Friday, December 27, 2013

Holidays Snapshots

So far this Christmas my favorite thing has been.......seeing the expressions on our grandchildren's faces.  Not only did they like their gifts, they loved giving gifts as well.  These two cuties were opening their Calico Critter house from Grampy and Grammy.  I think it took awhile to realize what it was.  You would not believe how many critter things these two have.  See the blue boxes.  Most on my list got Origami Owl lockets.  The children were so excited getting them.  Personalizing them makes them even more special.
Okay, I had to show you this wrapping paper I bought from a school fundraiser.  Don't you love it.  There is an Airstream, VW Bug, old truck and a woodie car. 
My grandson was so excited over his mobile police station Lego set.  He also got a locket.  I used a leather cord, choose a black locket and put a basketball, baseball and a football inside.  He SO wanted a locket.....seriously. Oh and he got Mickey Mouse duct tape that he was so happy with.
Here's my Mabel with her favorite book.  She was with me at a craft fair when she saw this.  She wanted to buy it then but Grammy already bought her something.  So afterwards I tracked the lady down and got it for her.  She was so excited.  Her favorite gift.  (Yes, my sofa zippers are showing.  Cushions needed flipped, sorry)
Now, if you saw the earlier post with us in the noses......the kids were so excited giving us these.  Mabel actually was shaking waiting on me to unwrap this.  Ever since I took them to the Clown Academy performance, they are in love with anything to do with clowns.  Mabel has on her locket.Her brother with Grampy's nose.
Under cover adult children.
Guess what......lockets. This really isn't an advertisement for Origami Owl.
Putting the new Critter stuff together.
Piper in his new haircut.  They cut him so short that he has had to wear his jacket ever since. 
Youngest son Chris.  He had a good report at the cardiologist office the day before.  There is a hardening or thickening of one wall in his heart but everything else is good.
Little Izzy waiting for someone to arrive. 
We aren't done with Christmas just yet.  Our daughter arrives tomorrow evening with her children.  So there will be more unwrapping and celebrating.  We also have Hubby's birthday Sunday and Mabel's on New Years Eve.  My decorations will stay up for awhile.  My daughter hasn't been here for Christmas in least 8 years maybe more.
On Christmas Day we were on the road. But before we left home we exchanged stocking.  We thought we would change things up this year.  It was fun.....and we will do it again.  So much easier and creative.  We went to brunch at our son and DIL's.  Then we drove 2 hours each way,  to see our moms.  Hubby's mom wasn't doing well so that visit was short.  My Mom is doing well after her surgery.  We got her a Nook.  she is already stressing about using it.  Hubby got it all set up for her.  She got an I phone last year from my brother so this should be simple.  We took Honey Baked Ham and potatoes for dinner.  I put the potatoes on a pan with the plastic wrap on the top.  That's what the directions said.  I left my Mom in the kitchen and when she went to put it in the oven she asked if I was sure the wrap stayed on.  Then she said she was putting it on a pan before putting it in the oven.  I told her I already had.  Then when we discovered a major leak in one of her bathrooms, my eyes started burning.  Off to the kitchen.  She had put the ham that was in a ziplock in the oven.  Oh my, what a mess.  Hubby said that I can't leave her in the kitchen alone.  From her house we stopped by our other son and DIL's home.  They had 25 guests from her side of the family.  So finally got home to let the doggies out.  It has been a fun few days with much more to look forward to.  I hope all of you were blessed in some way this holiday.  I know many are struggling in some way or another.  I wish all of you some "JOY".

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas Everyone

Mr. Cozy and I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to my Bloggy Friends

It's is going to be a White Christmas after all.........I couldn't believe that we got this dusting of snow.  They didn't predict it at all.  So excited to have the mud all covered up.
I caught up with Baby O. at the mall (the first time there all season and just to see her).  I gave her a sweet soft puppy.  She loved it.  She always carried a little cow around when I would watch her.  I gave it to her on her last official day here.  She just smiled and cuddled this dog.  I miss her but she is doing well in day care and that makes it all okay.
A sketch of our downtown at Christmas.
My Hubby has taken over my babysitting duties last night and this morning SO I best finish what I need to before our company comes tonight.  I am getting the Christmas butterflies but must turn this house into something magical for little eyes to see.  HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.............and I hope this guy has safe travels and can visit each and every one of you.  (E. made this for me in a swap,thanks)

Friday, December 20, 2013

The last little tour before the big guy gets here.

