Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My thankful list - the end

We made this turkey at school. Everyone used little foam letters to write the names of their family members on their feather.
To add to my thankful list.......I am thankful also for my friends (that includes my blogging friends), my doggies Izabella and Piper, and kitty Clarisse, a roof over my head (even though it has a leak), food on the table, jobs for my Hubby and myself, and on and on. But most of all I am thankful for GOD for making all of this possible.
I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving.
I off to pack and one more afternoon of work. I will be on that plane( from my banner) to visit my kids and grandkids out WEST. Hopefully I will see some snow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My thankful list con't. con't. con't

I am thankful for all of these members of our family as well. There are still a couple missing.......because of security reasons I can't show some of my family. They are in my heart all the time.
We had our Thanksgiving dinner today. Goose was sick so she and her Mama had to stay home. My Mom drove an hour and 45 minutes each way by herself.....She is 83. My youngest brought his first girlfriend ever to a family dinner. Hubby didn't feel well but managed......knee and a cold.
I am ready to decorate before I leave to go out West. Hopefully I will get some energy to do that. Still have two days of work to do before my trip. I think it would be nice to come home to a decorated house.
It was sunny and warm again today. Beautiful outside. I have been reading all your posts about "snow"......not a flake to be seen.
I ordered my Christmas photo cards from Shutterfly tonight. Remember my post about getting 5o free. It took awhile but I think they will be really nice. I had a picture of each one of the grandbabies and the one photo at the top of my husband and I. I had my DIL take a photos shoot of us last week-end. Thought since we both turned 60 and had our 40th anniversary, we needed a good picture of the two of us. Goose and K.
Bug joined us after a few snaps. Should have seen them running down the hill after us. They were told if they cooperated they got to put up their Christmas trees in their rooms. They were so funny. The one Christmas photo that I posted when I told about the Shutterfly special........was not our Christmas card picture last year.
I couldn't put just two of the grands on a card.
My Mom questioned the pie in the glass pie pan.....the one I bought at the store......the Marie Callendar one. It popped right out of the tin and fit nicely in the glass pie pan. She wondered why the crust didn't go all the way to the edge. Hmmmmmmm..........The Honey Baked Ham was sooooo good. Hubby was watching over me as I dealt out leftovers for everyone. He needs some left for him while I am out West.
So you all be THANKFUL out there.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My thankful list con't. con't.

Today on my thankful list are the babies. I haven't seen them since July. This Grammy is going to see them on Wednesday and I can't wait to kiss their sweet faces and see how they have changed. I will (of course) have some more recent pictures to share. They both have alot more hair now. Baby Q will be one in Dec. and Mabel will be 2. Yep, that is her real name.
Please be aware that my thankful list has no real order to it.
All those on this list are loved the same and will always be.
P.S. Jan, I have not found my keys. I really think I have thrown them away but possibly the grandaughters stashed them somewhere. They put my things in some of the weirdest places. Maybe they are waiting to be found.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My thankful list con't.

I am thankful today for these three darling 4 year olds. They were born in March, April and May. What a busy time we had. This Grammy was thrilled to have so many sweet babies to cuddle and kiss and smell their baby feet. Yep, you read that right, I love the smell of teeny, tiny baby feet.
I think Little Miss Goose is thankful for her bubbie.
Miss Snow White is thankful for princess dresses.
Little Fella is thankful for sports.....any kind, the more the merrier.
I am busy getting ready to host our Thanksgiving dinner here on Sunday. I am headed out West for Thanksgiving for a visit with my darlings . Today I got a pedicure....a birthday gift (from Oct.) and a haircut. I got the sweetest surprise in the mailbox, a sweet gift from a blogging friend, Jan. One of those just because gifts. It sure made my day. Thanks Jan.

