Friday, April 25, 2014

Sunny in Colorado

My daughter always has the prettiest flowers.  The tulips do so well here.  So do geraniums.  Someone is hiding from me.  We have budies for three days.  Tomorrow we will be at dance competition all day.  I can't wait to se my granddaughter she just turned 8

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello from Colorado

A LONG DAY of travel yesterday.
Ricco and Grammy in Colorado.   
M and M last week in Ohio.  Looks like winter in Ohio.  A little Rudy cuteness.  More later.  XO

Monday, April 21, 2014

Wedding Swap

I  decided I needed to post these pictures before I leave on my trip.  Sorry the pictures aren't better.
I signed up for my first swap with Linda of A Swap for all Seasons.  You swap with one person while another person swaps with you. The person having my name was Elizabeth Quigley.  This was a wedding swap.  You were to send a card, a tag, and some white/cream items from your stash of supplies.  This picture is hard to tell but Elizabeth sent me a beautiful card and tag that she made.  Also some pretty lace, and tags that she cut out.  There was some washi tape, a LOVE bingo card in a cute black sack that she decorated so sweet.  My favorite item was the olden hankie.  It reminds me of the hankie of my grandmother's that I used in my wedding.  Thanks Elizabeth.

The items below were what I sent to Becky Garrison of The Capricious Crafter.  She makes beautiful cards, I mean beautiful.  I knew I couldn't get close to the quality of her cards.  I put together the wedding card with rub ons, lace and cardboard cutouts.  The tag I had purchased but it had the perfect saying for this swap.
The little bride I had.  The lace, ribbon, white love stickers and buttons I got at the Jellibean warehouse/Vintage store.
And you saw these last week.  My first attempt of a bride and groom.

So there you have another fun swap.
I have signed up for three more.  I think this is an obsession.....but a fun one.
I am packed and now need to get some zzzzzzzs. Good night, sleep tight.
Two more of our grands at Easter.  We didn't get to spend Easter with any of our grands.  We went to our hometown to visit the moms.  The visit didn't go well with our moms.  Life is just hard sometimes.  I am headed to Colorado in the morning to see the other two grands.  I am still packing.  I hope I remember everything.  I never know how to pack for the weather esp. this time of the year.  I will be watching my 4 year old grandson while his mom and sister are at their schools.  So I think play clothes are in order.  He is an outdoor boy for sure.  I will be reading and posting from my Kindle.  My pictures will be from the Kindle instead of my camera.  Have a good week my friends.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hoppy Easter

I just wanted to stop by and say "Happy Easter."  Would you believe I can't find my pictures of my Easter decorations.  I only found these three.  These adorable bunnies were from a giveway from Rusty Thimble.  She has a giveaway every month.  Her creations are just so sweet.  I love these chocolate bunnies and the carrot is just sweet.   This next bunny is a new gift to myself.  I saw it in the store and fell in love.  I went back later and got her.  She reminds me of those bunnies that come in the kit with the clothes and boots.  I liked this one so much that I went back again and got one for Goose.  Since she loves bunnies.  They wrapped it up so cute.  It's in a cellophane bag sitting on Easter grass tied with a pretty bow.    And last but not least.......Goose and K.T. Bug at their neighbors with the neighbors dog, Charles.  This dog will let you do anything to him.  He just sits there.  Their neighbor spoils my granddaughters.
I hope you all have a fun, restful, blessed day celebrated for all the right reasons.  God Bless.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Look what's going on

As the Easter Bunny prepares her basket what does it do here in Ohio.......It snows of course.
I wanted to show you what I am up to.  I have made peg doll babies for many years.  I decided to give a try at a bride and groom.  I'm in a wedding swap.  These are so much fun that I ordered more supplies to make more.  What do you think?
Terrible lighting.  I know these are not an original idea....but my painting is.  Have you seen the prices they want for these on Etsy.  The first ones I waxed with clear with a little dark wax.  The last set I haven't sealed or waxed yet..
I can't wait to make more.  I will show you my babies at another time.
This is a short post as I am headed out the door.
Happy Day my friends.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Getting Springy

We are having some beautiful days.  Sunshine and warm temps.  I just had to stop and get some flowers.
The above picture was a mistake.  I thought I was taking a picture of something else.  But, hey, I like it.

