Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going in circles

Beware, lots of pictures.  I feel myself coming and going these last few weeks.  Instead of a lot of words, I will just show you.
We took M and M to the circus.  It was small family owned circus sponsored by our Kiwanis.  M. had her face painted by the lady that did stunts.   We had lunch first at Bob Evans.  The whole staff of the circus was also eating there.
Little M. had Mamas for Muffins (Grammy also went) and Dads for dogs (as in hot dogs)......Grampy attended that with M.'s dad.
Then Little M. graduated from pre-school.  Grammy went with her mommy.  She was so proud.  Afterwards the little ones played and played with their friends.
Yes, it has been all about Little M. lately.  Here she is when we were leaving her dance recital on Saturday.  This is front of the restored Midland theater.  She is sitting on Marc Twain's lap.   No pictures inside......we were way too far away.  She was in a tumbling class.......of course she was darling.
We have a new great nephew.  His name is Finn.  Here he is with his big brother Milo.  This is a whole new experience for this family.  They got to bring Finn home when he was just days old.  Milo spent 11 weeks in NICCU before he came home.  He is now almost 2 weeks old.
I am still watching this wild and crazy little girl.  I am actually right at this moment.  Remember when I asked you to pray for her step grandmother.  Sadly to say she passed away last week.  If you remember her grandmother was my best friend that died 11 years ago very suddenly.  My Hubby keeps saying that there is a reason I am in this baby's life right now.  Just love her but she is quite a stinker.
This is an older picture but I didn't want to leave K. out.  we took these two sweet granddaughters to see "The legends of Oz" on Monday.  It was such a cute animated movie and with nice music.  It's  about where "The Wizard of Oz" left off.  It still has the main characters.  We liked it. 
I had an overnight with these two a couple weeks ago.  Busy busy boys.  The bigger one is the one I asked you to pray for.  He is doing okay so far.  One of those wait and see things.

I had an overnighter with these silly busy boys.  The older one is another one I asked you to pray for.  He's doing okay so far.  Sorry, it isn't a very good picture.
And her is their big sister all worn out from three birthday parties in one day. 
And there were birthdays.  Happy Birthday today to Mr. M.  He's trying to look cool here and not smile.  We now have three 8 year old grandchildren.  All six weeks apart.
Happy Birthday to our oldest.  I had to work in a picture of our Colorado grandbabies.
And a Happy Birthday to our youngest.  He's typical with his shirt color up.  He has such a baby face.  The little guy had his last day at his day care lady's.  Next year he will go to a pre-school program.  E. just finished school with lots of honors.  Reading, arts, and good student awards.

Goose had her last rec. soccer game. This girl is so awesome.  They combined 4 teams (2 each side) to play a full soccer field.  They wanted the kids to get a feel of what 3rd grade soccer will be.  They even had refs........hope that's what they call them.  The game about wore them out.  Guess who scored the only goal the entire game.  Yep, our Goose.  She had a smile from ear to ear.  So proud of
her.  She is quite a star.  This is her little friend C.  He looks a tiny bit embarrassed.

Did, I mention that these things all took place in the last two weeks plus Mothers Day and Hubby's burns. Happy to say that his hands have healed nicely at last.
And just to prove it, I am still alive and kicking.  I am finished with my school volunteering for this school year.  But, last night I was called to help out at Bible School.  I wanted to say no, but I said I would 3 days out of 5.  The reason for not wanting to was because.......WE MAY BE MOVING.   DID I JUST SAY THAT.  More on that in the next post.  Til we meet again......see you then.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thank a veteran

No words needed.  Give thanks to those that serve our country.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cup Swap/Patriotic Swap

Another fun swap.  I love doing these swaps.  I think I enjoy picking out the special gifts to send as much I enjoy receiving my package. 
Stephanie at The Enchanted Rose was the hostess of this swap.  She does a lot of swaps , mostly tea cups.
My package (above) was from Judy from Cranberry Morning.  The box was so cute.  It has a chef and cooking things all around the outside.  Sorry that didn't show up well.  I got an amazing dark chocolate bar.......can you see it is half gone, A pretty floral cup, and a bar of her homemade soap.  She makes amazing soap and she sells them.

I sent my cup to Lynn Jackson.  She doesn't have a blog but she is creative and loves doing swaps.  Come on Lynn join us in the blogging world.  It is so worth the time.
I found an over sized mug that I immediately thought Fairy Garden......gee, imagine I included a hedgehog and a watering can pick.  They work well in cups because they don't take up space.  Of course, she had to have a fairy.  I sent her an instruction sheet from my nursery so she would know why I sent these things. 
So see, wasn't this a fun swap.

Sue @ It's a Very Cherry World is having a patriotic swap.  It's for an indoor banner.  She only has 5 signed up.  She could use 3 more to join.  You can make your banner piece anyway you want.  The largest size it should be is 4"x6".  If you are interested pay her a visit or let me know and I will pass on the information.  I'm not sure what I am making yet but I will do my pieces this coming week-end.  Just in case, you will need to make one for each person participating in the swap.

