Friday, September 30, 2016

Pumpkins and flannel

I installed Blog Pal and  I can finally download pictures.  But not sure how you publish as my last post got deleted.
So short and sweet in case I goof again.
My friend has been at a  barn sale the last two days. I went with her yesterday. Let's just say we had to battle rain and mud. I didn't go today. But today there was fierce lightening and 2 1/2 inches of rain. The vendors were outside in tents.  People shopped in the mud and strikes. Here is about half of her creative wares. BloggerImage Her car had to be towed out of the mud. I hope tomorrow goes better.
I bought this poncho and put it right on. It is light, soft and helped keep me warm.  Flannel is in this year according to my granddaughter.  Have you seen the bleached flannel shirts? BloggerImagei have a little decorating for fall outside. I saw a Christmas commercial today so I better hurry before this season is over.
So happy fall to all.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's been awhile

BloggerImageHello there.   I am so over the heat.  Seriously enough already.

I haven't been out lately.  Lots of coughing going on here. On the road to wellness.  We had a light bulb moment on why I am continue to get one illness after another.  Toddlers,

as in church nursery.  This has happened before.  Sure hate having to stop with the toddlers but I can't keep getting sick.
I have this cutie to cuddle. She is now heading towards 9 lbs.  she will two months soon.  This was the first time in her chair that Grammy found her.

It is still very much summer here in Ohio.  Supposed to be in the 90s today.  Okay this is not funny 
anymore.  It could be worse.  We had serious flash flooding all around us Monday.  Alarms going out.  I was a little worried but all was well. 

I will return if this post gets published.