We had another birthday.  Our oldest granddaughter turns 11 this week-end.  She had a birthday party with her friends last night.  When we got to their house today Doodle was there.  They have been best friends for 11 years.  I watched them both as babies.
I haven't even covered what all we did last week-end.  Doodle's school had a carnival that the three girls and I went to.  We had so much fun.  The pictures are on my phone.  We also celebrated Doodles brother's birthday.  I will post about that later too.  And then my Mom turned 87 this week.  I meant her for lunch yesterday.  She drove to meet me.  She is amazing.
I just love snuggle time with my three girls.  After the birthday party Mr. Cozy and I went to Applebees.  We had to go let Rudy (puppy) out twice today as his family were gone all day.  Then we went to Goose's soccer game.  One of them.  She was asked to join a travel team so she had two games today.  I know I am her grandma but she is awesome.  It isn't just me other.  We try hard to be humble but the other parents are as excited as we are about her ability..  She is pretty tiny out there in the field.  The picture from the back doesn't look like it,  but she is small.  The one picture was taken at half time.  We looked out in the field and there she stood just starring at the ball and the goal.  No one else was on the field.  Hah, she was ready to go again.  Someone kicked a ball to her and she blocked it about midfield.  It was so funny because the ball went in the goal .  That's was after she had just made two straight goals.  She does pass the ball a lot.
While Goose was playing soccer her birthday sister climbed a tree and fell out of it.  She fell so hard that she totally ripped her shorts......from front to back.  It looked like  a skirt from the front but the back was gone.  She had to wear shorts of her sisters.  There were tears and some bruises but she held it together. 
This wasn't the only accident this week-end.  Miss Mabel was running from Rudy as he always bites her heels.  She ran full speed to the couch and her foot went down the crack of the sofa and she cut her foot.  She had to have stitches.    Never a dull moment here.
Meanwhile my Colorado babies are busy.  E. was dancing in competition all week-end.  Grammy is going out there in 10 days to watch her in a competition.  Her ornery brother caught a huge frog.  I will try to post that.  I sure have some catching up to do on here.  Maybe I will get more posted soon.
Yesterday I was gone from 11 til 11 driving all over the state.  So with that and all of this today, I am going to turn in.  Yep it's busy time and so thankful that I can be a part of it all.  Happy Palm Sunday my friends.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gnome and Spring Cloche Swap

My, oh my, when did my life get so busy.  Let me see, my son moved back to town, being a nanny and a grammy, puppy sitter, volunteering at school, a new church, Origami Owl, spring soccer games and birthdays, birthdays, birthdays.  Am I love it.  Now on with the post.........Here is the gnome that I bought on clearance ages ago.  He is a little handicapped......he is missing part of his thumbs.  But he can still garden.  I need to protect him for the outdoors.  (Would modge podge break down when it gets wet)  Isn't he handsome.  He came with his eyes and cheeks and boots painted.  I redid his eyes and that didn't go well.  I just love the color of his jacket. 
I was in the Spring Cloche Swap.  We used upside down wine glasses.  I have about 30 left over glasses.  Maybe I should have a wine party.  (Or a whine party)  I used a garden gnome for mine.  No, this one came painted.  He is on a bed of moss with white flowers circling him.  The little toad stool was a gift from another swap.  I used ribbon and a button on the top to hide the bottom of the glass.  Actually where the bottom was to be.  Around the bass I used cardboard covered with paper.  Around the rim I used pom poms and buttons.  I wanted him to be whimsical.  I sent my swap partner some peep lip gloss, green peeps, a little stamp that said "a little birdie told me", some jelly beans and some wooden buttons from Jilly Bean.  Oh, and a handmade tiny spring banner.  (It's behind the cloche.  My partner was Sandy of 521 Lake.  Actually she was nice enough to swap with me.  Now here is what she sent me.   In her cloche there was an adorable bunny.   The bunny is sitting on Easter grass and doilies. She also sent me some peeps.  (She collects peeps) some Easter magnets....actually a lot of those, yummy candy and Easter bunny.  Some cute cupcakes liners, 6 cute bunny suckers (I am saving those for the grands for Easter), and some bunny stickers.  Thanks Sandy for swapping with me.  It was fun and I loved it.  Speaking of Sandy.  Send her some love.....she had a rough day last week.  Hoping she has recovered and is feeling better.
I have started doing a little painting. (Besides the gnomes........miniature style) I am rough on the fine details for sure.  I need to practice before I share.  Something I had done years ago but different subjects.  I have more things to share with you.  That will be on another day.  Must get this sleep deprived aching body on the move.  Many ((((((HUGS))))  I have been reading blogs but not commenting a lot.  I hope to catch up on that soon.   xo