Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Swap Reveal

Fall Swap organized by Karen at Some Days
Are Diamonds.
My partner was Jill Cooper. She sent me this huge sunflower box because she knew I likes sunflowers. Inside were so many goodies. There was a book on country decorating, a big handmade sunflower pin, scrapboooking items, yearn, floss, vintage little cards,
Necco candy, a handmade wool pocket made out of two scrafs, a white pumkin and a box of tea. So much fun, so many nice things. Thanks Karen for organizing all of this.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat

Two little kitties coming out tonight
Looking for candy and scarry sights.
There will be lots of giggles
And lots of wiggles,
So turn on your lights
for a night of delight.
Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holy Tornado Dorothy

I've been blown over and I can't get up. I guess I will just lay here til someone notices. That was a big wind storm and lots of rain. The people that live in my house are just fine.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doodles Halloween Party

Don't forget to scroll down to enter my give a way. Your chances of winning are really good.

Also, we are under tornado watch and expecting high winds....that can mean days without electricity and water for us. I hope not but if you don't see any posts are comments from me, you will know.

Doodle's Halloween party is always so much fun for the kids.....well for
Nanny (me) and Grandpa Larry (my hubby). You see I was Doodles Nanny forever and I am always the first one she invites to a party. We are like part of their family even though we aren't related. They decorate the inside and the outside in unbelieveable decor.
Next week-end the adults have their party. Laken and her baby brother wil be spending the night with us. I think I have babysat for these parties since their beginning.....sometimes for their whole neighborhood. K. Bug is the cat. Goose was running a temp. and couldn't go. She always makes everyone laugh. She was just happy we brought her home goodies from the party.
Beware of these gooblins when they hit the street looking for treats this week.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sending you color

I love fall like most of you. My camera isn't capturing the beauty I see at all. I tried. I about got run over getting a couple of these. This color doesn't last long but it is just like a breath of fresh air. We have had the most beautiful harvest (full) moon in the mornings. It lights my way when I head to school. I decided taking a picture at 6 a.m. might just not be a good idea. Like don't text and drive, Don't click and drive.
I am already getting so excited about the holidays. I can't wait to see how you all decorate and create for the holidays.
Happy Fall You

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Swap

This was another fall swap I was in. It was a cigar box swap. My sweet swapper (Jill Cooper) sent me this beautiful big sunflower box filled with so many sweet things. I need to do the linky thing at Some days are like diamonds. I will post another swap I was in soon.

Bottle Cap Jewelry

Have you seen these. I should have posted the original one that I copied. I'd like to say they were really easy, but not that easy. They are just bottle caps that can be purchased online. I had some that I bought for scrapbooking ages ago and never used them. I found the plastic necklaces at Joanne's on sale. The original had interchangeable buttons held on by magnets. I made these for my grandkids and choose to glue them in with a hot glue gun. There is scapbook paper lining the cap. You can use material as well. You can buy the bottle caps with the holes already punched in, I think, Mine weren't and that was the hard part. I just used a paper punch as I forgot all about my Cropadile (?) scrapbooking tool. You need little jump ring as well. Make sure they are big enough. Mine were a little bit small. I used buttons and whacked off the back. The magnets used on the original were teeny tiny ones. I bought some and they were about $1 each. I hope you can figure this out, I am lousey at explaining how to make something. They are very cute on little kids. I hadn't seen one for a boy but adapted this for my "Little Fella." His had three little buttons.
Don't forget to leave a comment on my giveaway post...........thanks.

Thirty One Gifts - Giveaway

A few of you asked to hear more about this company. You can go to to check ot the products. They are a faith based company that is really growing right now. Yes, in this economy. I signed up because of the great $99 Enrollment Kit. $250 worht of products with a purpose for only $99. I love the products and wanted to order anyway. I am giving it a shot at trying to sell for a little while and see how it goes. If you have any other questions please let me know.
Okay, the GIVEAWAY is..................................the first item, the zipper pouch. GO to the above website , check out the products and come back to comment on what your favorite item was. You have to comment on this post to win. I will draw the winner on
November 4th. Good luck.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thirty One Gifts

Do you know about this company. They have the greatest gifts with a purpose. Organizing is a must these days and their products make it all possible. Great items, great fabrics and you can personalize in many different ways. I am having an Open House this week-end as I have signed up to sell their products. They are a faith based company that is minutes from my home.

This large utility tote is my favorite. It came in my kit. I could personalize how I wanted. I love how my choice of "Favorite Things" looks.

