Thursday, October 23, 2014

I ran across this picture , so I took a pic of the pic.  This was our little cottage.  The picture is about 10 years old.  The other side is cuter as it had some gingerbread trim and a screened in porch.  The cottage was on 2 lots, the one on the right that you can't see was the yard and drive.  We were a short walk from our boat dock.  We had a new wonderful boat.  Having the cottage and the boat were so much fun.  It got so the last year we just didn't get to go there.  It was only a few minutes from our home.  At the time our youngest was still living with us.   The neighborhood close to the cottage wasn't the best of places for him to find friends.  The lake there is dirty, shallow but pretty.  It was a one bedroom.  Only 700 square feet but oh so cute.  A bay window in the bedroom.  Beautiful woodwork in kitchen and family room and with a fireplace.  It had been redone soon before we bought it.  The utility bills were so high in the winter even with very little heat on.  The cottage was 100 years old and needed better insulation.  I don't think I was sad when we sold it but have been ever since.  The new people redid everything and it doesn't look like it did before.  So there it is, the cottage we used to have.

I thought I better get these pictures posted as the fall sports have ended and we are going into basketball. 

This is our little football star.  He's the little orange guy closest to the camera.  Do you know what he is doing.  He is watching the quarterback to see where he is throwing the ball so he can catch it.  He was really good at interceptions.  He made the last couple of games pretty exciting.

These guys are my sons.
And these darlings are their kids, except for the tallest.  She is our K. Bug's best friend.  So funny because I was her big sister's pre-school teacher and I took care of her in Kindy.  Her mom and are are good friends.  She is a lot younger than I am but just the sweetest person ever.

And here they are again.  Oh to be 11 again.  Such nice young girls.
Let's see where I left off from the last post.  if you are in a hurry maybe you should skip this.
Sunday as a birthday present my DIL was going to take me shopping.  She had to cancel and then I had to cancel our rescheduled date today.  (I have this bug that is just hanging on and it doesn't get better or worse.  I have been getting dizzy.  My chest feels tight.  It's not a cold maybe bronchial asthma.  I found my inhaler that hadn't expired,  so I am trying that.  Maybe I will call the doctor if that doesn't work.)  Okay my DIL, the fitness nutrition one , wants me to get new shoes (what, no crocs), a fitted bra (hmmm, no sports bra, but they are so comfortable) and a new outfit.(I'm sure she means something that isn't comfortable)  Anywhooooo.......I wanted to go to see the movie (I know, 2 in a month) "The Best of Me".   As we are waiting to see if the Ebola virus spreads,  if it does, I won't be going to the movies.  We heard how sad it was.  We didn't cry. But I did scream outloud and jumped out of my seat.  Hubby said I was the only one acting like that.  I doubt that.  I have only done this one other time at the movie "Wait until Dark", many moons ago.  But you have to factor in that I don't go to scary movies.   That might be the reason why.  It was a really good movie........not really scary, just one part.
After we returned home and were just about to go to bed, I get a phone call.  Talk about a shock.  It was my son's birth sister.  This has nothing to do with him just finding his birth mom.  He actually found this sister a couple years ago.  She was told she didn't have a brother.  I think I may have told you this story before.  She was upset and wanting to know what I knew about her and her adoption.  Her adopted mother said she didn't even know where she was born.  Well K. (his sister) found the birth certificate and knew that was another lie.  The lies went on and on.  These all coming to her the past few years because didn't know before.  She certainly was told things about our son that weren't the truth.  I didn't say things about her mother just stated the facts.  It was an hour long conversation, with her crying the entire time.  I wanted to reach through that phone and love the little girl we had known and loved.  She was promised to be a part of our lives.  As soon as her parents adopted her we were not allowed to see her.  Also about three years ago her adoptive father was murdered.  I have mentioned that before as well.  K. knows how to reach me but I don't know how to get ahold of her.  She doesn't remember that we were close to her and probably not looking for a relationship.  Once again, I see a little three year old that I want to protect.  If she never calls again, I will be okay.  I'd love to see her but she has to make that move.  I don't get why educated people don't realize that this is 2014 and they can find things out easily.  I might just be a tad bit afraid of what her mother might say or do to me.  I am not joking.
Also, not joking, I am a little worried about another thing that happened.  Not sure how to explain this.  Someone that was sent to our house to do services by another company is under investigation.  He was so nice.  He also came back to see if everything was okay just a couple weeks ago when he was at the neighbor's house.  That is the scary part.  So since I haven't left the house all week, I am locking my doors.
Geez Louise.  I don't have to even leave the house to get myself in trouble.
So sorry for what has happened in Canada.  Another tragedy.  So sad.
This is a long post for someone that never left the house, isn't it?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A beautiful fall n

