash.  I feel better, just working on the strength thing now.  It has been an emotional week-end.  But things will get better.  Due to the one terrible side effect of this illness (temporary paralysis included a ventilater - 15% chance) my daughter and her little ones from Colorado have cancelled their trip here.  We are very sad but not willing to take that chance.  Hubby and I may go there next month.  He hasn't met his new grandson yet and he is 6 months old. 
Well, my dear friends, I hope you have had a fun and restful week-end.   ((((HUGS))))

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The little light (s) of mine

These days if it isn't on the "need" list I don't buy it.  I don't go shopping except to Target and the grocery and of course the drug store.  
A couple weeks ago Goose and I went to Doodle's graduation play and I stopped by my favorite store in her town.  It's called Feather Your Nest.  Double trouble.....a 4 year old in tow and nothing in that store is on my need list.  Well, first into the door I saw this candle holder.  I bought a wooden one from Pottery Barn a few years back for my DIL, similar but more rows of candles.  I have wanted one ever since.  It didn't have a price tag on it.  The lady checked and also said everything in the store was 20% off for that day only.  Well, ladies, that was all I needed to hear.  I loved the distressed look of it and I needed something simple for my dining room table.  I love it.  Didn't know if this would go with the table runner that I got in Colorado but it does.  That wasn't a need, either, but every visit to Colorado takes me to a special store there and I treat myself to something special.  So there you go girls,  somedays you just gotta do what you gotta do, right.  Hubby never even noticed this yet, oops, unless he reads this.
UPDATE:  K Bug is doing well.   She eventually ended up with a diagnosis of, not stomach flu but, campylobactor and a secondary URI.  Poor baby, she was so sick.  Well Grammy, yes me, is being treated for the campylobactor but the tests results are still pending. It is possible that I could have gotten it from her or we could have gotten it at the same time esp. since I was caring for her when her mama was in the hospital.  I am feeling a bit better but this has been a kicker.  My immune system has to be so depleted anyway, so that doesn't help.  But this too will pass.  THANKS everyone for thinking of K. Bug and her illness and your kind words and prayers.  You blogging friends are great.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teddy Bear Tuesday

I love teddy bears, how about you?  I bought this little quilt probably 20 years ago for about  $30.00.  I still love it.  It hangs in my entry way.   Do you have some teddy bears  you would like to share?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another one in the hospital

My oldest granddaughter, K. Bug is in the hospital.....actually Childrens Hospital.  She is very sick.  We are still ruling things out and waiting on cultures.  We should know more tomorrow.  It's possible that it's a very bad virus. Today she asked for a Do Not Stare sign for her door.  She meant Do Not Disturb.  I think the team of 8 doctors crowded in her little room was a bit much.  (Also, her Mama, Grammies, and Little Sis.)  Goose and I left as soon as Daddy  returned.  Yes, it was her Mama that was in the hospital last week.  Mom and Dad are teachers and missing their last days of school.  I will keep you posted.  Please pray for K. Bug.  She just turned 7 and is a sweetie.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mama and her tiny baby (Sorry for the blur)

Piper was really barking.  I saw this mama deer outside my window.  Her little baby  poked his/her head out a few minutes later.  I ran to get my camera and when I returned they were on the move.  I have never seem such a tiny deer.  All week-end the mama stood guard in our yard.  We never saw the baby but think she is close by somewhere.  Mama moved from spot to spot with her eyes on our back door.  This morning I saw her in the front year.  My Hubby said he was going to check for the baby tonight, just in case there is something wrong.  Anyway, sorry for the blurry picture.  Oh, mama stomped her foot at Izzy, our Yorkie.  Izzy was tied but mama didn't want to take a chance.
I have been very lucky this week-end.  I never win anything.  I won a Cottage Charm give-a-way from Annabelle's Closet and today Grandma Yellow Hair (Maggie's) birthday gift.  I am so exicted.  Can't wait on the packages to arrive.
Speaking of Give-a -Ways, Dan at Yesterday once more, has a great one right now.  Check it out.....he sure has lots of older collectibles.
Have a great week everyone.   ((((HUGS))))