Friday, April 17, 2015

When it rains it pours

Monday night we celebrated K. B.'s 12th birthday.  She is such a sweet girl.  She is in no hurry to grown up.  She and Goose are the best of friends and sisters.  They came out to sing to her and had her sit on the sadle.  Then they sang, "This is your birthday song, it isn't very long, Happy Birthday. "  No cake and off they went.  I think K. was expecting a little more.
I couldn't get a good pic because I was trying to see between people.  I don't know who that lady is smiling but it's kinda cute.  The neon sign didn't help either.
See K. Bug's mom taking a picture on the right.  Well, she had been having headaches for two days when this was taken. She went to the ER on Tuesday.  Then she went back on Wed. and was admitted overnight .  The next day she was transferred to a hospital in Columbus by squad. She is now in ICU with a torn carotid artery.  They are still doing testing.  Her headaches have not gone away.  She is on blood thinners and being carefully watched.  She did have a couple of mini strokes.  I think her prognosis is good but we have no idea when she will be home.
I spent the night with the grandgirls.  They are so sensitive and miss her a lot.  They did face time and we all were crying.  Our DIL looked really bad.  Grampy brought us Mickey D's, their choice over going out to eat.  Then we played More.  More is what Goose called War.  I don't think she knows what war even means.  They kept pretty busy til bedtime.  Goose has her own room but she sleeps in her sisters room. 
Meanwhile my computer is dying.  We have had two showings this week.  One for tomorrow cancelled and an open house on Sunday.  So ready for this to be over.
The weather is beautiful today.  Happy Week-end.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Doll Auction

After getting ready for a 9:00 a.m showing and taking my son to the library, I decided that I needed to block out the real world for a little while.  I hadn't planned on even going to the doll auction that had started the day before.  But I ended up there anyway.  When I registered the clerk told me someone just bought a doll for $25,000.  Not kidding you.  The first part was the online auction.  You barely stand a chance at getting anything when there is someone bidding online.  I still can't get over how much the accessories go for.  If the doll has an original dress on, it will go for big bucks.  After the online auction ends they have a gallery sale.  You can bid on the dolls the same as the online but it's gallery bidding only.  Near the end you get some really good bargains.  So, I came home with some bargains but as you know I am downsizing.  So, I am going to pass them on to you first and then try to sell them elsewhere.  So here goes.  Prices do not include shipping.  We can figure that out later.  These are real deals for sure.  I am including descriptions that were given to me.  Some don't have markings or I can undress them and see.  I can't verify if their outfits are original.  Most probably aren't.
 #1    My favorite.  Not sure what she is.  She is composition.  She is heavy.  She has rubber arms and is in good condition.  On the back of her head there is some crazing and maybe some repair, but you really can't tell it.  The head as well as the body is in good condition.  I took her clothes off to wash them.  Not sure if I will put them back on.  Her body besides the arms and legs is cloth.  I am only asking $15 for her because the shipping will be more.  This doll has amazing eyes.
#2  and #3
These are hard plastic walker dolls including Saucy Walker.  Not sure which one.  Both have good eyes.  I haven't washed their clothes yet.  They are probably 12" dolls.  Somewhat the same size as an American Girl doll.  These dolls are $10.00 each plus shipping.  They are in good condition.

#4 is $10
She is also in good condition.  Such a pretty dress and shoes.  Composition.
17" vinyl ballerina in gold and pink tulle outfit.  Not sure about age.  She has very long legs and they are flexible.  Good condition.  $10
#6 #7 and #8
The bride doll is composition, good condition, probably original dress.  $15  Adopted
Girl in blue with hat also good condition, probably original dress. $10 Hard plastic or vinyl for her and the next one.
The doll in the middle has a beautiful pink dress with a furry boa.  $10
#9 and #10
The doll in the gingham dress is in really really cute.  Almost new condition.  $10
The one on the left is again good condition.  It has a gorgeous dress on.  This doll is composition.  Not sure if the dress is original because of the really good condition but it sure looks like it is .  (This may be  an Ideal Princess Beatrix)  I have that on my receipt but not sure which doll it is)  $15

 This is a German cellouid doll.  She looks better than this picture.  A couple of marks.  I think the darker ones are just a little bit of dirt.  She is light and her face feels fuzzy but not her arms.  $5
The pretty doll in the middle is 11" hard plastic Madame Alexander "Little Genius".  She has painted hair and there are a couple of places that are a little worn, just a little.  Her dress is beautiful.  No marks on her face and her eyes work well.  Her body is cloth.  I may keep her.  I paid more for her than the others.  $30  (You can see the German doll better in this picture)
Sorry, I am keeping Shirley Temple.  I am looking for a better outfit for her.  She is from 1958 .  I am going to give her to my mother.  My mother had a Shirley Temple doll, probably composition since she is 88.  My older brother destroyed her.  He did that with one of my favorite dolls too.

