Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Rudy H., Olivia's back

Meet my new little Granddog.  Isn't he cute.  He is a Maltese/Shiatsu. ( It amazes me how they mix breeds and Create new breeds and get mega bucks for doing so.)  He's not a rescue.  Wish he was.  He is 8 weeks old and tiny.  They said he weighed 2 lbs.  but he doesn't feel like he does.  My grandson named him after Rudy on that Notre Dame football movie.  He is only allowed to play for 20 minutes and then he has to rest.  They also have to feed him every 2 hours, baby food in a syringe.  He does eat a little kibble.  He's adorable.  He likes to bite the kids pants.  He also got ahold of the curtains and shook them.  That was funny.  I will be caring for him when I watch the littles during the week.  My son asked if I could watch over him carefully for a couple of weeks.  Sweet, huh.  I told him that my wages will go up.....not really, but funny at the same time.
Guess who's back.   It's Baby O. Mom quit her new job and is going back to her old one.  I will only have her on Thursdays.....we'll see how long that lasts.  She never stops.  Not a great picture.  Her hair is in a tiny pony tail to keep it out of her eyes.  She is chewing on a soft apple.  I notice that when I take her picture her one eye always turns in.  She is adorable just like Rudy and ornery too.  I love having her back.  So does her boyfriend Mr. Cozy.
I am going to take off here soon.  Sometimes it is so hard for me to leave the house.  I am afraid I will become a hermit.  It is a dark, windy, but kinda warm day here.  I have to find out why my cell phone has died.  Then I have to shop for groceries to go to a cooking party.  Lots of groceries.....and I hate shopping for groceries.  I will tell you about this later.  I will make a couple more stops as well.  Tomorrow I have to prepare the food that I take to the party. 
I feel so bad for the people in Washington that are suffering so much loss from the mudslide.  How awful.  So many still missing  And the plane...........will they ever find it.  I have a feeling that the things they are seeing isn't from the plane.  That is awful as well.  Will we ever know what happened. 
We have to think positive and enjoy all of our blessings each and every day.  ((((HUGS))))) to all of you kind bloggy people.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's almost time for Fairy Gardens

I decided I needed a little spring in my
life.  At the last minute I signed up for a fairy garden class at our local garden center.  This is a huge garden center.  I knew that we would make our own garden but also hoped to pick up some new tips.  This was a already assembled garden.......It's in one of those huge whiskey buckets.  I am thinking of doing this in my old iron kettle this year.
 These are the gardens that we made.  So fun.  The plants are from "Fairy Garden Kingdom".  They had a whole section of different ones.  Last year I don't know if I looked too late but they had hardly any to choose from.  But I also remember last year they didn't dedicate as much space to these gardens as they have this year.  Everyone was shopping for these teeny gardens.  Several would keep coming by with their carts to listen in.  So funny.  Anyway here are the names of the plants I choose.....Santolina, Ghostly.....Fuchsia, Lottie Hobby......Star Carpet, Alpine White.  I loved the names of the plants.  They even had mulch called fairy mulch. 
I didn't really learn a lot from the class.  All the other people taking the class had also made the gardens before .  It was just fun and something green.  Now to keep mine alive before it can go outside.  That's almost 2 months.  It's supposed to snow here in a little while.
This was our teacher Rocket.  Yes that was her name.  She was very sweet even though this picture doesn't show it.  It was hot and very bright under the big plastic house.This was a cute garden with the little boy, wagon and crochet set.
This was another huge garden.  The little stone house is similar to the one I have but much smaller.  I can't find the person that makes the one I had anywhere.  It's a Hupertufa house.  This one was about $60.  I got mine for about $40 and 4 years ago.  Now it would sell for over $100 if you can find it anywhere
A mother and a daughter that went to the class asked me to take their picture at the checkout.  So I asked them to take mine.  With the sun shining in from behind me that white ole hair blends in with the background.  I know I seem to have a lot of pictures of me in this top.  Okay, now I am planning on how I want to use my glamper in a fairy garden.  This will be fun. Any ideas.
I said that I would talk about the funeral later and respond to your comments.  I just can't seem to write about it.  So with that said.  RIP Tyler.
I hope all of you are having a week full of good memories.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Felt Ornament Critters for March

This time I sewed them instead of gluing.  The black and white one is a skunk......that's it's tail.  I'm excited for the next two.....a fox and a deer. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Time to Spring it on..........

