Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am back so soon

I am puttering around today.  Trying to escape the headache that I have.  I got a package today.    So I decided to arrange a few things on my shelf.  It's killing me not to put that doll house together.  Imagine the mess I would make doing that.  I want to put out some of my minis from the swaps I have been in.  This little chest Viv made. Claudia made the crate.  See the bunny picture.  That was painted by Mary Englebreit.  This was from the first swap.

I made the baby in the cradle.  Sorry about the lighting.  The shelf is in a dark corner.  I tried to not use the flash.  Like the above picture, the flash came on because it was too dark.

My peg bride and groom.  The sofa I got at the Country Living Fair.  Little rag rug from a swap.  You see after the first one my mind can't remember who made everything.  Doesn't mean I don't love all the things.

The new furniture set that appeared at my door today.   A couple of swaps here and there.

Yes, there is more.  Now wait for it.............

Here is the whole shelf.  I got this shelf a few years ago with a doll house in mind. It was half price , like $20.  It needs to be securely attached to a wall, one of these days.  I love this new set.  I found it online.  It came from www.BakersVillageGardenCenter.com.  It was only $17 plus shipping.  I have seen it for almost $40 plus shipping.  Low and behold the store is only about an hour from here.  I ordered it Sunday and got it Tuesday, today.  It also comes with an owl on a pole and a bouquet of flowers.  It's for a fairy garden but it says for indoor use.  Back to puttering.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Where did the week-end go

This happened Friday night.  I was babysitting just a little ways from home.  It was a heavy snow and I slid most of the way home.  It was so cold Saturday morning.  We went to see our moms about 2 hours away.  Hubby's mom is not good.  My mom who is one year older, is very independent.  We took her out to lunch and then headed home.  I will admit to sleeping some both ways.  We stopped at the grocery to get a few things.  Got home and settled in and we kept saying that neither of us was looking forward to getting started to get the house ready for a 9 a.m. showing.  There was also a 12:30 showing.  Well at 4:51 p.m. the centralized showing people called wanted to schedule a showing for 6:30.  I said what date did you say and she said today.  Are you kidding.  We had turned down another showing for Saturday because we didn't think we would be home.  This was for someone else.  Well, we flew.  We did it all in an hour and we were out the door.  The comments from that showing were okay.  The good thing was we had very little to do in the morning. Really good thing as we were worn out.

This is Little Dog wrapped up in my jacket in 20 degree weather while they show our house at 9 a.m. on Sunday.  For both showings I took Little Dog and Hubby took Big Dog.  We would meet at a park after one of us went to McD's for a drink and a treat.  Poor Little Dog never moved while we were gone but when she got home she could not walk. Today she is a little better
We did go to the movie and saw the second Marigold Hotel movie.  It has been awhile since the first one.  I wished we had watched that first. The second one was not as good as the first.  It was okay, just hard to follow.  Wasn't Meryl Streep in the first one.  She wasn't in this one.

The comments from the 9 a.m. showing were really positive.  Then we just heard from the last one.  No comments on the questions just in the comment section that the people couldn't see past the hot water heater and well pump being in a concrete pit outside and the one electric wire being low in the back yard.  Yes, the pit is unusual but really not any different than being in a basement.  Now the wire, we had already talked about calling the electric company to raise it.  You can't jump high enough to touch it but it does look low.  Heaven forbid these houses that have a substation in their backyards.  But that's how it goes. 

Today my body is tired.  Unless I start on closets or hidden stashes, everything is clean.  It is dark and windy out.  Rain is on it's way.  It is a little warmer.  So, I go get the mail, long after it is usually here.  No mail.  There is trash from some one's trash can all over our yard.  Then I see the trash cans all out to the curb.  I think someone is playing with my mind.  Trash day is Thursday.  We all had to change to a new company and trash day must be on Mondays now.  I finally did hear the mail man.  I went out but didn't make it all the way to the box again......but look what I found. 
A package from Dorothy of Hens rule.  I had her in the Easter Swap that Viv hosted. This was a fun surprise.

