Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grammy Gone Wild

This is a post that you weren't expecting, hah. The day started out with the following picture. It was my firend, Luanne's birthday so we went out for Mexican food. I gave her this gift in the car.

I gave her this "Into the Wild" lotion. In case you can't read the card it says, Looking forward to many more WILD adventures. This was because of the car accident we were in last year together.

We went to the Heritage
Antique Mall in Pickerington/Reynoldburg area. I loved this little yellow chair.

Loved these doors and this white chair. The chair was $120, seriously.

Loved this flamingo colored door with the cross on it. I didn't pull my camera out til we were leaving. I wish I had gotten pictures of Motley Junk, the space by Polly and Keeley. Loved the little kitchen set below. Looks like it came right out of a little diner.

When we walked out this big RV was sitting there. There is a bar next door to the antique mall. They had just pulled up. So Luanne and I decided to try out. They didn't pick us. We were so shocked. Okay, no we really didn't try out, but I bet you guessed that already.

So that's about as wild as my adventures get. Pretty boring, I know, I know.

Anabelle, the little China Girl, I watch told me she has on magic socks today. They are magic because they have pissy dust on them and her daddy bought the pissy dust in
New York. Kinda goes with my wild post, doesn't it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome to Cozy Time

My dear blogging friends I have decided to start something new on my blog. When you see this word COZY it will be to introduce you to a COZY friend of mine. I am so excited for you to visit and meet my new COZY friend Angie of Hillsboro, Ohio. Yeah, she is a Buckeye. Her blog is at http://becauseidontwanttoforget.blogspot.com/ . The following picture is one Angie posted this week. Don't you love the name of her blog.
Blogging to remember those precious moments. She is a mama to some sweet little people. They are so cute. You know how I am about little ones. I don't even know how I found her, or maybe she found me. So you COZY followers go over and tell Angie hi and follow her if you'd like. I am so glad that I found her. I know you will be too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The "new" baby's room

I know I promised that my posts for a couple of times would not have pictures of little ones......well, I'm sorry. I just can't help myself. This is Doodles' new baby's nursery, painted again by her dad. The images on the wall are from the Land of Nod line of bedding. Dad free hands them and paints.........the above dino goes clear behind the chest of drawers and you can see his tail on the other end. You can see the former baby of the family. It's hard giving up his title of "the baby" at only 16 months.

Sorry, bad glare here.

Oops, I got Mam's arm.

How about this color combination different and cute.

And here he is the beautiful new baby. He looks like Doodle did. He was just due yesterday but he is 2 weeks old. He weighed 8lbs. and 8 oz.

Cookie time for the former baby and his new little friend. She is newly adopted.....3 months ago. Sorry Mama I should have cropped you out. Everyone can see why your children have the hair that they do. Still to come, Doodle's room.

Hope you are having a good week. Mine hadn't started off too well, hoping that changes really soon.

A couple of you dear friends asked where they got the lower case letters in the other nursery. They came from Restoration Hardware
Baby....didn't even know that existed.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


My good friend Sue had a neck injury and had to cancel going to the CL Fair with me. I decided not to go. Then on Saturday about noon I decided to forge ahead and go alone with a little coaxing from Mr. Cozy. He would have gone with me if I pouted enough. His knee just couldn't handle it and I knew he would not have had fun.
Now if he had know who was there..........Carrie from Cash and Carrie from HGTV......he might have changed his mind. I literally almost ran into her. She had a cute little booth there. Someone was having their picture taken with her. I was right behind her and then someone said, "Are you from that show." Oh my goodness.......I got so excited. I am sure I made a fool out of myself. I pronounced her name wrong....but apologized. I told her I loved her show and her. She is adorable and so friendly.
OKAY now you are thinking this this was the highlight of my day......WRONG, the highlight was meeting these girls in the potty of all things.........MEET Paula and Julia. I followed them to the nearest potty after buying my ticket. I told them that I was following them because I knew where they were going. We went into the museum instead of using the pot- a- lots......I hate those things. We had to get our hands stamped so we could leave the museum. Hmmmmm, that was strange. So when I told them I was following them they turned around and smiled and said that they had just said that I looked like .......you know who......Paula Deen. Well that made me laugh and we started talking. Talking in the lu, a teeny tiny lu.......still better than the pot-a lots. And inside that lu was a lady cleaning with a broom. We are talking a two bun bathroom and I think there were about 4 or 5 in there.
Anyway walking out I mentioned being by myself......they asked me.........so sweet, huh.....if I wanted to look around with them.