Now, I must return to work. Oh my, some days it is hard to do. Once I get there it is okay. Some days, I just want to wrap up in my cozy blanket and not have to leave my furry babies.
Have a great week-end my friends.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My thankful list

I am starting my thankful list. Be prepared this may get personal.
I am so thankful for this little girl. She was my first born grandchild. When I had cancer over 2o years ago my biggest fear was not to live to be a grandmother. I can't believe that my kids made me wait so long to experience this heaven sent gift of this granddaughter. I was so excited anticipating her birth. When Hubby and I arrived at the hospital that day we never dreamed what was happening. On Palm Sunday 7 years ago this sweet girls' Mama had a contraction that never ended. It was called a Titanic. Sweet baby was born in an emergency c-section by a passing doctor. This doctor had no idea what to do when she was born. She hadn't had a heart beat for 8 minutes. Her little legs were all bent and frog like. The nurses said one was broken or dislocated. She was an Apgar of 1. If you don't know about
Apgar scores, that means she was warm and that was all. I did a scrapbook page of her birth. The title was from a Carpenters' song, "On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true." I truly feel those angels were headed to heaven with our Sweet baby and saw our faces and decided to give her back to us. Told you this might get personal. This wonderful child is about as perfect as they come. She has no problems from her birth. She is just perfect to this Grammy.

Another note......her Mama demanded to be taken to the NICU a.s.a.p. to see her baby. When she saw her and stroked her, Sweet Baby literally started talking to her Mama. I have NEVER seen anything like it. Okay, I must stop as this is making me a bit emotional.
On another note........thanks for all your comments. Thanks for not laughing at my stressed out self. Thanks for the suggestions, that I will be taking. I think it's not the days before Christmas that stress me but the paychecks and that is just not going to change. So, I need to just chill.

Nan, that winter ice storm was so bad that the mall was closed on Dec.23 and 24. I cried when we would return to our home to get essentials. It looked like a war zone. Many of our neighbors have gotten generators since. We were only able to get to a hotel because we have a short driveway. Others were so blocked in by the downed trees. Our cars all had get repairs on the roofs.
For those who think I am organized......not at all. I just get myself into too much at one time. I have always done that. Then I feel I have to finish something before starting something else. Then at the last minute I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Why do we use that saying, it's a bit gross.
So Thanksgiving dinner will be here Sunday........I will be the chicken on Sunday morning. It will get done. I am shampooing carpets now before I return to work. Thank you furry babies for the muddy footprints.
On another, another note.......Hubby had an MRI on his knee yesterday.....they called him in a hour.
Not good news.....he has a large tear on his meniscus. He has been in so much pain and so stubborn about going to the docor. We may need some prayers here......most likely he will need surgery.
No sick leave where he works and his office is up two flights of steps. It isn't going to be easy for him.
Be prepared, their will be more thankful posts coming your way............(((((HUGS))))

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Santa, Swaps, Stress

Are you asking how all of these things can be in the same post.
I was asked by my husband not to stress out about Christmas as I guess he thinks I always do. He waits til the very last minute.....say a couple of days before Christmas. This has been known to bite him in the bum. Say the big ice storm a few years ago when all the stores were closed Dec. 23 and 24 and we ended up in a hotel for 6 days. But I have to confess.......I do STRESS. Our family keeps growing and I love to give.
Not expensive useless things just something. I would LOVE to hear how those of you with LARGE families and small budgets manage at this time of the year. I would LOVE to hear your gift ideas. I always stumble on the GUYS on my list. When money is short, I refuse to give things that aren't needed or wanted.( We also have two grandbabies that are born in December and my husbands' b.d. as well). So. please share how you do your holidays with me.
Okay the swaps........today......I really mean it this time......I will be mailing a tag swap to E., an ornament swap to Cindy (6 ornaments), another ornament swap organized by Carrie (another 6 ornaments), two Christmas box swaps to Genie and to Deb. I have lost sleep over what to do for those ornaments. I love finding new ideas to remake myself. Those ideas didn't come. I chose something simple to do......but I like what I did. They have to get mailed TODAY so that I can see my dining room and kitchen table and counters as Thanksgiving dinner will be here on Sunday. STRESS if I don't get my act together. Okay, hope I didn't stress you out. I will be fine, my friends........ Let the season begin.......and let me remember the REASON FOR THE SEASON.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holiday Photo Cards

Hello my Blogger friends. Do you send photo cards to your friends and family for Christmas. I do and I love to receive photo cards as well. In fact, I have sent photo cards now for 38 years. Yes, you read that right. I started when my first baby was born. I also send Christmas letters. My friends and family actually tell me they look forward to those letters. I know, what you have all heard is that they are full of bragging and etc.
Not mine, at least I don't think so. I am straight to the truth. Ups and downs , happy and sad.