I had to laugh as I pulled this clown out first.  Dorothy posted pictures awhile back of some clowns that she had found.  I am so excited that she sent me this cute clown bank.
Do you see some peeps.......a couple of them barely made this picture.
What do I see with my little eye, well, I think it's a bride and groom chicky couple.  I think they will have to stay out all year with my other couples.

Vintage cards and tags, oh my.
Oh clowny, you are so fine.
A bunny and a sweet girly bunny.  I dozed off today and woke up to something hitting the floor.  Big dog had gotten her off the table.   She escaped any injury.  She the juggling bunny?
( Notice how I mention sleep a lot, it's because I get very little at night)
A cute little basket.  See that chocolate bunny, no I didn't eat him.  Only because he was plastic.
And there you have it.  What a sweet package of goodies.  Thank you Dorothy.  You might have to go to her blog to see what I sent her as well, I forgot, to take pictures.  I sent her some of my minis that I have made.  I also sent her a porcelain hen.
After rescuing bunny girl I quickly put my goodies in the blue shelf.  (Yes, my house is staged but know one will notice)
Then I had to post this dance picture of Miss Mabel Ann.  Yes, this is the spunky one.  But she looks so sweet in this picture and she is sweet.  I posted it on Facebook this week-end.  My heart was warmed by all the friends that liked and commented about her.  Do you know that P. Buckley Moss, the artist commented "Beautiful."  I am friends on Facebook as a fan.  That was so sweet of her to take time to do that.

So that's my week-end. 
Just minutes ago the doorbell rang.  Little dog ran down the steps almost falling to get there.  Now she won't be able to walk.  It was a little girl that I bought girl scout cookies from.  I asked her if she wanted to step in and she looked at me and shook her head no.  You would too if you could see me in my homeless painting clothes.  I must have looked scary to her.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Saying goodbye is just hard

We had to say goodbye to another couple that we have been friends with for a long time.  I met Kathy at work right after we both got married.  We got together on the week-ends for a couple of years before we moved away.  We continued to stay in touch and see each other when we could.  They are moving south to be near family.  We had dinner at Brio's and talked about all the old times.  Yes, we will see them again.  It's just sad that so many are moving south.  I don't blame them actually I am happy for them. 

This week has been busy.  Every day but Monday, I was taking care of someone little.  The last couple of days I drove to Doodle's house to stay with her while she was not feeling well enough to go to school.  Of course, I have had M and M.  They are all going on Spring Break next week.  We actually had a quiet week for showings.  But, we have two scheduled for Sunday.  One at 9:00 a.m. and the other at 12:30 p.m.  Like I have said before, who looks at homes at 9 in the morning on a Sunday.
Little dog is a bit better.  Probably due to not having showings this week.  At least Mr. Cozy will be here for the showings.
The weather has been weird all week.  I feel bad for those near those terrible storms.  That's so scary.  We have had wind, rain and cold temps.  We will get a warm day thrown in there once in awhile.

In other news our son has moved out of the creeps house.  It only took two weeks, again.  No not into the condo that we are trying to rent.  He moved in with the high school friend that lived with him for four years and never contributed a dime.  You know, I feel better about this decision.  I'm glad he moved out for sure.  He's friend is not the greatest of room mates but he is level headed. 
Let me tell you about the creeps.  Last week a relative and her husband/partner moved in with them.  Yes, 5 adults in a one bedroom condo.    Wait there is more.........the girl had a baby this week.  That baby is supposed to move in with them all.  See why I am glad.  The poor child......smoking home and a pit bull.  The creeps have had two children taken away from them.  I don't even know if there is a bed for the baby.  I am hoping that the hospital checks up on them.  They usually do a couple of days after the baby is dismissed.  Since our son thinks that the creeps will be furious when they find out that he won't be living there, I'm glad he isn't moving back in his old place.  Just too close.  I can't wait to get that rented.  I get all kinds of interest and then they want to see it and then I hear nothing.  We have til the 15th before we have to pay the rent again.
I hope  everyone has a good week-end.  I am babysitting for my once in a while family tonight.  Tomorrow we are headed out of town to see the moms.   Then getting ready for the showings.  We have decided to go out after the showings to dinner and the movie.  Some time for us.  I am all for that.
Oops, another showing tomorrow.  Guess the trip to see the mom's will have to be rescheduled.  Tat's three calls today.
Oh, I got another call from Microsoft Windows wanting to fix something on my computer.  Hah, it was from a foreign company.  I played along with them.  I asked for a code so that I would know  it was legit.  The guy game me an email address.....well kinda, he said www. and the the phone cut out.  So I asked again and what his name was.  He hung up.  It's kinda like hearing a joke for the second time.  Geez, Louise.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Coconut Oil

