Monday, May 8, 2017

Rain, rain, flowers and birthdays

BloggerImageFour generationsBloggerImageMy Mother turned 90.  About 50 of us spent the weekend together celebrating.  Little cousins met other little cousins.  It was somewhat a take over of the hotel. We had a banquet one evening.  It was a little too much for the birthday girl as the following two weeks she was pretty ill.  She's back to normal and drove her car .  Scary.

The sun is trying to shine.  So much rain.  We have been lucky considering the rest of the country.  The flowers are blooming.  Trying to hold off a little longer before starting my fairy gardens and potted plants.  

I'm closing one retail space and keeping my Etsy shop.  My other retail space in a little town near here is where my things will go.  I recently added more Steiff animals including puppets to both .
BloggerImage BloggerImage

I found this tiny dollhouse with all the furniture recently. It's only about 8" long. BloggerImageThis Steiff keystone  cop is a rare find. BloggerImage
And little peanut is getting hair.  She's about to get a kiss from Piper.  She is everywhere doing the army crawl.
BloggerImageAnd here are the birthday kids.  The cute guy turns 11 this month.  (From left to right). Next Elli and Allie turned 11.  Then our 14 year old.  But the next two have birthdays in December. 

Happy Mother's Day.