Monday, May 25, 2015


Today is the day to remember our fallen soldiers.  I also think we need to thank those that have served and those that are currently serving.
This picture if from Karen Grande.  I am in love with these Skippy dolls.  Someday I hope to have one like these.  The composition ones are just so cute.
I think the reason I love them is because they remind me of this guy.
Remember the Fisher Boy

Frog catcher, snake holder

Sorry, I couldn't find a baby picture so you could see his cheeks.  But he had them.
I get to see my Colorado kids really soon.

It's been such a sad week-end.  We miss Izzy, all three of us.  But, I don't miss her struggling to breathe.  Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A hard week

Today is a sad day.  Poor Izzy just couldn't breathe.  She isn't suffering now.  I was with her to the end, I didn't want her to be scared.  What a sweet dog she was.  She loved children.  She didn't even care when Little O. picked her up off the ground by the ears.  Piper is still looking for her.  He thought he was her mother.  He has been a mess all week.  Amazing how smart they are.  They sure grab your heart. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is all about childhood hunger.  Please consider donating time or money so children don't have to go hungry.
While red noses are right up my alley and some of my besties are red nose clowns, it's more than that.
Children go hungry everyday.  In the states and abroad.  Thinking of the children that get free lunches, that won't have that this summer.
I've talked about my son that is adopted.  Within a week after he was born someone called Childrens Services because there was no food in his house.  Can you imagine a newborn without formula.  He wasn't nursed either.  I am sure this has contributed to his obesity now.  I remember soon after we adopted him we were staying at a hotel.  It was getting late and we had been moving our daughter into her room at college.  We ordered room service.  He was really hungry.   The hunger stirred feelings from before.  He was running the halls looking for food.
We sometimes take food for granted.  Do what you can do to help.
Thanks from a red nose.
Petals the Clown

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Somedays you just need to sit on your cake.

Happy Birthday to Sweet Finn.  This gives a whole new way to let your baby have his own first cake.  Way to go Finny.
This proves you can have your cake and sit on it, too.

I erased the rest of this post.  Some days are just like that, better not said.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wild Times

