Monday, January 28, 2013

Mr. Postman

It's a long cold and slippery walk to our mail box.  They used to deliver right by our drive way,  But the youngest son thought it would be funny to lay in the road in front of the mail lady when she came to deliver the mail when he was a young and wild child.  Yep, he did that and many other things when he came to live with us.  Now all the boxes are at the end of our little street.  This is my neighbor Amelia riding her little bike as her Mommy shovels the driveway.  If you look at the first picture in the top windows where the curtains are parted that would be where the dogs are looking out at me.  The hike to the mailbox is to retrieve the packages for the heart swap.  As I took the picture of our house Amelia's mom yelled at me twice, not once, twice that a car was coming.  Now, come on, I saw it, that weren't going to run over me.  She is kinda the principal of the neighborhood.  I asked her if she felt she had to take care of the seniors as well.  Yes, I did.
The first mess on the table is all the packages.  Oh my oh my, where do I start.  The last package is getting organized.  It looks a bit better.  I counted and counted to make sure every one had five hearts.  Some of the swappers were in other swaps with some of the same in this swap.  I wanted them to get to know new people so I tried to mix it up a little.  I mailed 12 packages today.  I am still waiting on two swappers.  One contacted me and said hers was on the way.....another hasn't.  I have hearts waiting.  This was my first swap that I did as a group where I mail them back.  I didn't know how much to charge for postage.  I charged $5 for each person.  I bought mailing packages.  I hope that everything arrives safely.  I had originally planned to send back the money if I charged too much.  That would have held the line up too much.  Once I had the packaged was weighed it had to stay behind the window.  So I may have over charged by about $1 per package.  I am sorry about that.  I will post pictures of the hearts in a couple of days.....I want them to be a surprise.  I just love how they all came out.  All of them are so different.   Thank you for joining in on all the fun this year.  Please let me know when you receive your packages. 
I am thinking we need a little bunny swap in a couple months.......maybe one on one this time.......what do you think?
Oh and.....thanks for all the special little gifts.  I wasn't expecting that.  Some made extra hearts for me and special gifts. So sweet of you.  ((((((HUGS)))))

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little Cabin In The Woods Brrrrrrrrr

Baby, it's cold outside.  I posted this picture last year.  I hope you don't mind.  I love this little cabin.  It is very tiny but nice and cozy.  No one lives there and I'm sure it is freezing inside.  So I think I will stay inside my warm home.  I am waiting on the mail truck (expecting some heart packages) .  I will drive to the mail box and go grab a few groceries as our poor cupboards are bare.  Why do I dislike going to the grocery so much?  I think maybe it is the carrying in of those groceries.  If I could limit myself and just get a few bags that would help.  We will see.
Not alot to report in this past week. 
My SIL is excited about her crown.  It has arrived.  It is beautiful and quite large.  Our next trip home I will give it to her.
My little Yorkie Izzy is still limping around  Some days she will put weight on her leg and then the next minute she won't at all.  She isn't any worse but not any better.  She goes back to the vet in a few days.
My granddaughter has a pretty fancy cast on her leg now.  It has a blue strip that glows in the dark and has glitter on it.  I guess she is non-stop and not using her crutches.  Now another granddaughter has scarlet fever.  She came down with it while staying with Doodle.  She told Doodle's mom, "This isn't good."  Leave it to a 6 year old. 
Do you follow 'Little Susie Home Maker".  If so you will remember her post telling us that her mother called and her father had a heart attack.  Well he had several.  He would get a little better and something else would happen.  He passed away a few days ago. 
Our Nana Diana is back with us providing us with our humor of the day.  I missed her while she was dealing with some health issues.
Summer of "Summer's Story" and JUst a Lil Raggedy" Angie could really use some prayers right now.
My headaches are still hanging around.  I will get a day or so off once in awhile.  They aren't  too severe but it can be depressing and I just don't feel like going anywhere (like the grocery).  Once again they are trying a new med.  It isn't working very well.
I can't wait to show you the hearts that are arriving.  I want them to be a surprise for the swappers.  Let me tell you that they are just adorable. 
It is so cold here right now.  Wind chill of 0.  I know it is even colder some places.  I hope that you are staying warm and well.  If you are not feeling well remember to keep hydrated. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Visiting with the moms

