Thursday, November 20, 2014

Two cozy puppies on my lap and my little electric fireplace.......we are cozy.

I wanted to tell you about a great Origami Owl special.  If you purchase $59 you will get a locket, chain and a limited addition snow globe charm.  This is a big deal.  It only lasts til Saturday mornng.  If you are intrrested leave a message and I will tell you more.
I am headed to bed.  It's been a long day.  I had my mammo, ..n EKG, chest xray and physical therapy.  So off to get some sleep, I hope.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When it looks like this, why not.

When it looks like this why not start getting ready for Christmas.  Some say it's tradition, some say it's rushing time, some say that it isn't giving the love to Thanksgiving.
Well my answers to those are....................
1.  Time rushes by on it's own.  We have no control over that.  It's going to happen .
2.  Who set this tradition.  Our parents and then their parents before them.  Canada has their Thanksgiving way before ours, leaving this time for Christmas.  Who are we honoring, our fore fathers?  Time has changed a lot since the first Thanksgiving.
3.  Can't we be thankful for our forefathers and God at the same time. 
I can't remember if I ever decorated before Thanksgiving.  I usually wait til around the first of December.  Then I find myself stressing about the decorating, getting cards ready to mail,  Christmas shopping/baking, and all of that. 
I remember once having Thanksgiving at my son's.  It was all Christmasy and it was so nice.  So, don't hate me but I have taken down the Fall and started to put up Christmas.  Hubby asked for it to be simple and not all out.  I had the same thought.  So I have decided that it will be a winter forest like theme.  Only those things will come out.  I will bring some of my Santas out closer to Christmas.
So I am showing you a little of Thanksgiving. 
I am having an Origami Owl Open House this week-end .  My friend is going to bring her Jamberry items as well.  That may have or may not have been a decorating influence.
I will be gone Christmas as well.  I am going to Colorado to be with my Colorado kids.  Hubby will come for a couple of days. 
Also, having the house on the market who knows what will happen.  I still have no word about the last two showings.  Believe me these people have to be serious to consider moving right now.
Okay, have I convinced you that it is okay.  The Thanksgiving police won't come after you.  If they do call me.......1-800-Bah-Humbug
Okay some post notes:
I don't like it when the stores decorate for Christmas til after Halloween.
I will not shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.  I usually don't hit the stores at all after Thanksgiving.  But get this......our church, The Church in the Mall, has sign ups for helping our neighborhood.......the neighborhood is the mall workers.  They start Thanksgiving late evening and go til morning with drinks and treats for the workers.  So, I will donate food but not going to be one that goes around with the food.
Toodles, off to take back the sleep study equipment.  It's supposed to snow again today. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sleep Study

One night down, oone to go.   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Window Shopping

I had to be downtown today so I snapped a few pictures.  Only three stores had changed over for Christmas.......but the others were restaurants. I missed the Open House at this first one.  They were packed with goodies.
Another view of Green Velvet.

Tis was a place called Kussmall Galleries after the owner's last name.  This used to be a book store.  Such a cute place then.  Great books upstairs and then in the basement even more.  It was almost like a library.  I loved that place.  They had dehumidifiers always running so the books stayed moisture free.  Not sure why they did away with it.  The son took over and turned it into a gift shop.  He also is a great artist.

Check out these trees.  I asked if I could take a picture for my blog.  Wonder how hard it would be to make these.  I forgot and never looked at the price.
It's hard to get a window shot without least for me.

This is inside the candy shop.  The owner's daughter has her vintage things inside the shop plus some of her friends have their items as well.

I have followed these vintage girls for a long time.

My neighbor's house.  I should have zoomed in on this tree.  Isn't it beautiful.  This was today.  Temps are in the 30's and headed down.  I also love this grass.  The lady that used to live here was Dave Longaberger's longtime girlfriend up until he died.  (Baskets)

Then here are the doggies on the home front.  Miss Izzy was quite proud that she got up on the sofa by herself.  Pretty sure this sofa will be headed to my son's.
Speaking of the home front, all of a sudden we have had showings.  Repeat showings for one family.  We had one yesterday and another tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed that an offer will come our way.  Wouldn't you know as winter is settling in. 
We had to get a new hot water heater.  So nice to have water again.  It wasn't too bad.  At least we had heat and electricity.  Now those are hard to do without, and we have many a time.
Well that's it for now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

