Monday, April 30, 2012

Angry Birds/Part Two

Good morning my friends.  I can't figure this new Google out.  If you remember Hope had her first party cancelled at the big game room.  This is the following week.   This time it was a go.  The first picture is Hope's little sister and her best friend. .  They are so cute.  Grampy got to shadow them all day.  We all had our jobs.  Mine was to guard an exit.   

 Here are two of the birthday cake.  If I delete one I would probably delete all the pictures.  This cake got frozen from the first party.

 Alot of the balloons were angry birds......but they kept spinning.
 Doodle and Hope
Cake time.  12 little girls in a huge game room with two stories.  We had almost as many adlts as we did children.  It was fun but exhausting.  The steps were probably 25  to and from the game room to the party room......we got our exercise.

Updates......nothing much.  Quiet week-end.  My friend made it to South Carolina.  It seems that I have been meeting up with friends that I haven't seen for awhile.  Great timing, for sure.
Still time to sign up for the Golden Book Swap.  Please join us.
Hope you all have a great new week.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Golden Books Swap

 Hi There.  I have been thinking about doing this swap for a little while now.  These are some shelves in my kitchen.  Notice the little things on the bottom shelf.....and hold that in your memory for a minute.
 See the tiny the scotty dog and the cherub and two is cut off.  Keep remembering.

Now about the swap.  I'd like to see if you would want to join this swap.  We can swap Golden books or any vintage children's book.  Now the one pictured is a new book.  I choose this one because of  Spring.  What a wonderful time of year to appreciate all the beauty around us.  Eloise Wilkins is (was, still is)  my favorite illustrator.  Her work is so precious.
So here are the rules.
1.   You can swap a new or vintage child's book. 
2.   You send me your (Blog address, your mailing address, name and write a little something about your self.) 
3.   You can only spend $10 plus shipping.
4.   If you want, you can include other vintage items.....or other little things (surprise us)  (Remember those little things in the pictures above........maybe something like that)
5.  Send something you would like to receive.
6.  I will chose your swap partner.  He He He
7.  Your package needs to be mailed by May 25th. (That's one month from today)
8.  Before you send all your information, please leave me a comment here so I can see if there is enough interest.......I think there will be.
9.  Have fun with this.  Be willing to post what you give and receive.
And thank you......this will be fun.......if I missed anything , let me know.

I am hoping that my computer hacking is taken care of.
I have pictures I want to post of Hope's birthday party, part two.
I am sad today.  The movers are at my friends house packing and moving her from Ohio to South Carolina.....and her husband as well.  She stopped by yesterday to take me to coffee.  We have been spending alot of time this last month.  I know I will see her but not like we do now.  It just makes me sad.
This is my first time posting with the new blogger.  My pictures are not in the right order.  I'm not complaining about the newness because this is the best free thing ever.  How would I have gotten to know all of you.
Okay, I think I had better stop.
Hope you all are having a good week.

Monday, April 23, 2012

No, I am not in Spain

If you receive an email from me that I am in Spain and I need money........delete. I am sitting in my home with my COZY BLANKET and my doggies.
I think I have things taken care of but then again I might have things really messed up. SO, if anything is weird on my blog also let me know.
Thanks to all of you that emailed me.
Love you bloggers.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Village Homes and Life Happens

All of these pictures were taken out the car window. This one on the move. Just some homes that I like. They will all look different soon when we can plant flowers . The one above is the Buxton Inn and it is for sale. There are several houses that are being sold with this property. They are B& Bs. The inn is haunted. I even had a tiny experience of that once in the basement pub.
I took this of the doggy. I think this is Gracie and she lives next door to this house. She used to come into school in the mornings. This home had a major makeover. I have seen the inside and it is wonderful.
Same house and my rear view mirror.
Downtown on a sunny day........a moving picture.

Alot of the homes in the village have historical markers. This one had a big delivery that day.
I love the paint colors on this one. It was funny because the next day I was driving by and they were power washing the house.
Real Life Happens:
I have been catching up with friends lately. One I hadn't seen for 40 years. That was so nice. I spent yesterday with a friend that is moving to South Carolina......I will really miss her.
In two hours this morning we had alot happen. First the girly girls spilled their paint water in the kitchen and I had to mop. Then we kept smelling something and it wasn't my new lilac candle that was burning. We thought one of the dogs had to potty. We found the source.....yuck for dingleberries.......and not small ones. So Izzy (glad it was the little dog) had to get a bath and other things done. Alot of cleaning up.....and not fun.
Then Anabelle wanted to see if the eggs in my little glass thing were real. I said they weren't and took one out. As soon as I noticed there was a small hole in it and that they had been real, she picked up another and crunch. She is very curious.
These things didn't happen today but all last week:
My Mom's dog bit her.......and she had to go to the doctor. Later that day the dog warden knocked on her door to check on the dog and her shots. The dog weighs 5 pounds. Thought that was pretty funny. My Mom couldn't get rabies because she was attacked by a raccoon and had to have the rabies series which is a lifetime immunity.
I am filling up at the gas station and the pump stops at $10.....a guy pulls in laughing and looking at me. He said he'd paid for gas and then forgot to get it. I ended up giving him a $20 and getting another $10 .....very strange.
I am stopping at a stop sign and a car pulls up next to me.......on a two lane with one lane going each way. Still don't know what he was doing. He was scary looking and had a big truck. He followed my car very closely all the way into town. He finally turned off. I was going to go straight to the police station and honk my horn if he continued.
Okay that's all folks of the weird and random happenings.......but it's real life here. No sugar coating esp about the dingleberries.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A book and a birthday