What does this have to do with coconuts.  It will just wait.  First I have leftovers from my swaps.  If you would like one of the "No bunnies allowed".  They have little Easter eggs.  Not to eat.  They are small.  The size of a little match box.  For $7  plus a pot or pocket of daffies sent along with the bunnies.
I had boiling water spilled on my hand yesterday.  I used coconut oil on it.  No pain or redness.
   I am using it for little dog litle dog to help with joints.  Toodles back to my sitcom life.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Starting to feel like spring

This isn't my wagon.  I do have a similar one.  I don't remember where this picture came from.  Hope I took it and I don't get sued.  I really don't need to have that happen right now.  There is enough going on.
Now what you read may have you thinking I should be committed or you might feel bad for me.  Don't.  I'm sharing because it is quite the life right now for this white haired grammy.  And look at it as humor.

Since we relisted with the new person, I call her a shark, we have had six showings.  I know to some that may not be many.  It hasn't been two weeks yet.  The first week there was still a ton of snow.  We have had some nice days.  Like days without jacket days.  I am so ready to start my fairy gardens. 
Now for a story.....
Our realtor uses this centralized showing service.  They contact you by email, cell phone and home phone to schedule and to cancel appointments.  The realtors  that show the house also can fill in a survey and comments about how their clients liked the house.  They can be cruel.  They can make you feel just down right awful.  I'd say between bad and good with only 6 is about equal.  Standard stuff.....update, too much work, too little yard, (We only have 3/4 of an acre), on and on.  But let me tell you, no one has said it isn't clean.  This place is so freaking clean I can't even tell where I clean anymore.  No spring cleaning for me.  I still have lots to get rid of.  Just when you think you will tear into something you get another showing.  Let me tell you about our last showing.