I really thought this fall wouldn't have the colors as years past.  It seemed everything turned so quickly, like just a week ago.  The colors are amazing.  I heard on the radio that because of the cooler  temps that it is more colorful this year.  It may only last a couple of week's but it really is breathtaking.  I tried getting pictures but  today was dark and rainy and they just didn't turn out well.
I saw this dog and thought he was a statue.  He stayed in this position the whole time I was taking his picture.  Isn't he handsome.
Here it looks like most of the leaves have fallen, but they haven't.
We have mostly pines and spruce trees but this is our backyard.
My favorite road in the fall.  Wish the picture was better.
I tore down the fairy gardens.  These little goodies were a birthday gift.  See the witches legs.
Most of my plants have seen better days.  It's too cold now for them to grow.  The chair, little bench and plant stand were all "finds".
Just a little bit of my porch.  I will add some Halloween soon.
I have been hearing a lot about Christmas lately.  Geez, it is getting closer.  I sure would love to hear ideas on homemade gift ideas.
Our Hobby Lobby took over our Michaels' store.  It has doubled in size.  Neither store was ever very busy, but you should have seen the people there today.  I miss Michaels'.   The new HL was nice but pretty much the same as the other one.

I imagine most of you are following the Ebola crisis.  It is scary.  I think we will know in a couple of weeks how contagious it is.  If no more cases come up or if those exposed come down with it.  I can't believe how many were exposed when the nurse flew from Texas to Ohio and then back again.  So far all you hear about is Ohio and Texas.  Yep, I am from Ohio.  Then when I heard about the guy on the cruise ship.  Are you kidding me.  That would spread it all over the world.  I was just looking online for tickets to go see our family in Colorado at Christmas.  I'm holding off booking til we know more.

Well, I think I will start my Christmas list........only kidding.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Last week in pictures

I celebrated another year.  Another year older, I have had many.  But I am thankful for all of the years.  Some definetly were better than others. 
The above picture was taken on the big day, lol.  My son and DIL fixed a nice dinner for my Hubby and I   While Mommy and Daddy made the meal, these two served it.  They were as quiet as a couple of mice.  Now, Rudy, the puppy, he wasn't.  He stole all our napkins off our laps.  He was relocated to the laundry room.  Poor little fellow he can't stay out of trouble.  Instead of cake we had gluten free apple crisp.  It was so good.  Making dinner during the week wasn't easy as this little family is a busy one.
I also heard from all of my kids.  That's always nice to be remembered.
Hubby got me flowers.  I met my mother the next day for lunch and she gave me some presents.  The softest ever night shirt and some little thing.
I think my favorite gift of all was from my grandson, pictured above.  He wrote this long sweet note how much he loved me and gave me $40.  Hah, he is 8 years old.  I said, "Oh, I can't take this money from you."  His parents said I had to take it.  They didn't want him to think that if he gave someone something that they would just give it back.  Then he would do this all of the time.  That's hard to explain and I know I didn't explain it right.  Any whoooo, I compromised .  I took half of it and said I would spend it by taking them somewhere.  I think we all agreed that was okay.
My husband took the day off so we could do something special on my birthday.  We have had a gift card for dinner and movie.  One of those while you view the movie they take your order and bring it to you.  We have never done this before.  It was nice.  Nice comfy seats and not very crowded.  We saw, "This is where I leave you."  It was a good movie.  We didn't get to go on my birthday because we had two showings.  One at 10:00 a.m and another at 5:30 p.m.  Because of the later showing we couldn't take off to do the movie.  WELL, you probably guessed it.  The first one came but the second was a no show.  (I spy so I know) 24 hours later the person says he still wants to look at the house but had been in a meeting.  So he came Friday evening.  When he left he messed up our landscaping.  We have heard that neither thought the house would work for them.  Back to square one.  It is what it is. 
I will leave you with some pictures of the Pumpkin Patch that Baby O. and I went to yesterday.  It looked like it was going to rain so we weren't there long.  Also, all of a sudden large wooden things like scarecrows really scare her.  Nothing like a Pumpkin Patch to cheer you up.  Storms are coming our way today.  I am headed out to see what I can find to make for the Christmas mini swap.  Yep, I signed up again. 
Yes, she is standing in the wagon.  That's how Little O does everything, on the edge.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mini Club Swap Items

