Monday, July 29, 2013

A little tour of Savannah

When we went to Hilton Head, Mr. Cozy and I took a cruise to Savannah.  We wanted to go on the Paula Deen tour but they were sold out.  The ones going on that tour were also on our boat.  I think we would have enjoyed that more.  We ate at the Cotton House when we first arrived.  after that we took a two hour tour of the city by street car.  It wasn't easy getting pictures of the houses as we were moving.  There are something like 49 squares in the city and all kinds of architecture.  I'd love to go back and spend a few days there on our own.  So hope you can get a feel of what the city looks like from my blurry pictures.
This was where Jenny from Forest Gump worked.
Look closely and you can see a Paula Deen poster.  This was her restaurant.  Wish we could have eaten there.
Key Lime pie at the Cotton Co.  Yum Yum
The ride itself was a little boring and hot and humid.  But the best part was sending time with Mr. Cozy.

Updates........I have a lot of things to share but need to get busy and show pictures.  Seems like so many bloggers need prayers right now.  A rough time for many.  Did GFC ever go away?  I haven't seen any changes.  How can it be almost August........  It has been cool here for a few days now.  No A/C/ and the windows open.  Temps. in the 50's during the night. I'm sure the heat will return but I am loving this weather.  The granddaughters are home from Canada and headed to the beach in Maryland this week-end.  Rough summer for them, hah.  I flunked at critter sitting.  We had one escape.  I looked everywhere and even had Mr. Cozy come look.  He did reappear when my granddaughter got home, whew.
Take care my friends.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Spring Beach Wedding and What is going on lately

My sweet granddaughters were in their cousin's wedding in April.  I finally got some pictures.  I must admit this first one is my favorite.  It's Goose with a little SAS, hah.
 This one is pretty cute as well.  Wonder what the little guy is thinking or saying to the girls. 
These sisters sure have a close relationship.  Sure they argue once in awhile but they are always side by side playing.
They have different personalities but that's what makes them who they are.
They have had an incredible summer.  First this wedding in April on Sanibel Island.  Then our family trip to Hilton Head.  From there they drove back to Sanibel for my DIL's family vacation.  Then on to Key West for a few days.  They came home for about 10 days and now they are in Canada on Georgian Bay.  (Nice to have relatives that have nice vacation homes).  They will return this week-end and then pack to go to Ocean City.  My son and his wife are teachers.  This summer will be hard to top in the coming years. 
Now, what's up in my little world:
I have been babysitting two beta fish, 2 hamsters and a little pond of fish for the above granddaughters.
This Nanny has been busy.  I have been babysitting like crazy.  But it is a good thing as I am saving for something WONDERFUL.
In shock as to how much a passport costs and the trouble to get on.  I have never had one before.
I am excited for Will and Kate and their new baby boy.  Can't wait to see what he looks like.
I have done a tad of vintage shopping lately.  I need to take pictures. I have spent very little money for some great things.
My kids in Colorado are all packed up and will be arriving here in about a week to unpack into their home close by.  So excited about that.
We have had a lot of rain.  3 inches in 2 hours yesterday.  There is thunder right now.  We had thunder a couple days last week and no rain.  The temps. and the rain keep this summer from being boring.
I am headed to the grocery if this thunder stops.  Senior day, hah.  I like to shop at our local grocery store.  It's small and I know where things are.  I buy the sale items for the things I want.  Everyone thinks it is more expensive but I don't like Walmart.  So with my discount I justify it.  Also the Farmers Market will be there.  It is teeny tiny compared to Saturdays but I always seem to miss that.  I want some veggies and sunflowers.
Youngest son and his freeloading roomie are stressing Mr. Cozy and I.  Our son doesn't make good decisions and it takes forever for him to understand that this "isn't our first rodeo."  He usually eventually comes to terms with what we advice but this issue has been on going. 
Our weeds are so is the corn in the corn fields all over town.
Okay, so now you can see that I have been up to "not much at all."   Stay cool and dry my friends.  Unless you are going swimming or playing in the rain.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Stay Cool My Friends

Just a little note to tell you all to be careful in these high temps.  Certainly my least favorite part of summer.  Also, I am feeling much better finally.  I'll be back soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Vacation Pictures (from the better cameras in the fam)