It was scheduled for 3:00 on Thursday.  I try to leave a half hour ahead.  I turn on all the lights, make sure every room is good to go, I hide all the dog related items and the dogs and I take off.  This is where it gets complicated.  Little dog is struggling.  After every showing she can't walk.  I mean her back legs won't work.  So out the door we go.  We got in the car okay.  Big dog just about drags me while I am carrying little dog, their care items, a purse and whatever trash that needs to go out.  We drove around for awhile then went to get their French fries and me something to drink.  This time we get a call.  Client had to cancel as they were rushing their child to urgent care.  Okay, so we go home.
The next day they want to come at 4:15.  Okay all day I knew this time.  Somewhere around noon, I decided in my mind that it was the old time, 3.  So off we go about 2:30.  We get the French fries and drive and drive.  I got tired of driving so went back about 20 minutes earlier than usual.   We get out of the car and little dog that can't even walk half the time takes off.  I scream and scare my neighbor the very smart professor.  I doubt anyone yells at his house.  And I watch their kids once in a while.  Well, maybe not anymore.  But bless his heart he goes and scoops little dog up.  All the way to him she is looses her back legs and falling over.  He brought her to me as big dog is dragging me all over the place.   So in the house, turn off the lights, get all the dog stuff out.  Oh no,  it didn't look like anyone had been here.  So I go online and realize my mistake  I had already turned all the lights off and gotten all the dog things back out.  When I realize it's time they are already here.  (I should say this is actually the second time I messed up)  I run out to the car with little and big dog and big dog gets away from me.  This is only the second time in his life.  So he takes off.  I put little dog in the car and apologize as everyone is arriving.  I run back in and stash the dog items and turn on all the lights.  The whole time I am worried about big dog.  I go out and there he is.  He came home and the realtor has his leash. Now I have never met any of these people.  I must look like a looney tune in my pink Minnie Mouse sweatshirt having a hot flash.  SO off we go.  No French fries this time.  I am exhausted.  I drive a little bit and circle back home.  They are still in the house.  So I go to a neighborhood across the street and park.  Then we finally go back and in the house and you guessed it, lights off and dog stuff out and I crash.   ( I should mention both doggies got sick today, no more fries)
Why are we selling..........our house is real close to being paid off.  We want a small place with no mortgage and no yard work.  We are looking into our future.  We want to retire.  Well, I kinda already have.
Why is our house not selling.......who knows.  It's priced really low.  Actually one of the lowest price in our town.  Look it up if you want.  158 Spruce Drive, Granville, Ohio.  Yep, I just gave all of you in bloggy world my address.  But my home is splashed all over the place anyway.  If you search other Granville homes you will see how high priced they are.  If they aren't you will notice that the school isn't a Granville school.
Our house is a bi-level or it could be called a hillside ranch.  it was built in the 60's.  I have an aqua sink.  People don't think that is cool.  We don't have granite or stainless.  But it is a nice house. And notice it is a clean house.  My daughter in law says it isn't staged enough.  I am about staged out.  The little room with the porta crib has since been somewhat decluttered.
Okay that's about it about the house.
I should say that Miss Mabel was helping me look for a new house on Zillow.  She wants us to move next door to her.  I said we couldn't buy that house because it cost too much.  She said, "I've got ten dollars Grammy."  Then she said that she had a lot of money.  Two of her friends live next door to their grandparents.  And I lived next door to mine.  It's a good thing.  We are going to try to find something in the village.  Right now there is only one two bedroom condo.  It is a middle floor condo in an old house.  Another must is NO steps.
Now, I know this is long but you can stop anytime.  There isn't a quiz at the end.
Since our son vacated his little condo we are stuck with another 10 months on the lease.  NO, we aren't moving into it.  But we are looking for someone to rent it.  They can move in without a deposit because we paid that.  The landlady has to do a credit check and are you sitting down......WE have to show the apartment.  IS that crazy.  If the new tenant signs a year lease then we can get out of ours.  We loose the deposit of course.  We have paid the rent til April 15. 
Now, I told you, don't feel sorry for me or call the white jackets.  Life has always been like this for some reason.   It could be so much worse. 
I promise to keep you updated.....I'm sure you will be happy to hear that.  So come on spring and fairy gardens I am ready.  And hey, if we do sell and move, I can wheel that wagon with my fairy garden to my new little place.
Toodles says the crazy white haired lady.

Big Dog and Little Dog

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I don't have much for you today.  Just a few bunnies.  Right behind bears, bunnies are a love for me as well.
The little bunny on the right is from a box of candy from my husband.  Like Godiva candy, the good stuff.  The one on the left is a Boy's.  The teeny tiny one is from my friend that has passed.  It's a bear dressed in a duck suit.
The big one in the front just would not sit still for pictures.  In everyone she is blurry.  Can you read what it says "A little gray hare never hurt anyone." 

Speaking of blurry this pic is for sure.  It was a grab the camera moment.  M. came with his dad to pick Mabel up after his Lacrosse practice.  He came and set down in my hubby's childhood rocker.  The bunnies are from bunny "I love you book."  That book is one of the couple of bunny books sitting on the stool next to the chair.  He sat down to get on his I pod.  He just held the bunnies while he was on it.  It was so funny seeing him sitting there holding the bunnies that Grammy had to get a pic of it.  He sat there because there is an outlet.  His electronics are always dead.  One more thing about bunnies.  I am trying to make the cute ones by Jo Jo (Magnolia) that Brenda posted the other day.  I was so careful about picking out yarn that wasn't wool.  Well making the pom poms got messy.  I had fuzz everywhere.  I think I have it in my lungs.  Seriously.  What do you do about that? 
Well, unless you have some remedies I guess we will have to wait and see,  So excuse me, I need to go push some dust around for the showing later today.

