Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Country Living Buys/ The world's largest eggplant

I love this table runner.  It has vintage trailers, banners and owls on it.  How cool is that, all my favorites.  I also like the fall colors.
This tiny little framed little doll just caught my eye while we were shopping in the Earth Angels tent.

I loved the carved letters out of books.  The M's were okay but not enough colors.  The first day I saw some words spelled out in a smaller version.  I passed the first day.  I was so glad that they were still there on my second day.  There were two words let.  H O M E and L O V E.  I settled for the home.  I picked up the first three letters and then all of a sudden there was no "e".  I just looked at it.  Well, someone right next to me had it in her hand.  I fought her to the ground, and I won.  Now, you know that is a story right?  I'm not leaving it on the runner, that's just for the picture.
This is a tiny dollhouse sofa out of wood.  The tag said it was a set of two.  But we couldn't find the second one.  This booth had lots of vintage finds.  There also was a red plastic sofa and chair for twice the price.  I didn't even like those.  The paint on this is perfect.  Remember my dollhouse shelf, that's where it will go.  Anxiously awaiting the mini swap items to arrive that Mary Bell is hosting.  Hoping to add to the others I have from Amy Power's swap.

Okay, I hope you are sitting down.   this is the biggest eggplant ever.  And, I grew it myself. I keep waiting on it to get bigger but it doesn't.  And how about those tomatoes.........yep, from my rusty wagon.  Next year we will use more soil.  That's it for now.  I'll be back soon. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Back Woods Fest (I know another adventure so soon)

I know,  I said I would show you what I bought at the Country Living Fair.  I will,  I promise.  Trust me I wasn't a big spender.
A good friend of mine went with me to the Back Woods Fest today.  I haven't been there for awhile.  They have all kinds of good old fashion food and lots of outdoor booths.  We didn't buy one thing.  It took 2 hours to get there by car.  It should have only been 30 minutes but traffic was so backed up.  I have never seen such a line.  We had to walk and walk to get in.  We walked the whole lot and just didn't see anything that we thought we should buy.  Lots of wooden Halloween things.  I mean lots.  No vintage like things like last week.  I saw a cute bear and owl out of wood that were for outside but I won't need those when we finally move.  (No offers but a couple of showings)  I saw the cute stone houses like the one I have.  I think it was the same person that I bought mine from.  I haven't been able to find them since.  Prices were reasonable.  I have seen similar for tons of money.  I did see these miniature paper houses that were on a chain as a charm.  Those were cute but I didn't price them.  When it came to eating,  good golly there were lines 50 people deep.  We went to one line that was almost empty  It was a "meatless"  stand.  After many questions about what they had,  I ordered something I thought was gluten free.  They had fried eggplant, salads in flour tortillas, every thing was dipped in batter.  I ordered sliced tomatoes and mozzarella.  So it comes out they were fried tomatoes with the cheese in between.  I don't even like tomatoes raw.  Oh my gosh it was delicious.  Like little sandwiches, we'll see if my belly survives.  I had the same problem last week.  The only thing I could have were the French fries.  I guess I will have to pack snacks the next time.  It's hard being gluten free.
I don't know why Dorothy and the Tin Man were there.  They looked a bit out of place.  But here are the pictures I took.  Except for the one of me.  My friend told me to stand by Dorothy to get a picture for my blog.  So, will I go back next year.  Nope.  Glad I went and had a great time just being with my friend.  But I guess I am just spoiled by the other events I go to.

Okay the tin man is okay, but Dorothy???/  She had red high heels on.  She's also very tall.
I told you it was crowded.
I think the last time I went here I bought one of these dolls.  They are so cute but not nearly as nice as the ones Pat C. of All is Bright makes. 
This was funny.  An umbrella with a tutu and witches legs hanging out.  Strange but different.

Here are the houses.  I can't remember what they call the stone/cement mixture  (hypertula, something like that) they make them with   Now these all had colors on the doors and I like them better without the colors.

A true artist at work.  There is old fashioned entertainment and some dress pioneer style.  I know some go just for the food and the entertainment.  I saw so many people with arm loads of the wooden scarecrows and other big outdoor items so I guess some really liked what they had.
For that long wait, we could have driven to the Springfield Vintage Market place, it's going on this week-end too.
But all in all, the company of my sweet friend was enough enjoyment for me.
Have a nice week-end.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Country Living Fair/ Part Two

We liked how this was arranged.

