Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hope all your pumpkins are this cute.
This is Doodle's new baby brother. She also has an 18 month old baby brother. I mentioned I would have pictures from her Halloween party. Well, this is it. I was on baby duty and got to be with this cutie all night. Doddle's party was a big hit as always. They have the bestest of parties. My granddaughters had a ball. They were fast asleep on the way home.
Since our Halloween trick or treat was Thursday eve. I maybe going back over to Doddles house to pass out candy...........and watching this little fella again.
You all have a safe and fun Halloween. Hope the East Coasters get their power back on. Wow what a storm for October.

Friday, October 28, 2011

not so freaky friday

The elementary classes parade around the school before their parties start. My granddaughters were so happy. They weren't expecting me to be there. Goose is a spider......a cute one.

Here's my K. Bug...... a really scary mummy.

This is my sweet neighbor girl. The one that said she was "farsighted". Look behind her.
Now, that's a scary first grader.
Our trick-or-treat night was last night. The street in front of the elementary school closes and most of the whole village goes there. This one house does a big pumpkin display like this every year. How would you like to carve all of these pumpkins.

Our neighborhood used to have lots of kids until they all started going to town. I had 8 this year.
These little guys are regulars. I love the look on the little Mario. So serious.

O. and
A. had their pre-school parties on different on different days but both were ladybug princesses

Lunch before
A.'s day........Izzy's ears at the bottom. She scored this day and got part of a sandwich blowing her diet.

A. took this pose on her own, funny girl.
Not smiling though.

She's smiling at O.'s school.

I will post more cuties later. I am helping out at Doodle's Halloween party tomorrow night. My granddaughter are going with me.

Happy Haunting my
Bloggy Friends.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winners, winners chicken dinners

Drum roll here..........................the winners of the free 25 photo cards from Shutterfly are:
NAN.........................FRENCHY...............................AND GINA
Now the ones that didn't win can go back to my post and click on the post that shows you how you can earn free cards.
All you have to do is post about Shutterfly and photo cards.
No gimmicks , very easy. That's what I did last year. Like I said the quality is great. Well worth a post.
Thanks everyone for entering. If the winner could send me an email to then I can send you the code you need. I know, I probably have your email addresses but I am lazy. I like to make things easy for me, hah.

Next time, I won't do two giveaways at the same time. It just happened about the cards and their was a deadline.
That's all folks. chickens were harmed in this post. These are the chickens that lay eggs for me.
Not mine but my friends.

And the winner of the birthday giveaway is

Since the month is almost over and I have to quit celebrating......actually I did a long time ago........I had the girly girls draw names. Since I am having two giveaways I will post the other one in another post. I am confused enough. I had them draw the wrong list of names for the wrong giveway So we had to do it all over again. I had taken pictures of the names but you couldn't see them well enough SO you have to trust me as to who the winner is...........................................
Kimberly of Kimberly's Corner is the winner of my birthday gifts. She is a sweetie.
No matter how much is on her plate she is still a cheerful and caring person. So congratulations Kimberly.

Here are the girls getting ready to draw names. They said afterwards that it was fun. So we will have to have another giveaway soon.

In case you wonder what they are doing as I post this.........of course painting. We paint every day.

Thanks everyone for entering this giveaway.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some projects I am working on/Advice please

I want to make a shadow box for my daughter for Christmas using these dolls. The picture below is the inspiration. It's not the best of photos but I don't even think the photographer could get Baby Q to hold still long enough for a formal shoot. Here is the problem......the ringbearer above is fine but the bride needs to have the white dress with the brown hair.
Any suggestions how I should do that. The clothes are sewn on but I can probably still remove it. Then there is what to do with the brown hat....paint it? (I must say I love it when McDonalds has these Madame
Alexander mini dolls in their Happy Meals.)

The cuties at their cousin's wedding in South Hampton

This is the shadow box I saw at Dorothy's booth. See the bride and groom. I thought I would put the photo behind them some way and maybe ad some sea shells and other thingies.

I have been working on tags for E.'s swap. I also made some cards and little tags for a friend to take to her church's auction. I used Jillibean papers. Archivers had just a small book of the papers but no single sheets or embelishments. I loved the penquins. I have glitter everywhere......not the fine stuff but the glassy kind.

Some updates:

I am having two for 25 free Shutterfly photo holiday cards. They are beautiful cards and this is an excellent deal. I think last year I priced my free 25 for about $63.

The other giveaway is for some goodies for following my blog. I have added a couple other little things to that giveway. These giveaways are in my last two posts. You have til Thursday morning to enter. I will have the girly girls draw names on Thursday. Good luck.

Do squirrels hibernate. Please say yes. My barking dog is so annoyed with them and he is hurting my ears. I thought we had one left but now I see two. We had babies this summer. Little stinker chewed a hole through the outside of our house into the garage.

