Monday, April 29, 2013

Recap of a busy week

Last week ended up being busy for me.  Lots of little people to look after.  This cute baby is my new nanny job.  She and her six year old brother.......the one wearing the glasses.  Their grandmother was my best friend but died suddenly 10 years ago.
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I watched these cuties on Friday.  On Saturday I watched several children for a women's church group function.  Then yesterday I went with Doodle and her mama to an in home had a sundae bar.  These markers for the sundae treats came from Michaels.......4  for $1Earlier I wasn't able to finish this post.  So I will try again.  I wanted to tell you some good news.  My granddaughter's other grandmother, GiGi, got a clean bill of health on her cancer.  She has to go back every couple of months for tests but this was quite a milestone.  I just saw her today at the grocery store and she looked amazing.  She was a little thinner but she looked good for all the chemo and radiation that she has had. 
Have a great week, my bloggy friends.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nesting, Ball Jars and Teen Mom (What a combination)

Are you wondering about the crazy title.  Well, I will get to that.  First of all Viv, hopefully you all know the sweet and fun Viv, hosted a nest swap.  I get all excited about a theme.  She suggested that we not go overboard on extra things.  My kind of swap I would  rather add a few things related to the swap.  I had a hard time matching birds and eggs.  I didn't think I could make a bird so I went to several stores, which is not like me.  I ended up with left overs.  That's where this robin and nest and eggs came from.  Pretty cute left over, isn't it.  I bought this canvas in Colorado awhile back.  I love the saying and hadn't seen it with a bird and a nest before.  My little shelf that I refinished last summer.
My Ball jars arrived in 4 days after I ordered them.  They are so adorable in their little package.  I know a couple of you placed an order as well.  Love them.  I can think of so many uses for them, I may have to order more.  Sorry, Mr. Cozy.  Mr. Cozy asked why we needed these. 
Okay now about Teen Mom.  Mr. Cozy and I are so tired of all the talent, singing shows.  We watch other shows now.......but a couple of shows that we watch would surprise anyone that knows my husband.  One is Teen Mom and the other Dance Moms, hah.  Well, last night while watching Teen Mom, Little Allie's mommy and daddy took her to Nationwide Children's Hospital (in Columbus, Ohio) to see what might be wrong with her muscles.  She is a smart little cookie.  She talks very well but isn't walking yet.  Well, out comes the doctor and it is Dr. Tsao.  He was our son's neurologist for over 10 years.  He usually has several doctors following him as he is brilliant.  I am sure he didn't care at all about the cameras.  My son's case was complicated.  Once Dr. Tsao  patted my shoulder and said to me, "I learn so much from you."  Hah.  He really did.  So, while so much of these crazy reality shows are not real, some are really for real. 
Now, aren't you glad that you read this til the end, hah. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Clown friends

How many of you have clown friends?  I bet not too many. I have posted several times about mine.  I don't think I ever posted that my BFF clown friend moved away last fall.  She moved all the way to Florida.  I was happy for her but it was sad.  I have lost so many friends.  Some have moved South and some have unfortunately passed away.  I was so excited to find out that another BFF clown friend that had moved away moved back.  Now she only moved an hour away but she is back and really close.  I am so excited.  We have known other forever.  Lots of fun clown memories.  Well........
I bought tickets for Hubby and I to go see Popovich........clowns and shelter pets......what not to love.
Well Hubby got sick.  He really didn't feel well.  So, I call my clown friend, LuLu.  She said she would go.  We had so much fun.  If you have a chance to see this show go.  The animals are adorable.  They ride on trains, firetrucks, and do tricks.  Have you ever seen cats do tricks......I hadn't.  Popovich juggles, climbs up and down ladders unassisted and does all kinds of things.  It was just a great family show.  I wanted to get a picture of him afterwards but the line was long.  So we found this sandwich board outside.  How funny.  We had to squeeze in around some little kids to take each other's pictures.  But it was a good day.  The sun was shining and the temps weren't too cold.
I stopped and got Poor Hubby chicken noodles and mashed potatoes so he was a happy camper.
I hope you all have a good week.  So much sadness last week.  It has to be a better week for everyone.  (((((HUGS))))

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let Your Heart Be Glad

Once again the words are hard to find following the bombings that happened this week.  I am sure you are wondering why my title is 'Let your heart be glad".  As adults it takes a long time to get over these events.  For someone like me that worries about every little thing and changes me each time a little more.  But the reason for the title and the pictures..........our children are so innocent.  Their hearts are hurt but they bounce back and see the future as a good thing.  Yes, they have us to protect them and make this world safer.  I know that this isn't true for all children.  That is a post for another day.  Children still worry.  Recently my 6 year old granddaughter wanted to buy some light up shoes.  After thinking about them for awhile, she told her mom she wouldn't be able to wear them to school because "the shooter" would be able to find her.  So sad that our children have to think like this.  But then she was able to move on and see the good things coming her way.
The first and second picture is of Hope on her 10th birthday.  Remember her Apgar was a 1 when she was born. 
This is of our Goose getting a little present for her sister's birthday.  Something so little but so much joy on her face.
This is B. at his birthday party at Chucky Cheese.  No worries here just alot of dancing.

