Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy trails to you BloggerImage BloggerImageMy fall view from my porch BloggerImageIt's a two dog lap kinda day.  Brrrrrr BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageI have been organizing my doll room.  I have been busy adding to my Etsy shop ( grammypetals).  Most of these are keepers. I am realizing I have a big inventory not even counting these.  Trust me , my collection is very tiny compared to the other doll club members.  Did I mention they voted me in as secretary.  We have doll auctions this week.  I going but will be sitting on my hands.
Tonight is Trick or Treat at the mall.  Since my church is The Church in the Mall I will be handing out popcorn and cotton candy.
Oh this is my laundryman. He picked out the new washer and dryer and has been on fire since.  No complaints here.
So happy trails to you...........

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pumpkin patch

BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageI love going to the pumpkin patch. They get more elaborate every year. We used to have two great choices close by.  One closed last year. That's a little sad.  M and M have had a little fall break. We were happy to spend time with them.
We have also been spending time with this little one as well.BloggerImageShe is gaining weight more than height.  She is so happy when she finishes her bottle and before she falls asleep.  Such a sweet baby.  I wish things were easier for her little family. Seems like there is always turmoil.  They are looking for a new home at the moment.
I have been to a couple of flea markets lately and a few coming up.  It's so much easier when it isn't so hot outside.  We are still having above average temps but cooler evenings.  The leaves are turning.

I am trying to organize my dolls.  After our last doll club meeting I think several of us are afraid of become hoarders.  I have a small collection compared to others. But I don't want my dolls to takeover.  I moved several things around and out of the room.  It still looks the same.  Any one want to share about their collections or offer advice.

I hope you are enjoying fall in your neck of the woods.  Such a beautiful time of the year.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Friday, September 30, 2016

Pumpkins and flannel

I installed Blog Pal and  I can finally download pictures.  But not sure how you publish as my last post got deleted.
So short and sweet in case I goof again.
My friend has been at a  barn sale the last two days. I went with her yesterday. Let's just say we had to battle rain and mud. I didn't go today. But today there was fierce lightening and 2 1/2 inches of rain. The vendors were outside in tents.  People shopped in the mud and strikes. Here is about half of her creative wares. BloggerImage Her car had to be towed out of the mud. I hope tomorrow goes better.
I bought this poncho and put it right on. It is light, soft and helped keep me warm.  Flannel is in this year according to my granddaughter.  Have you seen the bleached flannel shirts? BloggerImagei have a little decorating for fall outside. I saw a Christmas commercial today so I better hurry before this season is over.
So happy fall to all.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's been awhile

BloggerImageHello there.   I am so over the heat.  Seriously enough already.

I haven't been out lately.  Lots of coughing going on here. On the road to wellness.  We had a light bulb moment on why I am continue to get one illness after another.  Toddlers,

as in church nursery.  This has happened before.  Sure hate having to stop with the toddlers but I can't keep getting sick.
I have this cutie to cuddle. She is now heading towards 9 lbs.  she will two months soon.  This was the first time in her chair that Grammy found her.

It is still very much summer here in Ohio.  Supposed to be in the 90s today.  Okay this is not funny 
anymore.  It could be worse.  We had serious flash flooding all around us Monday.  Alarms going out.  I was a little worried but all was well. 