My first photos were of our family as it grew. Now it is of our grandchildren. Our oldest is 7 and our youngest 11 months. We have six little darlings. Sending photo cards let's me show my friends how my family is growing. Ooops, I hope they don't think it is bragging.

I am scheduling a photo shoot from my talented Daughter-in-law to take photos of my husband and myself and our little furry babies this year. We celebrated some big milestones since last Christmas. We both turned 60 and celebrated our 40th anniversary. I want to include a photo from this shoot plus new pictures of my little grands. You used to only be able to get one photo on a card, but now there are many choices. Check out http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/holiday-cards .
And guess what.......you can choose a card that will show multiple photos. This works best for me. With one half of my family living in the West and the other have in East we haven't been able to get a group shot of the entire family. I really need the multiple photo cards.

I also love getting calendars from my adult children as gifts.
All year long I get to look at the photos they chose of their children to bring big smiles to my face all year long. You can check these out at http://www.shutterfly.com/wall-calendar .
And while you are checking these sites out here is another one that you won't want to miss http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/birthannouncements.

Also my dear friends.......
Bloggers can get 50 free cards by sharing this information. Just go to http://bit.ly/sfly2010

Crazy fun, right.

This photo was taken last Christmas by my DIL.........I told you she was good.

Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Okay, I got so tired of trying to find the right arrangement, I went and got everything new (top picture).
No, I didn't. This picture is of the cousins playing at one of their homes.
Nice isn't it.
I am back to square one. I moved this denim couch to the other side of the white couch under the windows. There is alot more open space and I didn't have to change the arrangement. But, I moved everything myself....not a big deal.
Someone said they needed more pictures to see what the rest of the room looked like.
Nothing fancy, pretty plain and simple. This will be soon changing when I start to decorate for the holidays.
I am off to work again. High 60's maybe even 70's today. We will be playing outdoors again. These temps will not last but for now they are great. I am patiently waiting on my snow to return. I love
Nan from Retired in Alaska's recent snow pictures. I could never talk my Hubby into retiring there but I can drool over her gorgeous views. We probably will retire right where we are, maybe something smaller, and hopefully some new furniture.
(Medical update. Mom's eyes are doing fine. She sure has been whining about them not being right. Goose is back at pre-school and her eyes are improving. Someone asked her where she went to pre-school now. Her reply was, ' I got one moooow year left." I think she is over anxious to be a big kid these days. Still waiting word on Will's biopsy report.)

Monday, November 8, 2010

I need some advice (again)

We moved this couch to make room for a hand me down chair. Weird getting hand me downs from your kids. The chair will need a makeover or a slip cover but it is comfy. The chair plus this couch may be passed on after the holidays to our other son. BUT, do you see the problem. The picture and the plates are way off center now. I don't want to move them (I would most likely need to paint the whole wall). Okay, what should I add to the other side. This star......it is pretty big. Or how about the wall hanging that I won from Donna.
Not sure about the colors?????? Or another thought, I have some wall words I could put up. One is in gold letters and may be a bit large......or.......I have a smaller one in black lettering. The latter one is removeable the other isn't. I hadn't used the other one because we thought we were moving. I wish I could find some smaller plates like the other ones. (The color of this wall is COZY BLANKET) Any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks ladies.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Playing Hookey/Mickey Mouse Magic Show

Okay, I'm breaking the rules and showing you their full faces.....do the sunglasses count as a disguise. I took the one with the ears out of school to go to the Live MM Magic Show. (More on the school thing later). I took off the afternoon shift at school. We picked up my best friend at the hospital where she works in the ER and off we went. We were very early so we stopped at Bob Evans for a little lunch.
After ordering for just the girls, I told my friend, "Whoa, that was exhausting."

