Friday, January 27, 2012

"You okay Izzy?"

Dear Cozy Blanket followers......Piper here. My Mama asked me to make this post. She is a little tired tonight. My little sister Izzy had her dental surgery today. She is back home and did okay. My parents were worried that they would cancel the surgery since her belly was so swollen. But they did blood work and said it was a go. When Mama went to pick her up they said she had her dental but they had to pull a tooth. Mama nearly came unglued.......she even told the tech that she was there to get teeth pulled not just cleaned. She had been told there were 2 maybe 4 that needed pulled. We have been stressed out for months about getting these pulled ......and they only pulled one. OM Gosh. The doctor (same one that put her on a diet) told Mama that it would help if she could loose some weight. Mama said, " Are you kidding me, I don't even want to hear that" The other tech told her that Izzy lost 1 lb. 4 oz. (After all that effort) She reassured me that was 10% of her body weight. Geez Louise.
Now let me tell you why Mama is so tired (besides not sleeping) and not in the mood for posting. After dropping Izzy off she had her chest x-ray, blood work and EKG. She then ran home so I could tinkle and then went to the foot doctor......she said she would tell you about that later. She ran to the bank and then to the grocery to get soft food for my Sissy. She picked Izzy up and went home. The foot doctor left a message saying she left her cell phone. She tried to call back on the land line and it went dead......., so she will probably not get her phone until Monday. She is okay about it as she didn't want to get back in her car again. We are all just glad that out baby is home again. They think her belly swelling is from swallowing air from her breathing problems.....she has a collapsed trachea. I'm going to be really nice to Sissy and Mama til our Daddy gets home.
Toodles and Puppy nose kisses.
P.S. Mama said to tell you that a 58 lb. over friendly doggie tried to sniff Izzy and she tried to take him out. She does that to me too, I just back away and say, "Well, okay then Sista.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surgery Woes

Izabella (Izzy) has her dental surgery tomorrow. I don't know how many teeth they will pull this time. When she was three she had eight pulled. I know that she has 4 bad ones now. Izzy is 7. Because of her breathing and liver problems this is risky. You can see her belly is still puffy. I can't wait to see if she has lost weight since we have reduced her food intake. The next two pictures aren't great but just wanted to show her belly.
Brett had his surgery yesterday. They put the rod down his femur (just like they did my mother last year) . They also put him in another cast. They were able to take away the deformed bone. I haven't heard what they will do next. Thank you for your prayers.
I am having surgery next friday on my finger. It's just a minor surgery. somewhat like carpal tunnel surgery. Because I am old, I have to have alot of pre-op tests. That part I don't like.
Updates: The first of the hearts have arrived. They are so cute.......Jan does such beautiful work.
The new kids started yesterday. I was exhausted. When their mom picked them up they told her they didn't want to go home, hah. Their mom posted on her FB page that she knew that was a good sign. They come on the days that the girly girls don't come. It is a full house here but I still take Fridays off.
We have a pumpkin from Halloween that keeps being moved around . I came home and it was on the porch. It wasn't there when I left. I think it is a deer.......I don't think the squirrel could do that.
Do any of you have problems going to sleep........I always have but it has gotten so much worse. Any tips that help you.
Our crazy weather........freezing rain last night and alot of lots of rain all day. I can't believe how much snow has fallen in Washington and where Nan lives in Alaska.
Okay, I know this is boring off to read Brenda, Claudia and the others posts about being's a good thing because I have that" I got to go shopping feeling" going on.
I think it's because of suddenly stopping the holiday shopping.
Hope the weather in your neck of the world is kind to you this week-end.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Share your heart

We need another person to make this swap a go. (If not I will be making more hearts and that's okay because it is fun)
So far Genie, Amanda, Amanda's friend, Jan and Moi. I have 3 others just wanting to swap one. A couple others that I thought I could twist their hearts into the swap, that have too many other things on their plate. So it's a go, one way or another.......but still have room for more.
I went to a craft day for a women's church group yesterday. When I saw the iced in parking lot I thought I was crazy. It was fun. I only got three hearts made as I was having fun talking to people that stand more than 3 feet tall. Got in and out of the car safely. Got home and had forgotten to turn the porch light on. Walking down our sidewalk there was a man standing by the tree. I screamed. It was my shadow, girls, I am just fine.
Staying in my COZY house making hearts and maybe , just maybe I will do a little work in my craft room and toy room today.
I won't be bugging you anymore about the please come back again.

