Thursday, August 29, 2013

My thoughts on this Thursday

I will start this on a positive note.  I am challenging you to make a list of Twenty Things that you have always wanted to do.  Write them in a journal so we can post them later.  Maybe I will do a linky thing.  Never have, but there is first time for anything.  SO, get started.  Take your time and put thought into it.  Let me know if you are on board.  Don't think of it as a bucket list.  All positive things.......I think this will be fun.  No commitment other than your wishes.  How about we give this a deadline of October 1st.  Please join in.
My thoughts today...........
Where is everyone?  I haven't seen posts for so many for so long.  I know summer is a busy time but you are missed.
Last night I took my youngest to Urgent Care.  He is our adopted son that is 27.  He has a little ache or pain and thinks it is an emergency.  It happens all the time.  So hard to know if it is something serious.  I think he just doesn't know how to handle life........and that is part of his disability.  He is extremely over weight.  We try so hard to encourage him to loose weight.  He won't do any kind of exercise.  He just refuses to walk or do anything.  He eats things that aren't good for him.  He was weighed the other day at the doctors.  I asked how much he weighed.  He said that he topped the scale and he wasn't sure because the scale only goes so high.  I know I am overweight as well but I do try to stay healthy.  I can't begin to tell you how many times we have taken him to the ER.  My poor husband has gone so many times in the middle of the night.  When my son has a melt down he knows exactly how to get admitted.  So you get the picture.  Well last night a friend of mine called.  I haven't seen her for several years. She has two adopted children as well.  They don't have disabilities.  They fight all the time.  Well she told me that I was so mean to my son.  She said that I signed up for this.  She said that he would have died had we not taken him in.  That's probably true.  She also said that we took in this cute little boy and when he had problems we had a hard time dealing with that. Say what..........oh what we have been though.   There are so many stories that you would never believe.  School was just awful.  I earned every white hair.  I know that my husband has more patience with him than I do, but I do love him.  I want a better life for him.  I just get so upset that he won't help himself.  But being mean to him.....that hurts.  I will try to be nicer, I will.  As soon as I post this I have to go get his meds and take them to his apartment.  I waited hours in the hot car last night while he was being seen.  On Monday the baby I watch and I waited as he saw his other doctor.  My husband does way more than I do.  Oh is what it is.
While at the Urgent Care, a teenager came in.  He could hardly walk.  He had on soccer first thought was a head injury.  It was just one of those feelings that you know is something seriously.  Then I hear the squad getting closer and closer and suddenly it was at the Urgent Care.  The nurses held the door open and said something about the doctor saying to hurry and about meningitis.   I have heard since that he had crashed heads with another player and that he was at Children's with viral meningitis.  Pray for this boy. 
My sweet Mabel told me on the phone that she loved me "more" when I told her I loved her.  Ahhhhh.....later she said to Heaven.  I asked her to call after her first day of pre-school.......and she did that as soon as she got picked up.  She was so excited.
I am ready for fall.........not rushing time......but ready for cooler temps.
Thanks for letting me vent.  You know how it is when you can't get something off your mind.  Just the thought of someone thinking I was mean is difficult for me .
I have changed my email address to:  I'm not sure that it is working.  I hesitated for so long because I worried about my blog getting messed up.  It automatically changed......shocker.  Maybe now I can get your emails.
I was able to finally get the banner picture up on my header.  Now that summer is almost over.  Oh well, it may still be there next summer.
Thanks my friends.  I hope you are having a good week.

Monday, August 26, 2013

National Dog Day

My Sweet doggies.  First there is Izzy.  Then there is Piper.  Neither one thought it was fun getting their pictures taken.  I think Izzy looks like the dog on the Twenty Wishes book.  Have you read it.  It is a great book.  An easy read and just fun.  Several widows decide to make a list of Twenty Wishes.  Now I want to make my list.  (((((HUG)))) your dog/dogs today.  It's their day to shine.  Woof Woof.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Send in the clowns

