Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Silly friends

The clowns have gone home now.  I already miss their silly faces.  Here are just a few of the pictures.  I will share more soon.  Our internet keeps going out.  I don't know what I did but it came back on for at least awhile. 
These pictures were taken on the night we brought the clowns into town to put on a show for anyone that wanted to come and see.  I couldn't believe the people that came out for the show, esp. when school had just started.  Even my grands couldn't come since they were trying to get used to going to bed early for school.  Two of mine got to come to the first night of the Clown Academy.  I will show those pictures as well.
It was a long fun week.  Temps. were high and so was the humidity.  These clowns were dedicated to eat, sleep, and learn in all that A/C anywhere at the camp.
So, I am resting and adjusting to real life again.
I hope these pictures make you smile.

Yes, that is her real hair.

Our youngest at camp again this year.  This 14 year old is such an awesoe and talented boy.
Cutest couple ever.  I know he is 63 and I think she is older.  She has MS.  Her makeup must have been melting.  They are so funny.

Seriously this lady and her daughter would have taken Scraps home with them.  The little girl fell in love with him.  Mom came out to the camp the next day to get a picture of the group.

Who needs a wig when your hair is already funky.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The clowns are coming

Tomorrow the clowns will be arriving at camp.  This will be the third year of American Clown Academy.  Before that there was more than twenty years of  ClownTown.  ClownTown was like the high school to Clown Academy being college.  I didn't make that up but one of the co-founders of the Academy did.  We have 8 very experienced clowns.  Some are Master Clowns and some have been with Ringling Brothers.  We will have about 38 campers that get one on one attention and education from our great faculty.  I am a greeter, go getter, show person, cheerleader for the week. We will have a Big Show in town on Thursday Eve.  That's how I got the show girl title.  There are cabins at the camp where the campers stay.  Although it would be great fun......I will drive home to my A/C, bug free bedroom at night, bathroom, and not have to stand in line for a shower.  The worst being walking to the bathroom several times a night.   My choice.  SO, I am excited to get the party started.  I also need to mention great meals.  Really great meals.
Just to update all of you................
We had two showings scheduled this week.  Both cancelled 30 minutes before the showing.  Different buyers and different realtors.  The first one , I had already left with the dogs and spent two and a half hours riding around and sitting in a park.  My house was pretty shiny though.
I read where Miss Mustard Seed had her house on the market for 3 months and didn't have one showing.  I am surprised as I would think she would have had lots of people looking just to see the house.  I noticed all the comments that were left.  You need a new realtor, sell it yourself, price isn't right, not listed long enough, etc.  I am sure everyone meant well, but I don't feel it is one particular thing.  The market is slow some places.  I know in Colorado where my daughter lives houses have been selling at 100% and quickly.  Maybe it is because they legalized marijuana.  Who knows.
We are in for the long haul and trying to stay positive.  I even went and bought a St. Joseph.  I will make that a post in itself. 
We have been taking the grandchildren out for a little school shopping  They had so much fun picking out their own things.  I should have taken a picture of Mabel's purchases.  You would swear I picked them out.  The most colorful shoes and socks.  A pack of six socks that have all kinds of designs and colors.  As soon as her dad saw them he said, These look like socks my mom would wear", hah.  She tried on every sock.  Rudy the puppy tried to steal them.  He would run and run around the table escaping all of us.  M. got OSU Nike's and football cleats and a shirt.  The girls got Under Armor shirts, Justice jammies and shorts.  They wanted to sleep in their clothes.  We will send money out West to the other two.  Funny thing is they have lots of clothes that they trade.  Their moms and dads also buy them clothes, BUT, we let them pick out what they wanted.  We haven't done this before but it was really fun for us.
I remember when our daughter was started 1st grade  We had just moved and the sale of our home had fallen through for the buyers.  We were suddenly left with two mortgages and three small kids.  The youngest being 3 months old.  I remember my husband giving me $50.....which was a lot back then (35 years ago).  I went to a nice store in a little town.  I managed to do wonders with that money.  I still remember the brown flowered dress that she started the first day in.  Her brothers and I drove out to the school to meet the school bus.  It was in the boonies.  I called it the Little House on the Prairie.  It had three for first, second and third grades.  Upstairs was one big room for the gym, cafeteria, and anything else that was needed.  Well, the bus didn't get there.  School had started we were still waiting.  Finally about an hour later, here it came.  The bus driver got lost.  I told you it was in the boonies.  It was a great school.  One big happy family.
Isn't it funny the things that you remember.  I could go on and on about the things that happened in that little school.  Good memories for sure.
Yesterday I watched the two little guys out of town.  I was their sister's Nanny, my Doodle.  They are almost 3 and 4.  When I left the little guy stood on the sidewalk and pleaded, "But, Nanny I want you."  Over and over again, hah.  I just love the relationship I have with these little kids and their sister and their parents. 
Okay, that's my week.  Not too exciting.  I am sure next week will totally off the wall.  Lots of laughter and silly things like pies in the face and hot dog launching.  I'll be back with pictures.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The winner of my destash giveaway with lots of cardmaking and scrapbooking supplies IS............. Diana of Welcome to Lavendar Dreams. We share a lot of the same interests in Golden Books, Pat C.'s beautiful dolls, bears, etc.  I know that she makes cards so this will be a perfect winner.  If I had money for postage all of you that entered would get a big box of goodies.
Now when I originally stated the rules, I said that everyone commenting in July would be entered.  But as usual, I changed the rules.  I can do that, right?  Well, I thought the July commenters deserved their own giveaway.  You were all there for me when I was worried sick that my cancer had returned with positive thoughts, prayers and hugs.  My blog was my sounding board and you were there to listen and take the time to leave a comment.  So thank you all.  My Hubby helped fold all the names and he drew the name.  And the winner of this giveaway is Shirley from Shirley Stitches.  What will she receive.  I have no idea, yet.  I thought I would customize something special for who's name was drawn.  Let me tell you about Shirley.  She is a special lady indeed.  She is a devoted wife to her husband of many years.  He is in a nursing home.  Shirley visits almost every day and has a time dealing with all the issues that come with insurance and staff.  I can just see a smile across her hubby's face everytime she is there. 
Shirley never complains.  I have never know her to want something as far as material items.  She loves needlework, her family and esp. that hubby and her grandsons.  She always signs her comments as "your friend in Missouri".  This will be hard coming up with her gift.  I wish I could shower her with something just for her to make her know how special she is.  I am open for suggestions.
Well, that's about it for today.  I am watching the View as they say good-bye to Sherri.  I don't know who's decision that was but they are making a big mistake.  She is such a sweet person and so funny.  I also liked Jenny.  Not before the View but while she was on the View.  Sometimes the networks loose ratings and the first thing they do is get rid of someone.  This time I think they will be sorry that they let these ladies go.
Just my opinion and I have a lot of opinions, hah.
Have a great start to this new week.
(oh, this is my new Mary E book about friendship.  I took the pictures with my Kinde and it is hard to line up pictures without a view finder)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Giveway, My gardening Skills, a Banner