Betty Boop dressed as a groom.  Her hat is old and falling apart.  She seems to be from the same time as my parents cake topper and that is 66 years old.  The hat looks just like this one.  She is porcelain .Maybe 6 inches.  $10 

Last but not least.  If I don't sell him quickly he is staying.  He is a 13"English Teddy Bear Circa 1930's with COA.  Poor guy is loved but it great condition.  He is jointed and no bare spots.  He only has one green eye. The certificate says the value is $100.  $20
Yes, I did come home with all of these.  Geez, what was I thinking.  But I got them for such an unbelievable price and I am passing that on to you.  As far as shipping.  I am guessing $6 for the small ones, $12 for the medium ones.  The bigger ones no more than $20.
Just type in the number and say sold and I will get back to you.  I can take Pay Pal.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lightening Strikes

Are you imaging all kinds of things.  I won't lead you on.  Lightening did strike our house somewhere outside, we think.  It fried our phone and internet.  We had to get a new modem and will need a new phone.  I called our cable provider and he told me there were no outages.  Who knows what state he lives in.  I argued and said, "How can you tell me that".  I went to get the mail and the skies were iffy.  At the most I thought I would get soaked.  All of a sudden there was a strong gush of wind and hail and rain.  I got in the house and in the kitchen and there was the loudest scariest strike of lightening.  No thunder.  Then another loud boom and a flash.  My neighbor was waiting at the bus stop and it scared her as well.  She thought it hit a tree she was near.  So I don't know what it hit but it about knocked me off my feet.  We are just lucky that there wasn't a fire. 
So what did I do when I couldn't get online or watch the TV.  I made fairies.  Flower fairies.  They look a little like hippies with their flower crowns.  I found this adorable table and chair set at the nursery when I went to get pansies.  The teacups and teapot are attached to the table.  So......I have a few fairies for sale.  $5 each plus shipping.  Shipping depends on how many you order.  They are not for small children as they could be a chocking hazard.  Not sure why a toddler would want to eat one but you know how those littles can be.  They have been sealed with a non-toxic sealer.  For outside use you may want to spray them with an outdoor sealant.

Updates.  On Saturday before Easter, I hid eggs at Mabel and M.'s house.  They were getting back from a trip to the ocean.  I thought it might be fun for them to come home and find them.  I was walking around looking for places to hid them and all of a sudden I was down.  Face first in a pie of gravel that was piled up waiting to be spread.  I am such an accident waiting to happen.  I was muddy but not hurt thank goodness.  We also went looking at condos.  Since there aren't any in the village we went to see 4 about four miles out.  We loved one in particular.  They were all in the same small group of condos that we had looked at 5 years ago.  One of the units had a mold warning on the outside of the door.  How do they expect to sell one that has visual mold all through it.  I couldn't get out fast enough.  Our socks felt wet walking through.  I remembered that I had met a lady that lived in one of the condos and I still had her number.  I knew if I called her and she had moved that it would be a bad sign as she loved living there.  Sure enough trouble.  The developer pulled out of the development.  So we won't be making an offer.  So back to square one, but no offers for our house so it's all okay.  We had a showing Monday at 9 a.m. and tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.  It's so early to have everything done and be out the door 30 minutes early.  I may ask that there are no showings til 10 a.m.
I must end this post and get busy.  I need to watch M. and Mabel til rather late tonight.  I want to have things mostly done before I leave to go get the kids.
Oh, I forgot Easter.  We went to church and then out to eat. No family get together.  Spring break puts a dent into that.  It was just fine with just the two of us.
If you want a fairy, let me know.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Buuny Flop

I know you think I meant bunny hop, no I meant flop.  I saw this idea for bunnies on one of Brenda's (Cozy little house) feature post.  Johanna from Flip this house on HGTV had posted how these were made.  Hers' were so adorable sitting in a tea cup.  Well mine flopped. Not only did they take forever the fuzzies were the cause of an allergic reaction, not once but twice.
Today we had the girly girls K and Goose.  We went to see the adorable movie Home.

