Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas with our Colorado Familly

I am home again.  I showed you the snow.  You might think there are pictures of mountains in this post.  Well, sorry there aren't.  But, it was cold and it snowed in the mountains every day.  When that happens all you can see is what looks like clouds.  It is actually snow, but you can't tell it.  SO, all you get is pictures of my family.  When we woke up on Christmas day, one of the elves was holding baby Jesus.  Yes, that is a fish tank on the counter.  The elf looks quite happy on the gifted nativity set.  We were too sick to go to Christmas Eve. services so they got this gift early.  We were also waiting on Grampy to get to Colorado.

Backing up  one day.  L. Belle got braces on her front teeth.  This dentist starts early.  She is only 8.  First she had a retainer to put a space in between her front top teeth.  I have a space between mine but it came naturally.  They pulled a tooth also.  It had the longest roots.  (oh not the same day)  This little lady has the prettiest hair.  She loves makeup, already. She's a dancer and with that comes makeup. 
It was warm the two days before Christmas.  This little guy is always outside.  He drew his name and was trying to avoid pictures. He just turned five this month.  He never ever stops moving or talking.
Here is Q. with some of his gifts.  He got the Bass Pro Shop tent with fish lights.  This is actually the gift we had to replace.  My etsy shop order never arrived.  I ordered it on November 1.  The etsy owner said she mailed it and then said she made a whole new set  but neither one has arrived.  (More on that later) This was the cutest log and fake flames.  He got smores to roast.  He also got a camping grill,, lantern, bait and all kinds of fishing things.  He was a sick little guy the whole visit.  Non-stop coughing.  He actually didn't get to the ice fishing tournament because of his cough.  The tourney that he was on the poster for.  He went to sleep that night cuddling with his ice fishing scoop.
Most of Christmas was a blur, just like the picture.  I got a new camera but wasn't sure how to use it.  It's a new  little Cannon point and shoot.  I can't handle those big ones.  My Colorado pictures weren't very clear.  They have so much sun during the day so things look faded.  That and the subjects all on the move.  The ones I have taken at home are better.  That's my daughter and son in law.  My daughter had streph throat.
L. Belle loves pandas.  She did her own hair.
Just to prove I was there.  Here is sick Grammy.  One of my favorite gifts, was this nose from when they went to the W. Brothers circus.  I have clowny friends that were clowns in the real circus.  One of the girly clowns is my friends daughter in the circuit right now.  They gave out the noses at the performance. 

And here is Mr. Cozy.  He always thinks he has to pose.
And, yes, the box is still the favorite gift of all. Throw in a piece of plastic over the face.
Two more of my favorite gifts from the West.  My favorite picture of Q. and his bull frog.  Check out this frame.  It has all my littles real names on it.  Cute, isn't it.
Well, I will be back with more pictures and stories.  This Grammy is watching Mabel for a little bit.  I am seriously thinking having a sore throat and extreme tiredness for a week, is long enough.  May take this body to Urgent Care.  I called my doctor and they won't do a throat culture unless you have an appointment and there are no appointments.  You have to call first thing in the morning to get in the same day.  No scheduling ahead.  Just crazy, I think
I am enjoying hearing about everyone's Christmas and holidays.  Most seem to have had one bug or another.  I hope everyone recovers soon.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Goodbye Colorado

Leaving at 6 a.m.  Let's hope anyway.  Lots to show you when I get back home.  XO

Friday, December 26, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Beary Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost here.  We are having a little family Christmas tomorrow.  I leave early Monday for Colorado for Christmas with our daughter and her family.  Hubby will be following in a couple of days.  Just wanted you to see Cozy Blanket very simply dressed for the holidays. 
The packages are sorted to make it easier to know what gets packed and what gets opened tomorrow.  See the bike.  It's all fixed up and pretty.  The other grandpa took it to a machine shop.  Surprised him and us that they charged $50 for the repairs.  Then I touched it up with paint.  It looks great, not perfect.  Goodness it sure was a lot more that I thought it would be.  Most of my presents didn't arrive.  Strangest thing, I ordered from multiple places and they have not arrived.  I just counted and their are gifts for at least eight that didn't arrive.  I may be shopping at the airport. 

Tonight we went to our friends Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  I like those sweaters, why are they ugly.  It was fun.  Old friends and new friends, our pastor and church family.  Afterwards, we had to pick up our son.  He seems to be doing better.  Not as depressed, and settling in.  On the way there we saw a live nativity.  We drove slowly by.  Some families with young children were watching.  Wouldn't that be the perfect way to show your child what this season is all about. 

