Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goose and Mrs. Diddle

Goose and her teacher Mrs. Diddle. She is so excited about school. But, yesterday they had a fire drill and she cried. She was worried her big sister (below) K. Bug wouldn't get out in time. Poor baby. Low and behold there is a tornado drill.....which is coming.......they probably will go get her big sister to be with her.....they do that there.

Home from school. She rides the bus home with her sister.
Grampy said, "What kind of a dress is that K. Bug has on." It's a little swirly isn't it. I love the name on the headband. Probably to make sure she got on the right bus. They are just so cute........I know, I know.

Updates.......interview went okay but not taking it. I couldn't even get up their driveway.....long, rutted, gullies. And the hours are 1-11:30 p.m. Just 8 nights a month.....just not for me. I am going to keep looking but I will be watching a boy after school that I had in my before and after school program. He has some sort of brain damage and is just the nicest boy. My son was his teacher last year. He loves my son and will be so excited to come to my house because he thinks my son lives here. It's isn't much money at all but something I'd like to do to help out the family. He has aged out being in the after school program.

My MIL is in the ICU right now. Not, sure how serious. She has just been going downhill so much. We will go tomorrow.

My best friend has had her third surgery now. First on a replacement (knee), second one for a bleed from the first surgery, the last one for a nasty infection in the replacement. She now has a port and has to have IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. Not sure that another surgery won't be ruled out. Her husband has heart surgery later this month....Sept. Oh, and they may be loosing their home.

I think that's all the good news I have for right now but it does put life in perspective.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seriously this is not a picture out of Pottery Barn. I guess you could tell that, hah. I need a new camera.......I keep saying that, don't I?
Okay the above picture............ all this was purchased BUT notice the painting on the wall. Dad did this......see the little stripe on the trim.

Dad painted this pictures to go above the changing table.

Dad did the letters and this painted banner.

Can you tell this crib is not slept in.......Baby
B. sleeps with his Mama and Dad.....but not for long as his baby brother is about to arrive. He is the sweetest little thing. It took him over a year to like me.
And this Nanny was crushed. Their whole family thought it was funny as Laken adores me above everyone. When I left this week-end he ran over to me with his arms up and cried, "Nanny." Okay, I was over the rainbow.

Sorry this is dark. I was taking pictures at midnight while I babysat and in the dark. Wonder what the neighbors thought. Doodle and I made the little star ornament by the teddy bear. I love how her mom always displays the things we make. Just so you know Dad is a fishing, hunting, party man. He totally remolded their downstairs and it is unbelieveable. He is so funny and has never met a stranger. He was so excited when Baby B. was born that he started screaming, "He has a weiney." Actually he said the "P" words but that's not very funny, is it? He was so excited as they didn't know the sex of the baby. On this note, I will end this post. Stay tuned for Doodles' room.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shake your tail feathers

Goodbye Irene. She was a nasty one. I hope and pray that things get back to normal on the East Coast.
Trying to bring some joy back in my posts. These pictures are taken in Doodles' home. Her parents bought their house after it was on Tour of Homes......7 years ago. I just love these chicken(or is a rooster). The back side is clear across the kitchen. (oops, I thought I posted the back side but I didn't) I still don't know whether this is a stencil or it is hand painted. There are other decorative paintings in their house. I took pictures of the kids rooms and that will follow in another post. There home is like living in the Pottery Barn catalog. I always say that's where I want to the PB catalog......or the store.

This picture came from Doddle's great grandmother. It is very old but looks brand new. I think it is tin that it is painted on. I really like this, don't you?

Okay, now this has nothing at all to do with the above photos. Today I had a 911 call from Goose's Mom my DIL. Goose had an accident at her day care.....where she goes before kindergarten. She didn't make it to the potty. So Grammy to the rescue. I ran by their house and got some undies and a cute little dress for her to wear to kindergarten and back to the day care. This happened almost a year ago to the date. I think her Daddy (my son) sometimes forgets to remind her to go to potty before they go out the door. I don't know how these kids hold their bladders all night and into the morning. Geez Louise, I am up several times a night. The minute my eyes open......I am in the bathroom. I think, then, when she has to go there is too much to hold back. Sorry, too much information. Anyway, problem solved. We can't have her going to her real first day to K. like that. She had a trial day last week.
Not my Goose.

Okay, ooops, almost forgot about this picture. I went to get some tea on my way home.......both drive thru lines were 20 cars deep. I had to turn around and leave. But, I thought I'd show you you see the sign. I don't think we are a fat nation, just a poor one. Look what brings out people ....a $1 Big Mac. So I went to Wendy's for my tea and guess one was there and it was lunch time.