Later we gave them their little gifts for Easter.  This bunny was the floppiest.  It kinda looks like my granddog Rudy.
Here are three of the four.
They got their arms in the air like they just do not care.  They wore their soccer shirts grandpa got them in the fall.
Then we went to Bob Evans.  We have had such bad experiences the last few times we have gone there.  Today things went pretty well.
You see we are still smiling.
Happy Easter my friends. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am back so soon

I am puttering around today.  Trying to escape the headache that I have.  I got a package today.    So I decided to arrange a few things on my shelf.  It's killing me not to put that doll house together.  Imagine the mess I would make doing that.  I want to put out some of my minis from the swaps I have been in.  This little chest Viv made. Claudia made the crate.  See the bunny picture.  That was painted by Mary Englebreit.  This was from the first swap.

I made the baby in the cradle.  Sorry about the lighting.  The shelf is in a dark corner.  I tried to not use the flash.  Like the above picture, the flash came on because it was too dark.

My peg bride and groom.  The sofa I got at the Country Living Fair.  Little rag rug from a swap.  You see after the first one my mind can't remember who made everything.  Doesn't mean I don't love all the things.

The new furniture set that appeared at my door today.   A couple of swaps here and there.

Yes, there is more.  Now wait for it.............

Here is the whole shelf.  I got this shelf a few years ago with a doll house in mind. It was half price , like $20.  It needs to be securely attached to a wall, one of these days.  I love this new set.  I found it online.  It came from  It was only $17 plus shipping.  I have seen it for almost $40 plus shipping.  Low and behold the store is only about an hour from here.  I ordered it Sunday and got it Tuesday, today.  It also comes with an owl on a pole and a bouquet of flowers.  It's for a fairy garden but it says for indoor use.  Back to puttering.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Where did the week-end go

This happened Friday night.  I was babysitting just a little ways from home.  It was a heavy snow and I slid most of the way home.  It was so cold Saturday morning.  We went to see our moms about 2 hours away.  Hubby's mom is not good.  My mom who is one year older, is very independent.  We took her out to lunch and then headed home.  I will admit to sleeping some both ways.  We stopped at the grocery to get a few things.  Got home and settled in and we kept saying that neither of us was looking forward to getting started to get the house ready for a 9 a.m. showing.  There was also a 12:30 showing.  Well at 4:51 p.m. the centralized showing people called wanted to schedule a showing for 6:30.  I said what date did you say and she said today.  Are you kidding.  We had turned down another showing for Saturday because we didn't think we would be home.  This was for someone else.  Well, we flew.  We did it all in an hour and we were out the door.  The comments from that showing were okay.  The good thing was we had very little to do in the morning. Really good thing as we were worn out.

This is Little Dog wrapped up in my jacket in 20 degree weather while they show our house at 9 a.m. on Sunday.  For both showings I took Little Dog and Hubby took Big Dog.  We would meet at a park after one of us went to McD's for a drink and a treat.  Poor Little Dog never moved while we were gone but when she got home she could not walk. Today she is a little better
We did go to the movie and saw the second Marigold Hotel movie.  It has been awhile since the first one.  I wished we had watched that first. The second one was not as good as the first.  It was okay, just hard to follow.  Wasn't Meryl Streep in the first one.  She wasn't in this one.

The comments from the 9 a.m. showing were really positive.  Then we just heard from the last one.  No comments on the questions just in the comment section that the people couldn't see past the hot water heater and well pump being in a concrete pit outside and the one electric wire being low in the back yard.  Yes, the pit is unusual but really not any different than being in a basement.  Now the wire, we had already talked about calling the electric company to raise it.  You can't jump high enough to touch it but it does look low.  Heaven forbid these houses that have a substation in their backyards.  But that's how it goes. 

Today my body is tired.  Unless I start on closets or hidden stashes, everything is clean.  It is dark and windy out.  Rain is on it's way.  It is a little warmer.  So, I go get the mail, long after it is usually here.  No mail.  There is trash from some one's trash can all over our yard.  Then I see the trash cans all out to the curb.  I think someone is playing with my mind.  Trash day is Thursday.  We all had to change to a new company and trash day must be on Mondays now.  I finally did hear the mail man.  I went out but didn't make it all the way to the box again......but look what I found. 
A package from Dorothy of Hens rule.  I had her in the Easter Swap that Viv hosted. This was a fun surprise.

I had to laugh as I pulled this clown out first.  Dorothy posted pictures awhile back of some clowns that she had found.  I am so excited that she sent me this cute clown bank.
Do you see some peeps.......a couple of them barely made this picture.
What do I see with my little eye, well, I think it's a bride and groom chicky couple.  I think they will have to stay out all year with my other couples.