I'm so sorry that I haven't been visiting your blogs much lately.  I feel like I have been in a senior citizen fast lane lately.
Here is what has been happening around here since I last posted.
Monday night I spent the night at my sons' house.  He and his wife were headed to Cleveland Clinic for some consults.  They left really early.  I stayed with the girls and then took them to school.  After school I waited on the bus and helped them pack for an overnighter with my other sons' family.  Got them in the car loaded and started the one mile trip.  Then the tornado sirens went off.  I thought at first it was just an emergency.  I knew there had been severe storm warnings predicted but the sky was calm.  As I was going down my son's lane, the couple next door yelled at me to park the car  and get in the house.  My DIL comes out and we kinda laugh about why those sirens are on.  So in we go  to turn on the TV.  Yep, very strong winds headed our way, 65 mph strong.  They live on a big hill and we could see the sky.  I first said I needed to get home for my dogs.  Then when the phone rang with the recording from the village warning us about the weather, I couldn't leave my DIL with 4 kids and a dog.  We put the kids in the stairwell closet.  They were so good about it.  We kept watching.  I have a picture on my phone.  They were so far back in the closet you couldn't see them.  They were in there for an hour.  But we gave them popcorn and they had fun chatting away.  The dog kept wanting in and out.  The winds picked up and rain poured.  My son returns home from work and I take off for home.  usually high winds leave trees all over blocking roads and driveways.  Not this time.....trash cans were every where.  I think what they said happened the winds were strong but high and most didn't reach the ground.  Plus the village let the electric company come in and chop down hundreds of trees that had the ash disease.  So, we came out okay, unlike other places, and all was well.
Tuesday, my granddaughter started not feeling well while on a walking tour of the village. So she was retrieved and cuddled and ate her packed lunch.  Her mommy and daddy were still in Cleveland getting testing done.  She was worried they would be gone for a long time like before when her mom was in ICU.  She really wanted to see the old school house and end the tour at Whit's the custard shop.  So we tracked the class down by calling her dad to see where the class was at that time.  He was helpful even from 2 hours away.  We found them and she was happy.  I came home let the dogs out and returned to town to watch the other two grands.
Wednesday, gosh I almost forgot what I did.  We had a showing.  I had to go solo as hubby was at work.  Needless to say I forgot a couple of things.  I left the dog dishes, yes I did, on the kitchen table.  I must have been distracted as that would never be where I would put them.  Showing went well, interest but just beginning their search.
Then Thursday.  Our DIL had testing done Monday and Tuesday but returned home for Wednesday.  My son and his oldest went on a field trip to King's Island.  Since he is a teacher at his school he went along.  I bet he was tired after being gone for two days.  So DIL and son returned to Cleveland Clinic on Thursday for another MRI.
So I get a message that the elementary school called.  Yikes, it must be for Goose again.  Almost panicking I kept calling til I got a human.  The secretary said she hadn't seen her.  So she uses the classroom intercom and asked if Goose was okay.  Yes, she was.  So I said what about M.  She calls his classroom and asks.  She asked if M. (Mr. Perfect Hair) was okay it was his grandma calling to see.  He had been worried about needing a  shirt he needed to tie dye at school.  He said his classmates were laughing.  I told him I would do that again once in awhile just to check on him.  So I didn't get to number three Mabel.  Her dad said she should have been the first one I checked on because she is always getting into trouble.  She has been know to have a crying fit or two when things don't go right.  Poor Mabel.
So back into town to care for M and M after school.  Before that I went to the auction place as they were having a doll hunt auction.  I thought that I needed two hours to not have to do anything.  This auction had rooms full of dolls from all ages and although there were great dolls, a lot looked like junk.  While I was there my son called and wanted a ride.  HE thought his needs were way more important than me being at an auction, even though I hauled him around all week.
Also this whole week we have been trying to get the landlord to approve a renter.  He seems like a good candidate.  She won't approve him because his current landlord won't call her back.  Also he has student loans.  He didn't have a felon though like she keeps saying everyone we send her has.  BUT, he did have a seat belt violation.  Can you believe that was brought up.  Well the rent was due for the condo yesterday.  It has not been paid.  We think she knows we will pay and why take a chance on someone new.  But, she said she would get back to me when she knows.  So I am waiting.  I think she will make a decision soon because she wants the rent money.  We are already thinking that we will let the guy pay us the rent and they can just stay on our lease.  We don't have much at risk after three months of paying utilities and rent for an empty place.  Grrrrr.
Friday I had offered to go to the zoo with Little O. so that she could go on a field trip with her other little friends from school.  I actually was afraid that she might get loose and never be found again.  We had fun.  Her group was a small one with one on one ratio.  We had to wait 30 minutes outside the entrance with a thousand other adults and students to just get in.  When we did get in, this zoo worker man walked up to me and said, "If you are going to the African Exhibit you should take the train because it's a lot of walking uphill."  Do I look that old and out of shape.  It was sprinkling and a little cooler when we first got there.  But it heated up.  I don't do heat.  When I looked at the other teachers sweating like crazy, I felt better.  In my old age I have a new look on things.  I notice when I am tired or hot and think of how far away I have to walk to the car.  I knew after 2 1/2 hours I needed to start the walk back.  So little O. and I headed back.  She was in the stroller for the most part.  She had to be belted because she would escape and take off and believe me she did.  So I got her a giraffe (stuffed) not the little one, she needed the big one.  Her mom was so nice and sent all kinds of money.  We also stopped for Dots.  She got the rainbow ones.  Of course those little pellets kept rolling off the spoon and melting on her clothes.  She was a mess.  But we made it to the car and cleaned her up and in new clothes.  I looked at the envelope her mom sent.  She had written $ for parking, food, Dippin Dots and any other crap.  Hah, we didn't see that before the Dippin Dots.  So before I could get out of the parking lot she was snoring away.  On the way home, I was forced into another lane of traffic because it was backed up.  Not the highway but a busy four lane road.  I signaled to get back in the other lane and this guy driving a huge dump truck wasn't having it and about ran over me.  I didn't get over til later.  Then he flew by flipped me the bird and screamed something starting with a "B."  So he had not only tried to kill us but yelled at us.   I drive a bug, you can easily see there is a baby in the back.  I had seriously done nothing to this rude person.
So guess what I am doing today.....NOTHING, YEAH.
(Oh the tests on my DIL has shown that the tear is almost healed, and she didn't have something she was tested for called FMD, and they are still searching for answers.)  I also had a doctors appointment on Monday for a med check and blood work.  The results are in but they couldn't tell me because the doctor hadn't signed off on them.  I  guess they don't think I am educated enough to understand on my own)
So since you have been so good reading all this stuff I will leave you with pretty flowers I got from my daughter and some fun pictures of the zoo.