A few more pictures of Christmas around our house.
This may be as close as we get to a White Christmas.  Our beautiful snow has melted and we are getting rain, lots of rain.
Some new vintage finds.  Except for the little ball jar that is.  Remember when I told you that I had skinny ankles.  Those are my white skinnies.  And I don't have on white socks.  Scary.
A new Santa.  Not sue if he is vintage.  He is in brand new condition and was only $5.
My shelf of Putz houses and a few of my Santas.
Under new favorite thing......a vintage look fake fireplace heater.
My FSU Santa.  Go Noles.
My sweet wagon
On top of my grandmothers china cabinet    our Christmas card
More Santas and my keys
My Bear tree.....still with just a few ornaments.  Mostly owls as I haven't gotten to the Christmas boxes and I'm going to with what is already done.
Doodle came and spent the night.  We always do a Christmas craft.  We wanted to do owls.  With a little help from Pinterest this is what she made.  Cute little owls aren't they.

And there you have it, the final tour.  It's a far cry from all of those fancy homes on the tours, BUT it's my cozy house.  Here is hoping that you have a houseful of people or furry pets to celebrate your holidays.  Stay well and safe travels.  Merry Christmas from Mr. Cozy and me.  And a woof woof from Piper and Izabella.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Today I went to a play and a little musical at Mabel's pre-school.  Her Mama got her a special outfit for her to wear and her eyes just lit up when she saw it.  She got a pretty headband and tights too.  She was so proud of her outfit.
The children did a nativity play.  I couldn't believe that the 4/5 year olds could remember their lines.  I was impressed.   Also one of them was a narrator and read from a sheets of paper.  Wow. The teacher got down on her hands and knees and was the donkey.  She isn't a young thing either.  The baby Jesus was one of the kids sitting in a baby stroller, hah.  The outfits were really cute.  I guess this was a spur of the moment play.  After the play we went into the church and waited for them to change into their clothes.  Then here they came with Mabel in the lead (she was line leader today).  They had paper halos on and each carried a battery operated light and were singing "This little light of mine".  They were loud and all singing different words at the same time. 
Before they marched in the teacher stood up front.  She said I know a lot of you are facing illness and sadness right now.  She said that these children have so much joy right now.  J O Y.........and they did.  They were happy and being so polite and just adorable.  How true that statement is.  I then thought that the word I choose this year was ENJOY.....and I chose that because it had the word JOY in it.
Now you are wondering where the pictures are.  Well, I have two in my camera memory as I forgot to take the card with me.  My cell phone had just gone dead before I got there. My DIL took lots, so I hope she sends them to you.  After the singing we went back to the classroom.  The children made frames with buttons to decorate.  They had each had their picture taken with a friend.  Then they gave that friend the framed picture wrapped as a gift.  They would tell that person Merry Christmas and Thank You.  It was so sweet.
So instead of the adorable children,  I will show you a couple pictures from around my house.  Maybe I can show you the others ones later.
Oh, Mabel was a fairy........but she was really an angel, hah.

The angels in my kitchen.  Little flower from school fundraiser.
My Christmas girls.  I told you I had an idea for them.
J O Y Banner from a giveaway a couple years ago.
My wagon of bears and my Hubby's fire truck.  It was getting a bit rusty so I held my breath and painted in with A.S.C.P.   I couldn't believe that it was the perfect color and that you couldn't even tell I painted it.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Secret Santa Gifts Have Arrived Yahhhhhh Whooooooo/ Poor Doggies