I will return if this post gets published.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Who ever started that saying.  I am ready for cooler days.  Gee Whiz this summer has been too hot.  I always dread summers.  But I think most everyone has the same complaint.  It's just too hot.  When the temps are almost 100 and the humidity is almost 100, it doesn't make me a happy camper.  No I don't camp.
This picture was taken at our Humane Society.  Kinds cute, I thought.  What was I doing there?  Not to get a dog but looking for one for my friend Doodle and looking for another friend's lost dog.
We just returned from a week trip to Colorado.  We went to take care of our Fisherboy and his sister while Mom started a new counseling job and a new school.  Our granddaughter was in Drama Camp for two weeks.  We got to see her in Lion King twice.  The weather was warm but without the humidity,  I could for the first time tell a big difference that plays.  Hubby went as well and that made it a lot better.
We have been home only a few days now.   Everything seems topsy turvy as it usually does on a return home.
This is an earlier picture.  This was a memorial for all Ohio soldiers that have lost their lives in the Gulf War til the present time.  It was a beautiful site but a heart breaking one as well.
You can't tell from this picture but my geraniums are huge.  I guess I know what to plant here in that big iron kettle.  I still have color in the flower beds.  Wondering if I will have mums too.
We didn't have rain for a really long time.  We have had tons lately.  I love every rain drop.  And the pond is really full.  I know the south is having floods and the west fires, I pray for everyone's safety.
I don't have a new picture of the baby.  She finally made it back to her birth weight and now weighs 6 lbs.  She was acutally just due this week.  They are having problems getting her on a formula that she can handle.  Yes, breast feeding would be an answer but trust me this is better for them right now.  They are doing well with her.  I would love to be able to spend some one on one time with her and do a photo shoot, but there will be time for that later.
I am not happy that I can't post from my I pad or I phone.  I do love having them if I could just figure how to transfer pictures.  I have some great pics to share but right now I can't.
Larry hasn't been at work for two weeks.  He went with the boss for a meeting but that's it.  He is having a bit of trouble adjusting but each day I think he enjoys more.
We went to K. Bug's tennis match last night.  She did really well.  She used to apologize every time she scored to the opposite team, hah. 
They have all started back to school this week.  We now have one in 1st, 2nd, 3 in 5th, one in 6th and another in 8th.
Other news, I have opened an etsy shop.  You can find me at Grammy Petals on Etsy.  I am slowly adding listings.  I had my first sale just a couple of days after I posted.  It says I have had the shop since 2010 and I have.  but never posted any listings.  A friend wanted me to sell on Ruby Lane.  Not sure I am ready for that.  She does really well and gets great prices for things.  I will try Etsy for awhile.  I still have my little retail space but it has been slow this summer. 
Well, that's it for now.  You can catch me on Instagram as well.  Debby Messner there, really original, I know.
Hugs and stay cool
Oh I forgot.  The clowns are coming this week-end for American Clown Academy.  Fun, Fun, Fun.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The baby is here

Here she is Baby Jubilee Rosemary
She weighed five pounds and 2 ounces
Arriving almost 4 weeks early
I have taking lots of cute pictures but can't get them to download.  Grrrr.  She has done well since birth not needing any help.  She is going home today.  We got to hold her yesterday.  She was born on Tuesday morning.  I have worried and prayed for this baby to be healthy.  She is.  She is loved by us all.   
If you want to see more pics go to my Instagram or Facebook.  Both are under Debby Messner,
It has been awhile since I posted.  Not letting any grass grow under my feet, hah.  I have been busy helping out with my other grands. 
We managed a mini vacation to Branson Missouri.  Not knowing what to expect it was a different experience.  Too long of a drive and way too hot.  I didn't expect everything to be on one street.  SO many shows. We went to two great shows.  My hands got tired clapping.  So many more that we would have love to seen. 
At one show we were crammed into little seats.  A kinda chubby guy sat next to me.  He had his pop in the cup holder and it got tipped.  I wondered why my leg and back was so cold.  Yep, everywhere.  I was a little mad but he was having fun and he felt bad.  The next night the seats were much better and the show was really good.
I was watching over my grandson and granddaughter the other day.  When we came back home from the trip we were visited by some little field mice.  Well it was quite and ordeal catching them.  Hubby started a night that I stayed with the other granddaughters.  The traps snapped and one escaped and then was recaptured.  Meanwhile Piper shook like crazy and Hank barked liked crazy.  We got them all three, yuck.
Well back to my watching M. and M.   I was washing all the baby's clothes in Dreft. (oh that smells so good.  Did you know there are stages of Dreft.)  M and M wanted to play hide and seek.  M. opened the pantry door and started to go.  He looked round and said, "Are there any rats in here?"  Rats,are you kidding.  I said, "No but there were mice."  Hah, so he didn't hide there.  They played on my I pad mini and my phone taking lots of selfies.  Then they went in to the guest bedroom and jumped on the beds.  I don't think I will be hanging much in there.  Hubby asked why I would let them do that.  I asked him if he ever jumped on beds and he smiled and moved on.   We pulled out of the garage, Max says that the garage sticks.  I said "Yep, probably the dead mice.  Yuck.  So on the way home Mabel asked how old I was.  I told her 29 but she didn't buy that.  I told her my age.  She responded with, "My other grandma is a lot older but she doesn't look old."  She is super small and she doesn't look her age.  But I responded that her other grandmother died her hair, hah, or shame on me.  She was shocked.  Her brother told her she wasn't being nice.    Oh well, out of the mouths of grandmothers.  I am anxious to hear if they said anything to their parents.  Maybe they did because they didn't need me yesterday.  These two ask all kinds of questions and are quite outspoken.  I wonder where they get that.
Well I have had a perfect lazy day.  Getting used to Hubby being home more.  He wakes up with all this energy.  Not me.  He is still working two days a week.  We decided to sty in today.  We are getting a little rain.  Hardly any here all summer.  We are tired of the heat.  I know so many have so much more.  I don't complain about winter so I can complain about the heat.
Stay cool and have fun.