Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sunday, June 7, 2020


Hello again.  I’m still struggling to get this unknown other language off my blog.  I’ve tried everything.  I may have to just start a new blog.  
Meanwhile the past two weeks have been unsettling for us all.  I thought you might enjoy some happy pictures.    This sweet girl loves blowing bubbles on our porch.  It’s so nice to be outside.  We are still staying home, wearing masks when we have to, but we have been seeing our kids and grands.    
If anyone can help we get my English back, let me know.
Everyone stay safe.  Hopefully we are headed the right direction.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Hello my old friends. This is a test to see if I can still post on my blog. Everything is in a different language so I'm not sure if this will post. I hope you are staying well and home.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Well hello 2018

We are off to a cold start here at my house.  I wanted snow in November and December but we hardly had any. We still haven't had the snow others have.  But we have cold.  I have been stuck inside for most of December and so far this month.  Strep stinks.
Somehow a few days at Christmas I felt okay.  The day after I got worse.  The first antibiotics weren't working.  But everyone around here is so sick.  
Our kids at Christmas in the following pics. The baby is solo as we didn't get her family to stand still long enough. Thank goodness I didn't have to cancel.  We missed the Colorado kids but we were fortunate to see them a lot this year.
But medical things were cancelled.  Hubby got his eye surgery in.  He did well.  Lesions gone. My second cataract surgery has been pushed back two times.  I have appointments for just about everything this week.
My shop space was moved to a different area.  My choice but most would think I was crazy.  The girl at the store had to move everything since I was sick.  What a dear she was.  
I am so far behind.  Lots to do in a couple of weeks as we are headed south.  Hear that "south".  Hubby is going to be working with our nephew for a couple months.  How will I manage being away from the littles. esp.the baby?  I'm thinking of flying back for a week.  But I think there will be a trip or two to Disney.  
The doggies get to go , too.  We have rented a house near my hubby's sister.  We are looking forward to spending time with her family.
Well friends.  Here is to a Healthy New Year.  My word is hope or hopefull.  I forgot already.
Stay warm. ❤️

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Merry Christmas to all.


This is our Christmas card this year. It was a goof but we loved it so much.  Hubby and I were trying to hold the baby still when the hat fell down over her eyes.


And now you can see her face.  We have so much fun with her.  She is starting to walk a little now.  Hope we can keep up with her.

Are you wrapping up getting ready for holidays.  I started so early by getting my shop space ready the first of November.  I still having baking and wrapping to do, but going to just enjoy the last 10 days.
I'm looking forward to the get togethers  with our family.  We keep the gifts simple here.  I'm trying to hold out on just giving money or gift cards. That day is coming soon enough.  


We are having a busy month with our eyes. I had cataract surgery last week. It went well.  Hubby has to have a little surgery to remove a cyst in the corner of his eye on the 20th.  He has to see a plastic surgeon that specializes in eyes.  It should be minor, we are hoping.  Then after Christmas I'm having my other eye done.  We should see well to bring in the new year.


It's been cold here but not much snow.  I'd rather have it a few degrees warmer and more snow.  Sorry, but it's just magical.

The older grands are busy with basketball games, dancing, and digging for gold.  Q is having a birthday party tomorrow in the mountainous where they get to dig for gold.  How cool is that.  We love when they call for back up with the kids.  It's nice that hubby only works one day a week because some times it takes two of us.   They are now 14, 13,11, 11, 11, 9, 8, and 1.  


Our furry kids are always on our laps except when the baby is here.  They follow her at all times.


So we would love to wish you all a Christmas with memories to cherish and a happy, heathy New Year.

And we hope Santa is good to you. BloggerImage