Since in the past we always get dropped off at the front door of the Palace Theater and picked up the same way, we had to guess at where to park. Cold temps, safety, and a little girl just days out of eye surgery were concerns. We parked in a garage that attached to LeVec Tower. We were able to walk through the tower then out the front door into the front door of the Palace. Wow, that was a lucky guess on where to park. We were still early so we parked ourselves in front of this wonderful window. We were three stories high across from the State building . The little girls loved it. They esp. liked playig with the dead and alive ladybugs. They wanted to take them into the theater with them.

Now, onto the theater. Millions of steps to the nose bleed section. Theater only half full.......two showings - 3:00 and 6:00 p.m........on a Friday, no wonder. They told us we could move closer but we could see really well. K. Bug got so excited when the show started that she fell out of her seat and bumped her heads. Lots of crying followed.
At intermission I let them run around the balcony and Goose fell and cried as well. I showed her a picture of her bubby (blanket) on my camera (a picture she had taken) and she hugged and kissed the camera. That was pretty funny. Then K. Bug was thirsty, so I headed down all those steps then back up them again. Geez....there were milions. Then I lost my camera. I decided, oh well, we'd find it when the lights came on (and we did) and I wasn't going to let it run the show. SO these are lousey pictures but the memories will last forever.

Did I mention that these tickets were my birthday present from my husband. My best friends's birthday was 2 days before mine, so it was for hers as well. The little girls just go to go along, hah.

My friend loves Disney. She goes every year. She has a very ill husband and very little money. She works so hard and going to Disney is their only luxury.

Now about the school thing. Our elementary principal has been to Disney at least 20 times. He knew I wanted to go to Disney World for my big birthday. When that wasn't possible, these tickets were the next best thing. When I told him I was taking K.
Bug out of school, I asked him if it was an excused absence. His reponse was,
"No, it is extra credit."

So, long story short (he he) what a great time we had. Did I mention that the Fairy Godmother was there.
Psssss. Goose is doing okay after her eye surgery. Her eyes are swollen and bloody and glassy. She said on the way to the car after the show that she was seeing double. She was so good to wear her sunglasses when we were outside. We got some strange looks from people.
My Mom is okay after her eye surgery but complaining alot.
Little Will had a bone marrow biopsy and they are still testing. Hoping that it is just a virus.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

My oh my, I can't post a picture.........not again. The winner of the zippered pouch from 31 Gifts is from the person that I borrowed the "Winner, winner, chicken dinner" phrase from.
And that person is BEVERLY from FLAMINGO TOES. I will be in touch to see what style and personalization you want. Thanks to all that entered. I'll have another one soon. Yippee for Beverly.
(If anyone is experience the picture problem, help)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm home from my Mom's. She did really well with her surgery. It was fast and they didn't even put her totally under. She is alone okay and I hope that she does okay. I wish I lived closer.
Keep my sweet Goose in your prayers. She ended up having both of her eyes operated on yesterday at Children's Hospital.
A muscle problem This eye problem has worried me for quite awhile. I didn't know about the surgery til it was over. Her little eyes are blurry and bloody. She said that she went to the doctor and he fixted (not a typo) her crazy eye.

(Sorry for the picture. Remember that I am not supposed to show her face. But she is the cutest litte thing.)

Also, please keep our little cousin Will in your prayers. He has aplastic anemia (I think that is the dx). He had a bone marrow transplant from his daddy over 6 months ago. He has been doing wonderful.
All his counts have been good. Just recently he started bruizing over any little bump. His counts have dropped. He is 11 and a fantastic little guy. So your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Okay my blogging friends, this giveaway ends in a couple of days. You can choose your pattern from several great designs. I will even have it personalized. Did I tell you that there might be something little inside.
All you have to do is leave a comment here or on the other post about the giveaway. So far your chances are really good. I decided to not do a follower drawing only, as I want the person winning to want to win this item. My last giveaway (ME) was dissappointing to me. I never heard whether the person got it. I even posted on their blog and asked. Oh well, hope she got it and I hope she enjoyed it or passed it on to someone who did. I appreciate all of you and this is just a little something to show you what you mean to me.
I am off to work and then to my Mother's. She is having cateract surgery in the morning. This will be her 9th surgery in 6 years. It has been quite a time. This one is minor. Last year she had her kidney removed. I will be back in a couple of days. Happy
November everyone.