Thank you all for your kind comments.  I hope to be able to respond to them soon.  The service was today.  So many tears.  I want to tell you about it but I'll have to wait.  It's a little to soon for me.  Our son did better than we did.  There are so things about the service that I will talk about later.
To lighten up a little I have to tell you this story.
Yesterday I took our son to get some clothes.  It's so hard as he's a big boy and he isn't very tall.  But we managed to find some dress pants, white shirt and new shoes.  I brought the pants home to hem them.  This morning,  I asked my husband where he put the pants.  He said, "They are in my closet."  So this morning I spent about two hours hemming them.  I am not a sewer and they had a cuff.  I wasn't sure how to do that.
Our son came here to get ready.  He went to put his pants on........I could here him from downstairs, "Did Mom wash my pants."   Next thing I knew that the pants weren't fitting.  I hadn't seen him try them on but he said they were too tight.  Well, he got in them but wasn't happy.
Now, Hubby gets ready.  He comes out of the bedroom looking all over for his pants that are part of the suit he is wearing.  He can't figure out where they went.  All of a sudden I said, " OMG, did I hem your pants instead of Chris's".  Yep, I did.  Well it wasn't funny then.  I had to hurry and rip out all the stitches.  Trust me it was a mess getting it all out.  No one was laughing.  But Chris was happy because his new pants fit him so much better than his Dad's had fit.  We still made it to the chapel on time, barely.  We had some much needed laughs later about it.
After church tomorrow I am going to do something "Springy".  It's time......time is a funny thing, it just keeps on ticking away .

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Broken Hearts, Faith and Understanding

There are many broken hearts here today where I live.  Mine included.  This may be a rough read for some.  Please stop if you don't want to be upset.
Last night my son's friend died.  He actually took his life two weeks ago but was being kept alive by life support.  His family knew there was no hope and let him go peacefully.
This was a troubled young man that was turning his life around.  He had recently joined the Mormon Church and was headed in the right direction.  Then his past caught up with him suddenly.  He didn't know how to handle it so he ended his life.  All very sudden and sad.  There were no good-byes as when he was found he was already gone. 
He was adopted and had some special needs. as my son has as well. I now there will be lots of judging and that isn't what his family needs.  He was always a friend to our son.  He would come and go out of my son's life but always would pop back in once in awhile.  My son had introduced him to the Mormon community.  He joined the church and was making good choices and doing good things. 
This Mormon community has wrapped their arms around "our boys".  They do not judge.  They don't care about your past but love you for who you are and who you could be.  They encourage you, not tear you down.  I remember another church of ours being the opposite.  For instance my son went to camp with another friend of his (yes, also adopted with special needs).  This friend acted out at camp.  Our son was told not to come back because of that.  Of all places, church members were judging and not open to get to know "our boys."  This is probably why we don't go there anymore.  I know how easy it is to see the bad not the good, but God doesn't make "junk."  We have been studying this at church the past two weeks.
Yes, we are very worried about our Chris.  He is heart broken about his friend.  He wanted to tell him good-bye but he couldn't.  Our son doesn't handle things well .  He lost another friend (also adopted and special needs).  This friend was very mentally unstable and was turned loose without anyone there to support him.  He did a very hurtful crime.  Later he took his own life.
Writing this in attempt to share with you not to judge.  Get to know what is really inside these lost souls.  Help them see that there is good within.  Don't walk away.  Tell them that God loves them even if you can't love them.  Feel bad for their families, offer them support and hope.
I'm not writing this for comments.  I may even remove this post.  I know that it is extremely sad.  I needed to get these words out so I can move forward and be able to be there for our son. 
If you have read all of this, God Bless you.  Do something nice for someone that needs a little love.

Monday, March 17, 2014

All things green

Happy St. Patrick's Day
And a Happy Birthday to our son Shane Patrick.  These are his little cuties.
I baked the cupcakes for them to decorate after school.
A little St. Patty's decoration, swap items and another sweet doll named Kate from Pat C.
Ooops, the shamrock is upside down, hah.
Mabel was so excited because a Leprechaun came to school and tried on all their shoes and left coins in them.  Her brother asked me if they were real.
Mabel had the class cockatiel for the week-end.  Grammy and Mabel had to take it back to school.  The bird, Tweety jumped into her carrier from her cage.  I was impressed.  We wrapped the carrier in a scarf and Mabel held it all the way to school.  The cage.....three feet tall and wide, rode in the front seat. Tweety also had an overnight bag, a sheet and a blanket.  We did it.  Mr. Cozy and my DIL were shocked that we pulled it off without any problems. Hah
Hope you all had a happy green day,