After the picture of the wagon, I gave the bear a Santa hat.  These were the pot holder gifts that Mabel and her brother made for their mother.  Actually Grampy ended up doing some of the work.  For wrapping this year, I used mostly pretty tissue paper.  I think if you use nice ribbon, it really makes a difference.     I found most of the ribbon I used in the floral department. 

My grandmother's china cabinet .    Lots of bears and dolls at my house.
The nativity that I painted is packed and heading to Colorado.  I think it will have a great new home there. 
Have a Blessed Christmas.  It may not be a perfect Christmas for everyone, but make it the best you can.  It is such a beautiful time to celebrate friends, family and that baby born in a manger.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

This grandma got hit by a reindeer

I borrowed this picture.  Wish it was my car and my packages.  It's been a rough week.  Nothing bout it had to do with Christmas.
When you get a phone call at 4:30 a.m., you know it isn't going to be good.
I will try to make this brief and upbeat.  Remember when the youngest that had us so worried, like just a couple weeks ago.  We knew he was being taken advantage of and not in a safe environment.  Well in less than a month, there he is in the middle of the night sitting in front of his old apartment.  He had been eating ramen noodles and all of his money was gone.  Oh, and sleeping on the floor in a smoke filled house.  He is still coughing like crazy.  Okay, fast forward the week.  We did get him back in his old apartment with a new deposit and rent.  So glad the land lady was really nice and helpful.  I imagine because no one complained about him and I paid the rent always ahead of time.  But all of his utilities and benefits took a lot of work.  Hours spent on the phone and waiting at various offices , and on and on.   Okay, this hasn't been the first time for refurnishing.  But after 3 moves for him and us downsizing we are running out of extras.  We gave him a sofa, a table and a dresser.  He will sleep on the sofa for awhile.  He had a few shirts but other things were not made available.  Yes, we could get the police involved.  We didn't want to stir the pot because these bad roomies live very close to where he is.  We saw his things in the trash.  We started to look and decided that it wasn't worth going through garbage.  I went to Goodwill today.  I thought I got  TV but it was a monitor.  Since having an old refurbished computer, no game systems and no longer a TV, he will go crazy without anything to do.  I don't know how many game machines we have purchased, just for him to sell or trade.  Not wanting to get him new ones and not just for the cost..........old and used will hopefully show him how hard it is to start over.  Bills and money are back in my name.  Hubby said it's the last bailout.  I know we wouldn't be able to leave him homeless.  Just the few days he was here were exhausting.  He cannot come back here to live.  He says he is thankful and I think he gets it BUT does he. 
Christmas has been on hold but now I have to step it up.  Our family Christmas is Sunday.  I leave for my daughter's in Colorado on Monday.  Hubby is coming out later for just a few days.  Good thing I decided not to stress about Christmas.
I am a little stressed that packages are not arriving.  None of them.  I keep checking and they aren't here.  Mostly worried about the things I had made for the grands.  That person has sent a duplicate package of handmade things that she remade.  That package still hasn't come. 
My house is upside down because of moving out furniture for our son to take.  It drives me crazy when the house has been so perfect for the showings.  The real estate signs are gone as of yesterday.  The listing expired.  We will relist after the holidays.  Feels so good to not be waiting on the phone calls to show the house. 
I got my minis this week......that did come.  It was the Christmas shop.  I will borrow someone's picture to show you.  Right now it sounds like too much work to photo them.  I did get my haircut.  It's been forever.  My beautician was gone for awhile.  Like 6 months.  I did cancel therapy today because I just couldn't do it.
So, off I go to make this house a little more back to normal.  Shopping is as done as it's going to be.  If the packages don't arrive some will have late gifts. 
(oh and about the grandma getting run over by a reindeer.  When I was the director of a before and after school  program, I had a friend that had a reindeer.  She brought it in for the kids to see.  She had to bring him up to the third level.  He pooped and the principal cleaned it up.  He posed for pictures including with me.  I put my head down close to his and tried to cuddle up.  He shook his head really hard and almost blinded me.  He was truly a wild animal and I am not too bright.  But it was such a fun time)
So stay clear of those reindeer and carry on. Ho Ho Ho

