Thursday, July 28, 2016

The baby is here

Here she is Baby Jubilee Rosemary
She weighed five pounds and 2 ounces
Arriving almost 4 weeks early
I have taking lots of cute pictures but can't get them to download.  Grrrr.  She has done well since birth not needing any help.  She is going home today.  We got to hold her yesterday.  She was born on Tuesday morning.  I have worried and prayed for this baby to be healthy.  She is.  She is loved by us all.   
If you want to see more pics go to my Instagram or Facebook.  Both are under Debby Messner,
It has been awhile since I posted.  Not letting any grass grow under my feet, hah.  I have been busy helping out with my other grands. 
We managed a mini vacation to Branson Missouri.  Not knowing what to expect it was a different experience.  Too long of a drive and way too hot.  I didn't expect everything to be on one street.  SO many shows. We went to two great shows.  My hands got tired clapping.  So many more that we would have love to seen. 
At one show we were crammed into little seats.  A kinda chubby guy sat next to me.  He had his pop in the cup holder and it got tipped.  I wondered why my leg and back was so cold.  Yep, everywhere.  I was a little mad but he was having fun and he felt bad.  The next night the seats were much better and the show was really good.
I was watching over my grandson and granddaughter the other day.  When we came back home from the trip we were visited by some little field mice.  Well it was quite and ordeal catching them.  Hubby started a night that I stayed with the other granddaughters.  The traps snapped and one escaped and then was recaptured.  Meanwhile Piper shook like crazy and Hank barked liked crazy.  We got them all three, yuck.
Well back to my watching M. and M.   I was washing all the baby's clothes in Dreft. (oh that smells so good.  Did you know there are stages of Dreft.)  M and M wanted to play hide and seek.  M. opened the pantry door and started to go.  He looked round and said, "Are there any rats in here?"  Rats,are you kidding.  I said, "No but there were mice."  Hah, so he didn't hide there.  They played on my I pad mini and my phone taking lots of selfies.  Then they went in to the guest bedroom and jumped on the beds.  I don't think I will be hanging much in there.  Hubby asked why I would let them do that.  I asked him if he ever jumped on beds and he smiled and moved on.   We pulled out of the garage, Max says that the garage sticks.  I said "Yep, probably the dead mice.  Yuck.  So on the way home Mabel asked how old I was.  I told her 29 but she didn't buy that.  I told her my age.  She responded with, "My other grandma is a lot older but she doesn't look old."  She is super small and she doesn't look her age.  But I responded that her other grandmother died her hair, hah, or shame on me.  She was shocked.  Her brother told her she wasn't being nice.    Oh well, out of the mouths of grandmothers.  I am anxious to hear if they said anything to their parents.  Maybe they did because they didn't need me yesterday.  These two ask all kinds of questions and are quite outspoken.  I wonder where they get that.
Well I have had a perfect lazy day.  Getting used to Hubby being home more.  He wakes up with all this energy.  Not me.  He is still working two days a week.  We decided to sty in today.  We are getting a little rain.  Hardly any here all summer.  We are tired of the heat.  I know so many have so much more.  I don't complain about winter so I can complain about the heat.
Stay cool and have fun.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

These girls.......

 K. Bug, Goose and Mabel.  We took them to see Pets Unleashed.  what fun we had.
Here are three of my granddaughters.  Soon there will be 5 granddaughters.  E. lives in Colorado and the new baby will be here on August 1.  I can't believe that it is soon to happen.  I think they are getting prepared.  I am excited but worried as well.  It is different this time for sure.  My son is very excited to be a dad but not sure he has any idea what all is going to change. 
I almost edited out the dish but left it in the picture to tell you a story.  Our cable keeps getting messed up and sticks on channels.  So I called support.  Must have been in India again.  Why can't we give these jobs to people in our country.  Moving on, it took awhile for him to get the cable fixed.  I had to reboot and wait and wait.  All of a sudden the guy I was talking to started blarring out in song in his language.  I thought , "What the heck."  Then  you could hear him talking to others in that same language.  I put the speaker phone on.  My husband looked at me and started laughing.   The guy would put me on hold and other times I think he was on hold.  He was really nice and he did fix the TV and offered entertainment as well.  I usually have no patience for these  kind of calls.
So why the dish.  We have cable and that dish needs to be pitched.  I guess they don't come back for them when new people move in and aren't using their services.
I am at a loss for words about al the things happening in our country right now.  I am praying that the Republican Convention is peaceful. That is a big concern of mine for multiple reasons.
Hugs to all.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Party time

Mr. Cozy is retiring. His last official day was Thursday.  I pulled off a surprise party for him that evening.  He had a good time even though he was a little mad at me in the beginning. Here are a few pictures.  I still have some on the ipad and the iphone and I still don't know how to transfer them.  One of our sons and his littles.
Isn't this a beautiful family. The girl in the middle I taught when she was 1 1/2.  Friends with her family ever since.  She is going to college this fall.  The one to her left is my K. T. Bug's age.  The one that spend the night last week-end, yep the one that got sick. 
Not a great picture but the couple are friends of ours since I met her when I worked the after school program.  She looks and acts so much like my Jo that left us five years ago.  My first day back from loosing her is the day I started working with my friend Caroline.  Yep, she was a God send.
We have baby deer everywhere.  This little one came out of our little woods.  So adorable when they are teeny tiny.
Hope you are enjoying this week-end.  We went downtown to the street fair and celebration.  In about an hour we ran into so many people.  First off the ones in the first picture.  It is my son's 20th class reunion.  Now had did that happen.  We got to see two of his classmates that we haven't seen since they were in my son's wedding. 
That's it for now.  I will post more if I can ever figure out how to do it.