Okay girls, I hope you are having a good week and staying safe in all these storms.  What a Spring.

Monday, May 19, 2014

More Fairy Gardens

These little elf babies are relaxing in their little forest (to be).  Hoping the fern plant takes off now that we have some sun.  The next picture is a little clearer. See the little bird on her nest and the little butter pat plate.  The blue glass stones make a little pond that they can dip their little toes in to cool off.
This one is a little whimsy garden.  No house but two fairies......and they came from Happy Meals last year, lol.  This was the one I made in a workshop earlier.  One plant didn't make it.  I moved some things out and added some different things.
This next one I made for a friend.  It has a gnome with a wheelbarrow, a shovel, and some bees on a stick.  It has a thyme planted in it.
The color on this one didn't come out well.  I made this one for my Daughter-in-law.  The two angels are called "best friends".  I had to shove them onto the bench so they won't be moving anytime soon. Again herbs are planted in this one.  There is a tiny frog and two little clay pots that have parsley and sage written on them.  The color is so far off but it was really pretty.
And my original little stone house with a couple gnomes, some tools......and a new bee hive from Hubby and some tiny gifted toad stools.  I also used fairy mulch on the top of them.
Okay dokey, I still have more for you.  My flower boxes are not exactly fairy gardens but pretty different.  One of them has the vintage camper that I bought.  I want to add a couple of things and then I will show you those.  In the mean time, everything else has been neglected.  We have weeds everywhere outside due to all the rain.  I love these miniature gardens in containers.  I can move them around in the sun and shade.  My granddaughter loved seeing all of them.
So see you back in the garden.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

All is well

Other than a lightening strike in the back yard, we are fine.  Actually I think our little town did okay.  We were surrounded all day and evening by storms.  Several tornado touchdowns close by.  I still haven't heard what has actually happened.  I know there were some injuries. 
 Since most of the storms went through before dark, I think if there was something severe we would know. 
These storms can be so serious.  I feel sorry for the states that get blasted constantly.
Oh, and the first round of storms came a few minutes early.  It had stopped when it was time to pick up the grands from school.
The picture is just a random one that I had.  No rainbows yet.  It is dark and ready to rain again.  The weeds are growing and growing.
Have a safe and sunny day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tornado Warning

The skies are rotating all over my area.  There seem to be several and we seem to be in the middle.  This is really weird.  Waiting on the village to call us with a warning.  The sky is weird yellow color and you can hear thunder.  The Grammy in me wants to get in the car and get M and M.  I leave in less than an hour to pick them up from school.  I wonder if they will be in their shelters when pick I get there.  
  I remember one day when I was watching my neighbor's little girl so she could volunteer at the school.  The village went into tornado warning and she couldn't get home.  I was to leave for the after school program that I was co-director of but couldn't go.  That spring it seemed we were in the halls of the school so many times from the warnings.  The bad part was once we calmed the little ones down here would come their parents all freaking out.  If they stayed or took their child they left the others scared again.  Geezzzz, that would probably be me if I took off right now. 
 If not only the little kids, Little Rudy, M and M's puppy is alone and in a room at the top of a hill with a window.  Yikes.  Had I known. he would have come home with me.  After I drop Mabel off at pre-school, I come home for the time she is there.  This gives me some time with my doggies.
Here is Sweet Mabel at the garden center.  I went there yesterday to get some Deer Scram.  I saw this bench.  I told the guy that I wanted it but couldn't justify spending the money on it.    I took the picture for Brenda of Cozy Little House.  It just looks likes her.  Oh, I so want this bench. 
An update Hubby's burns.  A week ago the fingers looked white and bruised.  Then they went to big blisters.  The last picture was a a couple days ago.  The white is blisters that keep seeping.  He is wearing antibiotic band aides during the day and nothing at night.   That is no band aides at night.   But all in all, no infection that we know of and the swelling is a lot better.  Beware of paper shredders.
Yesterday I planted a couple more fairy gardens for Cozy Blanket and a teeny one for my friend and one for my DIL.  I took pictures and will share on the next post.  I am still tweaking.

