Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015

I can't believe that this year is coming to an end.  I think I missed a few months for some really good reasons.  But since I am going to focus on all good things right now.  Here are some highlights.
This little guy has brought us so much joy.  Hank the Tank has kept us on our toes.  He gets into things he shouldn't but we can't get enough of him.  And his big brother Piper loves him and has someone new to mother.
We really enjoyed our family vacation to Hilton Head.  It is so much fun having all the cousins together.  Seeing our older kids have good times with each other is also heartwarming as parents.
All those showings and inspections finally landed us here.  Our new little home by the lake.  The lake is very small but a bonus along with home.  We do love it here. 
My minis and doll auctions led me to having a little space at a consignment mall. It has already changed from this picture.  Mabel went with me to fluff my space.  Low and behold, when she saw the space next to me made clothes for American girl dolls. 
We had the best Christmas.but did miss our family in Colorado .  Family time is always the best.  We love our grandchildren and spending time with them.  Our children as adults make us so proud.   The youngest struggled so much this year.  I will soon share more about his turn around. 
We lost friends to relocating. Some are now in Heaven.  We continue to pray for our friends and family that have cancer.  We are looking forward to the New Year.  My biggest hope for the New Year is that Hubby will retire.  Here is to 2016....................

Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's a wrap, 2015 Christmas

Christmas is once again over.  Our decorations will stay up for a couple more days.  I am actually looking forward to boxing them up and to start decorating without them.  Hoping to get some pictures on the walls. 
K. Bug got a phone and a selfie stick for Christmas.  We didn't know she got it until all of a sudden she comes in the room with it.  It was so funny.

 Our son and his wife and Miss Mabel.  Our son was not feeling well.  Miss Mabel had her hair all pretty to go to church on Christmas eve.
Her brother's hair always looks prefect.
 Miss Mabel got a Grace doll. She looked shocked that she got it at our house instead of Christmas morning.
 K. got a Mary Ellen doll and Goose got a desk for Kit.
And here is K. with the selfie stick, hah.
These girls would gladly stay in the jammies all day long.  And then there is the telescope.  You should have seen Grampy and our DIL putting it together.
Poor Goose is exhausted.
We were missing these cuties  this year.  They got lots of snow in Colorado. 
And last but not least is our youngest son Chris and his girlfriend and her son Michael.
Now, the fun begins.  Returning to normal post holiday takes me awhile.  It has been a busy last couple of months.  But, we survived the move then Christmas.
I hope that your Christmas was full of joy.  There always is some sadness and some is hard to over come.  The holidays seem to bring on hope for the new year for us all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Debby, Larry, Piper and Hank

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's a Charlie Brown kinda thing

The Creative Princess had this on her blog yesterday.  She got her idea from the Crafty Lumberjacks.
I know  my pictures are bad.  They made this from a post office mailing box.  So yesterday when I took Hank to the vet, I made a quick stop and got 3 boxes.  They are less than $5 each.

Now you can learn by my mistakes.  I opened the box at the bottom.  It was just easier at the time.  I really don't think that you would have to.  Then I punched holes where I wanted the lights to be.  I punched a couple too many.  I used the 20 light strand.  I didn't want there to be too much heat from the lights.  At first they wouldn't stay in the holes.  So I used a little of hot glue.  If your holes are small enough they would stay in without.  Then when it came to closing the box, where I cut it looked ragged.  This was the only ribbon I could find.  A lighter color would have been better.  But, isn't it cute.  If you mess up the picture is also on the back. 

So I am off to spend a little time with my surrogate grands.  Just so happens that two of my other grands will be there too.    HUGS

P.S. Little Hank is returning to normal.  Of course, after I took him to the vet. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

The reason for the season 2015

Miss Mabel spent the night with us Saturday.  We took her to church with us.  The children's play used one of my dolls as Baby Jesus.  While she was sitting in church she drew this.  We all know that Jessie is the reason for the season.  Happy Birthday Baby Jessie.
Her visit made Little Hank so happy.  He had a short lived burst of energy.  Since we gave away all of our other beds we now have one king size bed.  We plan to get new beds for the guest room.  Well, that meant we all slept together.  Two adults and one child and two dogs.  Mabel asked first if Grampy wore clothes to bed.  I said "Of course he did."  She said "Good because that would be yucky."  So Grampy loaded on extra clothes, hah.  I woke up once in the night and Little Hank was standing on top of her starring at her.  He has been burning up with fever off and on. We are going to the vet in a little bit.  They want us to wait in the car until they have a room.  Scary.  We are sure he has kennel cough. I sure hope they can help him.
While Mabel was here she was busy drawing, cutting and making a gingerbread house.  I got this one at Target in the $3 bin. No candy.  It was so cute when she finished it.
Grampy wanted a selfie of our first grandchild visit to our new home. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Getting into the spirit

Little children
Baby Jesus
It's that time of year.  What makes you smile at Christmas.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Around our house