The Happy Chair booth. I always love what she does to furniture. 

Marlene meets up with a fellow artist.

This Airstream was actually a both.  It had vintage clothing inside.  I liked the two metal doll houses on the ground.

This was Cari from "Cash and Cari".  The people are gathered around her booth watching them demonstrate their new paint line.

Lots of industrial letters were at the fair.
Chalkboard signs
Someone's ride to the fair.  I am think it was a vendor since it was parked the same place two days in a row. 
Check out this bunny coat hanger.  This lady (below) will custom make them for you.

Okay, that's about it for the Country Living Fair.  Next post, I will show you my little purchases.
Hope you are having a great week.
We had a showing this morning and on Saturday.  This morning my realtor called and said there was a message at his office that someone wanted to see our house in less than an hour.  I asked him to call and extend the time for two hours.  So I scurried to say the least.  I was done in one hour.  I didn't do anything to the floors like I would have if I had longer.  So the doggies and I took a long ride.  Sure hoping something happens one of these days.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Country Living Fair, Columbus, Ohio ----------Part One

We couldn't have had better weather for the fair this year.  It was sunny for the most part cool in the shade and warm in the sun.  I don't know who this little one is but she was having a good ole time.
Well, there was a few clouds.  They moved the "Sisters on the Fly" vintage trailers up front this year.  I went in two of them and of course they were adorable.  Sorry, those pictures were taken on the first day when my camera left it's memory card at home.  I went the first day alone.  It was crowded on Friday.  Sometimes hard to get in to see the booths.  Lots of moms and strollers and double strollers.  I stayed about four hours until I got tired and knew I had a long walk back to my car.  There is lots of walking but so much to see.
Look who I found on the second day.  It's Viv of Viv on a Whim.  I found out that she and her friends were coming and I asked if I could crash their party.  It was so much fun meeting her in person.  Amazing how you feel you know someone already when you have read each others blogs for 4 years.  I started to crop the picture but noticed her friends were in the picture.  (Kelly, Nurse H., Kelly's mom,  Marlene, and Jen and Jan were taking the pictures. They were so sweet to let me tag along and I enjoyed being with them all. 
This is Marlene from New Jersey, Viv's friend.  All these fellows were lining up to get their pictures taken with her.  She's so cute and a hoot.
This is Jan, Viv's daughter, Jen.  Can you tell?  This was one of the first booths.  They crafted hand carved birds. They had lots of people looking at their creations.  I bought something the first day that I will show you later.
Here are a couple more pictures from that booth.
This was on the top of their tent.  The birds were hanging on the ladder.  I wanted to get crop this closer but then you couldn't see all the birds.
The rest of the pictures today are from the "Earth Angels".  They have one big tent with all their artists.  My oh my.......savings my pennies for next year.  I couldn't get over the cuteness under this tent......esp. the bears.
This was a huge painting.  It was whimsy and beautiful.
Viv, met up with her artist friend.  (Valerie Weberpal)  This cutie made incredible skirts, jumpers  and vests made out of boiled wool.  She said she sold out of her skirts the first day.  She also made the cutest critters.  Viv got a pumpkin doll and Marlene got an elephant.
Okay, on with the bears.
Thump thump, goes my heart.
Some other critters by Lettie, of Lettie's Bears.  When I was taking pictures I told her they were for my blog.  She said as long as I wasn't going to reproduce them.  Are you kidding, no way could I.
Look at those eyes.

I think I was taking this picture of the tag.  Lettie writes a cute little story on her bears' tags.

My favorite of all.  I actually have a found bear puppet in a dark brown that I think is Steiff.  It is mohair like this one.  Mine has been washed a few times and it still looks perfect.  Love the color and the hat on Letties.  I think my bear needs a friend, don't you?
Check out this truck.  Swoooooonnning.  Look closely and see the bear and the trees, and the doggie.  I didn't even see him til after I took the picture.  He looks just like my Piper.
This bear in the frame has
a little page that says Dec. 25.
These bears were in empty clock faces.
Oh Dear, this is too cute.