Monday, March 16, 2015


I wanted to share a favorite product that I found.  I have been using this for about 18 months.  You can go to http://boombycindyjoseph.com/intro   or you can just Google BOOMSILK or Cindy Joseph.  When you see her picture she might look familiar to you.  She is a model and a real beauty.  You might remember her with long hair.  Her hair is now shorter.
I'm not sure how I found this.  I am sure somewhere online.  I don't like wearing makeup.  At the same time I feel a little naked without any.  I am allergic to most products esp. near my eyes.  So when I found this I ordered the trio of sticks.  There was the glimmer, color, and glo sticks.  I also ordered the BOOMSILK.  I am so glad that I did.  If I had not tried the BOOMSILK and just used the 3 sticks I wouldn't have felt the full benefits.  My skin gets so dry in the winter.  It gets really dry when I am in Colorado, which is often.  This goes on and feels like honey and olive oil.  At first it seems a little greasy.  It's not at all.  In just a few seconds it is absorbed.  If you watch any of Cindy's videos you will see how she embraces aging.  She also tells you how to use her products.  The picture of the open products is the BOOMSILK and the color.  This is basically all I use.  I use the silk and then apply the color to my cheeks.  I rub it in slightly.  It goes on really red but is absorbed and just leaves a little blush to your cheeks.  You can use the BOOMSILK to your whole body.  I put it on my legs and elbows as well.  Here is how I know it works.
I had been using these products through winter last year.  I remember a picture of myself at the circus with the grands.  I noticed that even though I had  no makeup on other than the color that my face looked natural and just balanced.  When I wear a foundation my face is all one color and it looks made up.  Not with these products.   Last summer I ran out.  I thought that I would just use my old standby.  I honestly noticed my face changing.  I realized that using BOOMSILK had really changed my skin.
I have wrinkles.  You get wrinkles when you age.  Masking it doesn't work.  But taking care of your skin does.  I can use Cindy's products and feel like I have just enough on and it looks natural. 
I didn't get paid to tell you this.  I did email the company and asked if I could do this.  I heard back from Cindy right away. 
If you check out the products and decide to order make sure you get the BOOMSILK.  The travel sticks are really great.  You can put them in your purse and save a lot of space.  The glo in the sticks is nice (it's like the silk)  but trust me you will want more product to use.  I might add that her products are really reasonable.
Instead of fighting age why not embrace it.

Check out the ingredients.  How's this for  a natural product.

Now, if you want to look like this picture below,  I will have to tell you where to get the  the best clown makeup .
Yep, that's me.  This is when I first started clowning.

So check out the products and if you try some, let me know if you love them as much as I do.
Thanks Cindy for letting me spread the word to my bloggy friends.
Try this link instead of the other.  Www.boomsilkbycindyjoesph.com

Friday, March 13, 2015

Some cuteness for your day

I really couldn't not adopt this cute face.  She came from The moonlit stitch's etsy shop.  She is a door hanger.
What is she sitting on?  I'm so glad that you asked.
A hand made journal from Karen.
And I won this amazing book.  I love paper crafts already.  I would have purchased this one anyway.  It says it's for child play but trust me there are many things that I will make.  Mabel and I are going to have fun with this.  On the cover is none other than a doll house.  Inside you can make an Airstream Camper and a VW bus.  Have I told you that both my mom and my brother used to work at Airstream.
I got this beautiful platter from Judy.  I have to find a good way to hang it.  It's just beautiful.
Are you shaking your head and asking yourself, "Isn't this house on the market and shouldn't it be staged."  Yep, it is.  My DIL says it doesn't looked staged enough.  I am so tired of the sterile look.  But I will keep it toned down.  If I was sure we were moving I would stage it more and box up things.  Speaking of the house.  We had those two showings on Wednesday.  We heard back from the second one and our house wasn't for them  But, we didn't hear back from the first one.  But, again, the same realtor made another appointment to show the house tomorrow.  I always feel I will jenx something by sounded positive.  Either it is the same people or someone else.  But, again another but, if not, the realtor must think it's worth showing.  So keep those fingers crossed. 
I should be doing all kinds of things today.  I feel like I have hit the wall emotionally and physically.  It didn't help that Izzy the little dog, got us up 5 times last night.  She is doing okay but those back legs collapse still from time to time.
The last picture is my kitchen table staged, he he.  The pictures are dark today.  It is so dark outside today as rain is on its way.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello, my friends.  It has been nice and warm here for a couple of days  The snow is melting.  I am beginning to think that spring may be on its way.
Our house finally made it into the MLS system on Monday night.  Yesterday we had two showings.  We are waiting on the feed back. 
Our little Yorkie took off when coming home in between the showings.  If she is on her feet long her back legs get weak.  She went across the street and pretty far.  I was waiting on her as she walked back slowly.  Then I had to bathe her as she was so muddy.  The rest of the night she could not use her back legs.  I was afraid for the worst.  But she got up in the night she was much better.  Whew.
The situation with our son is about the same.  We are trying to do the tough love thing.  Don't think it works well with kids that have special needs.  Yes, he is an adult but he acts like a kid. We did find out that we all signed and agreed to a 1 year lease.  Now we may have a problem about that part.
So that's it for today.  I am hoping to be able to go to the store and post office . 
I hope the weather is improving in your neck of the woods.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Thinking small

