Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More vacation pictures

 The first night we were there we had one son and his family that hadn't arrived.  We took this picture that night.
This was taken when everyone was there.  Not sure why the old folks looked so washed out.
And here we all are.  Each little family in it's own little group.  Every night we got the kids out of the pool or home from the beach and took showers to head out for dinner.  One night we grilled and another night we had fresh fish tacos made by our SIL the chef.  We ended up eating out early every night and found that was a great time avoiding the crowds. 

You may note that our youngest son isn't with us.  It would not be a pleasant trip for him or us if he did go.  He has his own schedule and needs his own space.  Not to say that he wasn't calling three times a day with his current drama.  On Sunday we had a major blowup and we are still rebounding.  He couldn't understand why we didn't want him to move a girl he just met into his condo that he just moved back in.  We are talking less than 24 hours of knowing her.  She is still married and has a 2 year old.  So he has moved out of the condo again and has moved in with her parents.  She still lives with her soon to be x in another town.  Does that make any sense.  No it doesn't.  He is so uncapable of making good choices.  But, I must say this time we are going for the tough love for sure.  He is on his own.  We have talked to him but we are backing away. 

We have had some positive showings.  Just wish I had some news for you.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods with the crazy weather.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meet Hank the Tank

Can you see him.  He's not very big.  This is his second full day of living with us.  How do you think Piper likes him.  They are having so much fun.  He is rough with Piper.  But Piper is such a gentle soul.  So far Hank is quite the pup.  He potties outside.  When he can't he potties on a pee pad.  He did that all on his own.  Sleeping is going well.  I couldn't take the howling  when I put him in a crate, so he sleeps in a post office bin.  Hah.  We had so much mail they put it in this big ole plastic bin.  So I put a blanket in it.  He never cried when I put him in there last night.  A couple of times during the night.  Soooo....I tell him he is okay and I put my arm in the box.  He licks my hand and goes back to sleep.  He has gone all night both nights without an accident.  I know that this all could change.
He is two months and a Chorkie.  His mama was 6 pounds and a Yorkie.  His daddy was a four pound Cihuauhau .  I didn't see his dad.  I asked his owner if she was tricking me and he was a Dobbie.  She reassured me , hah
I couldn't wait to share the news any longer.  Yep, we are crazy.....our adult kids think so anyway.

Do you like the way we blocked the staircase.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Back from the beach

The title is a little funny, considering I never went to the beach.  The house that we stayed at has a private beach that you can walk to.  All the kids and grands went almost everyday.  Hubby and I never went.  It's not that we don't like the beach.  We got to enjoy the water while dining out and on a pirate ship.  I have tons of photos to share of our trip.  I will post a few here and there so I don't bore you.
We had a great time.  The house is perfect for our family.  My SIL and BIL are part owners.  If you ever need a great home to stay in at Hilton Head, I can give you info.  This is our families' third visit.  Thanks Mary Ann and Bill.
The pool in the back yard is always the center of all the fun.  We had some major water gun fights.  They blasted me in my clothes.  So I got my suit on and blasted them back.  Yep, I got in the pool.
Eating out every night except for one was fun for everyone. 
  I guess Blogger isn't going to let me post my pictures today.  So more another time.  This is our crew, minus the little guy on the right, before we boarded the Pirate Ship.
I'll be back later with lots more.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Having fun with family.  Fisher Boy was fishing so he is missing.  Go figure.Be back soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Grammy Time

Going to be on a bloggy break for awhile spending time with my littles. So excited.
I want to apologize that I haven't responded to all your heartfelt comments.  When my Kindle was working I could email you.  It won't charge up.  And since someone else has my new Kindle it is too hard with the computer.  My computer won't let me email back.
But I do appreciate all your happy thoughts.  I may be able to stop in but maybe not.  I will be back online in a couple of weeks for sure.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Birthdays and Graduations

Happy Birthday to "The guy with the perfect hair."  He is the sweetest kindest 9 year old boy ever.  He gave me $40 for my birthday. hah. He is the last of the three to turn 9.    Now the officially ages of the grands are 12, 9, 9, 9, 6, 5.  Lots of birthdays lately.  Yes, in case you noticed, he is ladies man already.

Happy birthday to the lady in the monster hat, my sister in law.  She is a gem.  She is also the grammy of the cake sitter.  You will never meet a kinder person.

These two were graduates.  KT. Bug graduated from the Intermediate School to the Middle School.  They had a nice ceremony.  Each child was give either a honor/merit roll or/and a fun award.  She had straights A's and got "The smile that lights up a room" Award.  She walked up on stage and when they said that she flashed that special smile.
Her little sister missed her ceremony because she is an awesome soccer player.  Year around and 5 days a week.  She graduated to the Intermediate School from the Elementary school.  They had a fun clap out, that I missed.  I wish I could share the picture of her and Mr. Perfect hair together on the last day of school.  But it is on my phone.  Mr. Perfect Hair also graduated .  Two of the nines.
This pretty girl, L Belle is the other nine year old.  I think she is staying in the same school.  She's my Colorado girl.  She loves to dance. And she is the first of the six to get braces.  She wanted glasses to but she passed her eye exam.  She tried to cheat but the doctor knew better.