At this time of year we are all making note of what we are thankful for.  We lost our fathers  within 3 months of each other 7 years ago.  Our moms are doing well.  My MIL is in a nursing home and declining but still loves her cookies.  She is 84.  My Mom is 85 and still lives alone, drives, volunteers at the hospital and is very head strong.  She doesn't want anyone to think she is old.  We are thankful to still have our moms.  Also in this picture is my SIL.  She takes such good care of their mother.  She tries to go see her mother once a day at meal time to help feed her.  My SIL also volunteers at her church, the animal shelter, the Chamber of Commerce, and at the elementary school.  She also babysits for her two grandsons.  She recently retired from her job at Honda.  She took early retirement.  I think she has filled her time up and then some.  I had started this post awhile ago and never published it.  So today I am adding some words to it and publishing it .  Recently The Lucketts Store Blog had a giveaway for a centerpiece crown.  You were to leave a comment for someone that you thought was deserving of this crown.  The crown is beautiful by the way.  I wrote about my sister in law and about all that she does.  I even mentioned that she had stopped by to see my mother one day it was snowing to make sure that she was okay.  We live almost 2 hours away from where our mothers are.  We are so thankful for Mary Ann, my SIL.  And guess what.........she won the crown from Lucketts.  I am so excited to give it to her.  You can tell a person how much you appreciate them but hopefully this will be a reminder of our appreciation for all the she does.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Heart Swap List

I was hoping to get 10 people to sign up for this swap.  But as you can see I have more.  I asked that each person make 5 hearts.  I was planning on being in both groups if we had 10 people.  I am listing all participants but not in groups.  The reason being, just in case someone on my list changes their mind or in case I goofed.  But the "make 5 hearts" rule still stands.  I will work out the rest.  Trust me.  Please send your hearts to me on or before January 25.  I originally said the 20th but decided that you might need a few extra days.  I will start mailing as soon as I receive the hearts.  I will then decide on the groups.  Make sure to keep one at home for yourself.  I will send back to you 5 different hearts.  Please send $5 for the return postage.  These hearts can be made of paper, wood, material, felt, anything sturdy.  Mail to me:  Debby Messner  158 Spruce Drive  Granville Ohio 43023.  Please not too heavy or breakable.  If you haven't joined and would still like to......I will squeeze you in.
Here's the list:
Laura from Vintage Betty's
Chris McKinley
Jane from Aralia Jane
Carol from Art and Sand
Elisabeth from Creative Breathing
Kimberly from A Vintage Fairy
Holly from Cotton Picking Fun
Genie from Climbing the Digital Mountain
Sandie from Retro Sandie
Lynn from Life on the Weinee Ranch
Penny from At Home in English Valley
Jaqueline from Once Upon A Fairyland
Chris from A Little Creation
Pat from All is Bright
Linda Djokic
Me and Me
If you thought you were on the list and don't see your name, let me know.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alot of Things

I read on ME's blog and some others about a new shipment of ME products at Michaels.  ME herself said they were throughout the store and some were $1 and others more.  Since my Hubby got me a gift card to Michaels I had to go, of course.  I looked all over before finding them all in one area near the back of the store and all for $1.  So sweet.  Little cross stitch sets, paper dolls (my favorite......dolls, clothes and little scenes) note cards, notebooks, pens, paper packs)  Then at the checkout they had all kinds of Christmas ME things for a quarter.  I passed on those.  Almost an insult for ME. 
I also found this gnome.  Can't figure him out.  He is lightweight, probably plastic.  Eyes, and cheeks painted. His thumbs are a little chipped.  He was on clearance for $1.50.  I am going to try to paint him and see what happens.  I couldn't just leave him there on the clearance rack by himself.
Isn't this a cute little owl.  It's lip gloss, hah.
Okay, now for the other stuff.
We are hearing alot about the flu and deaths caused from the flu.  Please take heed.  If you haven't had a flu shot you still can.  It takes a couple weeks for them to be effective.  I posted on FB about this and right away someone posted about what was in them and she wasn't putting that in her body.  Well, I am sure that there are some of you that feel the same way and that's okay.  But just remember it was two years ago that my cousin got sick and died from H1N1 three weeks later.  It was an ugly death.  Her lungs crystallized making it harder and harder to breath.  Nothing helped.  Our hearts were broken over her death.  Do you want to go through that or have your family go through that. 
Today I had a nice lunch with a former co-worker.  Her father is one that I have asked you to pray for.  He has cancer and has been in the hospital so much. He is loosing his job and his insurance.  She is only 26 and lives at home.  She said that their life (hers and her parents) is pretty much over, meaning financially.  So sad, but so true.  She is giving all she makes to keep her family going.  It still was a good visit.
So I walk in the house.  The phone DIL in Colorado telling me my grandson is sick......I get a FaceBook message from my son telling me why he thinks he needs to move (this is the one with a disability and the one that doesn't make good decisions).....then I get a text from my daughter in Colorado and so does my DIL that my granddaughter may have broken her ankle and is being put in a cast.  Then the daughter calls and I get off the phone with the DIL.  Then the dog throws up twice on the carpet.  Okay, this all happened in about 30 minutes.  .......And I don't even have kids at home.  Well, other than the ones I babysit.  They were easy today compared to this one half hour.  Geez.
Same dog was sick a couple days ago but then got better.  She has been limping now for three days.  Acts like she is not in pain.  I made her a vet appointment for tomorrow.
the HEART SWAP is filling up.  I will post the names in my next post.  I think I better quit while I am ahead.
Joy Joy Joy