Suzanne from Colorado Lady is the hostess of this fun swap each year.  This is my second year to do this. Last year I ended up with a new friend from the swap.  Well actually two, Edna and Pogo.  What fun it is to be a secret Santa.  Last year I had fun trying to figure out who my Santa was.  All I know this year is that she is from Texas and very generous.  I can tell she read a lot of my posts. 
I have never had a M. E, Doll.  I actually thought it was something else inside the box.  I was in love with the box and had no idea what was inside.  Well, I love this sweet girl.  She will look pretty special with my other girls.  I will show you that in another post.  Next there was this paper doll book.  She had to have read about my love of finding a Shirley Temple love this book.
I doubt if she realized this but since we have the new floors, our feet get cold.  Carpet does make a difference.  I have been thinking that I need slippers.  Well, check these babies out.  They look like terry Mary Janes and they have a sole.  Just what I needed.
Next there was a box of chili seasoning right from the great state of chili.  I can't wait to try this. 
There were some silver bell earrings as well.  I have been wanting some silver earring to go with my silver Origami once again this lady from Texas knows her stuff. is the cute box that the doll was in. 
A cute big Santa mug with some life savors in it.  I love the bigger mugs for my morning coffee,  Life savors.........those come in handy when you are always in some kind of predicament. 
And here are my furry babies..................
They didn't want to get up today.  I don't usually dress them but they got haircuts last week.  They shaved Piper, the Springer.  Except for his ears and a tiny bit of feathers on his legs and tummy.  We didn't tell them to do that.  We wouldn't have this time of the year.  He was just shaking until we put this jacket on.  Now Izzy, was trimmed short but not shaved.  I always like how this groomer does her haircut.  The other groomer does Piper better.  I guess we will have to take them to different places to get what we want. 


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa/Christmas Banner from Genie

My Colorado grandkids at the Aquarium in Denver.  They took the little guy for his 4th birthday.  He is the little guy that was so sick.  I asked if his hair was cut short.  His mom said that it was so dry there that it wasn't curly.  My granddaughter donated her hair this summer to Locks Of Love.  She has beautiful hair.  I love that stool my grandson is standing on.  What a good idea.  They had brunch here with Santa.  Santa actually put on a scuba suit and dove into the water.  He would swim up to the windows and wave to the kids.  Wouldn't that be fun.  I sure miss these guys.  I usually don't go this long without a visit.  We had a month together in June and they are coming for 10 days after Christmas.  I can't wait

This is the banner I posted about in my last post.  Somehow the picture disappeared when the post was published.  Here it is, isn't it great.
The tags are wooden.  Genie is the sweetest person. foot is better.  Not a fracture but still haven't heard about the blood work.  I have been off of it a lot the last few that helps.
It is really cold here.  The temp. was 22 but it felt like -22 when we were out.  It was windy and no sun.  It is to snow again tonight.  We had snow Friday eve, then freezing rain last night.  everything is coated in ice and slippery.
Mr. Cozy asked that I ask for more prayers for Deb, the lady he works with.  I didn't say a lot in my first post about her because she reads this blog.  When she went to the ER for what she thought was the flu, they ended up finding cancer in her colon and her liver.  Then before she could be dismissed from the hospital her lungs started filling with fluid.  She was readmitted on Friday to intensive care with pneumonia in both lungs.  Please pray for her.  I can't believe that this only started 4 weeks ago.  We feel that it could have been the flu in the beginning because of the lung involvement.  This sounds so like my cousin.
I can't believe how close Christmas is.  I ordered most of my gifts online.  I have a few small gifts to get but for the most part I am done.  I have two wrapped....a ways to go on that.  I don't feel any rush to finish up which is a good thing.  No stress either....for the most part.  I have only put out 1/2 of our decorations and I am fine with that.  Less is best , I have decided.
So carry on my friends.  Don't stress out over the date on the calendar.  It all gets done anyway.  Please pray for Deb.  I have another friend in need but I will post another time.
Happy Holidays.

Friday, December 13, 2013

What's on your list

Snow day.  The M and M's came in their jammies.  My sweet tree.  I bought the best lights this year.  They twinkle and look like little stars.  The pink thing on the floor is a blankie for the wee dog.
We have been having snow and very cold temps.  There is a winter storm coming our way.  That's okay with me.

Big brother joining in.  Hope the next picture doesn't freak you out.  It's my normally very skinny ankle.  Yes, my ankles are usually skinny.  The only thing on my body that is.  I stood up a couple days ago and my foot felt frozen and stiff.  Then I noticed the swelling.  I had x-rays and blood work yesterday.  The doctor just called and the x-ray are negative for fractures.  Soft tissue swelling.  I had something similar two months ago.  This time it is more painful.  Lab tests are not back yet.  They are checking for rheumatoid arthritis and gout. 
Pretty, huh.  I need some lotion and a little tan.
Okay, that's it for today.  Not too windy.  I have been enjoying everyone's decorating posts.  Maybe my tree will get some ornaments on it before Christmas.  I think my shopping and decorating stopped before my Mom's surgery and I haven't gotten back to either.  As usual, it will all get done.  No need to stress.  Thank goodness for internet shopping.  I hope you are all hanging in there.  There is still time.  Ho Ho Ho.