This is where I spent most of my week.  American Clown Academy held their second year in a campground close to where I live.  I used to be involved in ClownTown for over 20 years.  This is somewhat a take off from that.  We started out with ClownTown with about this many clowns. We climbed to over 300.  We are hoping to keep this camp small and personal.  We provided a Friday night thru Sunday noon clown instruction.  This new camp runs from Sunday til Saturday.  The campers stay all week in cabins.  No A/C or bathroom.  You have showers and bathrooms close by but you have to walk to them.  No I didn't stay.  I came home at night. They serve three great meals a day.  I never made breakfast.  Since another clown and I were gluten free the chef made us special fruit salads when sandwiches were served.  These pictures were taken over the week.  All stages.....some for rehearsals, some for the show at the church.  Some just for fun.  I missed the group picture.  I was picking up my grandkids to go to the show.  Bad timing, huh.  See the two red heads in the front.  That was the photographer and his daughter.  He hadn't planned on being a clown.  The ones not in costumes are the teachers and the staff.  The group picture was taken after they had been in makeup for 3 hours in the heat.  The next  picture  is of Joey Thurman.  Those from the Georgia area may have seen his traveling circus.  They set up at fairs and put on their own trapeze and clown acts.  There is going to be a movie, a documentary of his life soon.....called "Face Paint."  We got to preview the movie and it was great.  The two ladies on the ends are from Canada.  I picked one up from the airport.
This young guy is 13.  He's from Michigan and don't be surprised if you don't see him somewhere someday.  This was his first year as a clown.  He has great talent.  He has been in other productions in his hometown area.  He was not only talented but a very nice young man.  He had one of the pro clowns do his face but this time he did his own. sorry that these are sideways.  This guy was from Colorado and drove himself to the camp.  I am guessing he is close to 80.  Yes, 13 to 80 were the ages.  I would say the average age was 55-65.
This is Smarty Pants.....she was in the other picture.  She is not very tall but she sure pulls her weight.  She is really a cute clown and so funny.  She is a camp favorite.
This guy came from New Jersey. 
I don't know where these characters came from.........oh, that's me and my friend LuLu.  You have met her in another post.  We had fun this week being helpers and socializing with everyone.
Don't you love this car.  The next picture is of my new I Phone.  Yep, I finally got one.  I am going to alter it because I don't think the eye looks "eye" enough.  Either a googly eye or some wild eye lashes.  Whatcha think?
I know you are wondering what I look like as a clown.  Here I am in an costume.  I am going more casual these days without the wig and whiteface.  The next guy owns the rainbow car. 
And one final shot of my grands at the show.  We got to go in before everyone else.  They got so much attention.  The whole idea of the show is to polish the skills they have learned.  So being around children is pretty important.  My grands loved them.  All except Smarty Pants and Mabel gave her a rough time.  I know that my grandson looks a little sober and like he's not having fun.  He is so serious.  But when I told him we had to leave so he could get home to bed......he begged to stay longer.  He also got to go up front and be in one of the skits.  The kids were doing magic tricks in the back seat on the way home.  Mabel kept saying "TaDa".  So it was a fun week.......but I am tired.  Those poor campers went late into the night and up early in the morning.  I don't know if they got a lot of sleep but I do know that they had fun.
Hope you all have lots of laughs this week-end.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ice Cream/ice cream, we all scream for ice cream