Friday, March 14, 2014

All things good

This isn't my dog but a picture from a forwarded email.  But it could be Piper.  It looks just like him except for the white on his forehead.  He has that white on his nose and it's crooked like that.  He is the best dog ever.  He mothers his older little sister Izzy.  If she is outside he won't move from the door until we let her inside.  He licks her often.  He shares his space.  She on the other end runs a roadblock so he won't get closer than she is to me.  She will act like she's going to bite him.  She has never even looked like she would bite anyone.  I think it's just to show him who is boss.  Piper was found at the pound.  It's a rather sweet story and definitely a God thing.  I posted about him in one of my first posts ever.  Needless to say he is well loved in this house.
We celebrated Goose's 8th birthday.  How can she be 8.  She loves to play soccer and boy is she good.  Not just a Grammy brag but everyone says so.  She loves her big sister and plays so well with her.  At night she sleeps in her sister's room in a twin bed.   She loves to read.  She loves Calico Critters.  Grammy and Grampy got her the toy store for her birthday.  So now the three 7's are turning 8.  She is the first one.  So happy that her cousins are here to celebrate birthdays together.  These two are in the same grade.
I got my St, Patrick's Day Swap in the mail today.  Yeah.  So cute.  See the one glass cloche.  It's a plastic wine glass.  I recently signed up for a swap of these.  I can't wait to get out and buy the glasses and get started.  The little doll reminds me of a spoolie and she is adorable.  The other is a magnet decorated with a bottle cap.  I have so little decorations for St. Patty's Day and my son was born on that day.  So I am so thrilled with all three things and the cute note.  Thanks to Michelle and Ashley from California. 
Some other good things:

Our two second graders had their music program.  Very heartwarming to see them both on stage together.
Our 5th grader had her music program this week.  She was really enjoying herself.  She is usually so shy.  This makes me very happy to see her having so much fun.
I had an upper endoscopy yesterday.  They had an anesthesiologist there so we didn't have a repeat of the last one because of my low oxygen levels. It was only 94 before they put me to sleep.  Not sure how it was when I was under but they gave me oxygen.  Of course when they brought me back to Mr. Cozy it kept dropping to 88.  He knows what to do to get me to take deep breaths.  As far as the scope....except for the stomach...... things continue to look better than before I went gluten free.  The stomach still stays red and irritated.  I have pictures.  It looks like a sore throat.  But it looked like this two years ago and isn't worse.  The rest of the day went very uneventful.  I was tippy and tired all day.  When Mr. Cozy asked what I wanted to watch on TV I said......"Knot's Landing."  Oh my.  I meant Gray's Anatomy.  Today I am better just lazy.
We had snow and ice this week and temps in the single digits.  Freezing anyway and then add the wind.  BUT, the grands got to play outside two days.  Right now I have the window open.  It's a little chilly and very windy but oh so nice.  Snow is coming on Sunday so these moments are so enjoyable.
Today I got to have a great long conversation with my BFF from Florida. 
Baby O. is coming back soon.
Origami Owl has a vintage camper charm.  A $5 charm that makes my heart happy.
We went to a new church last Sunday.  We are going to go back this Sunday.  There was an older lady there that I knew from way back.  She didn't remember me but when I was introduced to her, she kept saying wonderful things about me.  Even if she is probably made me feel so good.  I want to be like that.  She even said she loved me......ahhhhhh.
Well, folks.....I will leave you with this for today.
Do something that makes you happy this week-end.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Have a sweet week-end

Hoping you all have a Happy Fun and Sweet week-end.  We had temps in the 50's today and lots of sunshine.  I know winter will still return but there are signs of Spring.  I had planned on staying in all day since my migraines are back.  I couldn't waste a beautiful day.  I called and got a hair cut appointment and got me a spring do. 
Tomorrow I have a big Origami Owl meeting. We have a new catalog coming out.  You won't believe the new charms......can you believe a glamper (vintage camper) and a Kitchen Aide mixer.  Awesome.
After the meeting we have Goose's birthday party.  The first of the sevens to turn eight.  Wish I could freeze them.
Swap is cancelled.  Only 6 comments and no one interested.  I even removed the post.   Oh well.
Is your TuTu crooked.  I know mine is.  I am a little bit off the norm.  I don't even try to be perfect. 
I'll be back after the week-end.  Tootles.