  We are trying to return to normal here.  This is how Piper spends his day.  He will sit outside forever and just look and smell.    We picked Hank and Piper up at the doggy daycare/overnight place.  They stayed there over the week-end while we were in our hometown for Hubby's mother's funeral.  Everything went well.  The service was nice.  Afterwards at my husband's sister and brother in law's house our family gathered.  We had a nice meal and a good visit. 
We are back home now.  The puppy was pretty sick yesterday.  We really think it was his dog food.  The same he has always eaten but it looked different to both of us.  I have been in touch with Purina.  He is better this morning but we are keeping an eye on him.  The place he stayed didn't notice anything.  It could be a combination of things. 
Don't you all love these canvases that light up.  They are hard to take a picture of.  The tree changes colors.  The one below lights up more but this was the best picture.
This was too cute not to show.
This is my little Nutcracker display.  Actually she came from a doll swap.  I added the ceramic ballerina.  I also found a little framed photo of me as a ballerina. 
Christmas is two weeks away.  It doesn't seem like it here.  I have gotten gifts for the grandchildren.  Some are wrapped.  But the adult kids are getting gift cards.  I would rather give gifts but this is what they want.  Hey, it makes it easier. 
While all things at Christmas should be happy, some are just not.  Please keep Diana (Nana takes a break) in your prayers for her Hero.  Also if you could say a little prayer for my best friend and best clown friend (Sandy aka Holly Bell) who lost her husband yesterday.
I try to keep this a happy place but sometimes we just need to say a little prayer for someone that needs one.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Me again

I can't believe it myself that I am posting again.  I have been having fun catching up on some post reading.  I love looking at everyone's holiday decorating.
This is my new find.  I meant this lady at a barn sale and picked up a flyer for her open house.  You would not believe her home and her art.  She can take a beat up old doll and make the cutest things.  If you want to search or her facebook page is "Lazy Man's Rest".  Tour her pictures.  She said we could make picture crafts while we were there.  I made these.  Her prices are really high but so unique.  Would you believe the chair the doll sits on is a pin cushion that she chalk painted.  So that's it for now. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Good morning

 First of all, Happy Birthday Quinn Americo .  It wouldn't be Quinny without a fish, turtle, snake or frog in his hands.  Grammy and Grampy sent you a camo fishing chair. 
The skies on the way home at dusk last night.  Taken from a moving car and through the window.  The blue was so blue.  The clouds were pink.  So beautiful.
We went to church yesterday.  We were taking care of the babies.  Then for lunch with our friends.  So nice to be able to have keep our minds busy until next week-end.
We love our friend's wolf Jack.  Yes, he is a wolf.  99.9 %.  His coat changes colors from year to year.  He is a beautiful white this year. He doesn't look that big in this picture but he is massive.  Do you notice that he is missing his front leg.  He lost that before he was a year old.  Something happened on his property and he was badly injured.  He is very shy and very vocal.  It looks like Jurasic Park at their home.  The fencing around their property is a piece of art.
I am hoping that the business of Christmas isn't getting to you.  It seems like the first and second week of December can be overwhelming.   When your kids are little and you are working at home or an office, there is lots to do.  As I get older I find I don't stress as much.  Life happens whether it is Christmas or not.  What gets done gets done.  What doesn't who would even know.  Enjoy this time as you prepare for the holiday.  Do something fun that is out of your norm.  For instance, last night a friend and I went to see Charlie Brown's movie.  She is 20 years younger than me but we went to college together.....early this movie was right up our alley.  It was a last minute decision but a good one.  Take time to breathe.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Home Cozy Home

 I rushed to get pictures before the sun went down and guess what?  My camera battery was almost dead.  Some of the pictures are blurry.  While I was taking pictures Little Hank wanted no part of his toys being in the basket under the television.  He was crying and trying to pull the basket down.  Then outside his brother Piper had dug himself under the porch.  He came crawling out all covered with dirt and leaves.  He is now all sound asleep on the white sofa.  I have a terrible time getting him to come inside.  He is on a lead that gives him access to a good piece of the yard.  He loves it.  Most of the time he just sits and sniffs.  He hardly ever barks here.
These pictures are all in the same room.  Do you see that really high shelf.  Strangest thing ever.  I wish I had a Christmas village to put up there.  There is no way I am going to start another collection.  It was a real ordeal to get the baskets up there.  Can you see the sign that says ,"  we are blessed?"  There is an outlet up there as well. 
Hubby put the Christmas items on the shelves above the cupboards.  Next year maybe I can figure out something more uniform.  Oh, I see I forgot to move the picture I wanted to hang.  Oh well.  My house isn't perfect and never will be.
 My tree this year.  Straight off the moving van.  I uncovered it and plugged it in.  Those big boxes are from the American Girl Doll Store.  Yes, my grands are spoiled.
The dining room.  My first attempt at any picture hanging.  Just a start of a wall grouping. 
And here he is.  Little Mr. Hank the Tank and his favorite toy his piggy. 
Welcome to my home.  Remember we just moved 2 weeks ago.  We love it and I hope you do too.