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Heart Swap

I am testing some advice on how to get pictures to upload.  I clicked on the HTML.  Then uploaded this picture.  The screen that came up was like the older method we used to have.  Then after the picture came up I clicked on Compose and it is letting me write the post.  Now we will see what happens when I finish.  You will know it worked if you see the post.
Okay girls, don't be shy about signing up for the heart swap.  It's fun trust me.  This is one of the hearts that I made last year.  You can sign up on this post or the one before this one.   

Monday, January 7, 2013

Heart Swap

Okay this is a old photo that I have used before.  I guess I just joined the list of bloggers not being able to download pictures.  Hope this is just a temporary problem.
First of all, I am hosting a HEART SWAP.  Last year I did this as well.  I have read where others didn't have much in the way of Valentines decorations.  This would be a fun way to add to your stash.   If you go to my previous post you can see some of the hearts that were made.  Most were from fabric but they can be made of paper as well.  They need to be made to last.  Something you would love to receive.  Mine were hand sewn.  I may make small heart banner this year.  The rules are simple.  Depending on how many people join....each person will make a heart for every one that participates.  I would like to keep the number at five for each person.  Say I get 10 people to sign up, I will divide them in two groups.  It has to be a heart of some sort.  If it is paper, make it special.  Make sure to sign them or add a little tag saying who it is from.  When you are ready you can mail your hearts to me plus $5 for me to mail all your hearts back to you.  You can sign up on this post.  If you have any questions just ask.  I realize my instructions might be cloudy.  Yes, I am still having headaches.  Going to the doctor again tomorrow.  Hoping that something will work.
So PLEASE sign up.  My mailing address is:  Debby Messner  158 Spruce Drive   Granville Ohio 43023.  Your mail date should be on or before January 20, so that I can get them back to you in good time.
OTHER THINGS:  Thank you for your words of comfort and your prayers for my friend's daughter.  She was ever so grateful.  So many that are so ill right now.  So sad.
My WORD for the year is enJOY.  Yes, spelled that way.  I want to enjoy every thing I can in this coming year.  I want to have joy in my heart and be able to bring joy to others.  The enjoy is to motivate me and the joy is for the feeling it brings.
My granddaughters that had the hamster that died a couple months ago.  I posted about it.  They got a new one before Christmas.  Well Santa brought another one.  We were all talking about this one's belly being on the pudgy side.  I even felt it for babies.  WELL, last week, Humphrey the Hamster is now a brand new mama to 10 hairless blind babies.   They are being very well taken care of.  They are in a heated bathroom and no one can even look at them.  They are looking for homes for them. He he.
My son and his family are back in Colorado.  So hard saying goodbye.  Our grandson has the hardest time saying good-bye to his relatives.  He wants to live in Ohio so bad  They are trying to make that happen.  Not sure if that will happen.  I miss them already.
Izzy, the Yorkie has had a rough day and last night.  She has been sick at her stomach. Then she started limping.  Hoping that this clears up before a trip to the vet.  I have some tummy pills that I am trying.  She is pretty little so I need to make sure she is hydrated.
Okay on that note I will sign off.  Hope everyone is returning to normal, whatever that is, and having a good start to  new week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hodgkins Cancer/ Appreciate any Info

A dear friend of mine has a daughter recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease.  Not the Non-Hodgkin's one.  She has questions about the treatment.  Her daughter is having round 2 of her chemo and is supposed to have 7 more.  (That seems like alot to me)..She is in Stage 1 but close to Stage 2.  I am looking for someone that she might contact to ask questions.  I can imagine as a mom how hard it must be.  Please let me know if you have any information. 
Heartfelt thanks.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What goes well with snow......

What goes well with snow.......let's see.......a magical carriage ride, a child's birthday. ice cream cake and grandkids.  It doesn't get better than this.  One family is missing but not in spirit.  We will treasure these memories forever.  One granddaughter made up a sweet song about the real meaning of Christmas.  The words were something like,"It's not about the presents, it's about the family."  Ahhhhhh, how sweet it is.