This house was from another artist under the tent.  Love how these are displayed.  I was taking the picture against the light but I like that you can see through.
A close up of one of the groups.
Okay, that's it for today.  Next post more pictures of artist wares.  Even if you don't buy one of everything, it is so fun just looking at everything.  Oh, I did buy a couple of things.......later.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Country Living Fair

The Country Living Fair starts tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio.  Anyone going.  I hope to go tomorrow and on Saturday.  The shopping, lectures, food, atmosphere are so much fun.  If you are going, let me know and I will try to meet you and say hi.  The weather is supposed to be perfect.  (It doesn't look so great today but tomorrow is another day)

Today is 9-11, a date we won't forget.  We all remember where we were and how we felt.  I know how sad I was for everyone that searched for their loved ones hoping they would be found.  The hospitals waiting on survivors that didn't come.  It was just a perfect weather day here in Ohio.  I had my pre-school in my downstairs away from the TV.  One of my moms told me about what had happened.  My son stayed home from school that day.  He recorded the TV and brought it to me to see.  After my kids left, I was to meet a friend for lunch.  We decided to go ahead and meet.  The first time I saw what had happened on TV was there.  It was a sports bar/restaurant with giant TV's.  Oh my, that was just hard to take.  My friend and I still meet on that date if we can.  The day of 9-11 my friend was 8 months pregnant.  The next year the baby went with us.  I remember the lights going off and both of us jumped to our feet in fear.  We can't meet today but we texted "Thinking of you."
I remember being at church the following Sunday.  Both my husband and I broke down in tears sobbing.  Our son was in the military stationed in Hawaii.  We never thought our son would serve during a war.  He spent two years in the Middle East.  Two of the longest years ever.  Our emotions were always on edge.  Thanks to God that he returned to us.  I must say that his current government job is just as dangerous.  I am spending the night with his family tonight for that reason.
God bless all our soldiers and first responders.  They are the real heroes.

I wanted to make this a positive post since my last one was such a downer.  Sorry, but it was important to share.
I seem to be getting "signs" today that are meant for me.  Geez, I'm not one that can predict the future, believe me, but I feel like there are signs out there.  Not all of the time but just sometimes.

So, I turn on the new Meredith show for the first time today.  What's up first is a little boy that had H1N1.  It ravished his body and he had to have 77 surgeries including a kidney transplant from his mother.  He survived, thank goodness.  Remember back, my dear cousin died of H1N1.  I am taking this as a sign to remind you to get your flu shot.  I know, there are some of you that refuse to do that.....don't send me hate comments, please.  Just think of your families if you should get this horrible thing.

Okay, now there is a balloon artist on her show.  What the heck.......that's what makes me think that sign was for me.

A few thoughts about Hollywood........I can't believe Meredith is on the same time as the View.  Hmmmmm, bet that didn't go over well.  I can't believe they let Jennie and Sherry go at the same time.  I never liked Jennie before, but grew to really like her on the View.  It was just plain sad that Sherry was sent packing.  Now, about Joan Rivers.............I know she was an icon but I always thought of her as mean spirited.  As far as they endoscopy center being under fire about the procedure they did on her,  when you have an upper endoscopy they take biopsies.  I have had many of these tests including biopsies of my esophagus and stomach.  I think if the doctor saw something concerning,  the biopsy "probably" should have been done.  I said "should" have.  If Joan had cancer of the vocal cords, she would have a terrible time accepting that diagnosis.  Okay, just my thoughts.

Remember the last showing we had........that we were sure the people didn't come.  I don't know if our realtor is just trying to make us feel better...........BUT that person supposedly wants to make an offer on the contingency of their house selling.  What?  I have a hard time believing it, since she only looked once.....but it does boost the moral.  Sorry for all the ........  I think all of my communications in writing has left me.  Anyhoooooo, we have another showing Saturday.  Not the same person.  So, why am I sitting here doing this when I need to get things done if I want to go to the Fair.  You loose your "let's do this" after awhile, but this could be the one.  I want to just say, if they call for a second showing we will really shine things up.

I got new glasses.  Yeah, finally.  I was afraid to go to the cheapie places or those advertised on TV,  I think my eyes are important.  I did choose cheaper frames.  I mostly need the for close up but like the transition lenses.  Easier for my eyes to adjust to close up and far away.

I also had things down to my little BUG this week.  She has had a lot of new things lately.  I covered the dent with a magnetic flower that I had.  It looks cute instead of a boo boo.

Last but not least.  Tomorrow is our 44th anniversary.  How can I even be that old.  No big plans unfortunately.  So ready to take a trip.  Hopefully when this house thing is over we can.