Just in case you wondered about some stats:
5 ceiling fans
14 doors
1,500 square feet
3 bedrooms
laundry room
2 car garage
8 miles from our other home

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Outside our new home

I am going to show you the outside and then come back another day for the inside.  My computer is making me load one picture leave the page and come back to post another.  So another day for pictures.  I have some decorating done.......just by whatever box got unpacked.  I think my Christmas bins are buried, as soon you will see. 
The first picture is a sunset on the pond.  The pond will get bigger as they recently did maintenance on it. 
This is the front of our condo.  I really think it looks like a little cottage in the woods.  We have this for a front yard and even a back yard.  There is also a stream to the side.  We are attached to one other condo but our entrances are each on other ends.  I think having so much green space it feels like a house more than condo.  Only these two condos set away from the others that you can see in the first picture. 

Just a little bit of Christmas.

Our little porch.

So that's the front.  More another day.

It's a sad day here, Hubby's mother passed away this morning.  It was time but it still is sad. 
Off to get the grands from the school bus.  xo

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We did it

We have moved.  The movers came at 8 a.m. on Wednesday.  They loaded up, took a lunch break, and unloaded at our new place by 2 p.m.   Of course Hubby and I made several trips as well.  So hard moving every little thing.  We are still unpacking but settling in.  We love our new home.  It feels like a cottage in the woods.  The woods are behind us with a pond in front.  I promise pictures soon.  I have them but I haven't found the computer.  I just have my Kindle.  We just got internet, phone and cable last night.  That was a long wait.  So, I will be back soon with pictures.  Thanks for all the sweet messages.
I found this cute sign at Target and thought it was perfect. They also have gnome Christmas socks in their dollar bins.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's official

We did it.  We closed (early, I might add) Thursday.  Our house is sold and we now own a condo.  We have possesion now but the movers come on Wednesday the day after our original closing date.  So we are knee deep in boxes.  This is alot of work.  Goodness, I thought we had downsized...........still too much.  I will be back soon.  Can't wait to share more pictures.
Oh, the stitches came out this week.  My hand is swolled and still sore but doing well.
You can see how helpful the boys have been.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Moving forward

This picture has nothing to do with the title.  My daughter found these Skellies at CVS.  They had several different kinds.  They were like $4 each.  This is about as spooky as I go.  I had them hanging off of a cabinet but every
time I passed by the bride looked like a bra hanging there.

Another tease picture.  This is the view from our hopefully new home.  My little grandson would love this pond and the stream.
We are full speed ahead.  We still feel like we need to be cautious mostly about our buyers and their loan.  We have had the inspections on both properties.  We had a new roof put on this week.  That was fun.  I gave the doggies calming pills, helped a tiny bit.  I must say today is nice and quiet.  The roof looks nice.  The warranty is for 50 years on the shingles.  That's a long time.  Now we are waiting on the buyers loan appraisal to come in.  Hoping and praying that we don't have any more requirements.  Last week we had to have the septic inspected.  They couldn't find it.  But once it was found and serviced it was okay.  We did have to pay for new risers.  That's just so they can locate it easier.    Still no closing date set up.  It is supposed to be on or before Nov. 19.  Our realtor said sometimes they just spring it on you at the last minute.  We only have two days to move after it closes.  Hoping to have back to back closings.  Who knows, we know that we may be in a hotel for a couple of days.  I will give you more details when this is all over.
I am packing things and selling things.  Not much furniture left.  Lots of misc. things, mostly my collections.  I have tried to scale them down some.
I am having surgery on my hand/finger next week.  Right hand and I am right handed.  It's for another trigger finger.  This time it is very painful.  I had a shot over a year ago and they can't do another one.  I know that I will be out of commission for a couple of days afterwards.
If you noticed I changed my banner picture.  You probably remember that I have been going to doll auctions.  Well, trying to turn it into a business.  Mostly internet sales.  Good buys on things that I get for a great price.  I am signed up for a Christmas Craft Show in November.  I am still going to do the sale.  This picture I took for the vendor page of the sale.  Actually most of this has been sold. 
Well, that is about it for now.   Just wanted to let you know, I am alive and just a little busy or stressed, to say the least.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

All is well

Today I walk in the living room and this is what I saw.  He looks a little guilty doesn't he.  I think  the second one is "The Blue Light Special".
I have been absent.  I am still here.  Sometimes more so than others.  I had a birthday this week.  My daughter came in from Colorado to see her grandmas so we got to celebrate together.  We went to the Granville Inn.  Denison University bought the Inn and closed it for 10 months to remodel.  They kept most of the historic character.  It is so nice.  The food was unreal.
My Mom has bronchitis.  She goes to the oncologist this week.  This is not a good thing.
We had a great time.  Chris and his girl friend (yes he has one and we like her) didn't go.  We took them to Bob Evans that morning.  They could never sit through a dinner like this.
Don't you love this fall porch.  Hint may be my new porch soon. 
We are busy busy, negotiations, inspections, and contracts.  More on that later.  Just when we were ready to give up.  Of course, anything can happen but it is looking good.  I hope I can make this porch look like this again.