Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oreo cookie photo shoot

What a bunch of clowns. Hmmmm must be in their genes. I just tried to get one good shot. How do the professional photographers do it, hah. I am just a point and shoot Grammy. I take lots of photos hoping their will be one good one. Guess, I need more practice.
In case you can't tell, we are having fun visiting.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My vintage finds and a little of the outdoors

First these are roses from my beautiful miniature rose bush.  This is the first year that it has bloomed so well.  They are in a cute little vase that I picked up at my favorite little shop White Cottage.

My vintage purchases from the Springfield Antique and Vintage Market.  Sweet sounding wind chimes.  The little blue star is made of tin and the chimes are spoons and etc.  They are attached by wire to an old old spindle.  Those are wild strawberries and tall grass for your viewing pleasure.  I decided to move the chimes around a little and think I like them placed near the little trike.  The little trike came with our adopted son when he moved in with us.  He had this, his loyal teddy bear named Joey, and a trash bag of clothes that didn't fit.  I wanted to repair it and never did, so I thought using it in my garden would make me smile.  Then the China Girl saw it.  She asked me what she could ride because I put that trike in the mud and she couldn't ride it.  Don't worry, I got out the riding toys and she was happy.  I have had the girls all week at random times.  They are in a dance recital this week-end, that I will miss.  Yesterday was her "hearsal" and of course she was riding the John Deer tractor in her full outfit .......oh my.......hope nothing got ruined.  She told me she was so excited about her"hearsal" and then said, What is  "hearsal."  When she came to pick up her sister she headed straight to the potty.  She came out stark naked the same time as My Cozy walked in.  Not like he hasn't had that experience before with 4 little granddaughters.
Oh, I got sidetracked, so sorry.
Next is the little vintage naked baby I bought for one dollar.  I wanted a small baby for a shadowbox I want to do.  This one was in a pile of other not so pretty dollies.  It's a drink and wet, hah.  And oh so dirty.  I sat her in the high chair that I bought last summer.  I spray painted it and was going to bring it inside for the girlies to play with.  I like it so well outdoors that I put a plant from my granddaughter on it by the door.  Dirty baby won't stay there but looked good in the picture.
I also found another old camera.  I want a small collection of them and I now have two.  I wish I would have kept all the cameras I have owned.
Okay, bloggy friends I need to get busy.  I still am watching children later today but tomorrow I am off.  I have quite a list of things to do BECAUSE Mr. Cozy and I are headed WEST on Saturday morning.  Early baby, we arrive at 8:30 a.m.  We have a dog sitter for part of the time and then our youngest will come and stay the last couple of days.  So I have to ready the house, write all kinds of notes, clean, do laundry, stop the mail, get my hair trimmed, pick up meds, water plants, do a little grocery shopping, pay bills.......guess who will sleep on the plane.  SO excited.  I haven't seen my two little families since December.  I don't usually go that long and I can't wait to see Eve, Patrick, Ann, and Ricco.  (all middle names)  Oh, and their mommies and daddies.  While we are there Patrick will turn 6.  I don't know if I will be posting while I am gone.  If not.......I'll be back in June.  Have a great Memorial Day.  Thanks to all that serve and the families that support them.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Springfield Antique and Vintage Market

Okay, if you were looking for the goodies at the market.....sorry, you'll have to look at another blog for that. I took people pictures.  The first one is of moi, Sue (Sullivan and Murphy) and Kathy.  This was the first time meeting Kathy (Creative Home Expressions).  I loved her NY accent. 
This picture is of Sue Whitney (Junkmarket Style) Moi, Kathy (Sylvia's daughter) Sue, and Zuni( Chickadee Home Nest).