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's not too late to sign up for the heart swap. I have been having fun making these.
Some more hearts. These I made. Sorry for the blur. I will wrap up the swap this week-end. I will post who all is sending hearts to me. I hope to go to an all day crop/craft tomorrow. I am afraid that the weather may cancel it. Winter advisory all night and into the morning tomorrow.
I have groceries and dog/cat food, just missing the Hubby. I hope he doesn't stay too late at work so he will be able to get up our big hill. I am so glad that I quit the school job. I wouldn't be home til late as they never cancel.
I still have my jammies on. They have skiing bears on them. I don't plan on changing either. Just trying to decide how I hike to the mailbox in them. I am looking for some packages and saw the mail lady put something big in the box.
But it is soooo cold. I think in the single digits.
I will have to carry the land line with me as I am expecting the doctor to call me about my referral to the ortho for this trigger finger. I know you can make your fingers do this, its not a trick. The trick is to get it to return to normal. Online it says a trigger finger isn't painful. Well let me tell you it is getting more painful. My whole hand hurts. It's is a good thing that I am right handed.
Well, to bundle up and take the hike. Then back home to make some split pea soup. I have been saving the bone from the Honey Baked Ham we had for the freezer.
Stay warm and have a wonderful week-end.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sign up for the heart swap

Here is a heart made by Genie for the swap. How cute is this. It is all hand stitched and mine will be as well. Sign up a.s.a.p. Thanks to Genie for showing us this sweet heart.

Random things............Mother Nature is mixed up for sure. This crazy weather. 50 yesterday and freezing rain/snow last night. It was supposed to warm up for the rest of the week. Now more snow on the way.
Seattle is getting slammed with snow. Goodness, it is hard to plan anything.
The cruise that went bad had to be so scary. Sounds like no one was in charge. With it being dark out and the water 50 foot deep, I would have had heart failure.
Just because Paula Deen uses alot of butter in her recipes, it doesn't mean she eats it all. Give her a break, after all she's my sista. Just for the record, I have never used any of her recipes.
Remember the last time I asked you to pray for my friends. Well, we need some more prayers for Brett. He fractured his leg right after the last surgery. He continues to grow cysts instead of bone in his hip. They now are going back in to put a rod into his femur bone. It wasn't an option before because he was still growing. So now they are out of options. I don't know and I doubt his doctors know what to do next. He is so sweet. He is only 9. He is my DIL's nephew. This last setback has made him sad and worried. Please pray for Brett.
I know there is some kind of blackout happening today online......but.......even before I am seeing so many post about blogging issues. I am having them as well........will this get better or should I begin to change things on my own blog. I sure hope not as I am afraid that it will all go away if I do one little thing wrong.
Have I told you lately that I appreciate you. I do, you know. Thanks for listening to all my random thoughts.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart Swap

Hi there. Would you like to swap hearts. You can make them out of fabric, felt, wood, chipboard, paper.........there are no rules. Well maybe a couple little rules. How about making them anout 4 - 6 inches long. Make them sturdy. If you want to swap one with someone or if you want to make six to swap with others. Those you would mail to me and I would send you back 6 hearts. I'd like to do this rather quickly so that you could have them for Valentines Day. So maybe by 2/5/12.
So if you are interested leave a comment or email me at .
This is a primitive heart I found in a store near the Red Rocks.
No magic answers at the doctors office. I actually have to see a foot doctor and also an orthropedic doctor. There are several things with my foot.....mainly it gives out on me. The other problem is a have a trigger finger.........don't laugh it hurts. It bends and gets stuck. My doctor said they will give me injections in my whittle finger. That sounds painful to me. But this is painful as well. Sooooooo, more on all that later.
Hope your week is starting off well. Sign up, please........