Kelle of the blog "Enjoying the small things" was on the Today show last week (Kathie Lee and Hoda) promoting her book "Bloom". I have been following her blog for a long time. I am so in love with her little Nella and her Lainey. It is a great blog. What an amazing family.
Here is Nella reading her Mommy's book. Nella has Down Syndrome. Her parents did not know that she had DS until she was born. What started out to be a shock turned into such a joy.
Here she is feeding her baby. Sorry this is not a great picture.
Here is Kelle. Not sure what this title is about. I must say (please no hate mail) I felt that Kathie Lee and Hoda didn't seem all that interested in Kelle's story. They did most of the talking and hardly let Kelle talk. This segment was on in the very last few minutes. I just thought they should have given her more time to tell her story since it is amazing and beautiful . Yesterday on the Today show they interviewed another blogger.......they made such a big deal about her being a mommy blogger and that she was recently divorced. The blogger talked about how she was so in control of her life. Also, a few months ago they interviewed, again on the Today Show, another blogger that shares her dating life and her grandmothers. I found this blog to be really boring. Here is where you might not agree. Are we still not"there" in accepting those of us that are different. Would we rather focus on divorce or a dating grandma. I'm sorry........but this story sure beats the others. The book Kelle wrote is "Bloom" and was number #15 on the best seller list last week. It is such a good book to read.
Yes, another birthday. Happy Birthday Eve. She is our one of a kind, Punky Brewster, full of energy, precious granddaughter. She loves Big Foot, Billie the Exterminator, her dolls, and dancing. I told you, she is one of a kind. Waiting on pictures from her Mama, who she looks like and acts like to a tee.

With her cousin.
Checking out bugs at the butterfly museum.......she has to hold Rosie first thing when she arrives there.
Sending sunshine to you today.........xo

Monday, April 16, 2012

Can you see them

"Grammy, take a picture of my lungs."

Angry Birds Part One (Make lemonaide out of lemons)

My girls all dressed up for the Angry Bird party at the game room at Easton Mall.
What, the party is cancelled? Yep, that's right. Supposedly the air conditioner blew up and ruined all the games. Lots of phone calls to cancel the guests. It's a good thing that Grampy and Grammy showed up with Doodle. There is always a party when these three get together. They were asked how they got to be such good friends. They said when we were babies and looked at me. My heart swelled a bit. Caring for these three from the time they were tiny, has made a bond that makes me so proud. So, what do you do after your party is cancelled? (After getting $30 worth of coupons for pizza, free toys, free rescheduled birthday party, all from the game room party people) You carry the angry bird cake and you" think as you go" forward.
So you go to Max and Erma's. The girls got to have their own booth. So funny as they all sat on the same side of the booth. We were in the booth behind them. The giggled and giggled. Three times, at least, Goose would fall out of the booth to the floor. So had to be there and know Goose. Hope and the girls got a special cookie, ice cream bar, and everyone singing to her.
Then you go to Build-a-Bear with your gift certificate from Grammy and Grampy. All three girls got just about everything they could have wanted.
On the way to Build-a-Bear, My DIL and I walked by a Bath and Body Works store. The lilac smell made us walk right in. The little girls followed, grabbing candles from the shelf just like the adults. Thank goodness there wasn't a disaster. Then we asked the guys for some money to buy the lilac candles. Then on to Build-a-Bear. We parted our ways after this stop. I think my son was tired of carrying the cake. Yes, he carried it everywhere. I suggested they take it home and freeze it since we would probably have the party again soon.
Hubby and I took Doodle and headed towards her home. Her parents were at another party so we went to the movies. Hubby wanted to see Hunger Games.......Doodle and I went to see The Lorax.
What a day.
The day before was Goose's first soccer game..........cancelled. Too much rain......a bit of a sad face. I can't wait to see her play. Her Daddy said she gets the ball and takes off.......all over the place.......and not towards the goal, hah.
These last two pictures were taken at Bob Evans where both sets of grandparents met on Hope's real birthday for dinner. You know your grandbabies are growing up when they do this when you take pictures and they ask for gift cards.
Hope's new hair style.......still makes me laugh. Okay my next picture went off into space. I will post it on another post as it deserves it's own post.
Out in Colorado, Eve was also having her 6th birthday party. (Waiting to get pictures to post)
It was the Big Foot party. Her Daddy had a special made pinata that looked like Big Foot........only to find out that the candy that was supposed to be inside wasn't in there. The first melt down. I guess there was a couple of meltdowns. I made Big Foot finger puppets for all the guests.....they will arrive tomorrow. Yes, you heard right, tomorrow......a day after the party. So as the saying goes..........When life gives you lemons make lemonaide..........that doesn't sound right.
PRAYING for all of you in the wake of the tornados. Wow, this weather is scary.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Hope

