Wednesday, June 29, 2011

May the 4th be with you

What do you do on this holiday? Our small town has a big celebration for four days every July. There is a street fair complete with rides and entertainment. Lots and lots of food, class reunions and fireworks happen during these four days. You can't get to the post office, the banks, the drugstore or the downtown stores. They are open if you can walk there. We also have a mile long parade. It is so much fun just walking around seeing people that you haven't seen for awhile. I don't know how much of this we will do this year. It is going to be hot I hear. 4 of the little grands will be here this year. We'll have a cookout for sure. Happy 4th to all of you. Thanks to those that serve for our freedom.

The window boxes are on our garage windows. They need a cobweb intervention.
This week I am cleaning inside the house.
Next week I plan to organize my craft space. I signed up to show it off to all of you on "Where crafters create". What was I thinking. I actually thought that maybe this would give me the boost I need to get organized. So those webs will have to wait their turn.

Monday, June 27, 2011

On Island Time

Mabel was definetly on island time. Everywhere we went this is how it ended. Someone was always walking in the rear with Mabel. Her favorite saying right now is , "I do it." We heae that really often. She is 2 1/2, could you guess. But somehow she maybe two but going on 15. She is very independant. She was potty trained before her second birthday. She has a tiny voice. She is so darn sweet but is also quite the pill. One night the moms and dads went out and left the littles with Grammy and Grampy. I did a bed check and couldn't find Mabel. I was just about to panic and noticed a tiny book light on under the bed. There she was sound asleep under the bed. I am sure this fall when she starts pre-school she may be teaching the class.

Thanks for all your comments on our 911. Mr. Cozy is feeling just fine. We have lots of emergencies with a son that had a seizure disorder and it never comes easy.

Hope your week is off to a good start. I have my car back and got several things accomplished. This is my first week off work that I am home so I am cleaning. Next week, I hope to have that out of the way so I can get some fun projects done.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Calling 911

K. Bug and Goose have their parents back home again. Mr Cozy Blanket came to pick me up this morning. He brought Timbits from Tim Hortons for the girls. They are donut holes, the kids love them. Grampy ate one then got a glass of water. My son and I were talking and heard this terrible noise. We turned and looked and my Hubby was choking. Actually throwing up water and struggling. It took me awhile to register what was happening. He sometimes chokes (mildly) when he has asthma attacks. I think I was expecting him to stop. Mrs. First Aid/CPR recently renewed looked at my son (me of source) and said, 'What do we do." My son started doing the Heimlich and told me to call 911. He did the manuever several times with force.
Nothing was dislodged but he freed up something. The choking stopped while I was on the phone but the squad still came. So scary. What if he had been alone. I am sure I would have reacted differently as I know I have with children before. It sure is scary to see an adult going through this. The girls were watching but we think they thought Grampy and Daddy were wrestling like they did last week in the pool. He is doing fine. Very tired and sore. I'm not sure if he didn't have an asthma attack with this somehow. He said he even feels that way. But loosing oxygen would be similar.
It is a reminder that things can change on a dime. In case of choking you don't have alot of time. The EMT's said it is best to call them when someone starts to choke instead of waiting. It is alot easier to do this method on a child. My husband is 6'3" and a big guy.
Not sure I could have done as well as my son did.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lay Lady Lay

The girls went with me to pick up my organic, free range, eggs from spoiled rotten hens. K. Bug was so surprised when she saw the chicken laying an egg. And the egg lady (Debbie) let her hold it. The egg not the chicken. So clean and so warm.

Such a cute little laying house. Don't you love the words.

This is the chicken run. They would run along beside Goose. They move the run every couple of weeks so they have fresh grass and it allows the grass to regrow. They have a place to lay, to potty, and to run. They eat special food plus food Debbie brings home from the school cafeteria. She makes popsickles out of some of it for summer feeding. The girls fed them wild strawberries.

This house is on wheels so it can be moved. In the winter they move the house into the barn. Just a little barn as they live in a neighborhood on about 2 acres.

