Monday, March 29, 2010

Headed for the mountains

I leave tomorrow for the Rocky Mountains.  Two of my children live there and their families.  I can't wait to see Snow White, Little Fella, Babes and Baby Q.  (Ages 3, 3, 1, and almost 4 months)  It is so hard being so far away from them.  I miss them so much.  I try to get out there every three months or so.  It seems to get longer between visits in this economy....just not fair.  I"m going solo, so will miss those I leave behind.  Hoping for a little sunshine and  no more snow.  It really doesn't matter as I just want to soak up as much of those sweeties as possible.
Today, instead of packing,  I went with my son and K. Bug and Goose to see my Mom.  It's about a 90 minute drive.  The girls rode in the way back.  After about an hour they started to think we would never get there.  K. Bug said, "How do you think it feels to be all tied up back here."  Hah
We had a good visit.  Great Grandma gave the girl Zu Zu pets.  They loved having a new one to play with.  Before we left,  my Mom's dog bit my hand.  Nasty, nasty bite.  My Mom's dog weighs 5 lbs. I know you are laughing but you should see what she did.
Well rushing to pack, do laundry, finish things up before I leave in the morning.  So excited........

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Disney Live

Goose and Grammy went on a special date.  I had taken her sister K. Bug and Doodle two years ago.  Grampy took us so we could have valet service....that was great.  We went out for lunch first but Goose wouldn't eat.....too excited.  We had "nose bleed" seats but could still see well.  Goose loves Daisy Duck but she didn't make the tour.  When Minnie came out, Goose wanted out of the aisle to go see right now.  I had to tell her that Minnie could see her from the stage and was waving to her.  She wanted to show Minnie that she had dressed like her.  I wore my flashing lights Mickey Ears, Mickey Crocs, and Mickey t-shirt.  Yes, I really did.  Last time I went I did the same.  One lady (older) looked at me in a shocked kinda way and said OMG.  This time I got alot of smiles.  I wish I could show you Goose's face as she is adorable but Dad says no.  In this picture she has one boot (rubber pink flowered ones) and one bare foot.  The other picture she took of Grampy and I at the restaurant.  We had so much fun.  Just seeing her face light up was so worth it.  She went to Disney World when she was 18 months old and still remembers it.  Her bedroom is about about the characters.  There are many Daisy's everywhere.
I am already planning special days with the other grandchildren.

Friday, March 26, 2010

You are kidding....snow again.

This is what we woke up to this morning.  What a snowy winter, no wait, it's Spring.  I actually love snow but it's been a long long winter.  I almost bought pansies this week.  Guess I had better wait.
This morning while waiting on the "littles" to arrive the doggies and I heard someone (we thought) run down our sidewalk.  We looked out and didn't see anyone.  Then about 10 minutes later the dogs went crazy barking.  Out the back door were three deer standing there starring at us.  They must have been the ones we heard earlier.  I think they wanted to come inside and have hot chocolate.  Happy week-end.
Goose and I have a date to go see Playhouse Disney Live.  I am so excited.  Wondering if I should wear my ears that have flashing lights.  Goose is wearing her Minnie Mouse outfit that Grammy bought here.  We will have so much fun. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I call it white instead of gray

I think it's white, don't you?   Well the back is grey striped in blue, my granddaughter says.  Hah, I like that.  I finally decided to stop coloring my hair about ten years ago.  I started in my very early 20s because of those white hairs.  It got so that coloring wasn't covering.  I guess my hair was resistant.  I also had an awakening.  How many ladies my age actually have "yellow" blonde hair.  Against my hairdresser's advice (she said that I wasn't going to like it) I gradually went natural.  I used temporary hair coloring and kept getting my hair cut a little shorter each time.  It was really easier than you would think.  After the coloring was gone, I liked it.  My hair dresser even liked it.  Sometimes it makes me feel old and I think about coloring it.  I am sure it does make me look older but I am okay with that.  (I think)  I've been told I look like Paula Deen.  Maybe with her makeup artist and a little airbrusing.  But once at a playground this little girl kept looking at me.  Then she said, 'You look like Paul Deen."  She was do five year olds know P.D.
I was going to post a picture of me with this bunny but forgot about the black eye.  This is an older picture of me - no make-up and wild mountain hair.  (My hair does strange things in high altitude)
Note the little chicken in the wire cage.....this has been an obsession with the littles.  They all WANT it and I find it in some strange places.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Miss my favorite magazines

