Thursday, May 30, 2013

Welcome Home Janet/ A village comes together (I hope you will take the time to read this)

Today is a special day for Janet and the Village of Granville, Ohio.  This winter Janet and her brother along with other young high schoolers went sledding one day this winter.  They were sledding on the local golf course where it is prohibited but the kids still go there and the golf course doesn't prevent it.  Well Janet hasn't been home since .  She has been in Children's Hospital in Columbus.  Janet ran into a tree that day and is paralyzed from the shoulders down.  I hear that there is some movement in her arms but the rest of her body will remain motionless.  Her parents have been staying at the Ronald McDonald house all this time.  Her brother has been staying with friends.  Our great village has raised over $100,000.  Her home is a tri-level and needed to be remodeled just for her to come home.  You can see the elevator on the outside of the home.  She will stay downstairs but will come upstairs by elevator.  I think it is on the outside so that she can get out of the car.  There has been countless volunteers working at her house for days.  Today is the big day.  As I came home this morning I could see flannel ties on poles that will be her route home.  (I didn't know her personally but there is one backyard between our backyards......she lives just outside our neighborhood, and I have watched her through the years get off the school bus)  If you look closely you can see the flannel ties on her fence.  I guess she loves flannel.  Flannel has been her theme all throughout her recovery.  Every picture I have seen of her has this gigantic smile from ear to ear.  I was excited seeing the signs and the ties.  When I pulled over across the street to take pictures my heart sunk as the oxygen truck pulled in and backed up.  Then came a nurse in a car.  I knew she must be due to arrive.  Neighbors and strangers will line the way home on also the last day of school.  I'm sure her classmates will be some of those smiling and cheering.  But even though I am excited for her and her family, I am sad for them.  So many things have changed now for them.  The money the village raised will go for her special wheelchair, the remodel, and a special van.  They don't have all the money they need yet but they will.  So far all I have done is take cookies to the workers. I hope to be able to help the parents once she is settled. 
SO, hug your babies and your family.  Life can change on a dime.  We just never know.  I know everyone is thankful that Janet has survived and that she will make her life the best possible.  May God Bless this family and our wonderful community.
I am hoping that Janet gets comfort from being back in her newly remodeled cozy home.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Week-end

 Thanks to all that have served and continue to serve our country.  This is my son a few years ago teaching his nephew how to salute.
We took our sweet granddaughters to The Ole Mill Ice Cream Festival.  Lots of activities and tons of people.
This was the line if you wanted a Velvet Ice Cream cone.
The girls wanted their faces painted.  Don't they look cute........of course, I would think so.
After we were finished at the festival, Mr. Cozy and I returned home to get ready to attend our son's baptism.  This is our youngest, our adopted son.  He has had so many obstacles. This is one decision that we let him make on his own.  We are not Mormons but we are so proud of him for going through all the steps to become one.  They have accepted him for who he is and love him.  The only Mormon family I knew before blogging was a neighbor of ours.  Just so happens that this neighbor is the Ward Leader (I may not be using the correct term.).  He reassured us that this was only the beginning of good things to happen for Chris.  I have been following several bloggers of the Mormon faith.  My husband said the same thing that I have said about my blogging friends last night when we left the baptism........the people are so nice.  It was a private ceremony with just a few people.  They were people that cared about our son.  I am so glad that he now has a church family. 
The rest of our holiday has been working around the house.  We are making so big least big in our little world.  I feel like we are getting ready for a big event.  Well, we kind of are.  Our daughter and her children are coming for a visit soon.  She hasn't been here for about 5 years.  We go to Colorado to see her.  It will be the second time for her daughter to come here and the first for her son.  It will be so much fun.  There is alot more to her visit but I will explain that later as it is confusing but exciting too.
I hope your week-end went well.
Take time to thank someone in a uniform the next time you see one.
Also, don't forget the people on Oklahoma.  My heart still breaks for them. 

Monday, May 20, 2013


Praying for you Oklahoma City .