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little cabin in the woods

This little house is very tiny. It sits in an upscale neighborhood near an old mansion. The mansion, Bryn Du, used to be owned by Dave Longaberger. The last two years the village of Granville took over the ownership. They have art shows and special events in the main house and the other buildings. But this little house sits all alone. There is a newer house close to this and the mansion. I love it, how about you? I could imagine living there. It has very weathered green shutters, beautiful stone and looks like two fireplaces. I'd love to see the inside. I am surprised that it hasn't been demolished or at least moved. Seeing the small trees and those three little shrubs makes me think (or hope) someone is taking care of it. Some day, maybe I will find out the history and share it with you.
A cold week-end here in Ohio. Stayed in and stayed warm. Sure makes you thankful to have a warm home.
I've been thinking..........I'd like to have a heart swap. Anyone want to do this. We could just make one or make a few to share with others. Leave me a comment if you have interest.
Tomorrow is another day off. Off to the doctor to see if she can mend this ole body from its aches and pains. Stay well and stay warm.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Is it snowing in your world today

The snow has arrived. Gone are the days of running outside without a coat on. Baby it's cold outside. Brrrrr. We had freezing rain before the snow so school was cancelled.
The little high chair is celebrating it's 3rd season here at the blue house.........this time with snow.
The girly girls have been sick. I was to go to their house to watch them a couple of hours today so their Mama could go somewhere. My little bug was covered. I almost got stuck in their driveway. So I backed up and went a little faster. This was the first time inside their beautiful home. Even though it has all the bells and whistles it was very lived in and COZY. The girls were allowed in all the rooms. Their own bedrooms were adorable, PB style. Little O. was really not feeling well. Mom called and decided to turn around and come home. Too many cars in the ditch made her rethink her outing. So, back on the road home for me. That was fine, glad to be back home.

I think I will COZY up with Piper and Izzy until Mr. Cozy gets home. This is my view outside my front windows. Snow is so beautiful, isn't it. It's like a blanket ........hmmmmmmm a COZY blanket.
Hope all of you have a warm and COZY week-end.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let the sun shine through

In January, in our neck of the woods (Ohio), we barely see sunshine. This year (2012) we have had sunny days since the 1st of the year. Nice temperatures. Sweater, no jacket kind of warm. This was a sunset the other night. I quickly took the picture. If I had gone outside I am sure it would have changed and I wouldn't have gotten this color. I couldn't believe the beauty of this sunset.
We are back to full swing here. Here is O and A doing what they do
On Sunday we had tree trimmers working. They got the trees and branches off of our neighbor's fence. The neighbor thanked us..........sure hope he appreciated our swift actions.
I thought you could all use a little laughter. So here goes......
When I was in Colorado my daughter and granddaughter went to a hair salon. My granddaughter asked the receptionist if old people could have tinsel in their hair. She said of course. So Grammy got some silver tinsel in her hair. Dancing girl got a feather (feddar) and her Mama got a wee bit f tinsel. Well mine just kinda stood out. I didn't blend in. I had three people over the course of 10 days of having it in tell me I had tinsel in my hair. I think they thought it came from a Christmas tree and I didn't know I had it. Well, it is gone now. Dancing Girl's feddar stuck straight out the next day. It looked so funny bt so fitting for her.
Okay Dancing Girl gave Grammy and Grampy a tattoo. Those darn things had to be scrubbed off as they weren't budging.
Have you heard of miss matched socks. Well they are right up my alley and DG's as well. She got me a pair (that is 3) for Christmas. When I went through security of course I had to take my shoes off. My socks were black, one with colorful polka dots and the other one stars with the same colors. You know how those security people are so serious. Well as I was approaching the scanner the security guy told me I had my socks on the wrong feet. He said they needed to be on his feet. I loved to see that he had a sense of humor.
I finally went to the grocery. Hubby had for a few things but I was putting it off. So I went and carried all the stuff in and up the stairs (bi-levels are so wonderful). I went to step over the groceries and caught my toe in one of the plastic bags and went flying into the wall. Almost smacked my head. I am fine but I am sure this was a site. Tanner was here and he got very quiet.
Okay a little more serious... Pogonip of Meadowsweet Cottage left a comment and said I should use "accomplish" as my word for the year. "accomplish" it is. I went for paint chips yesterday. The one I liked and my Hubby (after a little coaxing) was Peanut Butter. The funny thing was I picked the chip and then read the name. A friend of mine had used the very same color in her home and I loved it. I wasn't looking for that color though when I saw the chip. So back for the paint today. When will I get to it, we will see.
O and A are only coming two days a week now. So I get a phone call yesterday for two more darlings to come on the days that I had just feed up. Oh my, I don't say no well so said okay. They will go to school in the afternoons just like O and A do.
Our sun has gone away and today we are getting rain and later snow. I think we all knew it was just a matter of time. Of course I love the snow but not slippery roads.
So thanks for those beautiful sunshiney days to kick start our new year. Now off to "accomplish."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Closing 2011 and moving on to 2012

