Friday, June 29, 2012

My finished sampler/FRIENDS

I finished my Happy Stitch Along Sampler. I took an online course through Big Pictures with Amy Powers. It was so much fun. You were to make squares that made you happy. Each day Amy would do four squares for us by video. You could do your own thing or copy hers. She is super sweet and it was just a blast. Now, I haven't stitched in probably 25 years, really. Amy's style is chunky and so was mine. Some did theirs more artistic and borrowed images to put on their squares. For the most part mine are original. Do you want to hear what makes me happy? If you don't that's okay, I won't know the difference. But skip the list and read about the banner.
The frist row: Cozy (for my blog), Teddy Bear, Flowers to represent the friends in my life, a cloud and some rain(I do like rain and wish we could get some)the last in that row is corn stalks and pumpkins. It was so hard to get a good picture of this sampler.
Second row: feet representing my Faith and that I love to smell little baby feet. (Weird, huh),
my green bug, a bird's nest with different color eggs representing my kids and how they are all different, sunshine (makes us all happy when it isn't 100 out)and a cupcake. That represents celebrations....birthdays, cancer survival, etc.
Third camera. (I got the most comments about this), my granddaughters, a puffy heart to represent my marriage, my grandsons, and a mason jar (blue, of course) with buttons.
Fourth row: A bird on the hill (Amy's idea), me as Petals the Clown, a banner (love banners), my house on the hill, a cup of tea. (another Amy idea)
Fifth row: a pretty rose button, the Colorado mountains (when not on fire, they need RAIN, too) actually to represent Dillon Lake in Frisco, my Springer Piper, my Yorkie Izzy, a spruce tree and a snowflake (you know I love snow and I live on Spruce Drive).
Now what should I do with my sampler. I am open for suggestions.
I forgot to tell you.....each square is only 1 and 1/2 inches by 1 and 1/2 inches. Teeny.
Please send me your suggestions.
Now the friendship part. Just want you to think about this and then I will officially post. Elisabeth from Creative Breathing is doing a friendship banner. Silly me signed up for it and didn't realize that you had to be invited. She also suggested that we do our own banners with our circle of friends. So, my friends do you want to do this with me. And guess is open to all of my friends. So let me know what you think. No talent needed. I will decide on a shape and size and you can decorate it however you want to. I would want you to make one for each person participating. Simple and sweet. There are no rules to follow. Then we will have something to remind us of our bloggy friendship. Let me know........I will offically post later but your comments now will help.
Off to my home town to check on the Mom's. One isn't doing too well. Just going downhill we think.
Have a great week-end. ((((((HUGS)))))

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dress like a lineman

Our rural electric company puts on an appreciation day for customers and their children or grandchildren. Hubby and I took Hope and Goose. Here we are at the end.......we are dressed like lineman. They gave us hats and sunglasses......You can't see my hat, hah, as it was white and blends in. I look like a cone head. My Dad would have been so proud. He was a manager of a rural electric company but he started out as a lineman.
They gave free carriage rides. Beautiful horses. See that the carriage is wrapped in plastic. It was like a sweat house. Good thing the ride was quick.
Goose loved her face painted like a dog. Poor Hope has a young boy paint hers and he had little talent. Hers was supposed to be a white and black tiger but looked like a bunny. She thought it was funny.
They had a little petting zoo. I love donkeys. This one was sweet. They had a minature horse that was acting very strange. He acted mad. We told the girls not to pet him.
The girls are off to the beach tomorrow with their parents. They will have so much fun. They got lots of things in their free goody bags that they want to take with them. They even got t-shirts.
It was a fun day with the girlie's. They really have eyes. The sun was really bright. They needed the sunglasses that they got as we left.
Hope every one's week is starting off okay. I have been busy with my online class. Only have four squares to go I will show the sampler when I finish it. This has been so much fun.
Happy To You.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Jacob

Just to let you Jacob is with Jesus now. Thank you all for praying. Please pray for his heartbroken Grammy Viv and his parents. This has to be so hard. I hope that they will find peace in their hearts. Elisabeth of Creative Breathing posted the sweetest post for Viv. I know that she appreciated all the prayers for her sweet little grandson. Thank you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Good ole summertime/My week in pics

I am so excited. I signed up ages ago to take an online class with Big Picture Classes. The instructor is cute Amy Powers of Inspired Ideas. It's called Happy Go Lucky Stitchalong. It's going to be a small sampler with 25 squares. Yesterday was the first day.....sure you can still sign up. Only $10......and you buy your own supplies. You make a happy list and do your own thing or follow along with Amy. Great videos and the music is so sweet. She shows you how to do each square that she has chosen. I used to do alot of needlework, ages ago, and it is all coming back. These squares were a little rough, the grandkids look a little geeky but I am loving this.
Sorry for the big blur
My dogs love me being home. Bunk bed sleeping. That blanket is my favorite cozy blanket......sweatshirt material.