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Fairy Garden

Just a few little changes to the fairy garden this year.  A new (old) container, a bird bath and a wash tub, different plants, some crushed sea glass......  .        The trike had to be moved.  His residence last year has filled in so much with the ground cover that there wasn't room for him.  The plant looks crunched because I crunched it in the trunk but it will be okay.  The last picture.....the geranium is a gift from my Mom and the little fairy garden awaits it's fairies.  They are getting their wings glued on.  (McDonald's fairies and their wings won't stay put)  The container is something our youngest made 11 years ago in a ceramics class.  It says I love Mom and Dad.  I realize the pictures are a little blurry.  I was hot, sweaty and a little dehydrated when I took them.  I will get some better ones later.  But, at last my planting is mostly done.  I planted some seeds that Gretchen sent me.  I hope they grow.  We had a beautiful week-end here.  A busy week ahead.  Have a great week my friends.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Another collection.......old cameras

I have always older cameras.  My favorite is the one on the top shelf.  It's a little Brownie.  I wish I would have saved on the cameras that I have owned.  I do have (not shown) my favorite Cannon  (film) camera.
I have never paid very much for any of these cameras.  I have noticed that they have gone up in price recently.  I found the one on the second shelf last week-end at the French Hen sale for only $15.  Not bad at all.  This week-end is the Springfield Extravaganza Antique and Vintage Market.  I tossed in my little mind whether to go or not.  A two hour drive through Columbus rush hour both ways, 80 degree weather, and lots and lots of walking but oh so much.  I decided not to go.  This morning I woke up to the news of extreme fog across the middle of the state (Ohio).  Near Springfield a big pileup on Interstate 70 near the exit for the sale.  Schools here were delayed for two hours.  The visibility at Springfield was "O".  I knew I made the decision.  I was worried about my friends Sue and Murphy.  I called and they were already there before the pile up and were okay.....whew.......scared me.  I hope all of my other  friends, vendors and shoppers are okay.  Shop til and be sure and show me your pictures.  I have lots to do inside and out.  I have to do my fairy garden and plant my flower boxes.  Have a wonderful week-end my friends. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How collections get started...............It all started with a Mouse (Walt Disney)

I didn't plan this vintage collection.  I do love Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  Actually Minnie the most.  I have been to Disney World and Disney Land.  I am actually planning a trip with my BFF this fall for our birthdays.  Two senior citizens........  She is the serious Disney person.  She recently moved two hours from Orlando and has a season pass. 
Okay, back to the subject.   I was at a garage sale and saw the first Mickey on a table. I asked about it and she it was her daughters'.  She said her daughter was 40.  I thought I couldn't leave him on the table and end his career like that.  I picked up the night light at a barn sale and it still works.  Then another small Mickey.  (He would be probably 30 years old)  The little figurines are from when I took our youngest to Disney World 21 years ago as well as the large Mickey.  And tada, the new Mickey......the rubber faced one, I just got from the French Hen Sale.  I did finally figure out how to turn my pictures but forgot to turn this when downloaded so .....sorry.  I picked him up and put him down.  I talked to Linda about him.  She could tell that I was really interested.  It's not the kind of thing she has in her sales.  I brought him home with me and cleaned him up.  He is filled with sawdust.  He has a voice box and a place where there used to be a pull string.  I researched him on the net and he used to talk.  I don't know if all of them were a mistake but the ones I saw were.  They said, "I am Donald Duck."  Does anyone know if you can rig it to talk again?  There is am imprint on the back of his neck .  He was born in 1974 and has the #10.  The one on the net is #18.  So I don't think there are alot of them.  I don't think he is really valuable and he has been really loved, but he is cute, don't you think.  Some early Mickeys can look a little mean.  So there my folks,
a collection that just happened.  I have several other Mickey cups, stuffed Minnies, mouse ears, and etc.  But I am not overboard.  The vintage ones are just if I happen to see them.  I think a collection is better built like that.  Sometimes too many can dilute the fun.  I did that with Boyd's bears. I wanted more, I wanted the little girl in the commercial.    Tell me about your collections.  You will see more of mine soon. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Heartfelt and Handmade Mothers Day gifts

I made this little fairy garden for my mother.  We will travel to our home town to visit our Moms tomorrow.  It is also Hubby's mom's birthday.  She is in the nursing home and probably won't know us.  She may even tell us to leave.  But that's okay.  Just maybe she will know that we were there.  One hint when making the garden.......water the garden down good before adding the decorations.