I have some prayer request.  One for Baby O.'s step grandmother.  ( remember her grandmother had been my best friend when she died at age 50, her husband remarried)  She is in a coma from aneurysm surgery.  This can't happen again.  My friend died on May 20th, 10 year ago.
Also Little Ben, one of the three surrogate grandchildren I post about here.  He is having some issues with his intestines and they aren't sure what's going on and whether or not to put him through testing that he will have to be sedated for.  He just turned 4.
I also know a blogger friend that is dear to me that is struggling with health issues of a family member.
I don't need to be depressing today but I do believe this blogging world has the power of prayers.
Okay it is 2:36 and the worst is to hit here at 3:00.  That's when I leave to pick up Mabel.  What to do, what to do.  Hang on Rudy, I will be there soon.  Hope these storms don't collide.  I will post an update later.
Stay safe in the storms.
My daughter had more than a foot of snow on her birthday and Mothers Day.......near the Denver area.
H U G S.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Making a Fairy Garden for Mom/Mr. Cozy goes to the ER

Be prepared for a lot of fairy garden posts to come.  This is my third year of having the miniature gardens and I love sharing them.  I told M and M that we would make something for their mom, my DIL.  So after school and after ice cream we headed outside.  That day the weather decided to heat things up.  It was almost 90.  That's the way we do things around here.  Now it is supposed to rain for 4 days straight and be in the 60's.
First we got the potting soil out of Grammy's car that she bought at the nursery.  I wanted to just fill the pot with the soil from home but Mr. M said he wanted to put the dirt in.   Before the soil was put in we pounded nails in the bottom for drainage holes and also gathered stones and acorns and pine cones from the yard for extra drainage. (Please , note the dead looking shrub.  For the first time ever the boxwood's around here all look like this after the hard winter.  I don't think it is coming back)  Also note the gloves.  I never mentioned using them and I didn't.  These poor children have parents that are OCD . 
Okay after soil we added a couple of plants.  I always like using a fork, for some reason, for the planting process.  Here he is lightly patting the soil around the plants.  Mr. M. loved the coleus and said it was so pretty.
And here is Miss M with her glove on. I just noticed what Mr. M has on, hah.  The sun was in her eyes.  Next we added blue glass stones to look like a pond.  We also used some other little stones around the rest of the pot. 
Now we added a boy for Mr. M. 
And a little girl for Miss M.
We also added a little house and a birdhouse on a pole.  They could decided what to use from the goodies I brought with me.  I have been buying little things for awhile now just for the little gardens.
We took the garden in the house and gave it a good watering.  When Dad got home he hid the garden in his workshop.  I will be surprised if someone doesn't tell them about it before Mothers Day.  Little kids love their parents and love making things for them.  They were so happy over what they did.  I let them do it all. 
AND here is the finished product
After a long and hot day (remember I don't do heat well) I came home and decided to put my feet up until it was time to make supper.  Not long after that, Mr. Cozy walks in the door and said he got hurt at work.  The paper shredder blew up when he was using it.  The skin was definitely traumatized but the skin on his had was not open.  I decided to call our doctor.  Of course, she said to go to the Emergency Room.  We did.  Long wait and then the doctor did nothing.  Here are the pictures from the waiting room.  His hands now have big blisters on them.  He hasn't complained much of pain but I know he doesn't feel well.  We are hoping that he doesn't get an infection.  We are watching closely and using neo-sporin.  The hair around his hairline was scorched.  The hair actually fell out.  He looks like his hairline has receded.
This was just one day this week.  Yesterday was quite the zoo.  Kinda like the days when all the kids were at home.  Today I treated myself to going to a barn sale out of town and came home and took a little nap.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Returning to so called normal

My computer isn't holding its charge so it is hard to post.
I am using my Kindle to post.  I can't see what I am typing.  It also changes my words and is hard to correct.
This picture also includes the other sweet person I went to visit in Colorado.  I couldn't take pictures of her dance competition.  She was the first to take the stage on Saturday.  I watched her solo and two group dances and 145 other ones.  It was fun.  My bum hurt at the end of the day. .
I must say  her solo to Pompeii brought tears to my eyes.  She's such a good little dancer
Back home I have been with my two little M's.  I made twelve babies for my Club Little House swap.  I was able to get my cap replaced that came off as soon as overturned.  I am feeling better.  I just wasn't feeling well.   I . went to the nursery center today after the dentist to get plants for my fairy gardens.  Now I'm off to do the school pickup.
 BIG thanks to Diana for the wonderful giveaway that I won.  Hugs.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Making babies

The labor is over.  My little peg babies will be "in delivery" mode headed to Sweet Amy of Club Little House.  I think they are as cute as a button.  So much fun making these.  I hope the others enjoy their babies. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm back

I was to get back home on Tuesday but due to plane maintenance and other irritating re booking incidents, I didn't get home until Wednesday eve.  I will talk about that later.  Just a couple pictures today of the day we spent in Estes Park.  This is where my daughter and her husband got married.  My daughter took the day off and she and Ricco and I went to the mountains for the day.  It was a fun day.  We weren't prepared for all the flood damage that remained in the Park and surrounding areas.  I will show those pictures another time as well.  We stopped for some was windy and freezing and SNOWING.  Our little guy thought it was funny when I took his picture.  He took off climbing over the big rocks.  I looked at my daughter and she started scaling those rocks to get him.  He fell and scuffed up his hand but luckily didn't fall down the mountain.
It's nice to be back home but really hard getting into the routine.  I hope that this passes so I can get back in the groove soon.  It always takes me a little time to readjust.  So friends, I have lots more pictures that I will share soon.