I was a winner. First in a long time. I won this necklace from Tahra's Shop. It was for two initials but she did three for me. I am combining it with some other ones that I got as a gift from one of my kids. The giveaway was sponsored by Tarah's Between you and Me. (Tahra and Tarah....confused?) It came in this sweet blue box with a beautiful brown satin box. Do you notice the table it is on. Remember my oops table. I went over the finish with a spray paint, Heirloom White by Rustoleum......just a light coat. It came out just perfect for me. I sanded down the edges and love it now.
I also won this great book "Vintage by Nina". It is so beautiful. Sandy of My Shabby Streamside Studio. Love that girl. I can't read it because it is in Swedish (think that's the language) but the pages are full of amazing photos. Thanks Sandy and Tarah.
I spend alot of time with these cuties this week. They are so sweet. They have eyes and eyelashes to die for. They are Doodle's brothers. She had to get glasses and braces this week. A rough week for an almost 9 year old. Of course, I got some cuddle time in with her as well.
These flowers are from my hubby. He felt bad that I was tortured last week with those scopes. They helped my pride alot.
Okay, that is about it bloggy friends.....except for an update on Jacob.
He had surgery yesterday and is doing okay. I think this one was to take him off the lung and heart machine. But I think he is still on a respirator. He still has heart surgery to go through. But the little guy is hanging in there. All the prayers are helping. I know Viv appreciates them.
Now go out (or stay in the AC) and have a good week-end.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Sorry this is such a quick post. On my way to watch two darling little baby boys.
Viv posted that Jacob is doing well so far. He is still on the heart andlung machine but yesterday they tested those little lungs and the trial went well. More testing today and hopefully soon surgery to remove him from this machine. I think it sounds like prayers are working. Yippee. Keep up those prayers. XO

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Praying for Jacob

Please pray extra hard today for Baby Jacob (Viv on a Whim). They are going to try to take him off the machine that is breathing for him. This is crucial for his survival. He is now 12 days old.....amazing little guy.
Praying that most of the storming skies are behind him.....and there is sunshine ahead.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My grandchildren have the best Daddys/Jacob update

Goose's Daddy dresses up for "Dress like a storybook character" when no other parent dress up. He's the Beast.
Baby Ricco (sunscreen on his little scars) Loves his Daddy to take him fishing.
Patrick and his Daddy.......he's got a tough job but is such a softie when it comes to his children. So much love all of these daddys have for their children.
Happy Fathers Day to all fathers.
Just saw a post from Viv. She is exhausted but things are somewhat stable. Some ups and downs but so far he is fighting. Keep up the prayers.....each day brings hope.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to a great husband. He loves his children and grandchildren to the moon and back. He'd do anything for them. He also loves me. He takes good care of all of us. When I am down and out or not feeling well, he is the one I want beside me.
Here is to all the dads out there. You are appreciated.
I am so proud of my sons and son in law. They are all wonderful fathers. It makes my heart swell (a goose saying) to see you with their children.
This is the little guy that had the bad accident and had to have 1 hour and 40 minutes of plastic surgery. Check out his lip. Can you believe how good it looks. Sometimes it is more noticeable but I am amazed at how well they were able to repair his sweet little face.