New finds to share

  I found this little tool box at one of the barn sales.  Rusty and a perfect blue.  A sweet new doll from Pat C. of All is Bright.  (Not from the barn sales)  Her hair and flower are a really hot pink color.  Lighting wasn't good enough to show the right colors.
  Seems like a long time since I posted.  Not really but a lot has been going on.  I promised to show you pictures of the things I bought at the sales last week-end.  There were lots of church sales this week-end but I didn't go. 
Little O. started back at day care because mom got a job with regular hours.  We both think it will be good for her.  Of course, I will still see her.  I miss the little stinker.  My dogs don't.
Let's see my blood work came back.  Everything normal even my cholesterol.  I told the nurse that although that would be wonderful, perhaps she should recheck.  Well, they didn't check for cholesterol.  I will have to have another draw for that.  Nope.......not at my expense.
Then I went to the ortho doctor for my shoulder.  They did x-rays.  They could see arthritis in the shoulder but that doesn't show tears.  The plan is 6 weeks of therapy twice a week, then a return appointment.  If that doesn't fix it, a steroid shot.  Then if that doesn't work, and MRI to see if there is a tear.  If there is, surgery on my rotator cuff.  I think it's the ailment from having to clean so often.  Two of my friends had to have the surgery when there houses were listed.  (Did, I tell you that before?)  Okay, it isn't going to go that far, I'm pretty positive it won't.  Thank goodness my husband has been running the Dyson for me all this time.  It would have been a lot worse.  Oh anti-inflammatory meds too.
But the good news was that I had lost 30 lbs in the last six weeks. ( This is the doctor I went to for my trigger finger.  The cortisone shot he gave me then has really healed it.)  They weighed me on a digital scale.  I asked the nurse what I weighed the last time.  She acted a little miffed about looking it up.  When she came back in the room I asked if she checked it.  She went back out and came back in the room and said that she wanted to weigh me again.  I knew it was wrong but oh how nice that looked on the scale.  I have lost 20 plus pounds over the past 1 1/2 years.
I also had my flu shot and picked up orders for a chest x-ray and mammogram.  I had a return appointment with my family doctor for Monday to go over the x-ray and blood work.  Well, they never told me that I was to get the chest x-ray.  So I postponed that til I do.  I also have my sleep study this week to see why my oxygen levels are so low.  Actually to monitor them while I sleep.  They are letting me do a home study since I have such a problem falling asleep.  Whew.......glad I have met my deductible this year.  Still with the deductible and 20 %, it adds up.  Nothing compared to friends that are going through some major medical things.
I still watch M. and Mabel  one night a week.  We are watching them tomorrow so their parents can attend a meeting.
Yesterday school was closed.  I took Goose and K,Bug and her best friend to see "The Book of Life".  Not our first choice but I had to get the girls back for their cross fit class.  Geez.  My granddaughter's best friend is my friends daughter and a former pre-schooler.  SO fun listening to them giggle like pre teens.
I also watched a one year old this week.  I will be watching him for a few hours one day a week for awhile.  He's a cutie but he really missed his mommy.
I managed to get some groceries yesterday as well. 
Hubby was being sweet and did dishes this morning.  Later he went to turn on the water and we didn't have any.  When you have a well, this is scary.  He's pretty sure it is the hot water heater that lives in a concrete pit outside the house.  We called the plumber, the lottery winner, but he hasn't returned our call yet.  So no water all day.  I made chili and brownies for dinner.......amazing how many times I went to turn on the water.  Not having water means no flushing.  Hubby went and bought some gallon bottles of water and drinking water.  We will fill them back up if we need to.  Times like this you feel like a pioneer.

This cute Ginger from ToadSews is posing in front of this little caddy I found at another barn sale.  It had the greenery in it but I thought it wasn't real.  When I unpacked it there were needles everywhere.  So before I took it apart, I added some candles and had Ginger pose for you.  I was a little afraid that the candle might catch the greens or the dolls hair on fire.  I have bad luck with candles you know.

And, I finished these cuties for the Christmas mini swap.  I'm not sure what to call them.  I decided Christmas Woodland Fairy.  (Hubby thought they were drummer boys)
Some have candy cane wings and the others toile for the wings.  I didn't have enough of the candy canes.  They have acorn caps for hats. 
Okay, well that's it for now.  I am going to retreat to the bedroom with my cup of Sleepy Time Tea and a new read on the Kindle.  (My husband is watching the OSU game and the dogs and I like things to be a little quieter)  I do apologize because the paragraphs didn't end up where I planned on them too.  Too tired to do over.

