Sunday, December 30, 2012

Swapping across the pond

These wonderful gifts are from Margie of Margie's Little Blue House in the United Kingdom.  You see alot of swaps that ask if you would ship international.  I must admit I didn't know what the cost was.  When Margie joined my Cup of Kindness Swap, I took her name (yes, I had two names).  I was afraid that others would be worried about the cost.  The cost was probably only $2 more than shipping in the US.  I got to know Margie a little better.  I asked her if there was anything she wanted from the US that she couldn't find.  She had a stamp that she had really wanted.  I was able to send that to her with her other little gifts.  She was so excited.
I was excited to receive her lovely package.  Are you all just wishing you had this tin and coffee cut........isn't it the best take on the Keep Calm theme.    And from the UK no less.  The owl is a bookmark......I love owls.  A little paper envelope that had different sleeves in it.  The sleeves held rubber stamps.  Very cute hat pins in a special made tag.  Body oil, lotion and special soap.  All things I have never seen.  Then that chocolate thingie.......oh my.  There were mini marshmallows and this big ole chocolate block that you stir into the milk to make the most delicious hot chocolate ever. Then there was the prettiest rose knitted (I think ) flower. That's a post card of where Margie lives.  Guess what, it is near where Harry Potter was from in the movie.  So if you ever doubt swapping overseas.......just go for it.  There are wonderful people over across this pond between us.  Thanks a bunch Margie.  Margie has the most beautiful little dogs.  Adorable.  She does amazing paper have to go see.......

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's a wrap

We had such a nice Christmas and it sounds like most of you did as well.  I know there are some that didn't for one reason or another.  So, I hope for the coming year that this will be a good year for all. 
Even though I like to keep Christmas simple and it isn't all about the pictures seem to be.  I love the expressions on the little ones faces.

We were missing our daughter and her family but we were able to skype.  Our little guy was so excited.  He got a new fire truck that squirts water.  He pretend squirted us for 20 minutes.  We acted like we were getting wet and he thought that was so funny.  I had to include the one below........that look on his face.  My daughter thought I was crazy for taking pictures.  I wanted to be able to share how we got to see them.  She doesn't get the blogging thing.
His big sister showed us her latest dance routine.  She kept knocking over gifts and bumping into the tree or just go completely out of the range.  Love this picture of her and her dimples.

She got to have the day out with her mom yesterday and got to go pick out her American Girl Doll from Grammy and Grampy.  (my money find was well used)

The marshmallow shooter was a big hit until Miss Mabel got her skin caught in it and her dad had to take the gun apart to get it out.  Grammy was so upset that I had bought this.  So beware if you get one.  Do not load it against your tummy, esp. if you are three.

We played Headbandz.  I want to find the Disney version.  Grampy got this necklace and the flag needlepoint pin from his granddaughters.  He got the turkey card.  Had to have a picture of that.
See we did do something other than presents.  Luckily my husband saved the holidays by going to the grocery.  Actually he went to Honey Baked Ham and loaded up on meat and sides since I wasn't up to the grocery.  (Steroids are gone, headaches are still here.  Waiting to see what Dr. Glitter has planned next.  I don't want to see him again but can't see anyone else right now.)
All in all it was such a peaceful wonderful time.  We are still enjoying our Colorado kids.  We have Grampy's birthday and Mabel's birthday coming up.  And did I tell you.....WE HAVE LOTS OF SNOW.......And that my friends, makes me happy.  (Sorry Mr. Cozy,I don't like that you have to drive in it and I worry about you......but I think it is so magical)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Please Help Santa

This is my oldest granddaughter.  Her middle name is Hope.  She was named that because her other grandma (GiGi) had breast cancer right before she was born.  Tonight Santa came to a friend's house and was outside in a sleigh.   She sat on his lap.  Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas.  She said all she wanted was for her GiGi to get better.  She is really ill. Cancer of the throat, neck, glands and tonsils.  She has had two surgeries and undergoing chemo and radiation.  She isn't reacting well to the treatments at all.  My granddaughter then cried big tears after telling Santa.  Poor Santa.....he said to me," Grandma come here please."  Her mommy was taking pictures and had to go away.  Well I am still shedding tears.  What a special little girl.  We sure hope she gets her wish.  Could you please say some prayers to help Santa.
This is her little sister.  She was first to sit in the sleigh and would have stayed there all night.  Santa asked her if she had been a good girl this year and she said, "I haven't a clue.'
Don't want to make you sad but just know how powerful our prayers are all together.
Thanks my friends.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A year of Happy 2012