And here is my new doll with the tag of "Let your heart glad".  I put the Easter decorations away and didn't know what I wanted under this dome.......I thought her sad eyes and her hopeful tag said it all. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Beautiful blue jars

Since my computer was acting up I decided to use my Kindle.  I had to have a picture so I took it with my Kindle.  It's a bit difficult because you can't see what you are taking the picture of.  Doesn't everything look good in these blue jars.  This jar has a frog built in the top made by my friend Penny. 
 Did you know that ball jars have a limited edition of the blue jars for their 100th anniversary.  6 pint jars for $12.99 plus shipping.  The web site is Ball Fresh Preserving Store. After I took this picture and started to read blogs, The Country Chic Cottage blog came up.  The post was about teacher gifts using ball jars.  There was a link for the jars.  I had seen them before but they were sold out and it seemed they weren't going to be offering them again.  
So this is how post came together.  Well not that easy.  I had to switch back to the computer to add the words.  Geez, all kinds of problems today.

I am feeling better.  Still really low on energy.  I am going to go out and run a couple errands while the sun is shining and the temps are nice.  It's pretty bad that I have to push myself to leave the house.
We did have breakfast with my son and his girls on Saturday and then later went to Goose's soccer game.  It was freeing but we had a good time.  First graders are so funny.  She's pretty good I must add.  It was also her big sister Hope's birthday.  I will post pictures of the game and the birthday breakfast soon. 

OH, remember the pants hangers from my last post.  I was sure that my husband had some but he didn't. On our way to the game on Saturday we stopped at a garage sale.  We found 6 there for $.25 each.  The guy that owned them was in his 90's.  I was excited.

So before something else goes wrong.......I will publish this.  Happy Monday Friends.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Jillibean/Happy Birthday Mom

Some more pictures of the Jillibean store.  Their warehouse is attached to the store. (I think)  Check out these pants hangers.  Another blast from the past.

This is Jill.

I love this pink ladder.
Happy Birthday Mom........86 years young.  That's my older birthday by three years.  Just thought I would mention that.  (And why does my hand look like a really is quite normal looking).
That's about it.  Still coughing here needs to go away.  It was 80 here yesterday.  We slept with the windows open last night .  Right now it is almost dark out and there is thunder.....storms on the way.  Haappy Wednesday.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Crawling out from under my rock

Hello my friends.  I am trying to feel better.  I actually do.  My cough is almost gone.  My ear still hurts and it is a little hard for me to get my breath.  The less I do the better.  I will get there.  I know from some of you and other people that it takes a couple weeks. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago.  There was a Scrapbooking Memories Expo going on in Columbus.  I went last year and was too overwhelmed.  The one vendor that I really liked is actually local.  She has a warehouse sale at the same time.  Have you heard of  JILLIBEAN.  The  store is in downtown Marysville (Ohio) in case you would like to visit.  I don't know if they always carry all the scrap booking things but I imagine they do.  Everything was grouped so nicely.  You didn't have to root everything to find different items.  They were grouped together.  I was so excited to see all the vintage items.  I will post more pictures the next time as Blogger would only let me post these. 
That polka dot banner.....was made with burlap and painted.  I think the twine was just glued on.
I loved the use of the clip boards.  This was just a small little space but so cute.
Well, that's about it for now.  I'll be back again soon.  Thanks for all of your comments.  I will start leaving comments again.  Izzy is doing okay.  She is walking more, the steroids are helping but now we have to cut back on them. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm on a little break.

Taking a little rest break.   Just wanted you to know that I saw a little improvement in Izzy yesterday, just a little, but it was exciting, none the less.
I went to the doctor and I have bronchitis and double ear the reason for a little break.  I will be back soon.  Just need some rest.
Thanks for all you concerns.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Updates/School Carnival and Wax Museum

First of all, Izzy is hanging in there.  She is very quiet and not moving around alot.  When she does walk it is hard.  We help her alot.  It's wait and see at this point.  I am trying to get better.  Still feel bad.  My chest is not as tight, so that is one good thing.  I really am avoiding going to the doctor.
These pictures are of Doodle's school carnival.  I took Grace and Hope to her school.  They go every year and have so much fun.  Little brother B.  waited so patiently to get a spider painted on his hand.  His Baby Brother was just beginiing to get sick.....can you tell.  That is his Mama's hair on top of his.  It's a perfect match. 
The there are the props for the photo booth.  So funny.
B. waiting patiently.
dallA few days later Doodle's school had a wax Museum.  These are quite interesting.  She was Jane Goodall.  See Hope pushing the button.
Now, these germs to move on as my new job starts in couple of days........and I don't want to pass on any germs to this sweet little one. 

I have been trying to visit but not leaving many comments.  I also have noticed that you can't sign up to follow me.  I will be working on that when I feel better.  I just wanted to post something and to tell you thanks for thinking of us, esp. Izzy.