Okay, off to clean.  The to transport our youngest to counseling.  He witnessed a domestic abuse at a store this week and it really set him off.  When you have been abused it doesn't take much to remind you.  Then off to a flag football game for M.  Then out to dinner with the grands and DIL.  And then a sleepover for Grammy.  And we know what tomorrow is..........yeah the Fair.
Have a great week-end.  I will share pictures with you the next time.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just what's happening in this little village

This beautiful picture was taken by John Rossignal           , he takes amazing photos.  I have to find the one he took this week.  He is now using those drone cameras.  He always has a way of picking up color.

When something happens in this village it hurts all of us.  This beautiful wedding took place two years ago this week.  The families  are so proud.  Look at the beautiful bride and her sweet husband.  He has his arm around his mother.  Doesn't she look proud of her son.
Here is the groom now.  Yes, it's a casket.  Are you thinking I lured you in to this post.  I did.  I want to get the point across.  He died two days before their anniversary.  He had a brilliant future ahead of him.  He was a pilot in the Air Force  He just had his first interview for his dream job, a pilot for Delta.  He flew all over the country and abroad.  Guess how he died.  He was changing a tire roadside when a distracted driver hit and killed him and almost his wife.  She was able to jump out of the way .  (You are probably saying what the heck are you doing posting this)  Sorry but this needs to be told and told again.  You can barely see his mother at the bottom left of the photo.  You can almost feel her sadness.  His dad and his brother are carrying the casket.  What you can't see are about 200 men in flight suits behind the formal air force soldiers.  They were all over town all day.  PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO PUT AWAY THEIR CELL PHONES WHEN DRIVING.  Also any other distraction isn't worth doing this to a bride, family, friends and community.  The driver was 19.  Imagine how she feels.  And poor Alyssa, the bride, witnessing this.  She spoke at his funeral just for a minute.  She thanked him for being her best friend and the love of her life, and for treating her like the princess she was.  So true.  Later in the day the kids and I were walking into their house and heard something so scary.  It was loud and we couldn't find the source.  All of a sudden there was a fighter jet directly above us.  I'm not kidding.  Very close.  My grands live on a hilltop above the cemetery.  I knew right away it was for Nathan.  I have know Alyssa since she was a baby.  I am friends with her mom.  I first met Nathan when he played t -ball with our son when he was five.  Both the mom and the mother in law work at our doctor's office.  PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH THOSE YOU LOVE.

To add some sunshine, I will move on.
here is Mabel on the playground the first day that I went to pick her up from school.  So fun seeing her at school.  She goes to all day kindergarten.  I haven't started back to volunteering at the school yet.  The 2 second grade teachers have asked if I would come again.  I would love to but also be there for the kids third grade teachers and now Mabel's.  Hmmm, that's five teacher.  I had some other pictures of Mabel and M. together and then downtown after they ate ice cream and were all goofy.  M. erased them.  I told him that didn't make me happy.  He said I would just put the pictures on Facebook.

 Her are my son and his wife at the opening of the exercise studio.  It has taken off like wildfire.  She has a wait list.  She uses the LaGree machines and has a franchise .  If you go back to the first picture the studio is on the other side of the trees on the left side of the blue awning.  Upstairs, up many stairs.  They have this one brick wall that is original to the building.

And here is Miss Mabel again.  This picture should have followed the school picture.  She is showing me her dance moves.  She just stated back to lessons.  She's doing three classes.  But the gymnastics is where she excels.  She is five and they moved her up to the 3rd grade level.  No wonder with her mom being a fitness instructor and a former cheerleader.  She even cheered for FSU and was on the homecoming court.  Does it look like they need a new laptop cover, hah.  That looks nasty.
Do you know her.  This is Amy Butler.  She lives in the same neighborhood where my kids do.  And, she has signed up for lessons at the studio. 
 Last but not least is Baby O.  She's the little one that I have watched for 1 1/2 years now.  Just one day/night a week.  I have met my match.  All my experience and education with children, this one baffles me.  Before her mom ever left this week she climbed onto the recliner and jumped up and flipped off the back of the chair on her head on the wood floor.  She held her breath and quit breathing for a moment.  She later had to go to ER as she acted funny.  Did it stop her from trying to do the same thing over and over again, no.  I get being impulsive and getting hurt but doing things intentionally over and over again after warnings, is just not good.
So I will leave you now.  Maybe the last of the clown pictures the next time.  See you next week.