Saturday, January 28, 2017

Speaking of dogs

Good morning.  I hope you are all well.  Lots of germs going around. I had the Noro virus and it set me back a couple weeks.  I do not have a great immune system.
BloggerImage  Yesterday was a cold day.  The weather had been really warm for January in Ohio, but winter is back. I talked Hubby into a afternoon movie because we can do that now.  I enjoy his retirement.

We we put to see the "A Dog's Purpose", I think that's the title.  I got the book for Hubby but he hasn't read it all.  We knew by the  commercials it would be sad.  Yes it is sad . Spoiler alert, it ends well.

If you see the movie or read the book you will understand why I am writing about Piper.

I looked back in my posts but I couldn't go back 8 years to find I think my first or second post that was about how we found Piper.

Before I tell you about Piper I have to tell you about Matty.  We found our first Springer at the pound.  Funny thing is we live next door to the pound, now.  There is a small woods between us. Back to Matty, (I am sure I am ADD) we had this brainy idea that when my uncle's dog died close to when his wife died, we would get him a puppy.  He would be at our house on Christmas.  So a couple days before we go to the pound.  Before we could get out of the car we see this guy carrying puppies inside.  He also brought the Mama in. I guess he rescued the Mama and then bred her.  He kept one of the puppies.  Nice guy , right!!  Well we saw those beautiful puppies.  We choose one with brown, liver, spots. Because the pup had been on the floor for 30 minutes the dog warden (who was a neighbor at our old home) said he would refund our money if the dog got sick.  He also put the papers in our name.  He told us it might be a bad idea to get the puppy as a surprise.  During those 2 days we started falling in love.  My uncle didn't  take her because he already made plans to get another dog.  We already had two cocker spaniel's.  The kids said no way could we keep her.  But they were all in college, well three out of four.  So their votes didn't count.  We named her Matty.  What a great dog she was.  So sweet and gentle.  We lost her at 12 and it broke our hearts.  It always does.

We weren't going to get another dog.  Nope.  Then about three months right after Christmas I wanted to just look at puppies.  We went to the same pound.  Nothing tugged at our heart strings.  They just brought in a dog they found in a trash dumpster.  He was scared to death.  We felt so bad for him.  So we went next door to the humane society. They didn't open til an hour later.  So we went look at the pet store.  Beautiful pups,  but decided to go back to the humane society.  We had seen in the paper a cute black lab.  Well a lady had herself camped in front of her cage waiting to see her.  (We found our later she didn't get her). So walking back to the car my husband said, "I am shocked you didn't see a dog you wanted."  Knowing myself . the person that brings home dogs and kids to adopt, he had reason to think that.

Sorry this is so long.  So there we were parked next to the pound. I said I wanted to go in to see that scared dog to see if he was better. Not to adopt him.  We went in again.  Hubby was talking to an attendant that was seeing to that poor dog. I walked three cages down and LO and BEHOLD there was a four month old Springer that had not been there one hour ago.  I shouted to my Hubby to come over.  Now we had already decided to get a female dog with short hair and not a Springer.  We picked HIM up and walked to the desk and said we want him.  He had just been dropped off by a lady.  She had a story about seeing him walked no down the road with a couple of little kids.  It was wet and mushy snow outside.  The dog was dry and clean.  We think he was a Christmas gift that was a bad idea.  WELL we were told we had to wait three days to see if he had an owner.  I visited him everyday.  On the the third day I went for him. They said no one had come forward to claim him but it was four days, not three.  Knowing how difficult this person was , I didn't want to stomp my feet and loose my doggy.  So I left.  I called them several times that day to see if anyone claimed him.  So the next day I went and got our Piper.  I know it's a girl name but his name is Piper. He has been the best dog ever.  He did have Parvovirus after we got him but I was determined when a vet wouldn't help him, that he would be okay.  I have always said that Matty placed him there for us to find.  

Okay, after seeing the movie, I still feel that she gave us Piper.  