We, seriously, had the best time ever. I felt like I knew them forever. We laughed so hard......I will tell you about that later. We liked the same booths. We thought things were overpriced.
Not enough food choices..........thought people dressed all across the board, chatted non-stop with vendors and even the man picking up the trash, hah. We were looking at the books and mags in the Country Living General Store when I realized my purse was not on my shoulder. I wasn't sure if I put it down to look at a book or left it at where we sat to eat. Well Julia took off for the table and Paula was all over the general store. Julia returned to say that they had found my purse and it was at the information center. We were right in front of the center. We found Paula and refocused and the phone rang. Mr. Cozy asking if I lost my purse and told me they called from NJ to tell me it was at the information center. We retreived it and on with the fun. We went to the CL Photo booth. You could have your picture taken and they would email it to you. They wanted you to get the pictures with something you had purchased. Well, all we had purchased was the new FOLK magazine (must say it was autograped by the author)....so we three posed with that. Well, we got to laughing so hard......oh my gosh you should have seen one of the pictures. Then a camera crew appeared and took a picture of the picture. I have no idea where that picture will end up.

The girls called me Paula the whole day. I even would answer to it. Poor Paul Deen would have been so proud, not really.

I will show you in another post what I purchased. It is still in the trunk. That bad boy will stay in there awhile because it was a bear to carry around.....my new friends helped me though.
After about 5 hours I had to head home. My body was aching so bad, wrong shoes, old body. We hugged each other and said we would go to some other shows/fairs together. I had parked really close to the entrance so I scurried on home. I had to get out to get gas on the way home. I could hardly get out of the car.
BUT, I had the best time. I missed about half of the fair......it is definetly a three day event. It was so FUN. I missed you Sue. Next year if I have to come and get you, you are going with me and my new friends, that I met in the bathroom.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A few reasons I haven't been posting as much lately.
Number one.....these three......aren't they a crew. I wondered how a three and four year old would get along with a 13 year old autistic boy. Well, to my surprise they are just crazy wild about each other. This was the first day. They were laughing like crazy. He even played ring around the rosey with them. He did say he was too old for that but he still did it. Tanner is only here a couple hours each night. The girls are here three days a week. I feel like a school bus driver going back and forth to their pre-school. They are adorable but I must say I am so glad that I have Fridays all for me. So far, I love it. Today I am headed to see a friend that I haven't seen in two years. A long story but she moved far away suddenly.Another reason is my Poor Baby Izzy. She so needs a real haircut. I have been whacking away at her hair and it is just not doing it. I have been waiting to get her a pro job when she was feeling better. Her breathing is better but her belly is so big it looks like it could pop. The vet is still hopeful and said last week that he was not too worried. He started another antibiotic and a couple other drugs.
Now up to 6 kinds a couple times a day. I was hoping for more improvement by now. Thank you all for your concerns and prayers. I guess I am hopeful that she isn't worse.

And I am missing these two. I haven't seen them much lately. I so miss them. The others in Colorado as well, of course.

My plans are changing like crazy for this week-end so I hope to get to spend time with them. I don't think I am going to the Country Living Fair. My partner in crime hurt her neck and can't drive. I am a little sad but I know some really good shows/sales are coming up. Maybe I will get Izzy's hair cut instead.

Well, I do have some other things I need to post that don't involve cute little kids, I promise. But for now have a wonderful week-end.

I do want to thank all of you for the wonderful wishes from my anniversary post. You are just the greatest.

Monday, September 12, 2011

41 years today

Today is our anniversary. 41 years. That's a long time. 4 adult children and 6 adorable grandchildren and three furry babies.......we are blessed. To survive all these years you have to have alot of love and a little humor. I am going to post my email to my husband this morning and his reply. Love and humor for sure.