Please sign up for my giveaway.  I will be drawing the winning name on Sunday.  You can comment here or on the actual post.
I meant to post this along with my eggplant post.  My husband came home last night and said he knew what we were having for dinner.  Well, he read my post.  But the pictures were taken  the last time I made it.  Baby O wouldn't eat her hot dog but she liked the eggplant.  This is the eggplant that I am growing in my wagon.  It has a long way to go.
I have three tomatoes growing.  I am so awesome at gardening, hah.
And here is my rusty wagon garden.
I added my Modern June banner to one of the bedrooms.  The walls were just empty.  Thanks for all your words of encouragement.  I am having a rough time of being patient.  It's gotten to the point that I am so defensive when people make comments.  I hate that.  So I am going to try really hard to be positive.  I promise.
Have a good week-end.  I hope it is full of sunshine and promises.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Yummy, Yummy, Eggplant Mozzarella

I made this last week and we are having it again tonight.  It is so good  For those of you that might not have ever tried eggplant, give it a try.  Does anyone know if you can freeze eggplant?This is really easy.  I cut off the outside, purple part, and sliced the eggplant.  Then dip it in a little milk and egg.  You can spray your skillet with Canoli Oil or use a little butter.  Fry until it is soft and turning brown.  I love nibbling on the little pieces while waiting on the other ones to fry up.
Now, put a little tomato sauce in the bottom of your dish, add fried eggplant, and pour the rest of the tomato sauce.  I added some Wild Tree spices to the sauce.  Now cover all of it with lots of  Mozzarella cheese. Bake at 350 til it is bubbly.  Don't let it burn.  Trust me, you are going to love this.  (My sister in law, puts the eggplant in flour after dipping in the milk and egg.  I can't have flour, but I don't think you need it)
Now, if you were a good girl and read til the end, here is a funny for you.  Poor Rudy in his cone.  He had his boy surgery but also surgery on both eyes for cherry eyes.  He hated this cone.  He is freed now and loving it.
Have a good day.  Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday, Monday