I love taking my grandkids to the Velvet Ice Cream Mill.  It is where they actually make and ship the ice cream.  I'm not sure how far reached their product is.  I know it is all over Ohio.  We took my two littles from Colorado here when they visited.  Then we took our granddaughters that live her to a festival they had in the spring.  Good food, easy entertainment and excellent ice cream.  Do you remember a post a couple years ago about Mr. Cozy breaking up a duck fight with his ice cream.  Well that was here.
But this is  MABEL.  I DON'T usually use their real names on my blog.  But, Mabel, is just the perfect name for this one.  and it is her real name.  She is four and adorable.  She looks like Drew Barrymore did in ET.  This close up picture doesn't show her cuteness.  She is one of the two grandchildren that is moving here.  Actually they are in their home.  I entertained Mabel yesterday while the truck was unloaded.  I bought her the cutest little purse that looks like a bird.  She was so excited.  When we got home she yelled to her Dad on the truck with three guys, "Daddy I got me a new puss." Her brother went with his aunt.  I felt bad about not getting him something.  So I told him I would when he went with me.  He said, Grammy I may not be able to.  I have signed up for Cross Fit and I will be playing football and LaCross and may not have time."  He is seven and so excited about living here.  They love walking downtown to get dinner or for breakfast.  Now, that it isn't too easy.  They are close but up a big big hill.  There are steps up to their neighborhood....6 flights.  The neighborhood is older......but all kinds of homes.  One looks like a castle.  Their home is not only up a hill but then down a very steep hill.  Then their property sits on top of a steep hill.  This Grammy walked up and down the hill too many times yesterday.  (  My knee is really hurting today.)  Oh, and Amy Butler lives in their neighborhood.  My DIL would love to work for her.  Her degree is in fashion but lately she has been a fitness instructor. Oh, and their next door neighbor has a front yard full of fairy gardens.  Heavenly fairy gardens.  Boy, I got off the subject of ice cream.
This is Mabel in front of the big wheel at the mill.
You can go inside and watch through a window as they pack the ice cream.  We found this stray cow in their.  Oh I wish I would have had this picture for the post about seeing the cows on the road, hah.
This is what the Velvet packaging looks like.  Mabel's ice cream was super friends.  I had a fresh peach sundae.  My other favorite is Moose Tracks. 
Since Mabel and her brother are at my other son's house today, I am resting.  Come on knee feel better, I have a lot to do including watching other kids the next three days.
AnyWHOO, I am feeling so blessed having this family in town.  I know I think I said that before.  But it does make me miss those other four family members still in Colorado.  Mabel has been carrying a photo album around that her aunt Heidi made for her with pictures of the four Colorado cousins in it.  She had to put it in her new "puss". 
So hope you are having a great week.  It is cool today, yeah.  School starts next week.  Can you believe that.

PLEASE NOTE:  This post was written last week.  This week I am staff......American Clown Academy.  I won't be blogging til the week-end.  I'll be catching up then.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Doodles Family Party

Happy 10th birthday Doodle.  Love this girl.  both sets of grandparents, her aunt and uncle and two cousins, and us.  Well Doddle's family....of course.  It was crazy but different than having so many kids all the same age.  She is having a slumber party this weekend with friends.
This cutie is her youngest brother that you have seen before on Cozy Blanket.  I will be taking care of them the next three days.  Then school starts and they go back to their sitters.  Wish I lived closer.  I did that drive for 5 years.......just can't do that anymore.  This little guy is allergic to everything.  Big allergy reactions.  It can be scary.
The cupcakes had to be made because no bakery could promise that their wouldn't be cross-contamination.  I thought they were cute.
This is her older little brother.  He is like a comic book character.  The things he does and oh my the things he says.
I had to show you their 6 month old cousin.  I first saw her at three months.  I know my mouth dropped to the floor.  She was so chubby.  Her mom is probably a size 1 or 3. She is so big.  Those cheeks are even bigger than they look.
Doodle gave her grammys and me nanny pedicures.  Guess which feet are mine.
The boys needed to go outside to run some energy off.  So Grandpa Cozy was the one in charge.  Before the party Doddle's dad asked if he was coming.  He said he was glad because he would help with the kids.  While this was going on the real grandpa was sound asleep on the couch.
I feel blessed to feel such a part of this family. 
I am resting today to prepare for the next three days.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mr. Cozy and I are so excited that this sweet family will be living in our own little town.  They got the keys to their new house today.  Their furniture doesn't arrive until Monday from out west.  The children were so excited to give us a tour.  The oldest was just smitten with his new house.  His sister was as well but in a different way.  She's just happy being with her family.  We have all been wanting this to happen for so long that we still can't believe it.  They will be able to play often with their cousins in the picture below.
The two on the ends are our granddaughters.  The sweet one in the middle is Doodle the little girl I have watched since she was a little preemie.  Today she turned 10 years old.  We were invited to her family birthday party.  So wonderful how our families have blended together.  Doddle and I have a special relationship.  I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming.  Today she gave her grandmas and me (Nanny)  a mani and pedi while Grandpa Cozy watched the little guys outside with her daddy.  Today was a fun day.  We look forward to many more fun days ahead.  Now, if we could get our daughter to move home.  We don't think that will happen but we can wish.
P.S. On our way home we came across two bulls walking down the side of the road.  They were hoofin it....sorry had to say that.......I couldn't believe my husband didn't say anything as I drove right next to them.  He said it surprised him so much he didn't  know what to say.  It was almost dark....a little scary.  We phoned it in with the location.  Hopefully those big boys will get home safely and no one will be hurt.  Can't imagine hitting one of those.  I am just glad that I had a witness.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Outside my house