These beautiful pictures seem like a great way to close a year and move onto a new one. They are from the Red Rocks in Colorado.
It seems like it has been hard for me to start the New Year. Maybe because I was gone for a week. But, I am ready now. I can't come up with a word for the year. There are many things that I want to accomplish this coming year. I want to "move more" exercise more. I need to have my ankle checked out first. I want to continue to improve my diet. Going gluten-free has not been easy. Now I want to cut way back on sugar.
I want to "paint". On my list is our master bedroom and the little bedroom on our main level. I also have little accent pieces lined up. I just can't seem to narrow down a paint color. I am going to do what Nate Bercus pick out an inspiration piece and go from there. Not stopping there with paint. I want to do more art/craft projects.
I also want to be more "helpful." I want to be there when someone needs help.
As I look back on last year there were good things that happened along with the sorrow. Having our grands all together for the first time was the highlight of the year for me. I know that this year will have it's ups and downs and I know their will be struggles, that's just life.
So bring on the new year and I hope I will have lots to share with you.
I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments and for being there for me. I enjoy reading about your lives and seeing all your pictures. Blogging is a wonderful experience.
Happy To You. (My two year old grandson sings this all the time)

Friday, January 6, 2012

More Christmas and Yesterday (A crazy day)

These pictures are from our Christmas at our house with our son and his family. They live in Colorado. I know, they came to Ohio and we went to Colorado. We did get to see them a couple of times in Ohio.
This is our sweet Mabel. She turned three on December 31st. She talks like Minnie Mouse and is adorable. She has a temper and is pretty much in control. She has her Daddy wrapped around her finger. He melts when he is around her. And she has nothing to do with anyone when he is around. It is very heartwarming.
My son and his "little fella." This boy is so sweet. He is quiet and well behaved. He seriously loves sports and knows so much. He'll watch entire football games and actually knows what is going on. I always faked it when it came to football games my sons played in. I still can't figure out that "first down" thing. (I don't know if I should tell you this but he asked me if I had a VJJ. I let my son handle that one, sorry if that offended anyone.)
Stand on your head again. This is funny. I want to learn to crochet. So when Mandy of Mandipity had a course on how to crochet on her blog I tried. The first project was to do the basic chain. You were to make 3 - 20 feet long chains. Well I did....but out of this wild pink yarn. Then you were to braid it and then loop it around your neck. So I wanted to give this to my daughter for Christmas. First I had my 8 year old granddaughter start braiding it. I can't braid.....I think it is a brain thing that I don't have.....I have a brain but not for braiding. She did well but it kept tangeling. So when my DIL was here she wanted to try. was crazy. She braided and we had these long chains that went all over the house. My son was dying imagining his sister in this scarf. So my DIL kept cutting it and trying new things. Now the scarf looks like skinny boas and in many pieces. It is a disaster but the fun we had with it was worth it. No, I didn't give it to her. I am going to send it to Dancing Girl to add to her collection of mixed matched clothes.
Grampy and the littles.
Okay, are you still with me. You have to hear about my day.
As I was taking A. to pre-school our road was closed. So I took another route. Got her to school and needed a couple of things at the store. As I have said before I don't do WalMart. But I had won a $50 gift card from a blog giveaway.....nice,huh. So O. and I went. I tucked her in the cart so no one would steal her. I swear I walked the perimeter of the store twice just trying to find the few things I needed. One thing was kitty litter. Okay, now I have watched the girly girls for three months now. as I put the litter in the cart O. says, "What, you have a cat, too." She didn't know, hah. I think one reason I don't like shopping there is trying to find stuff and wanting to move faster than the rest of the people. Man some move so slow......and I am not fast.......I just know what I want and don't dilly dally.
So afterwards O. said she was hungry. Geez, she should have eaten her PB&J for lunch. So McDonalds is next door. I thought what the heck it was a nice sunny day and we had an hour to kill before picking up Tanner and her sister.
We go into Micky D's and order. Oh my. There was a family of two young moms, a grandma, a husband or SO, and two little girls around the age of 3. All if them spoke in screaming voices like they were the only ones in the place. They told the girls to sit and eat. One of them would grab a nugget and run in the climbing thing. Then she would look at O. and motion for her to come. It was an evil look, seriously. Then the other little girl would do the same, grab the food and go play. BUT, the adults were not having it......they would yell at her. I mean really yell. They forced her to sit and she screamed also very loudly. Then as soon as she could break through she would run. I sat there with my mouth dropped open. One of the moms stood up and loudly said," Take a picture, it lasts longer." She said this to an older lady sitting alone eating a carmel sundae. (I know this because she ordered when I did) I felt so sorry for her. I was going to go over and say something to the lady when the crazy people left. I looked over and she was gone. What an ordeal.
Okay, now to pick up Tanner and A. We go the other route thinking the road was still closed. When we came to that spot there were squads and police and even a helicopter hovering. I knew something bad had happened. We live about 1/2 mile away from the scene. Tanner flips out and starts screaming to" gun it" as we are going to be blown away by the copter. The poor little girls were scared. We got home and he calmed down but it was wild. Later I found out that a tree trimmer had died. Terrible accident.
Okay, then in the door was a business card for a tree trimming company. Weird. Also weird that our new neighbor came over on New Years Eve. to tell us that we had trees down on his fence.
The End to a crazy day.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flying into a new year