This is it for today, headed on a job interview. Yep, I am.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Praying for my East Coast Friends

Just heard that Irene has hit the shore. I am praying for all of you that will be affected. Please be safe. Hopefully things will not be as bad as they are predicting and power and such can be restored quickly.
My son in law's elderly parents live in the Hamptons and his sibs close by. His parents are in their 80's and live in the same home as their they have been in the Hamptons before it was what it is today.

Also I have my sweet son-in-law on my mind. He lost his job this week. His job loss is much more of a big deal than mine. This guy is a work-a-holic.....will work 80 plus hours on salary. He is not only the kindest person but good at everything he does. My daughter said they will be okay for awhile. Wish they lived closer to us.

I am fine. I just need to settle down a little bit. My son was just here and said, "Mom it has just been two days since you haven't had a job." So true.
But, I have been off for three months and was ready for a paycheck. I think all the caffeine I am on for these headaches (There backkkkkkkk, only gone a couple of days) has me a little on the hyper side.

My dear best friend is back in the hospital. She had her knee replaced in July. Two weeks later they reopened the incision due to a bleed.......two days ago again more surgery.....reopened for infection. They put a drain in and also a port for antibiotics for 6 weeks. Her husband is disabled and is to have heart surgery this month to replace a battery for his pace maker and also the wires on his defibrilator. She is out of sick leave. Then to top this all off.....they may be loosing their home. My son said maybe they could move into our house. Possiblity. They have Izzy's parents.......3 Yorkies in one house and a Springer.

Today, after I go see my friend in the hospital I am headed to Doodles house to help her Mama. She is about to deliver any day now.....very sick......already dilating. Her husband is "in" a wedding tonight. She said if she doesn't go to the wedding (hah), she needs me to take care of Doodle and
Baby B. anyway. (overnight) Just hoping we don't have to make a run to the hospital. Imagine me driving, a mom in labor and two kids in the back seat. Dad better meet us there. My son said (our families are so intertwined) maybe this time off will be need to help my friend and Doodle's family. Hmmmmm, thinking the same thing.

Izzy slept in bed all night last night,. She wanted down once and then didn't move and wanted back in bed. She slept well and seems a bit hoping she is going to get better. She still will not take her meds in her Yorkie sized peanut butter sandwich until her big brother Piper has one. He is loving the PB sandwiches. I showed my Hubby how to make the sandwiches.....and he questioned why Piper has to have one. He will find out when he takes over for me.

Okay this spazzy hyper Grammy is going to sign off. Praying for Irene to be kind.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Even though Little Fella looks kind of guilty here, he didn't do anything to make Miss Mabel cry. She was mad because Baby Q. was in her car seat. When Miss Mabel isn't happy nobody is. She is so darn cute and has such a temper.

Sorry for all the random pictures this week. I am just searching for ones that fit my mood.

You probably guessed this.......I am unemployed as of today. Mom called today to tell me that the dad had an emergency appendectomy last night and she was just not ready to leave the baby. She was really nice and said I was really good with the baby and she would give me a good reference.

Excuse my rambling today, I have no one else to talk to. The furry babies listen but not too well.

Izzy still not doing well. The breathing is concerning me. Got to give the meds time I guess.

My Goose started school today. Oh how I wanted to be there. Mom said not this week. Geez. Just because when she started pre-school her Daddy and I took her and I was told to leave the room. Miss Goose was screaming for her Grammy. Dad called and said that she took the bus from her extended care center to kindergarten. He was there waiting. She walked into the room saying, "I'm here, I'm here." He said so everyne knew that she had arrived. That's my Goose. She will ride the bus home with her big sister. was thinking of how she must have felt. I can see her.......thinking that everyone was thinking about her and only her and how excited she was . She will probably end up teaching the class by day's end, hah. My big girl. I think from caring for her (Like Doodle and K.Bug) it's such a big deal to me. (Okay, I have no idea why my font changed)

Now about that earthquake. I didn't feel it, wish I had........I didn't know about all the damage to the historical places in DC.
Now the hurricane......have you heard what it could do to
NYC. I am glad I live here in Ohio.
Now, that can be debated as we lost power for one week here do to hurricane winds, go figure.