Here Debbie is letting K. Bug feed the chickens clover. The girls had so many questions. Where does the egg come out of? Are you eating the baby chicken eggs? Why do they need a Daddy Rooster if they want baby chickens. Now what hole.......I'll spare you those questions? On and on and on the questions came.

After the visit I needed to go to the store but they needed to wash hands. So we went to McDonalds and they had "chicken" nuggets. For some reason that didn't seem right. The didn't seem to make the connection, thank goodness. On to Target, back to our house to let the doggies. As I was unloading I shut the trunk on half the eggs. Guess who had scrambled eggs for dinner.

Onto other can this be Thursday already. It seems like we just got back from the beach. The girls parents are on another trip. Both are teachers, nice to have the summers off. Right now the girls are having a sleepover with their Aunt from Colorado at her mothers house. Does that make sense. I will pick them up in the morning and spend another night with them.

My Hubby is still using my car........his is being fixed but not too quickly. I am driving my son's big Tahoe. It's really big considering I drive a bug. I have this feeling that I may be stranded next week without a car....SO.....I stopped at Archivers today to get some cool summer paper to scrap my beach pictures. I made a couple mini albums for my sweet friend Kathy that made the road trip with me today. (I forgot to take pictures to share with you so you can see I do something other than watch kids) Kathy and her husband are in town this week for meetings. It was so much fun spending a little time with her today. She was excited about seeing the littles. She is a brand new Grammy herself. A sweet little boy.

Okay I had better wrap this up. Thanks for your prayers for my friends. I am sorry some of you are having such horrible heat right now. We are having lots of storms. Stay cool chicks. (He he)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prayers for my friends

I have some friends that need some prayers. I was hoping that you, my blogging friends, could help me out.
Remember the young mother I told you about that just had a bilateral mastectomy. She has a blog named A
Tale of Two Tatas. She is doing okay but will start chemo soon, so prayers for her please.

Another friend, a blogging friend.......B. of Not a Sparrow Falls.....had a bilateral as well yesterday. She lost her mother to breast cancer just a year ago. She did the genetic testing and tested positive and elected to have both breasts removed. She will need alot of support and prayers. One brave lady for sure.

Nona of Wsprsweetlyof Cottages is concerned about her daughter that is having health issues. Please pray for her daughter and for Mona. Such a beautiful lady that Mona is.

Another blogging friend, Brenda of COZY LITTLE HOUSE needs some prayers as well. She has such a beautiful blog. I wish her some peace in her heart at the moment.

My best friend's husband is in the hospital with congestive heart failure. He has been a very sick man for many years. His heart, kidneys and diabetes , so many serious things. We know he is on borrowed time but my friend loves him so much. His name is Jim. Not that God needs names, but I think it helps. I was able to spend some time with my friend this morning. She works as a tech. in an emergency room. She just works so hard and double shifts. Why, because she has to. I worry so much for her. Pray for Jim, please.

I am home without a car, remember the deer.....Mr C.B. is using my car. I am unpacking and a little of this and a little of that.
This picture was taken in Tybee Island. More on that later. I just thought it was a peaceful picture to post my prayer list on.
Have a blessed day friends.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crazy Summer Fun

We had a wild and crazy time in Hilton Head.
All of our grandbabies were there. It was the best time ever for Grampy and I.

Bug made this in the sand for Grammy.
Not sure who's feet these are but I thought they looked like they should be included.

There are alot better pictures coming. Most are on other cameras so I will have to be patient.
But I couldn't wait to show you the six darlings all together. There was some serious cousin fun. So much that Goose totally lost it when she said good-bye. (Far right) Tears and sobs from the bottom of her sandy toes. She brought us all to tears.

Water seemed to be the focus of this trip. The pool and the beach were non-stop favorties.......and add in the fresh seafood for the adults.
Nice having a chef on board. Thanks Bill, my favorite SIL.