Friday, December 12, 2014

Family Pegs for Christmas

Did you know that Baby Jesus had a sister.  No, I didn't either.  I heard he had a brother.  I started making these little baby pegs probably 15 year ago.  I would hand stitch the blanket around each one.  I would do pink for girls and blue for boys.  I would print out a tiny slip saying the baby's name, birth date and weight and tuck it into the little blankets.  I gave these to new mommies or Grammies.  I remember my friend getting a package of them.  She said she was telling her husband," There are many little babies in here.  I just made up this idea.  Then I also made  little nativity sets.  These are the ones I made this month.   It is hard to do the details for me.  I need different brushes and a steadier hand.
One of my son's and his family.  I made my DIL's all curvy since one owns a fitness studio and the other does Cross Fit.  The little boy has a blue ace on his shirt.  Our school motto.  The little girl is Mabel with her dolly.  I won't be winning any prizes for these.  Mabel is getting a doll house for Christmas, so she can use these for that.
She is really into Frozen esp. after just seeing the princesses in Disney a couple weeks ago.  I had an ad that I looked at to see how to paint them.  So funny, I was blog hopping and someone showed a nativity and a Frozen set that she bought from someone very similar to these.
This is my daughter's family.  She won't get made that she isn't curvy, hah.    I found these little wooden pieces at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas decorations.  I wanted to chalk board paint them but the ribbons couldn't be removed.  I knew I would have black paint all over them.  I only found two.  I thought they would be cute on a tree.  I may stamp the date on them.

Another son's family.  I just couldn't get the dad and one girl right at all.  I think next time they will have painted heads but their bodies all one color.  I put glitter on some of the girls.  I sealed them with different kinds of Mod Podge.
This turned out to be my favorite.  It was a kit of different size pegs.  I passed it over the first time I saw it at HB.  When I returned later I looked for it because Christmas items were  50 % off.  There was only one set.  I figured I couldn't buy them individually for that price.  The size of the pegs were a little weird.  Mary and Joseph were big, lots bigger than the shepard and the three kings.  (When my son was little he called them The Three Cowboys)  Then the baby was teeny and so was the angel.  There was a strange round one (egg shaped) for a sheep.  He seemed almost comical and he couldn't keep from tumbling over.  I have several nativity sets that weren't unpacked this year.  I may just keep this one and have it so the kinds can play with it. 
It has been really dark here lately.  So excuse the flash on the pictures.  I know, excuses, excuses. 
Hubby had a couple of days off.  It was nice since my car was in the shop.  It's out now, so nice to have wheels.  Today we went to the mall.  Remember I don't go to malls this time of the year.  We went for lunch and to see a movie. We are still using last year's gift card.  We saw," Beyond The Lights." We both thought it was a good movie.  I wouldn't take my kids to it.  Here we are in a crowded mall and there were only two other people in the movie.  Geez, everyone one must have been shopping.  Hubby thought it was crowded.  I didn't think it was that bad.  But considering he doesn't go to malls either at Christmas until Christmas eve.,  it probably did look busy.
Well that's about it from my neck of the woods.  Hope you are all surviving.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas cuties

I just got this as a gift from Doodle.  I have never seen one of these.  I have tried to show several views so that you could make one yourself.  If not you can see the card and you can order one.
Can you guess what it is?  It's a vintage kindle holder.  I could see it adapted for a other electronics, or a Bible.  The outside is an old book cover.  It is held together with a ribbon or fabric like a strap or a belt.
I like the words on this book.

 Can you read what the other side of the tag says.  Sorry the price must have been on the last word.
The inside reminds me of the pillow cases that my grandmother used to make.  See those Velcro square........they are used so your kindle will attach to the book.  The page is to show you how it can look.

So easy and a fun gift.  Let me know if you make one.
Next is something Santa just send me.  He He.  I love this artist and have purchased prints from her. She made this ornament from a print of hers.  That's me and Hubby in front of our "someday" camper.  Check out the back.  Class.  I love woodburning.  I want to get a set.  I love the smell.

and one last photo (Oh don't worry, I have more to say.)  I have never done this before but I was drawn into this Go Fund Me project.  I donated a small amount and this was sent to me.    They rescue goats and have started a goat farm.  They are a young couple with a little baby.  What a great way to start a business.  They were different gifts for different levels of donating.  But, I did it because of what they are doing.  Once my uncle gave me two goats as a joke to my parents.  I loved them.  They were left in our basement as a surprise.  We had nothing prepared to take care of them.  They ate clothes of the clothes lines and helped themselves to the neighbors roses.  I think we had them for two weeks.  I was attached but my parents saw them as a pain in the neck.  I remember going next door to my grandparents and crying, " Dad said the damn goats have to go."  Those were his words.  I didn't know he was in their house as well.  So on a Sunday we took them to a goat farm.  My parents took me to some little amusement park afterwards.  That was a rare occasion since we had Indian Lake Amusement Park so close to home.  I was sad.  Bad joke to play on a little kid.  I was only about 5.  So rescuing goats kinda touched my heart.

