Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A ghoul party

I hesitated posting this post.  With all the ones suffering from Sandy.  But here goes.  My DIL put this party on for her 6 and 9 year old little girls a couple weeks ago.  I didn't post all the decorations mostly just the eats.  My DIL is so creative.
Goose looking sad.  Her BFF didn't show up.  She did decide that her other friends were there and she could still have a good time.  She is going trick or treating tonight as "It's raining cats and dogs".

Hope and her BFF, my Doodle.  I don't get the ghoul zombie thing, do you.
And her is Doodle with my DIL.  (Not Doodles' mom)
She put this party together while her mother was having surgery for cancer.  We can sure use some prayers for her.  She has tonsil, throat and neck cancer.  She had breast cancer 10 years ago.  At least 50 lymph nodes are involved.  She has already been readmitted to the hospital after her surgery and dismissal.  I can't even imagine how painful this has been.  I have known her since before our kids dated....and that was when they were in the 8th grade.  We share Hope and Goose.  We have been together for baby births, birthdays, soccer games, school plays and on and on.  She will have a long road of chemo treatments but  she is a long way out before they can even start.  Please pray for Karen and her family.
With the happenings from the storm and this going on, I am not excited about Halloween.  Sometimes we have to move on for the kids.  I know that they still feel the same about this holiday, thank goodness. 
So whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I hope that your day goes well and isn't too SPOOKY.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Potato Heads

Listening to the wind and rain and can only imagine how it sounds closer to the coast.  Stay safe my friends.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm backkkkkk

I have been in Colorado visiting my grandchildren and their parents.  We had so much fun.We played at the park when it was dinner time and we should have been doing homework.
It can be difficult getting a group picture.  The little guy on the top left kept running away.
There dance lessons followed by a Lacrosse game
Six year olds playing their hearts out.
We went to see Sleeping Beauty that our Eve was in.  She was Gaston.  She is quite the actress.  I think she has been in 5 plays now.  Top row with the beret on.
Cousins posing with the actress.
Then there is ballet and tap for little Mabel. age 3.
Seriously is there anything cuter than little girls in ballet outfits.
A wild and crazy almost three year old with no fear.  That's our little Rico.
 He can now carry on a conversation and is absolutely the cutest little boy.  I think I said cute before.  They are all adorable and as cute as can be.  I miss them already.  So much fun getting to see their daily lives and getting kisses and hugs. 

I think this is my only picture, hah.  Mabel her Mommy and me had a mani/pedi day. 

And you all know how I love snow.  We had SNOW, yeah. 
Now back in Ohio watching the weather channel.  We are in the outside zone of the big storm.  Stocked up on groceries in case our power goes out.  It has before from hurricane Ohio, yikes.  But more concerned for my friends and family on the east coast.  Please take care and I hope this storm isn't as bad as it says it will be.
Now to catch up on some blog reading.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Barn Sales Today

A quick post of the two barn sales that I went to today.  They both were in Granville, one on Burg Street and the other off of Granville-Newark Rd. on Klouse Lane.  Since I have a million things to do before I leave in the morning, they were fast trips.Check out where the meat clever is in this picture.  Yikes.
Prices were high at both.  Lots of industrial things again.
I liked this sign but it didn't have a price tag on it.  Many things didn't.
Sorry to make you stand on your head.  I liked this bookshelf but not to the tune of $75.  A very old typewriter.
Some shiney brights that have seen better days.
What do you do with this stuff?????
I did like this McCoy vase.
This was a neat cart.  Would make a great coffee table.  $375
This was an antique store that was on the same street as one of the sales.  It was closed.
One of the barns.
My kitchen shelf.  I bought the McCoy pitcher on the left.  My only purchase.  I liked the color.
Okay, off to my granddaughters' ghoul party and back to packing.
Have a great week-end and week.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Liebster Award

It's me again.  I wanted to post this before I leave for Colorado.
Jo Anne of A Pocketful of Blue nominated me for the Liebster Award.  It is an award for blogs with 200 or less followers and/or for newer bloggers.  She said she cheated a little.
Anywhoo....thanks JoAnne.   (Blogger is giving me fits wouldn't let me see my reading list)
The first thing I am supposed to do is tell you 11 things about myself that you may not know.
Since I am pretty personal on my blog this is hard.

I.   I grew up in a little town with a population of 100 counting dogs and cats.
2.   I love being a Grammy......sorry, I know that you know that but just thought I would
       remind you.
3.   I hate pickles.  I don't even want them touching any food on my plate.
4.   We adopted a special needs little boy when he was five.
5.   I live on an old Christmas Tree Farm
6.   When I grow up I want to be The Fairy Godmother at Disney.
7.   I want to live in a sweet little cottage by the water.
8.   When I was little I made chocolate chip cookies out of mud and my brother ate one.
9.   I have Celiac disease and have to eat a Gluten-Free diet.
10. I cry at airports when other people that I don't know are saying their goodbyes.
11. I am a clown, yes a real one.

Whew, that was hard.
Now I am supposed to nominate 5 other fabulous blogs.
So here are the ones that I nominated for the award.

Joy's Thoughts and Things
Oh my goodness......hurry over to see her blog today.  She is on a TV segment about being behind the scenes in filming homes.  She is adorable, has a wonderful colorful home.  She quilts and does needlework.

A journey by Jan
Jan lives in Colorado (my second home) in the mountains.  She bikes and hikes and loves photography.  She does alot of collages and mixed media art.  She is such a sweet person.

At Home In English Valley
Penny is a new Grammy to a sweet little girl named Penny.  She likes to do crafts and is the kind of person you want to be your neighbor.

Golden EggVintage by Erica
Her blog is adorable.  She loves vintage and makes the cutest thing

Last but not least is Dotty Red by Suzie 
Suzie lives across the pond and does amazing sewing projects.  She has turned her sewing into a business supporting her two young sons and herself after a major life change.  She loves being near the beach.  She is one of those people that just make you smile.

Thanks for having such wonderful fun blogs to visit.  Now, you can pass this award onto five other people .  It makes it fun for others to check out their blogs.


One bat missing/God's Paintbrush

I bought this framed cute little bat at the Rural Society Sale.  My granddaughter loves bats.  She saw the Asian bats at the Columbus Zoo and just loved them.  They look like year old babies wrapped in a black scarf hanging upside down.  They are huge.  You can see through their wings when they are all wrapped up.  I thought she would love this picture.  But, I added it to my Halloween display and I may just keep it.  I searched the web for other bat pictures and my goodness, they were scary.  So I passed on that idea.  BUT, I have the cutest handmade bat from Dottie Red from across the pond.  She sent it to me last year.  I didn't get it til almost Christmas so I used it on my tree, hah.  I just came across it and now I can't find it, boo.  I will find it and then I will post it.  It was so sweet of her to send it to me.
And now for God's Paintbrush.  He has been busy coloring our world.

This critter was on my mailbox.  He's not a bat but he is upside down, or is he?  Look at those feelers.......there are some inside the mailbox.  Anyone know what kind of caterpillar he is?  I hope fall is beautiful where you live.  Kelle on the blog  Enjoying the small things lives in Florida.  Her sister sends a giant box of colorful leaves to her every fall.  Her kids then get to play in the leaves.  Is that not the cutest idea ever.  I am going to do that sometime. 
On my way to go watch over my granddaughters last night I drove through the college and thru a wooded area.  I had to remind myself to breathe as I went through those beautiful trees.  Wow.......this kind of beauty is outstanding.  Speaking of outstanding, I hope your week has been outstanding.