Good day my friends.  Can you tell that I am struggling with my banner.  I will get it right one of these times

How was your week-end.
Last night Hubby said he didn't feel we had a week-end.  It rained, poured, Saturday.  I managed a last minute trip to the farmers market to get flowers for our open house that was held yesterday.  I can never find a parking place close by.  It was 5 minutes til closing so I made my own parking place.  Well, it was kinda like one just not marked.  It was really close to the flower stand so I parked and walked quickly to the sunflowers that I spied.  I parked my little self in front of the flowers so no one else would barge in and get them before me.  The flower guy was so sweet.  He bundled up about 10 of them and some filling and wrapped it all in twine and tissue paper.  I also spied this little blue mason jar (yes, I can use another one) with these beautiful flowers.  I asked how much and the flower lady said $8.  Sold.  So I got all the flowers for $15.  I split them up and ended up with 3 arrangements and two teeny vases.  I just love having the flowers in our house.
The rest of Saturday was working to get ready for the open house.  Even though things are ready to go, it still takes forever to polish and shine everything just right.
We finished the last minute things on Sunday and went to church.  We got home a little before the open house was to start so we did more things.  The realtor arrived.  We decided on an incentive of $$$$$$ at closing to a buyer.  Off we went.  Moi in one car with the little doggy and Hubby in the other car with the bigger doggy.  The one that rides well but wants out immediately when you apply the brakes.  Hubby goes to McD's for sweet tea and nuggets for us to have while we wait out the 2 hours at the park.  (In the rain , same as last time)  Both dogs got loose once.  Little doggy came right back.  Bigger doggy took off.  He smelled the dog park close by.  Then he realized his best friend and his devoting parents were getting smaller in the distance and he came right back.  Whew.  We then ran into another person that we knew that was having an open house as well.  The dad and the three small children and two giant Great Dane one year old puppies.  Then his puppies got loose.  Oh my.  I was able to capture one as he came to see our dog.  I held him down, hah, for time enough for his littles to get him to hold still.  He took a lunge at me, all in fun, but for a moment I thought I was going down.  Those dogs are huge.  Well we parting saying, "This is the last open house for us".  Both of us agreeing.  They hit the path for the dog park.  We loaded up to head to the car.  Oh by the way, I should mention Mc.D's gave me unsweetened tea and honey mustard sauce instead of honey.  I dislike mustard.  Okay, back to leaving the park.  We got to the car, got our dogs in and it poured.....even hailed......dogs were in......we were almost in the car.  The poor dad and his kids and Danes were far away from shelter.  Poor kids.
We came back home and asked the realtor if he had a contract.  He said that no one came.  No one.  Oh my, I know it happens.  I do know there was a glitch in the advertising.  We called and they reentered the info but it might not have been in time.  Can you believe he said, " Let's try it again next week."  Are you kidding me.  No thanks. So we got the doggies  settled and left to go out for dinner.
Exhausted but trying to still be positive.  It will happen, it will.  Not going to give up.  Not sure why the market is so slow right now but we will ride it out. 
So sorry that you have to hear this time and time again.  We will party when we sell, promise.
Until then, sign up for my giveaway.  It will make me feel better that you have some comfort from hanging in there with me.
I like to take pictures when the house is all tidy.  My doggies sit at the top of the stairs every time we leave or come back.  They look so cute.  Try getting a picture of them doing it.  Here are the takes and outtakes.  I erased the really blurry ones.......oh my.  I have said that a lot in this post, haven't I.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Some Cute Little Guys/ I bet you will smile

Meet our new great nephew Finn.  He's 2 months old.
And our Fish Man Q. with Jeremiah the Bull Frog.  Did you smile?  Happy Week-end.

A Giveaway/ Lots of goodies

Remember I told you that the stamp set was just one of the items.  A scrapbooker or card maker would have a great time with all of these goodies.  It's a little hard to tell what all is here.  There are stickers, tags, 3 stamps sets and a single stamp, an album, a tiny notebook, some burlap buttons, a big flower, a group of baby things from Jenni Bowlin......vintage items., Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween stickers, a couple of ME items, Jillibean items, including vintage Christmas post cards.  Okay, there you go.  Yes, it is somewhat a destash giveaway but al items are brand new.  Remember I am downsizing.  I want these things to go to someone who will use them or pass them on to someone that will.  All you have to do is leave a comment that you would like to win these things.  And, you need to be a follower.  A little twist.......those who have left comments the past month of July will get an extra chance.  So go ahead and leave your comment.  I will pick a winner  next week-end.