I have to confess.  I am not a gardener at all.  I plant flowers in two flower boxes, my big iron kettle, and just a couple other places.  Since I was gone most of June , I didn't plant much.  But my flower boxes with inpatients (not pictured) look good.  The kettle with begonias look prettier in person.  First time planting those.  The basket of flowers on my trike are dead.  My fairy garden has grown a tiny bit.  That's okay. I did find two more bowls like this for next year.  And this is my potting bench.  As you can see the weeds are doing great.  The table is at the end of my very long narrow porch.  I happened to find this in the garage.  I asked Mr. Cozy where it came from.  He moved it from the cottage that we used to have.  I wasn't here when he moved everything back home.  (Colorado for a sorta emergency).  So this is the before.  I used ASCP.......just one coat.  I paint and pot on this.  I want to add a little banner to the front.  Oh, and I do have a couple other little things that I will show pictures of later.  We have had so much rain that I haven't even watered but a couple times in June.  I do enjoy all your lovely gardens.  Don't laugh at mine......oh go's okay.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Shirley Temple and friends

I have always wanted a Shirley Temple doll.  Not any one in particular, just a cute one.  The reason being that I named my daughter after  Shirley Temple's movie Heidi.  I always said that I wanted a little girl with brown eyes and brown curly hair.  And that's just what I got.  Although when she was little she looked more like Lucy in Charlie Brown.  On our trip this summer we saw a Lucy cookie jar with the desk and the sign that said advice 5 cents.  Oh that fits my daughter, since she is a counselor.  I may have to find one for her for Christmas.  Okay back to Mom also talks about having a ST doll.  My brother destroyed hers after saving she saved it for many years. 
Last week-end I went to my second doll auction.  My first one was for Barbies.  I have one of the first Barbies and Ken dolls.  I never got into Barbies, I liked the baby dolls better.  At the first auction I just sat there in awe.  The prices of dolls and accessories went so high.  Accessories were off the chart.  We have a beautiful auction center really close to where I live.  So many were collectors or vendors, I should say.  Well, last Friday I went to a vintage/antique doll auction looking for a Shirley Temple doll.  I really thought I wouldn't be able to get one because of the high bids.  They had so many many.  They had several ST dolls.  Some were very old with composition faces.  They were deteriorating and the hair on most very messy.  I found an article that talked about how children were told to brush and style her wonder they had messy hair.  Some of the dolls were scary.    When this one came up I knew I was going to bid on her.  She is around the 1957 age range with a tagged original dress, shoes and socks.  She has a pin on her that says Shirley Temple.  One lady had bid on everyone one of the ST dolls plus alot of others.  She had probably spent around $2,000 at that point.  She was bidding against me.  Then the bidding stopped and all of a sudden the auctioneer pointed to me and said "SOLD".  I think I yelled out loud........"I got one."  The auctioneer smiled and said he was glad to see someone get so excited over her purchase.  The others just sit there straight faces and quiet.  I didn't plan on being that excited really.  I guess I didn't think I would get one.  Isn't she a beauty.  I love her face.  She is in excellent condition.  I don't want to be one that fills my house with dolls .  My dolls have to mean something.  I still have a few from my childhood.
This little cutie was an accident.  The bid was so low that I bid on it.  I was talking away to someone and I ended up with her.  She is old....Madame Alexander......with walking legs.  Not sure about the dress as it isn't tagged.  Shoes are original.  She is in good condition.  Sorry for the blurry picture.
This last one is from Erika at The Golden Egg.  She has a market on her blog.  When I saw her for $9, I couldn't resist.  Her head is wobbly and she isn't in great condition.  Not crazy about her outfit but she is so sweet.
Although I won't be buying any more dolls for awhile until I get my "trip" paid for......I can't wait til the next auction. 
Thanks for reading this long post.  I get a little long winded.  I have babysat for three days in a row for at 10 hours each day.  Today I am resting.  Have a great week-end my friends.  The Route 127 longest yard sale is going on.  I won't be going as it's around 2 1/2 hours just to connect to the sale.  I hope some of you do and post about it.