I must go for now.  Lots to do.  Not sure if we are having a showing tomorrow or not, since I told them I needed more time. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sharing some Country Living Christmas Love

I just had to share these pictures I took in the fall at the CL Fair.  I love decorating with my bears. 

I really intending to do something similar with baby shoes I have of my kids.  Just for them for a keepsake.  If I have time and can find those shoes, I may still do it.  I always have big ideas of things I want to do. 
I decided I was done with my shopping.  I managed to find everything that was asked for.  Still need packages to arrive, waiting, waiting....... If things weren't ask for then I didn't buy.  I will even out with money and gift cards.  After my therapy yesterday I went to lunch with a friend that doesn't do Christmas.  She and her husband didn't do Christmas when they were young and they don't now.  Zip, nothing.  She has never said if it was a religious belief, so I don't think that it why.  Her children celebrate with their children.  My friend talks about taking trips with their kids during the holidays.  They would just take off and drive somewhere without reservations.  She said that was really fun.  While that works for them, I think it's a little sad.  I agree, that this holiday is a bit over done, but it's about the "feeling".  Even though I try to make it a bit easier every year, I would miss celebrating.  The Hallmark movies, church, children singing, bells a ringing, yummy treats, gifts of love, and the lights......love the lights. 

So I hope you are enjoying the most beautiful time of the year.  I could use a little snow......just a little. 
I need to wrap a few presents because some little spies are coming over for a bit.  My car is grounded so I can't go to their house.  (An engine light that needs to be checked out)  It's a good excuse for me not to do anything today.  The realtor called.  This is the first time since before Thanksgiving.  Someone want to come see our house.  They wanted to come today. First time that I have said "no". I asked if they could come on Thursday or Friday.  Supposedly they will try to reschedule.  I need a little more than 5 hours this time around. 
Well, off to check the mail and then to straighten up the house for the spies.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Reason For The Season

Decorating outside is pretty easy for me.  I have had all of these things for many years.  Takes just a couple minutes to set them outside.  I had the Boy Scout wreath here and it just didn't look good.  So it is moved down to the edge of our property.  I am kinda hoping that someone takes it.  Really.  The sled was my husband's.  Santa looks a little lonely over there by himself.  I know that the "Welcome" is a little crooked. There are cable cords there. 

A little closer..................
And the reason for the season. 
It is very dark today and has been most of the week.  No snow lately.  I have really been taking it easy the last couple of days.  It has helped.  Well, til just now and the phone rang.  Oh my. 
I'm done inside and outside as far as decorating.  I added a few things to the indoors but it's still really simple.  I will post pictures when there is some light.  (A deer must have knocked all the little chickies down.  They are hiding out here since hunting season started.
The week-ends are filling up. All four grands that live here are playing basketball.  Then I haven't seen my Doodle for awhile.  I am going to see her Sunday and take her to "A Charlie Brown" Christmas play and dinner.  Remember she isn't my real grandchild but loved as much.  I have missed her and her little brothers.
I am going to a friend of my son's tomorrow with my Origami Owl, there will be others there as well.  ( a person making signs, homemade lotions and sweet little hair accessories for girls) I think it will be fun.  Hope to sell some of my inventory.
I hope the week-end goes well for all of you. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Goofy little santas