Did you happen to watch Roseann's Nuts. We couldn't find anything on TV last night so turned to that. I was on this, of course, and Hubby was reading a book. Her language is unreal. Every now and then I would just laugh out loud. She can be so funny. The whole Mary Jane thing was hilarious.
No I never did that, never even ever wanted to try. She was writing this speech that she was to give to some high school girls. When she was practicing, I thought it was going to be a disaster. Then she pulled it off and it was good. I must say her boyfriend is perfect for her. Okay, the show won't make it but it was funny for one night.

I decided to make some peanut butter cookies today. BJ's recipe. Three cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar and one egg. 350 for about ten minutes. Very sweet but yummy. The vet told me to give Izzy her meds in peanut butter. I wrap the pills in Yorkie size PB sandwiches. She will not take it until Piper has one She's not trustig of me right now. SO that smell made me crave the cookies.

Tomorrow I am meeting my friend for lunch. She was actually my teacher when I went back to school to get my early childhood degree.

Okay, if you are still here with me. Thanks for your listening ear. I really am fine........things will get better, sorry for all the drama.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sick little Izzy and Being hopeful

My little Izzy, the Yorkie, is not feeling well. Her liver is enlarged as her lymph nodes and sludge in her gall bladder. Her little tummy is bloated. She keeps "me" up at night wanting to get out and in our bed. She hides most of the day under a big buffet. Yesterday they did a scan and blood work. She has some form of hepatitis.
Not sure what kind, a biopsy would be able to tell but that is so invasive. The vets are trying meds for now to see how she will respond. She is still eating and slightly active. The doctor told me today on the phone that he was "hopeful. " Izzy is only 6.

I knew the other night that something was really wrong. Piper, her big brother, walked up to her and licked her all over her head. It was the sign I needed to call the vet. He is like a little mother to her. She likes him but still bosses him around. We kennel him when we are gone because he eats pillows. When I come home it is warm in front of his cage. Izzy must be sleeping there to be near him.

I am "hopeful" as well. Of course this is all costing a pretty penny. What do you do?

Okay more of life.........I knew day one that something wasn't right about my new job. The first day the dad says we are too loud after less than an hour. The second day, all is well and mom comes down and nurses the little girl (18mos.). I really have this feeling that she is going to tell me any minute that she doesn't want to leave the baby while she works at home. Well today, only day 3, she calls and dad has food poisening and cancels me for the day. Hmmmmm, I think I see where this is heading. This will be a first for me if it doesn't work out. I am thinking that the past two years since Goose started school, that I am not making good choices about jobs. I have a couple other options so I am "hopeful."

Today school started. I got up at 8:00 a.m. without an alarm clock. I would have gotten up at 5:15.......I do like this. Last night Izzy had me up alot. Then early this morning some really strong storms moved through. My first thought, seriously, was please rain in Texas. Then we I got out of bed for good, I look outside.
Not expecting to see a dozen wild turkeys right outside my window. I ran to get my camera, well walked, and of course they had scooted away. The mom turkey reappeared but still didn't get her picture.

I didn't feel the earthquake and I am bummed. I must have been driving. Very strange that the East, West and Colorado all had tremors. I am "hopeful" that some of the dry areas will get some rain out of the storm that is brewing.

I read a quote the other day that said that God was insulted when we worry.......just another reason to be "hopeful."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On my mind this week

My little pirates are off to school this week. Grammy is so proud but anxious as well. Just like with my children when they started school, I will think of them all day long. Out of the five above, four are starting school for the first time. Lil Fella, Snow White and Goose will start kindergarten. They were all born 6 weeks apart. Snow White and Lil Fella started yesterday. One goes all day and the other just in the morning. Things are different in Colorado. Our school system is still fighting to keep kindergarten as half days. Goose starts tomorrow. Her teacher is Mrs. Diddle. Snow White's teacher is Mrs. Purdy.
Not sure what Lil Fella's teacher's name is.
Now our big girl, K. Bug starts third grade. She is still such a sweet innocent little girl. I know that big changes are ahead......can we just freeze her. The youngest in this group, Miss Mabel starts pre-school for the first time. I hope they are ready for her cuteness. I wonder if she will say, "I do it" all day long. Baby Q is already back with his day care person. She has cared for his sister since she was 4 months old. She is amazing.

My son, his wife and my daughter are all is a counselor. But, we now have a new teacher in the family. My DIL is now teaching Pure Barr classes. (Something like yoga)

I started with my new little girl yesterday. Let's say I started with the family. Dad works from home and I found out likes everything very quiet. Mom is having a hard time leaving the baby. She also works from the home. I felt a little in the way yesterday.......I am sure it will improve.