Vintage cards and tags, oh my.
Oh clowny, you are so fine.
A bunny and a sweet girly bunny.  I dozed off today and woke up to something hitting the floor.  Big dog had gotten her off the table.   She escaped any injury.  She the juggling bunny?
( Notice how I mention sleep a lot, it's because I get very little at night)
A cute little basket.  See that chocolate bunny, no I didn't eat him.  Only because he was plastic.
And there you have it.  What a sweet package of goodies.  Thank you Dorothy.  You might have to go to her blog to see what I sent her as well, I forgot, to take pictures.  I sent her some of my minis that I have made.  I also sent her a porcelain hen.
After rescuing bunny girl I quickly put my goodies in the blue shelf.  (Yes, my house is staged but know one will notice)
Then I had to post this dance picture of Miss Mabel Ann.  Yes, this is the spunky one.  But she looks so sweet in this picture and she is sweet.  I posted it on Facebook this week-end.  My heart was warmed by all the friends that liked and commented about her.  Do you know that P. Buckley Moss, the artist commented "Beautiful."  I am friends on Facebook as a fan.  That was so sweet of her to take time to do that.

So that's my week-end. 
Just minutes ago the doorbell rang.  Little dog ran down the steps almost falling to get there.  Now she won't be able to walk.  It was a little girl that I bought girl scout cookies from.  I asked her if she wanted to step in and she looked at me and shook her head no.  You would too if you could see me in my homeless painting clothes.  I must have looked scary to her.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Saying goodbye is just hard

We had to say goodbye to another couple that we have been friends with for a long time.  I met Kathy at work right after we both got married.  We got together on the week-ends for a couple of years before we moved away.  We continued to stay in touch and see each other when we could.  They are moving south to be near family.  We had dinner at Brio's and talked about all the old times.  Yes, we will see them again.  It's just sad that so many are moving south.  I don't blame them actually I am happy for them. 

This week has been busy.  Every day but Monday, I was taking care of someone little.  The last couple of days I drove to Doodle's house to stay with her while she was not feeling well enough to go to school.  Of course, I have had M and M.  They are all going on Spring Break next week.  We actually had a quiet week for showings.  But, we have two scheduled for Sunday.  One at 9:00 a.m. and the other at 12:30 p.m.  Like I have said before, who looks at homes at 9 in the morning on a Sunday.
Little dog is a bit better.  Probably due to not having showings this week.  At least Mr. Cozy will be here for the showings.
The weather has been weird all week.  I feel bad for those near those terrible storms.  That's so scary.  We have had wind, rain and cold temps.  We will get a warm day thrown in there once in awhile.

In other news our son has moved out of the creeps house.  It only took two weeks, again.  No not into the condo that we are trying to rent.  He moved in with the high school friend that lived with him for four years and never contributed a dime.  You know, I feel better about this decision.  I'm glad he moved out for sure.  He's friend is not the greatest of room mates but he is level headed. 
Let me tell you about the creeps.  Last week a relative and her husband/partner moved in with them.  Yes, 5 adults in a one bedroom condo.    Wait there is more.........the girl had a baby this week.  That baby is supposed to move in with them all.  See why I am glad.  The poor child......smoking home and a pit bull.  The creeps have had two children taken away from them.  I don't even know if there is a bed for the baby.  I am hoping that the hospital checks up on them.  They usually do a couple of days after the baby is dismissed.  Since our son thinks that the creeps will be furious when they find out that he won't be living there, I'm glad he isn't moving back in his old place.  Just too close.  I can't wait to get that rented.  I get all kinds of interest and then they want to see it and then I hear nothing.  We have til the 15th before we have to pay the rent again.
I hope  everyone has a good week-end.  I am babysitting for my once in a while family tonight.  Tomorrow we are headed out of town to see the moms.   Then getting ready for the showings.  We have decided to go out after the showings to dinner and the movie.  Some time for us.  I am all for that.
Oops, another showing tomorrow.  Guess the trip to see the mom's will have to be rescheduled.  Tat's three calls today.
Oh, I got another call from Microsoft Windows wanting to fix something on my computer.  Hah, it was from a foreign company.  I played along with them.  I asked for a code so that I would know  it was legit.  The guy game me an email address.....well kinda, he said www. and the the phone cut out.  So I asked again and what his name was.  He hung up.  It's kinda like hearing a joke for the second time.  Geez, Louise.