Izzy is feeling better. The breathing problem is better as long as she is on the meds. She has less in her belly since she is on a big diet.....1/4 cup dog food a day. Folks, that is I give her a little more. But she is compensating with trips to the kitty litter box.....
ANY advise on that one. Sorry, gross.

My headaches seem a little better. Haven't done anything different. Hoping maybe colder temps will help.

Well, back to my kitchen. Big cleanup after making the cards/tags and a clutter control toss.

Sign up for the giveaways.
All you have to do is be a follower and how I love all of you that do follow.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Shutterfly Giveaway

Do you send out photo holiday cards. I have for many years now. I love receiving pictures of my family and friends in return.
Shutterfly has offered three of my readers a chance to win 25 free Holiday photo cards. This is a great offer. I was lucky enough last year to be able to order 25 free cards. The quality was amazing. I actually think they were the best cards I have ever sent . The color and clarity were outstanding. They have so many styles to choose from. Here are two sites that you can go to and see for yourself.
The only hard part is choosing. We have 6 grandchildren. So for the last 8 years we have sent pictures of our "grands." Our family and friends were getting tired of pictures of my husband and I and our pets. Since our grandchildren are 8,5, 5, 5, 2, 1 and live in Ohio and Colorado they had never all been together at the same time. So, I had to find cards that you could have more than one photo choice. Shutterfly has all kinds of options. This year we were fortunate to have all our grandchildren together at one time. So this year I have a group photo and may choose the one photo option.

All you have to do to win is be a follower and make a comment on this blog post. Please tell me about the photo you will use.

Are you a blogger? If so you can earn your own 25 free cards this holiday season.
Register here:

Please note: Shutterfly is offering me 50 Holiday Cards for doing this promotion.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Belated Birthday Giveaway/ 911 from last week

First of all, here is O. waiting calmly on the firemen to come to free her foot and leg from the grasp of a FP yellow school bus. Yes, I called 911, quit laughing, I hear you. It was really stuck. I was hurting her trying to get it out. I told the operator that it wasn't an emergency just a problem. I could have cut off the tights, greased her up and continued to try to get it off. I didn't want to upset her or hurt her. The firemen (2) worked together and got it off quickly. Lesson learned, Do not stick your foot and leg into a school bus just for the heck of it. Where was I......sitting close by unaware until she asked for help.

How about a little white framed chalkboard (that I got at the Rural Society Sale). What's that that O. is holding.
Here it is a little closer. It's an vintage bottle with a french envelope inside of it. (This came from the French Hen Barn Sale) What's in the plastic you ask. Just some sweet note pads from the Donovan Designs Sale. That is paint not blood on her little hands. We have been painting up a storm here lately.

A little closer picture of the chalk board. I really liked these when I saw them.

Now what do you have to do to win these little gifts. All you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment on this post. I will have the girlies draw a name next week. Good luck.

Now excuse me why I go look out the window for the exotic animals that are on the loose.
No kidding we are on alert. Some crazy man let 40 - 50 animals loose on his farm and then he took his life. We aren't in the county that they were turned loose but there has been sightings in our county. So sad for the animals.......grisslies, monkeys, wolves, lions, and etc. We are seriously being careful.

Good luck.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet Dorothy of Tickled Pink

This is Dorothy. Her booth was called 'Tickled Pink". How about all this pink goodness. I think I was so excited over all the pink that I wanted everything. I stood behind Dorothy at the French Barn Sale while she was checking out. Then here she was at The Rural Society Sale. She said she felt a little out of place with all the primitives. But we all need a little vintage and creativeness.....esp. in this color.

Okay this was my favorite thing ever.
Not the skull, but the baby in the shadow box . I have a Gerber Baby that looks similar. I want to do that with my doll. Oh my I love the little doll shoes on the top of the box.
And isn't that Amy Butler scrapbook paper?

More fun....check out that banner. I just downsized my own baby doll collection a couple years ago. I kept the best ones and the ones that I loved the most. I was looking online at dolls from the 50's. So glad I saved some of mine.

Queen of the those scrabble pieces.

Another cute shadow box. Check out the bride and groom. Just adorable.

Dorothy was also at The Country Living Fair. How did I miss her there. I will have to find out where she will be next.

Okay, my next post will be my birthday (belated) giveaway.
Nothing fancy, no sponsers here. Just some things you might like. So come back tomorrow.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rural Society Fall Sale

What a beautiful day.
A little cool but lots of sunshine and wind. It was perfect. I absolutely love this farm. I keep telling my husband I want one of these trucks. I think he wants me to keep my bug so I won't be able to bring more things home with least the big stuff. But last week I bought a chair and it fit. This week I bought an old ladder. I know he is going to say something about how I got it in my car. Well, the nice man loading up his van helped me. I got it in but it was too close to me. So he helped me move it over and it was just fine. Hubby will also say that it just looks like the one on our old gym set. Well kinda, but this baby is well worn. I plan to paint it something bold. I will show it to you in an upcoming post.