Picture #1............My oilcloth banner.  I think this would make a great banner for my blog, don't you?
Picture #2............Our oldest granddaughter.......this was taken in the Keys.  She got to go there after Hilton Head.  I had to add it, my heart beats fast seeing this.  She had a great time with this dolphin.
Picture #3............Grampy and Mabel.  We think she looks like Drew Barrymore at the age she was in ET. 
Picture#4.............Our family in Hilton Head.  Taken by a passerby with one of our cameras.  Everyone except our youngest son.
Picture #5............Mr. and Mrs. Cozy........just enjoying every minute.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chatter and photos from the car from the grandchildren in this post

I thought I would give you a break from all the pictures of my family.  Just a break, I have lots more to share.  Just a few pictures along the way.  I loved this sunset coming through Kansas.  The farm in the background seemed to be a large one with the size of the silos.  I grew up in the country but not on a farm.
Windmills everyone in this one stretch.  Reminds me of ET.  I'd love to have one in my yard.  I have heard there are concerns about having them.  But if they save us from buying oil???????  But since there aren't that many places that have them there must be some reason why.  I know in Colorado they have them (just a few) on some land that was contaminated by uranium.  There didn't seem to be much around where all these were.
RED LIGHTS could be seem for miles around Limon (Colorado?) .  They would flash totally off and on again.  They were millions and for miles.  I have been trying to find out what they were and the only thing I could find out was maybe "Amtrak".  Does anyone know.  It began to get a little strange after awhile and very late at night.
The "Gateway to the West."  If I actually took time to edit these photos they would be pretty good coming from a car window.  Esp. if I edited out  the train cars.  My aunt and uncle lived in St. Louis so I got to see this quite often.  We esp. went this route so my granddaughter could see this. 
We had planned on doing some fun things along the way.  We didn't do much of that.  On the way from Colorado to Ohio we stopped at the OZ museum.  I will show some pictures of that later.  We also spend an hour and a half at a McDonalds play space inside while some threatening storms blew over.  Sad to say that was about it .  Once you are on the road it is hard to stop with little ones.  Potty breaks took at least an hour. 
A little under the weather here.  Weather for has rained for over 2 weeks and is not supposed to stop til next week-end.  Everything is so greeeen and pretty.  So far no flooding close to us.  We live up a big hill but it could still creep into the house if we aren't careful.  Weeds are so tall and just waiting for some attention.  Our grass has stopped growing.  But I will take rain over the dreadful heat some are having.  I don't do well in dry environments either.  Those poor fireman and their families.  God Bless them.
I am not feeling well either.  Nothing too serious.  Trying to get a handle on it.  Something I may have picked up from my travels.  Not much of an immune system in this ole body.  It may have been some ice from a moldy machine in McDonalds.......sorry I don't mean to tattle.  My daughter went to get ice in an empty cup and something black fell into it.  So, not really making that up.  So if not better by Monday, tests will have to happen.  Like to avoid that as they never seem to solve much.  Maybe the third antibiotic will do the trick. 
So the 4th was quiet.  We went to a movie.....The Heat.  Funny but a lot of four letter words, one in particular.  Hubby is at the family reunion without me today.  He will also be visiting with his Mom in the nursing home.  She's not doing too well these days.  I have been able to visit with immediate family members in the last month, so I don't feel quite as bad as I would other wise. 
So I hope all had a fun 4th.  Can you believe that it is already July.  They say in our neck of the woods that the corn should be knee high by the 4th of July.....ours is about 6 foot high, hah.  But we are thankful for the rain even if it is a pain sometimes.  We have a well........yep, it needs rain once in awhile.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The final hours of the road trip

The road trip is over.  I flew home yesterday from Colorado.  road trip and flying.....confused.  Remember it all started with my flying to Colorado so I had to fly home.  I will refresh you.  First I flew to Colorado.  Then my daughter and her two little ones drove to Ohio.  We stayed a few days then Grampy joined us and we drove to Hilton Head for our family vacation.  Then back in the car to Ohio.  Another few days later we got back in the car and drove to Colorado.  Then yesterday I flew home.  The month long adventure has come to an end.  We had fun.  These pictures were the last night of being on the road......this day was a 14 hour day.  Oh my.  The kids finally fell asleep soon after this photo shoot.    I have lots to write and will when I am rested and feeling my Cozy self again.  Have a Happy and Safe Fourth my friends.