One of the things I wasn't going to do this year was Christmas cards.  I have always done them.  I usually write a Christmas letter as well.  Even though there were some "hey, look what my kid did" there was also all the downer things.  I always used humor to tell my story.  I used to think all year long about things I would write in my Christmas letter.  I think when I started blogging and using Facebook, I don't think I needed to do the letter.  I did such a small one last year .  I have nothing new to tell friends and family this year.  Not worth writing about.
Then figure in that my address book has gone missing or months now, I decided to skip the cards and letter.
So, what happens yesterday when I got my first card.  The friend sending the card,  told me how much she enjoyed both.  Oh man.  So, of course, I spent all night last night looking online for photo cards.  I was going to put my dogs on my cards this year.  When I put the grands on the card all the parents say they didn't like a certain picture of their child.  It was also hard finding the pics.  I only use ones taken on my cameras (usually).  That way  I look at it, it's my picture to do what I want to.  I sound pretty tough don't I.
So I didn't find anything that worked for me.  After looking at prices and not looking forward to waiting on the pictures to come in the mail, I used Pic Monkey to edit  this picture.  It was the best of the bunch.  I had them sent to Walgreens and they will be ready in a couple of hours.  I am a little afraid that fishing guy on the left, may have been cut off.  When I viewed it, it looked okay, but I have had that problem in the past.
You can see the outtakes of this session farther down. 
I decided I had a few cute note cards that I had already purchased and I would send a few cards to those I heard from.  You know, because of the address book thing.
I couldn't crop out all that food on the table because I needed the width.  So I will cut off as much of the food as possible and then take it in the inside of my cards with washi tape.
I think that I wrote that pitiful post yesterday about not letting the stress get to you,   well, I think I wrote that because I can control that stress.  I'm not a "have to be in control" kind of person.  I am one that likes to know what the future holds.  But sometimes I feel it's useless to plan ahead.  So to be really honest there are things going on that I have no control over.  I can't go into detail but most have to do with my adopted son.  I'll just say because of his ability to not make good decisions (which he so thinks he's able) he can let people control him and not see where that is headed.
I was so distracted yesterday that I forgot to pick my grands up from school.  Their mom hadn't told me where to get them and she usually calls the day I am on duty.  She was home so it was ok.  I felt really bad.  My DIL said she would take them to her studio and I could pick them up there.  So I rushed out the door grabbing my cell phone and the charger.  The charger felt like my car key.  Guess what happened next.  I was locked out of my house and my car.  It was cold out but thank heavens , my neighbor had a spare key for our house.  So glad she was home  Soon I was on my way.  So I pull into a parking spot and my little darlings ran to my car and hopped in the back seat and buckled up  They had their winter hats on and their backpacks.  They didn't care.  Then when I took them to their house, Rudy the puppy was so excited to see me.  This dog loves me and is so silly around me.  Of course, I love that.
So today I sat at home and didn't answer the phone everytime that certain person called.  Nope, I didn't answer.  I didn't go anywhere.  I do need to get ready to head out the door to go to K. Bug's musical tonight.  That will help.
But here is the good news...........all of my tests have come out okay.  Even my sleep study.  I don't have apnea.  It did show the low oxygen levels but they aren't from apnea.  At the bottom of the 4 page report it stated that the oxygen level reader wasn't working right.  All I can say is that's what they always tell me in the hospital, they take the pulse ox thingie off and say it isn't working.  I will address that sometime in the near future with the doctor.
Here are the outtakes....................

Trust me, there were a lot more.  Little stinkers.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can. Make your holidays meaningful.