I have used photo Christmas Cards since my first child was born,  always a photo and a letter.  The letters aren't as exciting now that the kids are grown and have families of their own.  I love to show off my grandchildren.  It is hard to find just the right picture.  I only use the ones on my camera.  Still I get, "I don't like that one."  I read somewhere to include a picture of the person sending the card.  So this year I added Mr. Cozy and myself.  Guess what he said. "I don't like that picture."  I can't win.  I probably won't do this for every.  This year I did this multi picture card.  It actually took several hours.  I then had to make sure everyone was in the same amount of pictures.  Since some live out of state that was even harder.  The ones that got the solo pictures didn't come to our house.  I like using the groups ones because they usually are silly ones.  So this is our happy times.  Merry Christmas from Cozy Blanket.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A last look around the house/ Little's List

Just a few more pictures of my not so fancy but COZY house.    Reindeer from Creative Breathing.  Snowman from Viv on a whim.  Little VW - me.  My first VW, actually first and second.  I love seeing the trees on top of trucks and cars.  I even have a rubber stamp with that and earrings.
The bear hugging tree with fits on one side.  The other side is filling up as I get things wrapped.
A view of my dining/living room.  We spend all of our time here.  I want all new furniture and wood floors.......not for Christmas just wishing sometime.
The Joy banner from Viv, this is kind of my mantle since the fireplace is downstairs in a room that we don't use.

The doggies.  Piper says that enough with the pictures.  I didn't edit these pictures, so colors are way off.  We haven't had alot of sunshine lately.
Furby.  He is from the first batch some 15 years ago.  He has been in hibernation for a long time.  Doodle was here and was determined to wake him up.  It took 24 hours and bam he was awake and driving us crazy.
Doodle gave me these cute birds for Christmas.  Except I said they were fish......that's what a marathon headache does to you.  Yes, I have been checked out.  A neurologist this week and I am now on steroids...........and having the effects of those right now, but that too will pass hopefully with the headaches.  Which brings me to glitter houses.  The sideways patience for editing today.  These are my treasures.
The top one was from E. in Tennessee, the blue one I made and the bottom one from Little Susie Homemaker.  There is a pink one that didn't make the picture.

On Sunday Doodle and I made these three.  My granddaughters had to cancel so we made theirs for them.  On the red ones that is glitter.  I gave Doodle the whole bottle of glitter.  We had glitter everywhere.  Even the papers that I had to take to the neurologist had glitter on them.  He was such a pris, conceited type, that he really freaked out over the glitter.  I am not kidding.  The appt. went downhill after he noticed a little glitter on those papers.  He thought he had it on him.  Don't think I will return to him.
Okay, that's all I got.  Not a fancy smancy house, but it's COZY and it's ours.  Thanks for sharing your homes with us.  It has really made my Christmas.
(((((HUGS)))))  I am trying to move forward but we all need hugs right now.

If you aren't asleep yet, I thought I would list what the littles want for Christmas......I am using real names even.

Katelyn - Build-a-bear locker  (9)
Allie - American Girl Doll      (6)
Elliana - American Girl Doll  (6)
Quinny - Fireman House   (3) (He had to have an EKG yesterday to check his heart murmur.  It was okay)
Maxton - The Earth and the Moon  (6)
Mabel - The princess book that you punch out crowns to wear, and Power Rangers (yep, you read that right) (4 on the 31st)
The three surrogate Grands:
Laken -  Anything stuffed (9) ( I made her a doggie out of socks) 
Ben - (2 1/2) Dora (hah,)
Bransen - (15 months) cars
It's a good thing that Grammy (also aka Nanny) found alot of money.
I enjoy hearing what kids want for Christmas, don't you.
Oh, have to share this....only one American Girl Doll was full price.  The girls each get these as a special over budget item only for a Bitty and one that looks like them.  I scored big time this year.  since I have been in the house alot because of this headache......I happened to see Deals and Steals on the Today show.  I got two Marie Grace dolls, including the books and the accessory kits including shipping for $  It took a hour to get the order to go through but it finally did.  Then they were sold out right after that.  That is like a $75.00 savings.  They had two choices.  One vanilla and one chocolate.  The Marie Grace really resembled Mabel and Allie.  I can't wait to see their faces.
Okay this time.....I am signing off.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

santa and rudolf

A little art project to do with your kids.  It has been my favorite one for the holidays for many years.  Of course, the younger the child, the cuter.  The first one is the hand and foot of a 2 1/2 year old.  The hardest part of doing this is how you position it on the paper.  You will just have to look and plan ahead.  Well the second hardest would be actually get a good print.  My suggestion is to put your child in a high chair.  Have cleanup wipes close by.  You have to work fast.  Don't sit the paint near them, hah.  Good luck.
You can use any color paper.  I use card stock so it is archival.  I also use quality paint......folk art.  It is one of those projects that parents like, but it is mostly done by the adult.  You need to paint Santa on.....his face is their thumbprint, add the reins, antlers.  The snowflakes are done with a stamp and paint.  Those little gold stars are relaly cute on this.   Do the eyes on Santa and Rudy with a permanent marker. Also you can paint a landscape at the bottom.  The second print is from a chubby 15 month old.  Love his chubbo foot.  He wasn't too crazy about what I was doing.  He just looked at me like, "Have you lost your mind."  Have fun.  You will have paint most likely all over you and the child.  (oops, looks like one of the pictures isn't there)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rush of Angels wings