Monday, November 3, 2014

What a bunch of characters

Halloween is so much fun for the kids.  They get so excited just thinking about it.  And then after the candy, they are really EXCITED.  Our elementary school has a parade every year.  They all walk around the block and the parents and grandparents gather to watch them.  This year it  turned suddenly cold and rainy.  They couldn't decide whether to have it inside or outside.  Most of the spectators went inside the school.  We all stood their as the kindies and the first graders paraded by, then nothing.  Here the parade was going on outside and we didn't know.  So it was very confusing.  No chance for good pictures.  So these pics were done very quickly.  Afterwards,  I went to all three grandchildren's classes to say hi and to get another picture.
Of course we had an Elsa.  Isn't her teacher pretty.  I swear Mabel was truly playing the part of a princess.  Her mom got her dress on sale before Halloween.  It wasn't really a costume just a pretend dress.  So imagine Mabel's surprise when her best friend had the same dress.

Miss Goose was a cat.  She's such a petite eight year old.

Here we all are standing waiting on the parade that was already happening and we didn't know it.  And Mabel and her new BFF.  Thank goodness she has found other friends.

Here is M. coming back from the parade.  He's the one in the rainbow wig.  I don't like these costumes but the guys sure do.

He is much cuter in this picture.  Of course he is being behaved.  (Hah, his words)

I didn't get to see the oldest in her costume.  They don't dress at her school.  She dressed as Spiderman, that's our K.T. Bug.  Once she was batman.
After the parade I headed out to some barn sales that were going on together.  There was one at Antebellum Farm.  No wonder I never found it before, since I was going to wrong way.  This time I almost didn't make it either.  Now, this isn't really funny but it kinda is.  I knew I wasn't going in the right direction, so I pulled into a church and turned around.  There is a traffic light there, so I waited til the cars went by.  Then one car stopped and motioned for me to go.  I swear I did look to see if someone was coming.  When I started out this lady started going crazy inside her car.  I thought, wow,  I must have made her mad for some reason.  Then she took both hands and slapped the side of her face.  I was like .....what the heck.  I turned and looked behind me and there was a huge semi.  He must have seen me because he was going slowly and not bearing down the brakes or honking at me.  So the kind lady that let me out was trying to stop me from getting hit by a semi.  Anyhow, I kept thinking of her face and sorry, I thought it was funny.  Of course, it could have been really not funny.
So, I went to one of the other sales, shopped and then got directions.  I went to two of the barn sales and to another d├ęcor shops that I had a birthday coupon to use.  I got a few items and decided to forgo the industrial barn sale.  It was cold and it was time for trick or treaters at home.

This picture is out of place.  These are my Colorado kids.  I think you can guess what my granddaughter was.  She looks pretty good.  That girl loves to wear makeup at 8.  Mom is always telling her to go back in the house and wash her face.  I think it comes from being in dance recitals.  Now Little Q. our avid fisherman, was a angler fish.  His teeth lit up. Well the fish's teeth.  Not sure what happened to his eyes, hah.
Last year we didn't have one beggar.  They all go into the village and go down one street.  But this year we had our neighbors. So glad they stopped over.  They got all the candy.
This person was a Grandma.  The shirt says "This is my grandma costume".  I had a camera and pictures.  So like all grandmas, I would ask, "Would you like to see my pictures."  I wore this to my son and dil's house after the kids were done going house to house.  They had a party where all there friends gathered after that.  Talk about cold little kids.  They were wet and had freezing hands.  It's so funny as different dads (moms stayed at the house nice and warm) came back with different kids.  They all went to high school together and have remained great friends.  Even after being gone for so many years attending and graduating college, military service and 7 years in Colorado, my son and his wife just took off right where they left off.  Hubby and I were the oldies at the party but it was fun talking to these now grown ups.
Mabel and Grammy ended up being a little croupy after the cold day on Friday.  Mabel spent most of the week-end with us.  Lots was going on at the Fitness studio and she wanted to come and spend five days with us.  Well, it was only one overnight but she'll be back next week-end.
Loved the "fall back".  A little extra rest helped me bounce back.
Back soon with what I found on that rainy day.
I will leave you with this picture.  Underneath that mask was a sweet little girl in a princess costume, hah.