Some of these pictures are at the  Ohio Blogger get together. Just a handful of ladies but it was still fun.   We were to bring a snack to share in a piece of "junk."   So funny as people just shopping would come over and help themselves to cookies and cold water.   But don't worry they didn't get the wine.  You have to turn around to see how Sue opened the wine.  (With her electric screwdriver)
The tu tu lady and the one with pink hair were vendors.  I decided I want to be a vendor when I grow up so that I can wear piggy tails, have pink hair and wear silly clothes.........hmmmmmm I guess I already do that when I am a clown.The last picture of course is

Okay, my camera won't let me crop.  Blogger is giving me fits.  I can't write where I want to or place pictures where they need to go.  I want the old Blogger back.  I will show you my snack in junk and the little purchases I made in the next post.  The market was so much temps, sore feet, empty wallets (not really) but oh so worth it.

(Also pictured is Lisa of Urban Farmhouse and Carrie of Junque Magnet.......I think)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beautiful gardens

I added a fence to my fairy garden.  I also painted flowers on the crate where the lettering is.The rest of these pictures are from a friends' home and gardens.  Considering the plant date for our area is this week-end, she has a head start.  She is single and her home is quite the place to go.  She has a fire pit area with tons of chairs that the neighbors and her friends gather around.  She also has three ponds.  You can't tell how big this Koi is but it is huge.  She has a swinging outdoor bed.  Such a fun place.  She wasn't home when Goose (in her jammies) and I walked over.  She had a party the night before, I could tell, he he.
This wagon was one of the wee ones.  She wasn't done I can see the flower containers.
She has lots of these chairs in different places around her property.
Thought these pots were cute.  The next picture is at Goose's house.
This is a have to look closely.  She puts shiney gems around her gardens so the kids can look for treasures.  She is so  sweet to my granddaughters.  She is so giving.  She just became a grandmother for the first time.  She wasn't expecting to have any.  She will shower that little girl with lots of love and she will love coming to see her grammy.

Updates:  I think I have returned to normal after Mothers' Day.  It always shakes me up a little.
So far we haven't gotten scarlet fever from our granddaughter.....although I keep thinking I am getting it.
The Springfield Antique and Vintage Show is starting Friday.  I can't wait.  It's an hour and a half, I think, from where I live.  I want to go two of the days but can't seem to make any final decisions.  I thought I had a hotel  I was so excited because they have been all sold out.  Well, I entered the wrong date, so I don't have a room.  It's okay, I will figure something out.
Well, I need to get busy.  I am feeling a bit lazy these days.  SO much to do but so little ambition.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Week-end

This was my Mothers Day Week-end.  I went to the barn sale.  Lots of industrial things.  Little things like gears and things.  What do people do with these things.  Lots of wooden boxes.  I bought a little wooden drawer with dividers.  That's all.
We watched our sweet granddaughters on Saturday.  They helped fix breakfast for us.  Then we all went to Goose's soccer game.  So funny.  The kindergarteners played first graders.  The girls were so much bigger and better.  But our Goose figured out how to stop them.  She would guard the goal.  I guess you don't have goalies at this age.  But Goose kept guard and stopped them from scoring.  She was so funny.  And she scored one of the couple of goals on her team.
On Sunday we went to see our moms.  Hubby to the nursing home and me with my mom.  They live close by each other but a couple of hours away from us.   My cousin (sister of Jo), Mom and I went out for dinner.  This was a picture taken at St. Patrick's Day.  Mothers Day always comes with mixed feelings for me.  Visits with my Mom aren't always cheerful.  My husband always tries to make it special for me. 
I talked to all of my children on Sunday.  I wish I could have been with them.  Someday we will do that.  My daughter turned 40 on Friday.  I just don't know how that could be.  How can I be old enough (61) to have a daughter that old. 
It has been fun reading all the Mothers Day posts.  So many special memories.  Here's to a good week ahead for al of us.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Fairy Garden

A little much left to do, but it is a start.
I am still tweaking my fairy garden.  It was so much fun to do that I want to make more.  I am going to paint some flowers on the side of the box.  I copied the box idea from what I saw at the farm sale. 
Wishing all my bloggy friends a Happy Mothers Day.  XO