Yes that is a trash bag on the door handle and my little dog.  At least there aren't dog dishes on the kitchen table.

Little O in the yellow skirt.

Little O feeding a baby giraffe.  You had to buy three pieces of lettuce for three dollars to feed them.  I like the zoo in Colorado Springs where they have a bunch of giraffes and they give you the food to feed them.

This is the Mama.  My camera switched to black and white as my battery was low.

Doing a little dance in the petting zoo.

After the hike uphill and with sprinkles, while O. tried to escape.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week-end Recap

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle a showing and a garage sale and Mothers Day all in the same time frame.  But as usual things happen and you get what you need done and then you rest.
We had the showing.  It is hard to get ready for a garage sale and keep your house clean and not cluttered.  I managed.  The dogs and I went on our usual ride.  I'm pretty sure they came.  We didn't get back before the left.  No reviews or card left.  I could tell a couple of doors were different.  Isn't it strange that they don't leave their business cards.  Meanwhile more houses are coming on the market.  Our pastor's house is a new listing.  There is no rhyme or reason to pricing.  I thought it would be around $160.  It's $279, 000.  It's a cape cod with one bedroom and a loft.  Stairs going into the front door, and the garage is underneath the house, so lots of steps.  But it is what it is and what happens happens. 
Now, the garage sale.  It was a community sale .  The downtown village had all kinds of sales.  They were so busy that the streets were jammed up.  People would venture out our way at the end, tired and done shopping.  We really didn't have any big items or furniture.  We sold at total of $32.  Yep.  And twenty went to register the sale.  It's all right, really.  Once things were in the garage I didn't have to do much.  We gave away a whole bunch of things like we did last year.  So we weren't even disappointed. 
Yesterday was a busy day.  Our son and his family took us to brunch at our favorite Mexican place in the village.  We know the owners.  The chef is from Mexico so you can imagine how good the food was.  My grandson scarfed down his pancakes with his eyes shut and saying mmmmmm, the whole time.  I took a tiny bite and oh my they were good.
Next we took off for the almost 2 hour drive to see our mothers.  Hubby dropped me off at mine and went to see his mother at the nursing home.  She sleeps most of the time and doesn't seem to know anyone.  My mother had fixed a picnic for us.  We were going to take her out to eat.  It was good that we didn't have to go anywhere to wait in line.  We also stopped to see Hubby's sister and husband.  It was good to visit for a few minutes.  We always have to worry to get back to our doggies, esp. when one isn't well.
I got to face time with my daughter in Colorado.  (It was cold and snowy there yesterday)
Our youngest had gone to see his birth mother on his birthday through Mothers Day.  How did I feel about that very mixed emotions.  I know that she can't help how she is, but still it was a weird feeling.  Well, he called yesterday to come home a day early.  He couldn't take it anymore.  So after my husband had driven the 4 hours to see our moms, he had to drive another 2 hours to bring him back.  This all happened the first time he went to see her.
Then when Hubby finally got home, I had to leave.  I spent the night at our other son's house.  He and his wife left around 5 a.m. to go to Cleveland Clinic.  They will be there a couple of days.  Hoping to get answers to the medical issues that my DIL had while in the ICU.  She is doing okay but needs some answers.  I got the girls off to school and will be there when they get off the bus.  Then I will take them to my other son's for them to spend the night.
Do I have you confused yet.  Now I am headed to the doctor for a med check. 
Besides brunch my daughter gave me these beautiful flowers and I got a spa card from my other son.  I got my mother a Shirley Temple doll.  She had saved her doll from childhood.  My brother destroyed it when he was a toddler.  She said it was her only doll growing up.  Yesterday she said that she can remember going to see "On a good ship lollypop" at the theater that has recently being restored.  It's beautiful.  Then sides of the theater look like the streets of Holland at night.  House and lights and the street.....amazing.  She said they sat on the floor in the front of the theater.  She said she will never forget it.  She thought her gift was a bottle of wine hah, not a doll.