I can hear the rush of angels wings.  I can see glory on each face.  Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place. (Worship hymn)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Their faces and their names

It is still so hard to think of anything but the lost ones in the shooting tragedy.  These are faces of children that are first graders and they are 6 years old.  So innocent, sweet, trusting and full of live.  They adore their teachers and their teachers adore them.  These are my precious grandchildren.  Out of my 6 grandkids three are 6 and in the first grade.  Now that the names and pictures are coming out of this tragedy, we need to remember them and honor them.  Teachers lost their lives protecting them.  No more words needed, I know you all feel the same why.  God Bless them all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Christmas Ladder/Swaps and Gifts/ Kitchen Shelf

Blogger switched my photo.  Silly Blogger.
My kitchen shelf.  I left the originals there and just added the manager and a couple angels.
Glass jars and sparkly houses
From my friend Genie, for "just because".  She wanted to send the book that she had for me from the book swap that we did awhile ago.  The book is an old library copy of stories of Heidi.  That's my daughters name and yes I named her for Shirley Temple in the movie Heidi.  This book will be a special one for me.  She sent a heart garland that she made, a cute little snowman necklace, and some sweet photo cards that she makes.  Genie has a photography blog called, "Climbing the Digital Mountain"  We became friends a long time ago because we both loved ME. (Not me but ME)
Now these goodies can from a secret Santa swap.  There are some Yorkie note cards, some coasters that you put pictures in, and a calendar with the same little Yorkie.......hmmmmm I think that she took the pictures in the calendar.  If so she is a good photographer.  There were lots of flowers and this cutie pie deer.  She must have been reading my blog to know that I have a Yorkie and lots of pictures that need a home.  And since I can't remember what day it is.....I need a calendar.  Thanks Secret Santa.......Love the gifts.
I have promised Mr. Cozy that I would limit my time on here due to my headaches.  I spent the day in the ER yesterday and got a really nice nap there after they gave me some meds.  I was sent there from Urgent Care for a scan.  Nope, they didn't do a scan.  So I slept there and came home and slept til morning.  Still have a headache but think I am just stuck with it for awhile.  It has been a year since I had the marathon migraine.  It's been over a week now.....hopefully soon it will go away.  Just makes you grumpy, dizzy and feel like not doing anything.  I have been in the house for over 10 days other than one 15 minute run to the store a week ago....and then yesterday to the ER.  I am ready to get out but not behind the wheel.
There are so many out there that are really sick and need prayers.  Please add Karen and Gene to your list.  They are battling cancer in a very serious way. 
Okay, over and out of here.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My babies/Cup of Kindness Swap Goodies

This is my pound puppy Piper.  He is a boy with a girlie name.  I edited this picture........not very good at editing, hah.  It captures his sweetness.  He mothers our little Yorkie, Izzy.  Usually it is Piper on this couch.  He roots around, knocks the cushions off and ends up under them somehow.  Usually all we can see is a nose or a paw.  Now here is "The Princess and the Pea".  (Love that story, don't you?)  Here is Izzy on top of a big quilt and a pillow or two.  They are so funny together.  Izzy bosses Piper.  He licks her ears and worries about her when she is outside.  Izzy is on a restricted diet........She gobbles down her 1/4 cup of food while Piper can eat all he wants.  (He is only 26 pounds, small for a Springer Spaniel.  So he will take a piece of his food and drop it on the floor for her to eat.  Izzy is 8 years old and Piper is 3.  Izzy was a Christmas gift from my BFF that recently moved to Florida.  She had the Izzy's mommy and daddy.  And Piper was from the pound.  His story is a magical one that I have posted about before.    Love these babies.
As you probably already know, I hosted a Cup of Kindness Swap.  Not my original idea.......I participated in one a couple years ago.  It was so much fun.  Of course, us swappers can't just fill up a special cup, we have to add some goodies.  I hope all the swappers will post their goodies when they receive them.  I actually swapped with two lovely ladies.  That's what happens when you have uneven numbers.....I'm not complaining because I love doing this.  One of my swapping buddies was Vivian from .  She is an amazing artist that works full time, crafts constantly, always entertaining and babysitting her little "pies".
She sent the cutest box of things.  I know she must have made this adorable vintage looking snowman with the tree and deer.  I am starting to have a little collections of vintage goodies like these.  She must have made the beautiful J O Y banner.  I love my banners.  A nice big mug.....with some chocolates hidden inside.  A cute ME pen and journal and some stationary with a D on in.  I at first that it was a P.........oops, it was upside down.( But a P would have been okay because my clown name is Petals)  The mug had some vintage cookies cutters tied on the handle....ooooh cute.  Last but not least was the red and white polka dot friends sign.  Oh wow, I love it all.  Thanks Viv.  I love a little Christmas early, don't you.