And my Fisher boy Q. graduated from pre-school as he is going to be a Kindy next year.  Oh, I hope they are ready for him.  He knows everything about fish, snakes, toads, frogs and bugs.  He might just be bringing some to school.  I haven't seen his grad pictures but I hear they are awesome.  He's also a Colorado grand.  I haven't seen them for 6 months.  That's the longest ever.  But that will change in just one week.  I can't wait to see them.

Let me see, that's I 2, 3, 4, 5, someone is missing.  Who could that be.
It's Mabel.  She is moving on up to first grade.  Her brother and cousin won't be there next year.  She will make up for them.  She's a tumbler and a dancer and our first grand that has visited the principal's office.  Probably more than once.  To be fair, here is a better picture.

With her Bestie.  Both their brothers moved on to the Intermediate School.  I think they are excited.  Mabel is the one in the dress.
Now we did have another birthday girl.  My other sister in law.  I love this picture from a few years ago.  But she is in Aruba right now again.
Can you see the green intruder?

For this guy, this week hasn't been a happy one.

Piper is still saving space for his sister.  That's her little fleece.  He still checks us out every time we come home to see if we have her.  Hang on little doggy better times a coming.

We had a quiet spot on showings then had two on Thursday night, one on Friday night and one on Saturday.  As always we do our thing, leave and come back later.  This time we thought no one was here and they weren't.  But as soon as I tear apart a drawer looking for something they show up an hour late.  We ask for five minutes to restore the house and they come in while we sit in the car with the dog and the A/C.  Still no offers.
Want to know what I was looking for in that drawer......a ring......that I placed there awhile ago.  Not there.  Then suddenly I remember not seeing my husband's brand new in the box, Kindle Fire.  That was in my dresser.  Yep, it's gone.  We are still searching to see what else was missing.  We will be filling a report with the Sheriff soon.  If it was just the ring, I might say I forgot where I put it, but not the new Kindle.  (Yes, I have misplace my old Kindle but I found it.)  I might add that I have only a few things that I treasure and that are valuable.  Of course this was the case with this ring.  We have an idea that it was a certain person that came "alone" to show our home.  He never filled out the online survey.  Our realtor called him four times and he never responded.  Since then he has changed real estate companies and is in our town.  Not going to judge but just saying.
One other time I lost my heart shaped diamond ring, 1 1/2 carot , my husband bought it for me in St. Thomas.  I looked and looked everywhere.  It was strange that nothing else was taken.  I suspected a friend of my son.  But just a year ago I said something about it and our youngest, you know the one with all the drama, said "No, he didn't take it.  I did, I gave it to Mandy and she wouldn't give it back."  Mandy was a girl with Downs that he went to prom with.  Well that was 10 years ago.  Nice, huh.  So, I do know when something is gone.  My other jewelry was locked or on me. 
Now, and you thought my life was always good.  Nope, just glad that there are more ups than downs.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This is a must read and it doesn't have anything to do with me personally/STRANGER ALERT

No pictures but this is serious business.
Some of you that are friends with Meredith may have already heard about how her adorable little boy's picture was used in a false Go Fund Me.  Now that was terrible.  But this is even worse.
This morning a person I am friends on FB with posted this.  He is the nephew of my closest friend.  He fought for full custody of his daughter.  He does all kinds of things to raise money for Epilepsy since his young daughter has it.  Now, I am guessing but I think she may have just turned 13.
I am passing this information on because knowing someone that is so into the life of his sweet daughter and this still happened.
I will be using my words of his words since I can't share the whole thing.
To the point:
This dad took out an app called "My Mobile Watchdog" on his cell to monitor what his daughter was doing on her phone.  He researched this app and it was supported by CNN and others.  It's only $45 a year.  He took this out this week-end.
His daughter started a social media account.  Google Plus.  She begins talking to a complete stranger.  They exchanged phone numbers and pictures.  Then they started texting.  This came across his phone.  This person told this girl that her father was overbearing because he checked her phone.  She told her she couldn't wait to come to Ohio to adopt her.  She had a 16 year old that was told she was going to have a little sister.  She told her about going on dates and having sex.  She said she was a cool mom and they would have an open conversation about the girl's first time.  She told her to save her contact information in a "teen to teen" file.  She was to tell her dad that it was a teen mentoring line.  She gave her a code to use when she called because she didn't answer her calls unless she had this.  This is only part of the conversations he shared.
He has contacted Missing and Exploited Children.  He said this was a classic build up to being abducted and possible for a childhood sex ring.  He said the girl's home and school are on alert and watching for anyone approaching this child.  His child is really mad at him.  She has already been turned against him.  How long was this going on 3 DAYS. 
My just turned 12 year old granddaughter told her dad that she is the only one in the classroom that doesn't have a cell phone.
I am wondering if this could be related to other religious groups.  I am avoiding the name so there is no connection to me.
I don't know about you but this is scary stuff.  This dad just took this young girl to Disney last fall.  My friend stayed with her for a week.    She is just a little innocent girl. WOW, Please warn those with young children.  It just makes me sick.