Saturday, August 19, 2017

3 Months Later

BloggerImageI can't believe my last post was three months ago.  I have tried to visit through Facebook, Instagram and Blog Lovin.
With so much going on in our country right now, I though this would be a good photo to share.  
We certainly need more love and less hate. BloggerImageWe all need to worry about our little ones and their future by doing what we can.

With that said, it has been crazy around here.  I know in your lives, too.  It's been one medical thing after another for me this entire year.  So far all is well.  Just a lot of hurdles.
I'm still on Etsy (Grammy petals Shop) and have space in an antique store outside of town.  
The grands keep me busy. They are now 14, 13, 11, 11, 11, 8, 7, and one.  Yep, that babyis one. BloggerImageWe have the best time with her.  Such a sweet baby.
Hubby is still working one day a week. He just got back from Colorado helping out our grandkids that live there. I had to cancel because Little Hank was ill.  He's doing okay now .

I don't think I even posted about our family trip to Hilton Head.  We had a good time but one family was missing.  Oh and I choked on water and it went into my lungs. See I told you. BloggerImage BloggerImage BloggerImageWe were missing this family on vacation.
Well friends, stay safe and don't look at the eclipse.