UPDATES: I haven't seen a post or heard from Viv in the last couple of days. When I do I will post it . Sure hope that things are okay with little Jacob.
I am still alive here. I had the scopes and don't mean to whine but there were problems. But first the good colon looked good and my esophagus has really improved and also looks good. The stomach was red and irritated and the doctor said he didn't know why. They always do biopsies so we will wait to see about the results. But their were no polyps or cancer that he could see. I have not had this great of a report ever and I have had at least 3 each of these scopes. I am sure being gluten free has healed some of the damage from the Celiac.
Okay not bad but not good news. The trouble with the testing was that my oxygen levels kept dropping. 80's are not good Therefore the doctor couldn't put me under. The nurse had to be two inches from my face telling me to breathe. And I won't go into details but having this testing awake was horrid. The sore throat caused inflammation and congestion and I was choking to say the least. The doctor said it was rough. The lower was also very uncomfortable. He said I was good and held still.......he said never again without an anesthesiologist. So I think that explains what happened during the hand surgery and I woke up to a tube being pulled out of my nose. I have had low levels every time I have ever had a pulse ox. on. My husband is constantly telling me to take deep breaths when this is on. Sometimes they just go ahead and disconnect it saying that it isn't working right. Any one else with this problem or any suggestions.
When I have had these tests before I have been on a happy high for the whole day. Yesterday.....I was worn out and tired. Today a little better. The throat virus could be contributing. It has taken me all day to unload the dishwasher and it still hasn't gotten loaded. But I am thankful that things looked pretty good. I think I anticipated something like this as I was anxious all week.
So I am fine and I so appreciate your concerns.
Hope you all have a great week-end. I miss my own Dad more on Fathers day than any other day. XO

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The many cute faces of my youngest granddaughter

Her rag doll that I had made for her from Bright Eyes. I made the M as well.
Her beautiful bedspread. It was purchased after the letters were made.
It matches the letters perfectly......yep, her name is Mabel.
Happy Memorial Day
She has great big eyes but when she smiles they disappear.
Unless she smiles like this.
Or when she eats oreo cookies.
What a cute bathing beauty she is.
All of these pictures were her making faces at me. She looks a little pale because she applied her own sun block.

We just think she is adorable. She kinda looks like Drew Barrymore when she was in ET. She has a squeaky Minnie Mouse voice and talks up a storm. I miss that little face. She is coming to Ohio in a few weeks for a visit. We will share her with her other relatives.
Baby Jacob (Vim out on a Wim) had his surgery. He is on a heart/lung machine and has a 40% chance. Pray hard for this little guy.
My kids aren't close to the forest fires right now. They can smell the smoke and see it off in the distance. When we were in the mountains we saw all the dead trees. So many from the beetles. Just a fire waiting to happen.
I have had a horrible sore throat. Just won't go away. I went to the doctor yesterday and started antibiotics..........but they need to work quickly. I have two scopes scheduled for Thursday. I haven't been able to eat the last few days. Tomorrow I will be on clear liquids and have to do the drink prep thingie. I am hoping to get some protein in today. Swallowing hurts. Before drinking the nasty stuff I have to have 8 ounces of liquids every hour for 8 hours. Goodness. Then after the yucky drink before the test another liter of the yuck. The prep part has changes since my last one 6 years ago. I have the upper endoscopy often......the last one was three years ago. Anxious to see if there has been some healing since I went gluten free 2 years ago.
The dogs started barking and in my jammies I looked out.......a lady walking up to the door with pamphlets, a young man in the driveway and then all of a sudden another man waving. Geez. The last one is someone that is going to help us get the yard under control. He had a roof man with him. Motioned to the lady "no" and the other young guy......I don't know what happened to him. Glad there was one person I knew. So I got dressed and straighted up the house a little. Hoping the next two days go really fast.
Again pray for Jacob.....thanks.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I need some painting advice

I never know what order these pictures will show. The very last one is the before of this shelf. Have you ever heard of Calico Cottage. It was a home party that sold these dark wooden pieces. That's what this shelf was. The other tier shelf was from my MIL. The before picture was supposed to be on here but it isn't. It was also very dark wood. The next to the last picture was when it was just painted white. I know it is hard to see. First I painted them then distressed them and then stained them. Should I go back over it with the white paint or leave it alone. I seriously am not looking for compliments but suggestions. I am not totally happy with the results. I have other painting projects I want to do so I want to learn from my mistakes.

An after picture
Just painted....these spindles are a painThe shelf before..........not too pretty. I tried to sell it in a garage sale for $5 but no one bought it.
Okay, bring on the comments.

A wee little tour of some fairy gardens

All but the following picture were taken at our local garden center. Several pictures are all from the same garden. Too big to get just one picture. This little garden is tiny and my next attempt. I had the little house forever. I bought three tiny little clay pots and this little guy. I will add some other items later.

Not a garden, I just liked the beautiful colors in this pot.

I loved this little guy just not the price. They never have sales here. I may end up going back to get him.

You can buy this little door......isn't it cute.
Hope you enjoyed the wee tour. Happy Sunday.