These goodies were in the latest mini swap sponsored by Mary Bell.  I think there were 23 people that participated in this swap.  I had so much fun opening each little package.  I wrapped each item back in their packaging.  Mabel had so much fun reopening each item.  Of course she wanted to take them all home with her.  I made mini banners, no pictures, but in an older post.  This was fun to do and I love everything.

No, they aren't going in the FP dollhouse.  Mabel has a doll house that her mother got years ago and it never was assembled.   Can you spy with your little eyes......lots of mini pumpkins, cactus, pillow, framed pictures, little books, Harry Potter items, a basket of produce, a cheese tray, checkers game, scary octopus, Halloween signs, a witch's hat, a teeny doll in a little case, a basket of rolls, bowls made from the tops of acorns, a table runner, pumpkin juice, bottles of witches brew, bundt cake, and a tiny front door key.  There was some material for carpeting .  I hope I mentioned everything, if not, I'm sorry.  If you are interested in joining this group, let me know.  I can direct you to the right person.

I will be back soon to tell you about my birthday.  It has been a crazy week.  I hope you are all enjoying this fall weather.  I had to laugh at the weather lady today.  She said to make sure to keep your eyes on the sky, esp. at night.  I don't know about you but I can't see much in the sky when it is dark.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Just a few

Just a few words and a few pictures.  I know, blurry.  The restaurant person took it with my camera.  She took one on hers and we have that one that isn't blurry.
Miss Mabel and her mommy and grammy.
Miss Goose doing a photo bomb.
Pops and Chris
Miss Mabel with Uncle B.  Would believe Uncle B. and his lovely wife are turning 40. 
Uncle Chris.
Our birthday celebration  Three of us have birthdays in October. The 1, 8, 18th.   Pops (Hubby) took us all out to eat at the Japanese restaurant.  We didn't go til 7:30 p.m. and these pictures were taken around 9:30 pm.  Those little ones help up well.  We were missing our Colorado kids for sure.  I just love having family time.
Oh, and it SNOWED yesterday.  Yep, in Ohio.  I don't ever remember it snowing so early.  We did have a major snowstorm in October when I was in high school.  No accumulations just big beautiful flakes.
Like I said, just a few.....................HUGS

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life happens

Let's start with Miss Mabel.  Here she is going into school for the reading night.
Here she is listening to a story read by the principal.  She brought her favorite doll and her Peppa Pig.  This is her friend.  I could tell right away that Mabel was the follower, I know these things.  So what was funny isn't so funny now.  Well, that cell phone thing was pretty funny.  The event went well.  I know there was at least one other grandparent.  It's hard to tell anymore with parents waiting til they are older to have children.  I think some of the parents thought I worked there.  Well, I did and I volunteer there.  Guess, I have that look.  No, I didn't wear my jammies.  Mabel wasn't too happy with me about that.  I told her I didn't because they had monkeys on them.  She thought that her friends would like them.

Now my son.  He is back to his apartment.  My, oh my, is what Hubby said about the pickup.  Just as I figured the birth mom is still the same person just older.  Like my husband said, "It's just not right that people live like that."  A run down trailer, no water or heat. and who knows what else.  She does have an I phone.  I don't have one.  She just isn't able to be more than what she is.  It's just too bad.  Now to keep our son realizing this is the life that he came from and that we have protected him from.  I could write a book about what we have been through.  I will spare you.  It's hard to explain but when this happened this week-end, it was like he was 4 years old again and we had to protect him.  Another worry is that he will try to take care of her.  I feel bad for her life.  But when he refers to her as mom......that hurts.  I am wondering if I should ask him not to call her that to me???????