Last year five of my favorite magazines went out of print.  I was sad and still depressed about it.  I so miss Home Companion,  Country Home, Wondertime, Simple Scrapbooks, and Cottage Living.  I still get Country Living but I can read the whole magazine in an hour.  My house is alot better off as I had magazines everywhere.  I so miss Mary Emmerling and Mary Engelbriet.  Mary Engelbriet is having an an amazing  Home Companion Workshop in her home state.  You get to meet here and do all kinds of neat things, including seeing her studio.  I can't go but sure wish I could.  Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a magazine .  House Beautiful caught my eye.  The cover looked so different than before.  I  sometimes buy it when I am flying.  Usually the style is just not me and I get offended when they list prices on some of their advertisements that are so out there.  WELL,  I loved the cover.  Still lots of advertising and some of those high price items....geez $8,000 for a table.  (They don't know about junking)  At the same time there is a pillow I love from target for $15.  I struggle with what my style is.  After recently having my home on the market for 6 months and having to de-personalize,  I am really having a rough time.  Inside this magazine are some wonderful rooms.  A little country, little cottage, little rustic....some very neat things.  Still amazed at the contents and how they have changed,  I read the credits (not sure that is what you call it) and low and behold MARY EMMERLING was listed as a contributing editor.  Now I see has her style.  Okay, sorry if I bored you.  Maybe that bump on the head yesterday did something to me.  Take a look at this I don't work for them, hah.  Happy Day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flying Springer Spaniels

This morning my puppy Piper came running full speed ahead and went to jump onto my bed.......instead he jumped into my head.  I heard a snap and WOW did that hurt.  He instantly knew something was wrong and was right by my side.  I didn't see him but my husband said I needed to reassure him I was alright.  My nose hurts and I have a black eye.  So it's a tooth ache on the one side of my face and a boo boo on the other side.  The don't call them SPRINGERS for nothing..  The week has to get better, right. 

Chipboard album

There are several pages inside...all different.  I used buttons, ribbons, rub ons, stamps, flowers, etc.  All ready for pictures.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Visit Frenchy, You will be amazed!

Check out  Frenchy   at   Le Chateau des fleurs.   What a beautiful blog with gorgeous pictures.  Her parties are so much fun.  Check out her Alice in Wonderland and her Spring party.  What A fun Mom she is.  My granddaughters loved her Spring party.  And SHE gave me an award.  Me......sure made my day. (((((HUGS)))) to Frenchy.

My week-end

My week-end was full of sunshine, little people and mostly fun.  Not much sleep, esp. during the sleepover.....the littles built a house within my house....see the mess.  My sweet Yorkie took off.  She heard children playing and went to visit.  I think she didn't know her way home.  I looked for an hour and then began to shake all over. A neighbor a couple streets over said she walked into their garage.  Not sure who she belonged to, they took off in search  for the green VW bug that they heard had been circling looking for their dog.  That was me.  She has never done that before.  She was wagging that little tail when she saw me.  I said, "At least she got to ride home in a Caddie, hah."
Last night I discovered a hole in my tooth.  It was a crown that had to be opened for a root canal.  I wouldn't think it should hurt but it does.  I am going away in a week.....this wasn't in my plans.
This morning Piper chewed up my husband's shoe strings before he left for work.  Oh my, he is chewing up everything.
Only one little today and it's raining and dark.  A friend just called and we are meeting her for lunch.
Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jenni Bowlin

I love Jenni Bowlin.  This altered box was made mostly with left overs from one of her kits.  She just posted an adorable "Vintage Baby" kit.  (She noted it was a very limited item)  I have " limited funds" at the moment but I thought about it all night instead of sleeping.  How bad is that.  So this morning the first thing I did was order it.  I do alot of mini albums and these I really NEED this kit.  Right?  I must tell myself that.  I wanted to share so that you have a chance to also get some vintage baby items before they are sold out.  Have a great Saturday.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Little Izzy in her Cozy Blanket

Isn't she sweet.  Don't let that cute face fool you, she is the boss of the applesauce.