I am excited about not getting up before daylight tomorrow when school starts. I will miss seeing two of my granddaughters at school.

Still not sure what is going on with this head of mine. I have had one day free of aches. They seem to come and go now. I am ready to move on, in many ways.

Our temps are cooling off. I am sure that there wil be more hot days.......but loving the coolness.

Hoping all of you have a good week.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The last two days

The last two days were busy with little most days. Yesterday I watched my granddaughters and Doodle and her baby brother. They were all dancing (yes, I was as well). The music was a bit loud for Grammy's headache. (They are getting better) The picture below is really blurry but Baby B was dancing away.

The day before, I just had Doodle and Baby Ben. I promised Build a Bear for Dodddle's birthday. She choose a BFF Peace Kitty. They had a special for the animal, an outfit and a pair of shoes. Baby B. was just content hanging out in his stroller drinking some water.
Afterwards we went to California Pizza Kitchen. Do you know they have gluten-free pizza. It was yummy. Doodle loves their mac and cheese. I mean she really loves it.......she loves to go there just for that.

On our way back to their house a car passed me. It had logos all over it. I wanted a picture but couldn't try to with the little ones in tow. It said "Canadian Goose Relocaters" ( I think)......and things like "got goose" and pictures on it. Have you ever seen or heard of a company that does this. I sure haven't. Wonder if my husband would like that job, hah.

You just never know what you will see.

Today I am resting up. I start my new job on Monday. Just talked to the mom and she told me the little girl has been really clingy and super attached.
Another new beginning......keeps life interesting......and it's fun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Clownin'

I was asked to clown at Goose's school. So, I asked Goose to be my assistant. Her Mama did a great job getting her ready. This picture was taken very close to her face so she wouldn't shut her eyes. Since her eye surgery last fall, her eyes are really sensitive to the light.

Goose did the tattoos. I painted faces and did balloons. We also told the story about The Rainbow Fish. We talked about making and keeping friends and sharing. We gave each child a rainbow star. Goose helped tell the story. She has a little lisp so the story was much better when she told it.

We had a great time. I gave Goose some of the money I made. Her Daddy thought it was a good lesson for her. Grammy Petals enjoyed having a helper.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ahoy maties

Ahoy Maties.
I haven't posted for a few days. For the most part all is well. My camera is MIA. Hoping to find it soon. I went to Doodles' horse show and was taking pictures there. I think I left it in her Mama's car.
We have some cooler temps. So nice. I have the windows open for at least a few hours.
My husband's mother is not doing well in the nursing center. He left early this morning to meet with his sister to see what they can do. It is so hard when your parents age and need care.
My granddaughters are back from Canada. They had a wonderful time. They are getting excited for school to start in about 10 days. Their parents (teachers), not so much.
My headaches continue. 8 days now. I went to the doctor and she still think that this is a form of migraines. Just wanting them to go away.
These last two weeks before school starts and my new job seem to have gotten really busy. I guess that is a good thing. I need to get into a routine.
Most of you are buying school clothes and supplies.....makes me want to go buy a new box of crayons. I wonder how many of those oxes I have purchased over the years. This year is exciting having three 5 year olds started school. They will have so much fun.
Good luck to all the teachers and moms that are getting back into the groove again.
Soon, more pictures if that camera show up.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Here's the dirt

Dirt pudding.......have you made it before. There are many recipes that require alot of ingredients. I have used those recipes. I think it would be just as good, less compicated, just using pudding topped with crunched oreo cookies. Gotta have those gummy worms on top and a real flower. These girls loved their little clay pots. Fun also to make in a new sand pail with a new shovel. My DIL made this batch.

Here's the dirt......after all that soul (job) searching last year...... sorry to have put you through that........I have decided not to go back to my school job. I've decided I am more of a warm COZY BLANKET kind of person than a mean and grumpy person. I am going to watch a baby in the afternoons now. If something comes up for the mornings, I might do that as well.

More dirt.......I am so tired of these headaches and dizziness.

Missing my Ohio girls alot.........hope they come back soon from Canada.

Doodles' party was fun. I will post about that later.

Tomorrow is my cousin Jo's first birthday in Heaven. She celebrated her birthday the whole month long. Her best friend and I are meeting tomorrow. I am hoping that celebrating this day will help us in many ways. My emotions are certainly stirred up.

Okay, that's enough dirt.......

Have a week to remember.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friends are blessings

My grandmother made this some 50 years ago. She would be around 109 now. I just last week decided to put this in my kitchen.