If you are still reading,thanks.  It's a great story I think. Go see the movie.

(Yes there was a story from PETA about one scene.  I remember people sayingtothrow your child into a pool so they could learn to swim.  I tend to believe that the scene they were talking about was handled differently than how it was portrayed.  I still blame the for the elephants and the circus. I have friends as far back as 50 years that say that they weren't abused. I tend to believe someone that was there full time.  Rant over.)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First the elephants now the circus

I'm so sorry to hear that in six months there no longer be The Greatest Show On Earth.  It's sad. BloggerImageI really think it had a lot to do with the elephants.  I have friends that worked in that circus.  They have said the elephants were all cared for and were like friends.

BloggerImageMost people have said they were sad to see this show come to an end.  Others say the employees will find jobs.  They will also need homes.  
I have been so blessed to meet some of the clowns that are no longer with us.  The stories they told made us laugh and long for just a bit of that life. BloggerImageWhat I love about the circus are the clowns (of course) and the elephants.  I used to take my kids to watch the circus set up the big tent.  We would sit on the grass and watch. I remember the elephants walking trunk to tail.  I'm not crazy about the scary dare devil acts but show me a  BloggerImageclown in the cannon or in a little car. BloggerImagei hope the smaller circuses will step up and fill the void. They are fun as well.  But they need more than one clown.  There still be camps and schools to train those May clowns.  I'm so glad that I have been able to help in those areas. Getting to know some really special people is the reward.

I hope there will be little clowns that will grow up to be real clowns one day. BloggerImage

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cozy Blanket

BloggerImageIt's that time of year that the word COZY comes to mind.  Well to my mind anyway.  We live in the Mid West, actually Ohio.  I never could understand why Ohio is classified as Mid West.
In our little world during the winter months it is cold.  The picture is taken from our front porch.  I dearly love snow.  It's just pretty and almost magical.  We also have many days that are dark and dreary.  So you stay inside and COZY UP.
So what does COZY mean to me.  I have made a list. 
A warm home
A somewhat tidy home. ( it's hard to relax when things need to be done)
A fire in the the fireplace. (In my home it's an electric fireplace)
Dogs to warm your lap
A cup of your favorite warm drink
A relaxing movie or a good book
Little white lights
Pictures of loved ones
A favorite craft or art project. ( I just learned to needle felt)
Your favorite collections and furnishings surrounding you
Yummy soup 
Someone to love and enjoy their company
And of course a COZY BLANKET

So that what COZY means to me.  What about you? 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Our Christmas was nice.  We got to spend time with all our local kids and grandkids.  We face timed the Colorado kids . Tomorrow we are going to see my mother and my husband's sister.
The week before Christmas we relaxed and it felt good.  Retirement has its benefits.
I felt there was much more to this holiday than presents.  I know I enjoy giving more than receiving.  We had a nice snow the week before Christmas .  It felt so cleansing. People were happier. It seemed like things were more meaningful and a bit magical.
We went to our church on Christmas Eve.  They showed the cutest little video about Jesus' birth. I had seen it on Facebook but didn't take the time to watch. Oh my goodness, it was adorable.  It's on my time
Line on FB if you would like to see it.
I have to tell you about my favorite gift.  My 10 year old grandson went to the Bahamas in October with his parents on a Arbonne reward trip.  He asked if I wanted him to find me something. I said I would love some sea glass if he could find some.  I love it and I have never found any.  He looked but didn't see any on the beach.  But he used his own money and bought this for me.  He earned the money modeling for a sports clothing catalog.  Now this is special.  He said he knew I would love it. BloggerImage  Is this wonderful or what.  I must add that he bought his other grandmother a shot glass, hah. And his sister, Mabel, did not want to spend any of her money on anyone.  
At the top of the driftwood tree is a starfish and a tiny piece of sea glass.  
I didn't take many pictures of our get together so but here are a few. BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageHappy new year.