Sunday, September 12, 2010

40 years today, Farmers Market, Fall Kitchen Swap

Okay, not sure why the swap picture jumped up to the front.  These my lovelies from Denise from Cindy's Fall Kitchie Swap.  There is a kitchen towel with a crocheted top.....perfect colors for my kitchen, an large acorn cookie cutter and recipe, a brush with rubber bristles, an oven mit with a pumpkin on it, some mint chocolates, yummy, and a very cute card.  The little black cat slippers are to sneak into the kitchen with. 
Aren't these just the cutest things.  Thanks Denise, I love everything.

My hubby and youngest granddaughter this summer.  Sorry it is sideways.  40 years ago we were married.  It was a nice ceremony with about 200 people.  In that day and time, you had cake, punch, mints and you left shortly after for your honeymoon.  Actually you were rushed to take off.  Times have changed so much when it comes to wedding.  I like the unique weddings today. 
Not sure that we need all the formal stuff when it comes to receptions but I am a plain Jane that would prefer something more casual.  We are definetly blessed.  Parents of four, three that are married with wonderful spouses.  Our 6 grandchildren are the lights of our lives.  Our two local granddaughters just left a few minutes ago from another sleepover.  We have been through the sickness and health of our vows.  We have had our ups and downs but our love for each other has always been strong.  I feel so fortunate about that.  We were 19 and 20 when we married.  To get our marriage license both sets of parents had to go with us and sign.  Imagine that.  I am thank ful for every day I have with my husband.

This is
Amy from our Farmers Market.  I had her oldest in the Toddler Room when I taught at Montessori.  He plays football in high school now.  She sells mixes and rubs and sauces.  See the aprons.  She collects vintage aprons.  She has them hanging all around her tent when she sells.  They blow with the breezes.  I though you apron lovers would love to see this.

Next to come.......Piper's
Birthday Party and the Christmas box exchange.  Happy Sunday.


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 20 years in April. Getting that far I know how much more 40 years means! I came over from Cindy's Rickrack and Gingham and I'm delighted I did. I'm you newest follower!

Sherri B. said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you love birds! So refreshing to see a couple still so happy after 40 yrs.

What a nice swap from the acorn cookie cutter, I have never seen one.

I do love Amy's aprons blowing in the breeze.

Denise Marie said...

Oh..You'll love Sweet Bee from SBCottage. I got to swap with her last season. this post. Will come back tonight and take a pic of my scarecrow box for ya and edit my post. Gotta go watch baseball games all day.

I long to go to a fall famers market. :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Happy Anniversary!

You got some lovely swap items!


Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Oh Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful picture!!! I love it. :)
So cute that your parents had to sign for you.
I like the Farmer's Market picture too - those aprons blowing in the breeze are so great!

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary sweet friend!!I hope you had a great day!! Love what Denise sent to you!!Take a picture of the Kittie slippers
I found a cigar box at a rummage must be a

hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! What a nice post. I love to read about happy marriages. Wishing for you many more happy years together filled with love, happiness and good health. Keep enjoying those precious grandchildren. Hugs

bj said...

HAPPIEST ANNIVERSARY...and HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY...thanks so much for your visit.
I love your post. The grandgirl is precious.
I had all of our 10 over today, with parents, for Sunday lunch. Chicken and Dumplins, roasted veggies, green salad, hot rolls, cake and cheese cake. Needless to say, after they all left, I TOOK A LONG NAP..ummm...I am so blessed.
xo bj

Nan said...

Happy Anniversary, it's not far from mine !!