If I am MIA from my blog it is because I am getting my house in order. Be back soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Christmas Box/Jar Swap

My first post without a picture. Sorry I am too exhausted. My dog was up all night scratching her ear. I finally got up and put ointment in her ears.
After going back to bed, I thought I hope it was the ear medicine I put in and not the stuff for her bum. It was the right stuff. It only helped a little bit.
After my morning shift I took my co-worker with me to the Donavon Deisgn Warehouse Sale. (See side button). My oh my what cute things they had for such great prices. I got home in time to run over to the neighbors and watch her baby girl while she volunteered at the elementary school I work at.
As soon as she got home, off I went back to the same school for my afternoons shift. So, I am tired.
I want to close this on the 15th. It will be so much fun. You can decorate your boxes and jars and fill them with goodies. I will assign partners after the 15th. Still time to sign up. Some have sent their information, I still need some to do so.
Not too many rules left to tell you. I think you know the drill, if not feel free to ask me questions. I'd like for you to mail your swap before Thanksgiving, so this won't get caught up in the holiday rush.
I hope you are having a great week. ((((HUGS))))

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My co-workers

This picture was supposed to be with my birthday post. These are my co-workers. I asked them to be silly for the picture. Got to have a little silliness to work with children.

The day I turned sixty

This day started out with coffee with a bunch of clowns.
No kidding these are my clown friends. Here you see LuLu, Holly Bell (my best friend) Funny Bunny and me.....Petals. This was not a birthday get together. It was a long overdo get together. You see we were all on ClownCil together. We spent many years organizing a Clown Town week-end to teach other clowns how to clown. We are all now "has beens" as in x-Mayor's of Clown Town. We do not need make-up and costumes to have fun. We laughed and laughed. What a fun morning.
Another note......we always call each other our clown names, always.

(OKAY I am not getting the order right, so try to follow along with me)

Here are the kids that I spent the wee hours with and the late day hours. I also had a photo of my co-workers but it didn't download....I will try again. These pictures are not supposed to be clear. Just wanting you to get an idea of what I do each day. Don't you love the flags. Below the flags are pictures that the teachers in the school painted .

That evening we all went downtown for dinner. How cute is this downtown. Even the trash can, hah. You can see that our leaves are finally turning. The store fronts are amazing, aren't they. So much fun just walking down the sidewalk running into people. We saw our adopted son's (he is the one behind me) godparents. They were so excited as their first grandchild was soon to be born....actually she was just hours after we saw them.

Besides our one son and my Hubby and I, you see my DIL and son and my beautiful granddaughters. I wish that my other children and grandchildern could have been here but Colorado and Ohio are a little far away. BUT, I got to talk to all of them. Snow White, Babes and Little Fella all sang to me. Little Fella wished he could have cake with me, hah, and wanted me to save him some.

So this is how my day went. 60 sounds very old to me but I am glad to celebrate this day. 20 years ago, God blessed me with this extra time. Time to enjoy this family and for that I am so thankful.

Today Hubby and I are headed to meet my Mom and cousins for another birthday lunch. We are meeting half way from our homes. It is another beautiful day.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. (((((HUGS))))

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My kitty slippers, A good guess, Tomorrow

Someone wanted to see my kitty slippers, that I got in one of my Fall Swaps, on my feet. I think they even glow in the dark. Thanks Olenka.
Isn't this just the cutest little girl. Please don't hate me. I won another contest. But wait to you hear how. There was a picture of some boys playing football and you were to guess how old the one boy was and what grade he was in. I was first to guess both correctly. Once at a bridal shower they played a game where they had the brides pictures from K-12 grades. You had to put them in order. Her grandmother and I were the only ones that guessed right. The bride was my DIL's sister.
I will tell you more about this give - a - way later.
This has been a crazy and busy week. Dental work, yuck, always an ordeal...... Early Dismissal at school. .....renew drivers license........trying to finish up some boxes and make necklaces for the grands (I will show them later).......getting ready for the big day tomorrow.......I turn 60 tomorrow. Scary!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Soups On

Fall is definetly in the air. Our leaves are just barely beginning to change. Seems a bit late this year. I don't want to rush the colors because they come and go all too soon.

Today our small town had a Chili Cook-Off. I was asked by the recreation commision to clown and do balloons. The Farmers Market was also going on plus an Antiques Fair. There were people everywhere. Before I could make my first animal balloon, I had a line. There were activities for the kids, a DJ giving away prizes, lots of booths and lots of chili. I didn't get any chili but I made this chili earlier in the week.

I love a sweet chili. I make mine with best friend from high school's mom made her chili that way. I also used ground chicken and since I didn't have any onions I added some cinnamon. It really tasted good.

Simple recipe:

Tomato sauce

Kidney Beans
Ground chicken


Diced tomatoes

Salt, Pepper, Chili Powder and Cinnamon

Easy Peasy and yummy.

I used cheddar and monterey cheese on top.........

My Fall ME Banner

Sorry you can't see this well. The banner is really long and looks good on my banister. So much fun having something that so many people put time into making. Thanks Cindy of Rick Rack and Gingham for organizing.
Yes, I am still having problems downloading pictures. I went back into old editor to get this one to post.
Happy Fall Ya'