Strange title, I know. But these pictures are from the Butterfly Museum in Colorado. Also, the title could be from the fact that I flew home on New Year's Eve. That flight I don't remember much from. I have a habit of falling asleep as the plane takes off. I think I slept the entire flight home.
This picture is of Baby Q. and the (I think) dead butterfly. He didn't know that it had already passed on........but see the hand. It was to protect the butterfly in case he decided that he would smash it. That's what little boys do right.......yes, he is a little boy with lots of curly hair.
He isn't feeling too well right now either. We have discovered some kind of allergy to shrimp. Three episodes in two weeks. Now he has a bad cough. ( A different illness) Poor guy.
Okay, bear with me. I haven't figured out how to turn the pictures on this new toy. So please stand on your heads or something because I love this picture of Grampy and Dancing Girl. This little girl is very high maintenance, trust me. Might be the reason I slept on the flight home. She dresses herself. Notice all the patterns......her hat had butterflies on it as well. Some of her combinations are stunning. Her uncles' husband sends her big boxes of clothes that he buys her in NYC. Yes, you read that right. I have been there when those boxes have arrived. What fun. He has great taste.
Dancing Girl and Grampy went to a movie together, The Chipmunks. She called Grampy her "dater." She even said she thought she had a crush on him. He sure has a way with the little ones. Baby Q. loved him.
What's everyone looking at......a turtle. Dancing Girl has met her match.....another mixed match little girl.......that looks like she gave herself a haircut. proud. He just held Rosie the Trancula and I didn't have time for a picture........he got a sticker. My SIL tried to push me into holding way.
Okay, the computer will only let me download 4 pictures so I will be boring you with more pictures as I have alot to share.
I am working on "my new year's" goals, word, and all that jazz. I am still a bit behind on my thoughts and adjusting to being home. Every time I am away for a week it takes me a week to return to normal. What's with that.
I'll be back and with more pictures.......I know you will be so excited when I return, he he.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home again

Home again from Colorado. My laptop and it's backup both died. They were old, used and slow. My sweet Hubby bought me a new one last night. I am still a newbie on this one. I wanted to add more pictures but it won't let many more photos to follow. Not sure why this print is blue and underlined.We had a wonderful holiday. The above picture is of two of my Colorado littles on Christmas morning. This was a pooping dog. Yes, you heard me. It made the most disgusting noise. See Baby Q. with the shovel.......he is catching the _______.
We had Christmas with each of our adult children on different days. Someday, I hope that it could all be at the same time.
My Ohio girls loving the owls that we bought for them.
Two Colorado ones at our home with Grampy.
Grampy's birthday celebrated in cake made by SIL.
My daughter and I visited Red Rocks on afternoon and had lunch in the downtown of Morrison......I think that was the name. Red Rocks is an concert arena and absolutely beautiful.
Okay, there are alot of other pictures that I will have to share later. I' m glad to be able to visit all of you again. I tried on my cell phone.........but that didn't work well.
No New Year's Resolutions here yet. I need some time on that one. How about you. I have high hopes for this year and hope that you do as well.
Happy New Year.