Okay, here are some cuties to help make you smile.
Our little neighbor girl.  I heard her crying over  balloon that she had just gotten that had burst.  Her 3 year old sister was trying to tell me all about it.  So, what's a good neighbor to do.  I made them all balloon dogs and put them by their door.  When I got online here was this picture thanking me on FaceBook. 
And here is our cutie pie little great nephew again.  His mom said this is what happens when your baby has man hair and takes a nap. This new face is when he isn't happy.  He does it when they sing to him.   I am a little worried that he isn't eating well enough.  Isn't he just precious.
My little bug is in the repair shop.  Now it really has a boo boo.  My son accidently backed into it.  He felt so bad.  Same son has a big birthday tomorrow.  How can my kids be this old. 
Thank you all again for coming to my rescue with great advice about the house and comforting words about my adopted son.  I'd probably be in therapy if it wasn't for you.  Thanks so much.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mixed emotions

I decided to do a little bit of fall decorating.  We had another Open House yesterday.  As usual we worked hard to make sure everything was in order.  We expected our realtor to be the one hosting.  But someone we didn't know showed up instead.  Now, I did remember him after awhile.  He was a pre-school dad when I was taking Annabelle to school a few years back.  Still a bit of surprise.  So we told him a couple of things then Hubby and I took off in our cars.  All of a sudden I noted that the only open house sign was on the sign in the yard.  Our house isn't off a main road and it's hard to find.  So I went back.  The realtor didn't have any signs, what, well I found one in our garage for him.  He took it to the entrance to our neighborhood.  There should have been one at the nearest cross roads.  Needless to say......AGAIN,  NO ONE SHOWED UP.  Last time it was the advertising.  This time that was still a bit of the problem.  I called them on Thursday as I didn't see a post about it.  Well, there computer was down because the church next door had some construction that ripped those darn computer wires right off of their building.  Hmmmm, don't they have computer access at home.  Then I see a post on FB that the realtor's wife is in Hawaii.....wonder if he is as well.  Yep, 100 days on the market and I have mixed emotions for sure.  We picked the good ole home boy to sell our house thinking he would have more time to market it.  Wrong, another listing mistake.  Well, no more open houses.  We are still under contract for 3 more months.  What to do, what to do??  Hubby thinks we make a major deduction and list at our bottom dollar.  That scares me a bit.  What if there is something that comes up in the home inspection.  What if someone puts in a lower offer.  Is the price the problem.  It is actually very low considering houses in our area are very expensive.  Ours is reasonable, large and in a great location.  Mixed emotions, for real.  So here are a few pictures of my fall decorating.
I decided that the blue mason jars with the pumpkins might be a good contrast for a change.

I have changed this already, somewhat.  I decided to leave the canvas of the grands from this summer.  It didn't come out quite the way I had expected.  There is way too much green going on.  But, it was only a random photo anyway.  I just like how everyone was doing their own thing. 
How is this for a hint......Seriously I didn't do this for the open house.  Just a joke. ( Cute little chalkboard tags were on clearance at Pottery Barn)
See these little things holding the candles in the jars.  I got those from my D├ęcor Steals gift certificate that I won.  I want to get some coffee beans and candy corn to put in the jars.  I like the look of them even plain.
I forgot one thing that I got at the Country Living Fair.
The cute little fence around the chair.  It's supposed to look like barbed wire.  it had a different hat on it that I switched out for the witches' hat.   The fence was  from the bird booth that I showed before.  It has two crows on it and a propped up shovel.  The other thing I bought last year at the fair from a fairy garden booth.  The chair, some leaves, the little bat hanging upside down on the fence.  I added the little water globe.  I thought it looked a bit magical.  I had to shove all the leaves inside.  Oh at the cute little back on the top outside.  It's from Dotty Red from across the pond.  Cute, isn't it.
Here is our little kitchen table all decked out with it's Halloween table cloth.  I got this on clearance several years ago from Pottery Barn Kids.  (The only way I can afford anything there)  That's Piper in the background.  Little Izzy has decided she wants to be a couch potato again.  For the first time in a couple of years she is jumping up on the sofa again.  Hope her potty problems don't happen there.
Another view of the cute tablecloth.  This and the cloche are the only Halloween things so far.
I have lots more to tell you but will wait til the next post.  I want to tell you about Mabel's school event.  Also my mind is all a jumble due to my adopted son finding his birth mom.  Not only did he find her he has been with her since Saturday evening.  Someone from her family came and got him (she lives an hour away).  But he has called for a pickup today.  Don't know how I feel about this.  She lives the life that we worked so long to protect him from.  Yes, he is an adult but still child like in decision making and reality. Yep, mixed emotions for sure.  So I will update you on them next post.  Have a great new week. I must go and undecorated the house before the little home
wrecker gets her.