My creative side

I make these altered boxes.  What do you think?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Survivor Story

This isn't a great picture but the photographer is very cute.  She takes all kinds of pictures with my camera.
Okay now a little story about myself........
One thing I didn't mention on my profile was that I am a cancer survivor.  I had a form of sarcomas in my leg.  I had three surgeries, no chemo and no radiation.  My kind of cancer is more common in young children and actually quite rare.  Wondering how long I have been cancer free------20 years and one month.  Cancer changed my life in so many ways. 
The morning after my second surgery (first surgery I was misdiagnosed) I woke up crying.  I didn't realize that my husband was still home and the our three children were already off to school.  He came into the bedroom and asked what was wrong.  I said, " I just feel like something is wrong."  He said, "There is something wrong, the doctor called last night after you fell asleep and said that you have cancer."  The first thing I said was, "But I want to have grandkids."  Well I survived and now have 6 beautiful unique little grandchildren.  God is so good.
When I was diagnosed I was selling real estate.  I couldn't handle adults for awhile.  I felt they were having a hard time dealing with me having cancer and I didn't want to talk about it all the time.  I went to work in a day care.  I would rock those babies and forget my troubles.  My husband was my rock.  I couldn't make decisions and he took over.  I healed and began my new life.  While working at that day care I met a little boy that needed a home.....he moved into our home less than one year after my last surgery.  I also had always wanted to be a clown.  I knew I needed laughter in my laugh SO I went to ClownTown and learned to be a clown.  I also went back to college and got a degree in Early Childhood.  I had loved children all my life and this was the greatest therapy ever. 
I honestly can't believe it has been 20 years.  I am thankful for all 20 of those wonderful years.  So there you have cancer story.

Now that you have met my family...A little more about me....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

May you always be blessed
With a roof for the rain,
A warm cup of tea by the fire-
Laughter to cheer you.
Those who love near you
And all that your heart might desire.
(Hallmark Card)

Many moons ago I had a baby on St. Patrick's Day.  Happy Birthday Son.  His middle name is Patrick, of course.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stranger Danger

My daughter was worried about Snow White being too friendly with strangers.  I told her it was in her genes.  My daughter and I are very friendly.  Well a Stranger Danger kit was ordered.  They practiced with Snow White about what to do if a stranger talks to her or tries to take her.  You may be thinking right now what I was thinking when she told me about the practicing.  My daughter had Snow White and her baby brother in a store.  S. W. wanted something and Mom said , "No."  As they left the store with Snow White mad and under Mom's arm, out came the words, " You are not my Mother."  The clerk asked what she had said and my daughter explained.  Of course Grammy thought this was very funny and had expected this to happen.  Pretty smart for a 3 year old to know when to use this new knowledge.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Glimpse of my world

My Pops and 4 of my six grandchildren.  Two not shown as their Daddy said no.  Snow White, Baby Q., Babes, and Little Fella.  The other two are know as K. Bug, and Goose.  There will be lots of stories soon about these darlings so thought you'd like to meet them first.

A glimpse of my world

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rest Peacefully Dear Matty

This is Izabella and Matty sunning themselves.  Sorry it's not a better picture.  Our Dear Matty went to doggie Heaven at Thanksgiving time.  Pops (my hubby), Izzy and I had a hard time getting over loosing her as did our grandchildren.  One morning in January Pops and I went "just" to look at puppies.  We went to the pound, then to the pet store, then the humane society and for some reason, back to the pound.  We had been gone only an hour.........and low and behold there was a Springer Spaniel puppy that had just been dropped off.  He looked so much like our Matty.  Funny thing, Matty also came from the pound.  We signed up to adopt him but had to wait 4 days.  I called every day to see if anyone had come to claim him.  I also went to visit him.  Finally I was allowed to adopt him and bring him home.  We named him Piper.  We thought about a more manly name, Hank.  But Pops liked the name Piper.  We only had Piper a week and he came down with Parvo.  The vet said there was nothing he could do.  I was determined that Piper would survive.  With alot of one on one to hydrate the poor thing, he turned the corner.  He is doing great now.  Wonderful with kids, a gentle man, very loving, plastic eating puppy.  I really think he was a gift from Matty.  What do you think?  (I'll post Piper's picture soon)

Friday, March 12, 2010

A new beginning

I'm posting my very first post on my brand new and also first blog.  I have lots of stories to share with you, so grab your cozy blanket and read on.  Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.  Feel free to make suggestions.  I will pictures and stories soon.