Now this is the house I want to live in. Isn't it such a great little cottage. I posted pictures of this in the Spring. I am so in love with this.

And guess who I ran into......Patti of Crystal Rose Cottage and Pam of Frippery. Pam was a vendor. I bought a sweet little vintage ceramic turkey from her.
Now if you wonder why I have strange looks on my face in some of the following pictures, it is because their hubby's were taking the pictures. They were pretty funny. I think Pam was blushing in this one.

Now was does Patti look so cute and why do I look really worried.......hmmmmm.

The rest are some random shots. I will post the vendor that stood out amongst the rest and some of her unusual but fun items.

It sure was fun. I had planned on going the day before but as I said the weather and being a
Nanny took over. I was thrilled that Sue from Sullivan and Murphy and her sweet husband drove through my town on their way home. One of my girlies and I met them for lunch. I then showed them Enjoy Co. a unique store in Granville.

So this was a fun week-end. Fall and friends just go together, don't they?

That's all for now but more will follow.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Patch, blog does not have a virus......I followed someone that did. When she cleared up the virus my blog was okay. Very strange that it affected me that way.
Second.......change of plans......Rural Society
Antiques Show tomorrow on Saturday instead. Lousey weather today and I am watching the girly girls today. I usually have Friday off.
Okay, now for the Pumpkin Patch. My favortie part of fall is going to the PP. Even if there aren't other activities there. We have two close by. This one is the more low key one. The other has all kinds of animals and even more activities. It looks like a carnival. We went to Devine Farms on October 1. It was cold that day. Goose and K. Bug loved every minute. They kept saying so in the car afterwards. They could have stayed even longer but Grammy was getting cold.
Don't you love this VW Bug.

I know, I posted this before......but I love how Goose is looking at her sister's fingernails. Look on my shoulder. My arms look short. I have my big Minnie sweatshirt on under this coat. It was chilly. The older farmer guy took the picture. I could tell he had know idea who to use a point and shoot but he did well.

They had this whole barn full of riding toys. We were mostly in there alone. The girls had so much fun. Most of the toys were too little for K. Bug but she didn't care. Goose is showing you here John Deere sweatshirt and she is on a John Deere. What a sweet face.

Wish you could hear Piper and Izzy right now. We have had deer standing near our back door starring at us for a couple of days. The furry babies do not like this.

Okay, what do you do with this the rest of the year. Is this bus huge or what?

Now this would be easier to store.

Checking out the bees. The girls always love this. They are looking for the Queen.

The barrel ride. This is the favorite. Grampy got stuck in this ride last year, so I didn't attempt it.

I hope youa re enjoying cooler temps where you are.....sorry California......and lots of color.

Thanks for stopping by. I really am not contagious, hah.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Beauty/Rural Society

Tomorrow is the Rural Society Antiques and Garden sale. (Sorry, for some reason I couldn't put this in my title). It will be on a beautiful farm with lots of outdoor buildings near Mt. Vernon, Ohio. I hope to see some of you there. You all know what I look like.......come up and say hello. Hoping to have a little lunch at the cafe they have set up.......say 11:30 or so.

I went around and took some fall pictures this week. Remember I have a point and shoot camera. I also took most of them while driving from the dashboard window. I don't take my eyes off the road. I just hold the camera and shoot. I know crazy.....but it works.
Now, Suzi Q. had marvelous pictures of fall at her Rabbit Run Cottage Blog. Don't compare them, please.
The first picture is driving into Granville from my house. I love this little bend in the road. At night you have to dodge the deer. The leaves here turned quickly and then the rain came. The leaves are dropping quickly. But oh so beautiful.........thank you God for all the beauty.

The pool in our neighborhood which is across the street from my house. Just beyond this fence we had a fire over the week-end.
A bordering neighbor had a bon fire that got out of control. My little neighbor girl noticed the flames. Firemen were called to help control the flames. I asked the 6 year old how she ever saw the flames through the trees. She said, "I saw them because I am farsided". So funny. She is the cutest little thing in her glasses and just so sweet.
I will post soon about having firemen at my house yesterday.
Nothing serious, I promise.
Then my sweet son-in-law called from a park in Colorado. He asked if Buckeyes were okay to eat. He said my grandson ate several and they were good. He was joking but he was thinking of letting him. Goodness they are poisenous. He called me because we are the Buckeyes here in Ohio. (I know, but we will rebound)

A local ballfield. My husband actually hit a deer here this summer.

Love the fence post here.

My favorite road again.

The community garden at Denison University.

Welsh Hills where I live. The round things are hay bales.

Hope you are enjoying all this fall beauty where you live. I wish it would last til the first snow but it won't.

Hope to see you at the farm.