Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First the elephants now the circus

I'm so sorry to hear that in six months there no longer be The Greatest Show On Earth.  It's sad. BloggerImageI really think it had a lot to do with the elephants.  I have friends that worked in that circus.  They have said the elephants were all cared for and were like friends.

BloggerImageMost people have said they were sad to see this show come to an end.  Others say the employees will find jobs.  They will also need homes.  
I have been so blessed to meet some of the clowns that are no longer with us.  The stories they told made us laugh and long for just a bit of that life. BloggerImageWhat I love about the circus are the clowns (of course) and the elephants.  I used to take my kids to watch the circus set up the big tent.  We would sit on the grass and watch. I remember the elephants walking trunk to tail.  I'm not crazy about the scary dare devil acts but show me a  BloggerImageclown in the cannon or in a little car. BloggerImagei hope the smaller circuses will step up and fill the void. They are fun as well.  But they need more than one clown.  There still be camps and schools to train those May clowns.  I'm so glad that I have been able to help in those areas. Getting to know some really special people is the reward.

I hope there will be little clowns that will grow up to be real clowns one day. BloggerImage

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cozy Blanket

BloggerImageIt's that time of year that the word COZY comes to mind.  Well to my mind anyway.  We live in the Mid West, actually Ohio.  I never could understand why Ohio is classified as Mid West.
In our little world during the winter months it is cold.  The picture is taken from our front porch.  I dearly love snow.  It's just pretty and almost magical.  We also have many days that are dark and dreary.  So you stay inside and COZY UP.
So what does COZY mean to me.  I have made a list. 
A warm home
A somewhat tidy home. ( it's hard to relax when things need to be done)
A fire in the the fireplace. (In my home it's an electric fireplace)
Dogs to warm your lap
A cup of your favorite warm drink
A relaxing movie or a good book
Little white lights
Pictures of loved ones
A favorite craft or art project. ( I just learned to needle felt)
Your favorite collections and furnishings surrounding you
Yummy soup 
Someone to love and enjoy their company
And of course a COZY BLANKET

So that what COZY means to me.  What about you? 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Our Christmas was nice.  We got to spend time with all our local kids and grandkids.  We face timed the Colorado kids . Tomorrow we are going to see my mother and my husband's sister.
The week before Christmas we relaxed and it felt good.  Retirement has its benefits.
I felt there was much more to this holiday than presents.  I know I enjoy giving more than receiving.  We had a nice snow the week before Christmas .  It felt so cleansing. People were happier. It seemed like things were more meaningful and a bit magical.
We went to our church on Christmas Eve.  They showed the cutest little video about Jesus' birth. I had seen it on Facebook but didn't take the time to watch. Oh my goodness, it was adorable.  It's on my time
Line on FB if you would like to see it.
I have to tell you about my favorite gift.  My 10 year old grandson went to the Bahamas in October with his parents on a Arbonne reward trip.  He asked if I wanted him to find me something. I said I would love some sea glass if he could find some.  I love it and I have never found any.  He looked but didn't see any on the beach.  But he used his own money and bought this for me.  He earned the money modeling for a sports clothing catalog.  Now this is special.  He said he knew I would love it. BloggerImage  Is this wonderful or what.  I must add that he bought his other grandmother a shot glass, hah. And his sister, Mabel, did not want to spend any of her money on anyone.  
At the top of the driftwood tree is a starfish and a tiny piece of sea glass.  
I didn't take many pictures of our get together so but here are a few. BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageHappy new year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Silent Night

BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageMERRY CHRISTMAS

Friday, December 16, 2016

A little Christmas cheer

A little Christmas cheer
BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageF BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageFrom my little world.........

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Around the bend

Yes, Christmas is coming.  Everyone is rushing here and there. 
I really try to get  things done early and stay out of stores.  I had to walk through a huge mall last week to find the restaurant where my doll club had their Christmas luncheon.  I felt like a fish in a bowl.  Almost claustrophobic.  
I am now going to enjoy the rest of the season. I still have cards to send and presents to wrap and messes to clean up.  I hope you can all slow down enough to enjoy the little things.
BloggerImageThe little creatures are my beginning needle felting projects. I have a ways to go.  It's fun.  Well fun until your little dog steals your wool and you have to chase him down.
BloggerImageMy little doll from last year.  Do you see the little monkey.  He was a gift from my doll friend .
BloggerImageThis sweetie is four months now.  Just love her so much.

I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back from a break

I have been decorating for the holidays. BloggerImageJust have some tweaking to do.  Most of my shopping is done.  I like to get things done early so I can enjoy the season.  
I thought today I would take pictures for our Christmas card.  Well that was fun. BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage They were so good. A bit confused esp. When we were finished.  They didn't even get to go anywhere.  They did get a bone.

BloggerImageWe have been watching this sweetie a lot. They have moved twice since I last posted.  She's been gaining weight but still not very long. BloggerImage

So that is what I have been up to.  

I am supporting shopping small businesses this holiday. If you have an etsy shop or a small business, please post on this post.
Thanks and Happy Holidays

Grammypetals.etsyshop.com. (Vintage dolls toys and Steiff)