As a pre-school teacher I always felt that this first week in December was the most stressful time of the holiday season.  Parents trying to put up decorations, shopping, taking the perfect Christmas card photo, getting packages and cards ready to mail, finishing home made presents.  When the parents would pick up their children in the afternoon you could just see the dazed, I'm in a hurry look.  Their children felt the stress and you could see it in their behavior.  When things started to calm down the children would as well.
I had a pre-school in my home for a few years.  I will never forget Ben.  His parents were  from South Africa and had  British accents.  They dropped Ben at my door and
 said they were going to Target.  Ben told me that he and his sister hung up their stockings, put out their nutcracker and hung a wreath on the door.  That was it when it came to decorations.  Now I'm not sure if they did a tree .  He was so excited.  That's all it took for him to be ready for Christmas.
When his parents picked him up after only 3 hours, they were smiling and in a great mood. They had done their entire Christmas shopping in those three hours  They were done.  I was in awe about how simple there Christmas was.  Can you imagine.  Ben is probably in high school somewhere. 
It seems that many years at Christmas time I was injured in some way or another.  Hip pain, tennis elbow in both arms (so bad that I had to see a surgeon as they thought I had a tumor)back pain, always something. Even one year I was in the hospital Christmas eve.  I had fractured my ankle in October.  I had about 10 days in December that I could walk.  I got all my shopping and everything done.  I laid out baking supplies to start baking.  I had to go pick my daughter up at a friend's house.  As we were walking to the car I told Heidi, my daughter (yes she was named that because of Shirley Temple) to be careful pointing out a small icy spot.  Next thing I knew I was down on the ground.  I ended up hospitalized on Christmas eve.  This year it's my shoulder.  But that is getting so much better since I started therapy.  A lot of those injuries were brought on myself but just overdoing it.  I wish that all my gifts were homemade and for years I did that.  I must say that my family members aren't really into those kind of gifts.
Some years I used a theme for my presents.  When I sold 31, everyone got those kind of gifts.  It was fun as the actually gift was the container with a few things thrown in.  Then when I started selling Origami Owl, all the ladies and grands got lockets with special charms.  I had the little blue boxes all over my house.  I love O.O. because you can celebrate your own story. 
This year I think will be different.  I don't feel that stress.  I have a few decorations up.  I will put my wonderful bear hugging tree out.  I have a wreath and a tall standing Santa at my front door.  No outside lights.  We have no outlets in the front of our house. I used to decorate around the garage door which is on the side of the house.  Window lights don't work with our outlets either.  I may buy those little tiny lights that run on batteries but when they burn out you pitch them.  They aren't very bright but give a little of the candle light in the windows.  I usually leave them on and just replace when they burn out.
One injured year, I took Doodle to Kohl's and I loaded up a cart with almost every gift I was buying.  It actually was kinda fun.
  But with the grands, my list is all over the place.  I want to buy them gifts they will like as long as I can.
And two years ago I got to spend part of the $750 dollars I found on the sidewalk.  That was really fun.  I had to wait for 30 days to see if someone claimed it, and no one came forward.
So what's up this year......hmmm. Here are the things the littles have asked for........
K. Gift cards to buy her own toys.  I think this is what her mom told them to say.
M. Socks, underwear and a sweatshirt.  He's 8.  I think I will get him a hair brush as he is always primping and loosing his brush.
Miss Mabel told me she wanted a vet thingie table like Doc McStuffins.  That line is really flimsy and I don't like to buy plastic.  She's getting the American girl clothes that I got at a great sale.  I am making her some pegs.  (More on that later)
Goose......She said the gift card thingie and then turned around and said she really wanted an American Girl bike.......previous post.  She is almost done with dolls but this Grammy wants to give her something special over the gift cards.
Q. the little fisherman is getting a felt campfire with a fishing pull and fish to cook over the fire.
His big sister E. said she wanted money.  Since we will be there for Christmas I want her to open something so I got her Jamberry nails.  She is 8 going on 13.
Now the adults.......I have no clue, no clue at all. 
I'm sorry for going on and on  There is a reason for all of this.  Just don't make Christmas hard on yourself.   Do what you can .  Remember the needy when you are stacking presents under the tree.  Small gifts can be more meaningful and slllllooooowwwwdown.
Last night was the third grade musical.  I have two in the third grade here and one in Colorado.  They were all born 6 weeks apart.  It confuses people because the two her look alike and people ask if they are twins.  As I sat there with both sons and my DILs, two other granddaughters in the second row.  My heart was full.  My handsome boys (trust me, they really are) sat side by side chatting.  This was a fun musical as the kids were all over the place.  One class came down the isles after all the others were on the stage.  We couldn't find M. but he was in that class.  The kids all wore anything red and green and it looked so nice.  Except for one and that was our Goose.  She was adorable in all white and Ginger.  She left the stage to come out as the Gingerbread girl.  She is so adorable in just they way she "is".  She walked across the stage, down the steps all over the auditorium and then back on the stage and then back and forth.  The whole time smiling and waving to everyone.  I can't even tell you what the other kids were singing because my eyes were on her.  Here is her proud family smiling and so proud.  Max was in a little skit about Santa eating too much.  So perfect for him.
SO MY FRIENDS, this is what Christmas is really about.  The spirit of God is in us trying to make everyone happy.  To celebrate Jesus' birth in a peaceful way.
I'm sorry to go on and on.  Take some of this to heart  I have seen many Christmases and remember what makes them special.  It's not all those plastic toys.
Pictures...........Goose of course. This was on the school website.  Taken at practice.
My  fisherboy putting up their big tree that they cut down in the mountains
Mr. " I want underwear for Christmas" with his buddies after his class decorated one of the trees downtown.
Okay, I am out of here.