I tried to crop out her TV.  Not sure what was on it, hah.  Yes, that is her hair and her little dog.
Off to the doctor.  Hate going to the doctor when I am well.  Toodles

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The day my first grandchild was born

This is K.T. Bug.  She was our first grand child.  Oh, how I excited I was.  When I was told I had cancer, the first thing I said was, "But I want to be a grandmother."  That was 23 years ago. K. just turned 12.
The day before K. was born  (On Palm Sunday) I had a heart cath.  Long story, but my heart was and hopefully still is just fine.  Even though the cath was done mostly to rule out problems, I had a uneasy feeling about the whole thing.  Before I was wheeled back I told Mr. Cozy, "If something should happen to me, please tell my grandbaby that I would have been the best Grammy ever."  Since I had my heart cath from my wrist instead of the usual place, I was allowed to go home earlier than most.  I was told to do nothing for 3 days.  Nothing.  Well the next day was prom.  Our son with special needs went with a group of others with those needs.  One of the parents had set up a cottage all decorated so sweet with   dinner prepared by a chef from New York that was a friend.  We went to take pictures.  I did do some walking.  My arm was totally bruised which I was told later that it was bleeding from the site, and I should have gone back to the hospital. 
The next morning on Palm Sunday, our son called and said that his wife was at the hospital getting ready to be sent home with false labor.  She was due for a C-section because K. was breech. Why were they sending her home was weird to me.  They had stopped to return a video and also to get gas on their way to the hospital that was a good 45 minutes away. 
Then we get another call, he told us that maybe we should stay close to the phone as she might stay.
Then THE call came.  Hurry she is having the baby.
Oh my gosh, we were so excited.  I could hardly speak.  We got to the hospital and to the elevator and our DIL's father came off the elevator.  He said the baby was here.  Okay, then we went to the waiting area.  I asked if it was a boy or girl.  I think someone said she was a girl.  
Yikes, this makes me cry, writing this.  We find out that they did an emergency C-section.  My DIL was getting ready to leave the hospital and she had ONE contraction that didn't go away.  It was researched later and called a Titanic contraction.  The doctor was not on the floor.  They grabbed the nearest doctor to help.  When K. came out the doctor said he didn't know what to do.  A nurse (we call her K.'s life savor)  ran out the room with this bundle of a baby all wrapped up.  She took her into another room gave her a shot in her chest and did CPR.  Katelyn had not been breathing for several minutes.  This jump started her heart.  They had put our DIL to sleep so quickly before the surgery and didn't have time to explain. as .  She should have stayed asleep but woke shortly after screaming about her baby.  My son had planed on being in the delivery room but there wasn't time for that.  The grandparents got to see K. through a window.  Our son said that we couldn't go in til her mommy saw her.  We were told that on of her legs might be broken and her hips dislocated. 
After three hours they wheeled mommy to see her baby.  Way ahead of when they wanted her to.  K. was so beautiful.  Black hair and chubby little face.  She was 9 lbs.  Her legs were frog like.  Her chest very bruised and he color dark.  When her mommy went in to see her K. starting cooing.  Her mommy told her that she was there and she was okay.  She kept talking to her mommy.  I have never seem a baby just born that did that.  Of course, we were all so smitten with her.  She had to go to the NICU.  We called her the Queen of the NICU since she weighed three times more than the rest of the babies.
The next day our son went home to get a shower.  I stayed with my DIL.  The nurse that saved K. came in to talk to us.  She asked if we had been told about her birth.  Oh, how I wish that my son was there not me.  We didn't know about the CPR or the shot.  The nurse was trying to let us know that K. had been brought back to life.  I asked what her Apgar score was.  My DIL asked what that meant.  K. was a ONE.  If you know what that score is you know that is seriously bad.  They score the baby on a few things and an average score of her condition at birth is made from 1- 10.  Then they retake it at 3 minutes.  Kate was a one meaning she was more or less just a warm baby.  But the warm baby had survived.  Her middle name was Hope.
We all automatically wondered if she would have an problems from the birth.  The hospital sent therapists to the house to keep an eye on her.  They couldn't find anything wrong with her.  I remember that first month she slept all the time.  More than a usual newborn sleeps.  It took her at least two months to smile.  After that K. just turned into a chubby, alert and perfect.  She doesn't really like school but she does very well.  She is so sweet.  She isn't your typical pre-teen.  She's a bit of a tomboy and acts younger than her age. 
 God blessed us that day.  I really think the angels were there ready for her journey and he heard our prayers.
Thank you God.
(A little foot note:  they hospital called me the next day after K. was born.  They asked where I had been since I was supposed to be doing NOTHING.  I explained and they said for that reason, it was okay.)

Best friends forever.