We went on a pirate adventure. It was so hot and humid that his picture looks dark. The other cameras wouldn't even take a picture. Once on the boat we got a nice breeze. The crew did an amazing job with all the little kids. The two littlest were as excited as the bigger ones. It was so worth the money, for sure.

We just got home late last night. (Not from the pirate adventure but the whole trip) Grampy and I are trying to recover from the long trip home. Can't retreive our furry babies til this eve. Can't wait to see them.
Need to get some groceries and settle in. Such a wonderful time. Memories to last a long time

A big shout out to my Hubby on Fathers Day. Thanks for making all this possible. You have heard the saying, "All this because two people fell in love."

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads including mine in Heaven.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Road Trip

What do maps and tourbooks have in common?

Does building a sand castle give you a hint?

By car, by plane, by car and by plane again......these two adorables will be there.

And these four will also be there.

I am so excited. We leave tomorrow (by car) for the beach. This is a first ever family trip. The last time that all the babies were together they were just that babes. The three that are five were less than a year old. It was Christmas. It will be a zoo with us all under one roof. Let's see.....4 vegans, 4 organic only, 2 gluten-free celiacs, one vegetarian, 2 with very limited likes and one normal eating person......Grampy. 8 adults and 6 children ages......8,5,5,5,2,1.
Are we ready for some fun. Ooops........must do the checklist.

Two new tires (after last week's blow out) check

dogs vetted and ready to go to be boarded (sob, sorry doggies) check

car serviced check

dentist apt. for son (later today)

few groceries for the trip (later today)

buy beach toys check

buy baby pool for Baby Q. so he will stay out of the big pool (not yet accomplished)

find a high chair (later)

Mail package (soon)

Clean house (that probably won't get done)

Pick up prescriptions (soon)

Pack.......(almost forgot that one)

Okay, there is my list. I can do it. I think I need to get started though. So I will be absent from my blog and yours next week. But, I will be back and be prepared for all the pictures I will be posting.

P.S. Hubby hit a deer last night on his way home from work......only two miles to go. The car has some serious boo boos. He was able to drive it for an estimate.
Not going to let this worry me, nope I'm not. Maybe you should pray for our safety. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School is out, time for summer fun

Happy days are here again. No more 5 a.m. alarm wakeups, at least for a couple of months. Wouldn't you know my cell phone started ringing at 2 a.m. A wrong number, really.

I am busy getting ready for vacation coming up soon. So excited.....explain later.

What plans to you have for summer? I need to make a list. Day one didn't get much accomplished but that's okay, right?

Friday, June 3, 2011

It takes a village to cure cancer

Today a friend of our family had a double mastectomy. Just a few weeks ago she found more than one lump. Her name is Brett. She was a cheerleader with my DIL. Her husband played baseball with my son and was in the same class. I am friends with her mother and my daughter was a friend of Brett's brother. My son and DIL bought their first home from Brett and her husband.

Brett has two young children. One in the second grade and one that is 4. Brett is only 35 years old. She is the sweetest person. A couple years ago I had Goose at the playground. Goose walked in front of a big handicap swing. I tried to stop her and to stop the swing but couldn't. Goose was so upset. I carried her out of the park screaming. She was okay but didn't want to leave. The park was full of people. Only one person came over to me and offered to help. It was Brett.

About the pictures.......the first one is a rosette that a couple of her friends made, left on their porches for friends to stop by and pick up in support of Brett. Not for money but to remind you to think about her and pray for her. They kept making more as so many wanted them. I wear mine almost every day.

The next pictures are what Brett and her husband saw this morning on the way to the hospital. One sign said "It takes a village to cure cancer." The other one said , "A friend doesn't let a friend go through cancer alone."
Now here is the amazing thing......these balloons and signs continued all the way to the hospital.....that hospital is over an hour away. She has so many friends that really care. The community is there for her. They even have meals planned clear til September. I remember how this same village rallied around me when I had cancer. It sure helps.

If you would pray for Brett and her family, I would be so thankful.