Then along came Sadie Mae and her pups which led to my meeting Elizabeth of Creative Breathing and making a new friend. Friends are blessings. What a pleasure to meet her and to call her my friend. E. brought me this darling birthday cake that she made.
As most of you know, E. is very talented. I am always amazed at how perfect her stitches are. I can't wait on her felt book to come out this fall. She said she knew we had alot of birthdays around our house with all the grandkids. If you notice that the candles are a little bent. Like I said before, we almost melted that day.

The next pictures are what came with the Friendship Bag, Sadie Mae. We were supposed to send something to the next person from our state. Mine came from Elaine from . Elaine lives in White House Tenn. Cindy, our tour guide, thought Sadie went to the real White House.

Elaine sent her gifts that she got at Cracker Barrel. Did you know that CB originated in Tennessee (Lebanon) and their headquarters are just outside of
Nashville. The box of GooGoo clusters are empty. Hmmmmm, let me tell you that was one great sugar rush but I did share with Mr. C.B. These babies have been made in
Nashville since 1912. The cute little guitar candy tin is to represent
Nashville as the little musical instrument. She thought the grandkids would have fun with that.

See, who knew how educational this adventure would be. It is also going to be to show support for a friend of Cindy's. We'll hear more about that later.

Now Elaine also sent this cute little Christmas towel and adorable Santa from a shop she used to own. So cute. Thanks Elaine.

Now since Elizabeth and I are from the same state, she was familiar with my gifts. I tucked some little things in a 31 Gift bag from Bath and Body Works, Donovan Designs and Hartstone Pottery.
Again, what fun this was. Thanks Cindy for your friendship and for blessing us with new friends.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sadie Mae, Rufus and ToTo Visit Cozy Blanket

The gang arrived in Granville via B. from White House Tenn. (I will show pics of the goodies that were sent in the next post.) Here are the pups meeting my pups. Izzy could have cared less.

Poor Piper was a little scared . Piper loved smelling Sadie Mae (The Friendship Bag).

Or first road trip was to see the World's Largest basket. This is the office of Longaberger Basket.

When Rufus and ToTo saw this they said they had to go really bad.

And go they did.

Then we all went to see my bestie that was just released from the hospital her second time after having her knee replaced. Unfortunately she is back in the hospital again and had surgery (again) yesterday. Wasn't she a good sport about getting her picture taken. Please say some prayers for her recovery.

Then we went to an Antique Fair in downtown Newark.......Ohio not N.J.

White Cottage was one of my stops. Oh, I love that store. Everything is white. I will share another time the paint she uses.

I found the cutest little girls that posed for me with ToTo and Rufus. Aren't they just the cutest little girls.

They were with their Mommy that had set up her wares in front of the best chocolate store in Licking County.
Thier Mommy, Keely, and Polly (of Sassafras Stuff) sell under the name of Motley Junk. I bought an awesome mirror there. I also used to teach at Montessori with Keely.

On another day we went to Pickerington to see Doodle. We were going to go to this festival but we passed.....too hot.

Here is Doodle with Rufus, ToTo and the Little Black Dog from Hilton Head that Nanny gave her.

She wanted to take a picture of me. I will miss this Friendship Bag. It went with all of my clothes and was so soft and held so much.

On the way home we decided to take a tour of Granville, where I live. Lots of historical homes.

We toured the Denison Campus.

Green Velvet and Coffee Shop

Our new Mexican Restaurant. Granville usually doesn't allow the buildings to be painted this bright. I love it. This year we lost several restaurants this year due to the ecomony. I know the owners of this one, so I hope it does really well.

Another new restaurant, Bella.

This is the Buxton Inn. It is known to be haunted. I had an experience there........I'll post some day.

We stopped for Whit's Custard. Just let me tell you it is unbelievable. This flavor is Carmel Sea Salt. It was raining so we ate in the car. Rufus loved it.Yesterday we went on another road trip. This time we went to meet Elisabeth from Creative
Breathing. She is next on the list to take Sadie Mae on her adventures. I have always wanted to meet E.
Being that this is a friendship bag...... Sadie Mae brought two bloggers together as friends. E. is the sweetest person with such a big heart. I had so much fun just chatting with her. We had a little lunch then went to an antique store down the road. It was okay but so hot inside. We liked her sign and fairy gardens the best. We melted and then hit the road.

Thank you Sadie Mae, Rufus and ToTo for coming to visit. Thank you for my new friend E.