Today you are nine, my sweet girl. You were our first grandchild. We were all so excited to meet you. You decided to come into this world in a big hurry. With an Apgar of 1, we almost lost you. Thank goodness for the wonderful nurse that saved your little life. You are such a blessing. We love watching you grow and mature but it's okay if you just stop now for awhile. Let us catch our breath while we soak in all your sunshine. We love your hugs and your funny laugh. We love how sweet you are to your little sister. We are so proud to be your Grammy and Grampy.
Love and Kisses

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Indian Lake in Ohio

I grew up in a little town with the population of 100 people counting cats and dogs. Indian Lake was close by and full of memories for me. Hubby and I went home to see our mothers on Saturday. Some of the pics I took then.
This is the little house I grew up in. It is close to the road but mostly farms everywhere. My Dad and Grandpa built this house. My grandparents lived next door. After they passed and someone else owned the house and there was a fire. So sad to think their home is gone.
This is the tree that the youth group that my cousin Jo was the leader for. They planted this tree in her memory. They decorated it for Christmas. I wish I would have decorated it for Easter. It's in a state park at the Lake. The ducks have decorated the little sign.
This guy is my cousin Jo's husband. He just got engaged. He was so lonely and we are so thrilled for him. He met her on He was installing the diswasher in one of the 4 cottages he has built. This one was for the below couple. This was my cousin's best friend Kathie and her husband. Kathie and I have been friends for a long time but really bonded when we made the trip to Florida to say goodbye to Jo. They had just moved in two days prior to this picture.
My brother was here to see my mother. He is from Alabama. We look nothing alike, never have.
My Mom in front of her condo with her little dog. She was 85 yesterday. Remember last year's picture of her in the hospital with her little dog. She had a severe fracture to her leg. She was driving 5 weeks later. My Mom has always been taller than me. Surprised when I saw this picture that she isn't anymore. She was mad about this picture because she didn't have all of her makeup on. I told her it was okay that I didn't have any on. That didn't make her happy. We, unfortunately, disagree on alot of things and have very different personalities.
Hubby was visiting his mother while I was visiting mine. She is doing well in her little apartment in a nursing home. She is happy there and we are thrilled that she likes it.
Waiting to see Kelli of "Enjoying the small things." to appear on the Koda and Kathy Lee show. I am to meet a friend at noon for lunch. I hope they hurry up.
My bank had a security breech. I happened to check online on Easter and there had been unknown charges on my account. This is so upsetting to me. I had been ordering a few things with Pay Pal and from Amazon. The bank is working with me, they should. I am hoping that they do a good job or I will switch after many years of being with them. This is my own account, thank goodness, not our family account. But this is a big bank........many wonder how it happens.
Okay, peeps, hope you are having a good week.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

We had such a fun day. We went to my son's and his three girls for brunch. One of those girls is his wife. (I have decided to use the littles middle names from now on.....except for Goose......her real middle is Grace but I changed it to Goose)
We pulled up to their house and the girls were on the front step waiting on us. Their daddy said they couldn't move til the car stopped . When we stopped the car they screamed and came running. I couldn't believe they waited for everything til we arrived.
Grammy and Grampy. What the heck is my hair doing.
Cute table daughter in law knows how to throw a party. We had gluten free quiche amoung other goodies. I will post that recipe soon.
Their Easter eggs had pieces of paper. They were puzzles showing the way to their Easter baskets.
My daughter in law.
Hope and her Easter Basket.(She used to be KBug)
Goose with our basket. She is holding the bunny from Diana of Lavendar Dreamer.
Bubbles........they had rainbow ones and colored ones. I don't advise the colored ones from Crayola......they could stain big time.
The Easter egg hunt and the clues to the puzzle.
Flying a kite
Our son and his wife
And another picture for you to laugh at........I look like I am ready to lift off. Honestly my hair is not this big. I think the wind has it sky high.
Later in the evening we took another son and his roomie out to eat. Hubby and I were still stuffed from brunch.
Oh course, we missed our Colorado kids and grandkids........Patrick, Ann, Eve, and Americo..(I'll be calling him Ricco)......middle names remember.
I have enjoyed ready about others on Easter. Seems like the holiday was a good one for many.
Hope your week is starting off well.