From me to Mr. Cozy:

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.......my best friend.....my caregiver.......my rock.....my everything. xo

Mr. Cozy replies:

Anniversary to you Sweetie. It has been a wonderful marriage.
The Rock

Friday, September 9, 2011


God bless us all on this anniversary.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cozy Blanket news

My new job is going to be watching these cuties 3 days a week. We will spend lots of time in the Green Bug transporting to and from pre-school. The girls will go on alternating days.
Now, aren't they cute. They are 3 and 4 but in a couple of months they will be 4 and 5. The youngest is adopted from China and what a sweetie. She told me she loved me twice this morning. Her name is
Anabelle just like my MIL. Curly Girl is going to be the handful.
I have been registered with Sitter City and Care.com. I had several leads but most were for the Columbus area. I called my neighbor and asked to borrow a potato for soup for my BFF. She didn't have any but she told another neighbor that I was looking for someone to watch. The same day I saw that neighbor at the stop sign in our neighborhood. She said someone she knew needed someone.
And this is how I met Curly Girl and
I am supposed to also watch a 13 year old boy that has
Autism.......actually something like it but not exactly. I had him in SACC last year and my son has been his special ed teacher. He moved up to the middle school and was too old now for SACC. My son and I both adore him and this is more like a favor to his family. His mom said he just needed a safe place to go after school.

New babies.......my neighbor had her baby girl on Sept. 1. I was on call but their Grammy got there before I was needed.
Doodle's Mom had her new baby this morning. I did get called at 5 a.m. to go to their house (45 minutes away) and get Doodle and Baby B. off to school and sitters house. I made french toast for them and got them off just in time to return home for my first day with the girls. Wait til you see the new baby's room. OMGosh.......his daddy did an amazing job again.
A week ago it wasn't even painted.....wait til you see it.

Yesterday was Piper's second birthday. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy. We are guessing that it is his birth day but not sure since he came from the pound. What a lucky find for us.
No party this year but he got this sweet flat bunny. No stuffing. Hopefully it will last a couple of days. He was so proud. I had to take about 20 pictures to get one good one......that is if red eyes count for good.

My MIL is home but still very grouchy. She fell in the night Sunday. I think she is okay.

Poor Izzy's tummy is getting bigger. Her antibiotics are almost gone. We are to return to the vet when she finishes them. Sometimes her breathing is better......but she is not improving. We added SamE to her meds four days ago......no change yet. Today I got thistle milk supplements. Not sure how much to give her, I had to do some calculating. So hoping I don't give her too much. I have read online that this stuff is amazing and works quickly. I want her to try it for a couple of days before we return to the vet.
Anyone out there in blog world have anything similar to their pets. She is still eating, drinking and going to the potty. She seems a little different today. Grumpy and that is new.

Okay, I think that I have covered everything that has happened here in the last couple of days. If not I will remember after some rest.

Friday, September 2, 2011


The Country Living Fair will be in Columbus, Ohio September 16,17,18th. You can order tickets online.
A one day pass is $13 ($16 at the gate plus you might have a line)
A 3 day pass is only $15. There is a $2 service fee. Parking is $5 They also have deals that you get a CL subscription for $8. Have known people to sign up and not get the subscription for some reason.
I just wanted to know if any Buckye Bloggers will be going. What days and what times? We can "try" to meet. With cell phones and some of us knowing each other....we might actually find each other. Looking for newbies as well. We are not an exclusive group, just a bunch of crazy fun loving junky, vintage picker ladies.
So just send me an email and maybe I can arrange something -grammypetals@yahoo.com .
THE FRENCH HEN BARN SALE is October 7 and 8 (my bd). This is another fun sale. So much goodness under one roof. A beautiful barn with chandys hanging everywhere. Another good place for us bloggers to meet up. This sale is in Marysville.

ANOTHER UPCOMING EVENT is the Ohio Rural Society Antiques and Garden Show on October 14 and 15. This is located in the farmlands of Mt. Vernon Ohio. It is on a beautiful farm.....lots of great vendors......so much fun. This would be a great place for us all to meet up. It isn't as big as the CL Fair.....easier to find each other and just a fun place to spend some time. Motley Junk and Flippery will be there as vendors. (aka Polly, Keely and Pam). I really hope we can get a bunch to go there. So also let me know about this so we can plan ahead. Also, less walking, should be cooler, no admission or parking fees.

UPDATES: I have a job.....actually a couple. I will fill you in later. My MIL is out of ICU. She isn't doing well and so grumpy.

Okay, ladies think about the dates and let's get something started.