I had my DIL take pictures of the baby I watch.  I put one  in this frame.  I did nothing to the frame except glue down this piece of a quilt square that her grandmother 10 years ago appliqued the heart on. I added the buttons to cover the glue.  We were taking a class together when she died.  Yes I did save it all this time.  The baby's mom was thrilled  with it all.
flowers from my son.  The tulips are from my daughter.
A couple weeks ago we took our granddaughters to Home Depot to make a Mothers 
Days gift.  So cute.
Happy Mothers Day everyone.  (((((HUGS)))))

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Round One of May Sales/Rural Society Antique and Garden Sale

I know, I know, it's worth turning your head for.  I didn't take many pictures this past week-end.  The fun part was getting to see my friends Sue and Murphy again.    I see that there is someone else in our photo.  Hmmmmm. wonder who that person is?Could that be Kathie of SylviaS VintagE Daughter.  Is this not a magnificent tree.    Every time we go to this sale...... we have to stand and stare at this view of the hill and pretend we are in Ireland. 

I found this piece of McCoy at another barn sale earlier that day.  It has a bird's nest on it. 
How cute is this little lamb. 
I am hoping to go to the French Hens Barn Sale in Marysville this week-end.  I love this time of the year. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Still nesting here

This sweet nest was sent to me from Cati Ann who was my swap partner in Viv's nest swap.  She really was creative.I know it is hard to see the bird.  No matter how I tried I couldn't get it show better.  I love the is a broken Christmas ornament.  Looks pretty real.
She also sent me a charm and a something I need to ask her about.  Also this yummy honey.   I thought it was a candle.  But when I opened it there were no wicks.  It is gooood.  She is from the state of Washington.
Okay, I know, sideways.  Some of you said you were wondering what I would do with my Ball jars.  Well, I gave one to my friend Sue when we met at the Rural Society Sale over the week-end.  (More on that in another post)  Then yesterday we were invited to a birthday cook-out.  I wanted to take something to the host that wasn't having the birthday.  So five minutes before I left I grabbed a Ball jar,  some of that pink scarf I knitted that was for practive, added a couple real quail eggs, sealed the lid with the bird wire inside and voila.  I told my friend to take the stuff out and replace it with something else.  For all of you that are buying the Ball jars or having the blue Mason jars, save one for a swap I am thinking of having later this summer.  Or is you don't have one find one.  (I heard they are selling single ones in Walmart in the craft section for peanuts.)  I may just have to get more to have on hand for quick gifts for all ages.
This is where my new nest ended up.  I just painted this table Duck Egg Blue (ASCP).  I haven't waxed it yet. 
I just happened to look over and saw Piper asleep on the sofa and snapped this picture.  I should have fluffed the cushions.  See the dent in the cushion above him.  That's where little Izzy usually lays.  She can't get up there by herself right now or she would be there.  Right now I really dislike this sofa.  I have another one downstairs that I could replace it with.  It's small and not too comfortable.  I also have a well loved denim sofa in the room.  So I am asking for advice.  Do I ditch the couch and bring the other one upstairs?  Do I live with it til I can get new furniture?  (I have looked but haven't found anything cottagey.......and we are saving for a trip and Izzy's surgery that we may or may not do)  I am afraid when we do find something new that everything will need to be replaced or everything will clash.  I not a matchy, matchy person but you understand, right.  I did find a cute and comfy sofa on my friends' furniture website that is on my wish list.  Okay, girly your be free to tell me.  You will not hurt my feelings if you tell me to pitch the couch.  Have a good week.  We are having beautiful weather.  Rain is on the way but I have been loving the sunshine.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to build a nest

First of all,  find a safe place to call your own
Make it as comfy as you can

Find someone to love you and love them back
Surround yourself with friends like you and little things that make you  happy
Celebrate your blessings every day.
(My nest swap for my partner Catie Ann)