I have been busy.  I wanted to get these finished so that the house isn't a mess. I am in a couple bigger swaps and a couple little ones.  I made many of each item.  Not sure what will be for what swap.

Button flowers in those tiny pots.  Only problem they are a little unbalanced . I will have to come up with some kind of bottom.  Any ideas?
This is a little wall hanger pocket.  That may be a little burn from hot glue.
There are two kinds of bunnies.  This one I made from a mold and using Filo.  I tried paper clay and I didn't like how that turned out.  Maybe it was a little dried up, I don't know.  I liked working with this.  It's not yellow like it looks.  This white had a little glitter in it.  I bought the other bunnies at Hobby Lobby.  
Now decisions, decisions.
And we celebrated Goose's 9th birthday.  She is the first of the 3 eight year olds to turn 9.  She is so excited. 
I hope everyone had a nice week-end.  We actually had sun and near 50 degrees today.  Will the snow every melt...........

Thursday, March 5, 2015

And the beat goes on

Let's see, where did I stop and where do I start.  M. thought his basketball practice was at 5.  So at 5 we rushed to the car and to the school.  I kept telling him that his daddy was planning on being home to take him.  Well, it was at 6.  We talked to their daddy and he said have them ready to go.  Soooo, I kept them in the car.  And I have a small car.  This is how it went.
Yep, Mabel's feet. I spared you the rest of the pictures.
We couldn't play outside and wait because.......well you know.
We had our first showing yesterday.  It went well.  Hubby did some things before he left for work.  I did the rest.  I have tried not to stress out and was doing okay.  The dogs and I drove around for an hour and a half.  That was okay but I had an engine light come on.  It was way too wet and icy to get out of the car because.........well you know.  We did some drive thru errands.  One was to pick up meds fro the drug store.  We dropped my son's off at his condo.  He was excited to see all of us.  
We went home and got settled back in.  I was only home for an hour when the phone calls started.  To not get into all the details his anger went from his neighbor to me.  He wants to make his own decisions.  I guess he has a short memory.  Well, we said in December that it was his last bail out.  I don't know how this will end.  I'm not imagining well.  Since this has started my husband and I are just drained.
Moving on.  The realtor came to take pictures today.  After he left I did this to the kitchen. 
Don't these look like plungers.  They are teeny wooden flower pots. 
I got lots of projects going on.  I usually stash it all away but I need to be busy.
M and Mabel came out for only about an hour tonight.  They wanted music for downstairs.  M asks for a radio.  I didn't have one but I do have an intercom with music.  Old school.  Mabel runs upstairs and says, "Grammy the music is on but there isn't a picture on the TV."  I love it when they come here.  They just walk in like they live here. 
So my friends, I will leave you now.  I need to try to get some sleep.  It is what it is. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Here is the artist's blog for these mini houses....http://sixtyonea.blogspot.com
You have to go to her blog or Google Kirsty Elson.  Aren't these just the cutest houses.  I think I want to live in one of these.
Then there is this house buried in snow and freezing rain.  It's officially for sale. (again)  First showing tomorrow.  We are supposed to have around 7 inches of new snow following all this rain tomorrow.  Picture me getting the two dogs in the car.  One pulls on me while the other one goes the other direction.  This will be an adventure.  I wore myself out yesterday just getting ready for the realtor.  Things are about as good as it's going to be right now.  They will be here at 10:30 a.m.  Here we go again.
This realtor is aggressive and says it's going to sell.