Friday, April 29, 2011

Being a princess must be magical

What a magical day indeed. I hope you got to see some of the roral wedding. I got to see Kate and William meet at the alter and then I had to leave for 6:00 a.m. But I am just a working commander (?that sure looks wrong). But I got to see the vows and kiss when I got home. I expected that the whole thing would go on forever. Short and sweet but it gave me goosebumps.

Now, my pictures are of Disney Princesses on Ice. Gotta love the first one. Dancing Girl was actually in awe of the Bad Witch of Snow White. Sorry the pictures aren't very good. Hard to take pictures in a place like that.
As you see that my favorties were there. So excited to see Minnie, the 7 dwarfs, and OMG The Fairy Godmother.

I am praying for the tornado victims. The storms hit so close to my family members that live in
Alabama. They are all safe. My nephew's family was one mile from a neighborhood that was totalled. So sad about all the losses of life during these storms.

Last on my list, not near the importance of the wedding and tornados, but the rising prices of gas. Holy Smoke. This really bothers me. I drive a VW Bug and it costs me almost $50 to fillup. I live close to my job. My husband doesn't. I keep thinking of those that it takes $100 to fill up. Families that work distances away from home and have children in all kinds of activities. I really think that this is a burden to so many and it will truly impact the economy. I don't know why BUT this bothers me.

Oh, I just have to end on a up note. What did you think of Price Andrews' daughter's hat....the one with the bow.
Now that was funny.

Don't forget about my little giveaway in my last post.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Touch of France Giveaway......and some little crutches

I'm making some of these for a couple blogging friends. Would you like a chance to win a set. If so just leave a comment saying so.

My Sweet K. Bug has a little fracture of her ankle. She is on crutches and a soft cast for two months. She is a whiz on those little crutches. When she got off the bus today I asked her if she wanted me to help her to her class. She said she didn't need help.
About five little girls said they were helping her. My little girl has people.......her own helping people. So cute.

My favorite

I think this is my favorite photo from my trip to Colorado.
Are you wondering if I will ever run out of pictures......sorry I have many more. It was so nice of the bear to pose with us. He sure is a big one.
In case you are wondering, Dancing Girl on the left.....does dress herself. She can be very creative, hah.
And yes she dances. She is in a dance group but has been known to dance for hours in her own home.
The little guy in the gray sweatshirt is named after my Dad and his great grandfather. He loves the Buckeyes, and the Broncos and Tim Debow. (Hope I spelled that right)
The sweet little girl in the front is named Mabel. She had a pedicure last week, hah. She is such a sweet one.
The baby in my arms is named after my Uncle and his great uncle. This little guy can be found in the fridge or the diswasher and if all else fails maybe inside a cubbard with the door shut. He is quiet and always moving. He never stops exploring. When he smiles he wrinkles his nose at you.
Oh, in case you didn't guess......they are my sweet grandbabies that live way too far away from this Grammy.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two swaps and a little winner

The first photo was a print that I won. Isn't this little girl so cute. This giveaway was sponsered by Lisa Holman.

The nexy photo was a tag swap from Sharon.
Not only did she send three adorable tags but these other gifts as well.

Next is a Joy Swap from Corrine. She knitted dish clothes and a coffee cozy. She also made a journal and a flower. Both swaps had chocolate.......yippee.

Thanks girls. Love getting mail and getting special packages.

An update on my Mom. SHe is out of rehab now. I took her to her home (2hours away). She is settled in with her little doggy. I left today. Hoping that she will be okay for a couple days on her own.
A little scary but at some point life has to get back to normal.....or somewhat normal.

Have a good week everyone.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Have a blessed Easter my friends.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Whenever I see a giraffe, a zebra, a beautiful bird, gorgeous landscapes, mountain, newborns, and many other breath taking things, I think of God. He is such an artist. It is amazing isn't it.

The giraffes at the zoo are definetly the main attraction. Getting to feed them is so much fun. They have enourmous tongues. They are so tame and love lettuce. I guess certain times in the day you can also feed them crackers. The guy on the top had just taken my lettuce. It is hard to get a picture since you face the giraffes to feed them. A little scary to feed them backwards.

Night before last we had 7 tornados touch down in Ohio. Sirens started in the middle of the night. The kids are school were exhausted yesterday along with the adults. To top that off the elementary school where I work had some electricity but about half the power was off. This morning the power was still half off. It was cold as the heat wasn't working. Before I left this morning the power trucks were there and they had shut off all the power. The amazing thing was that school was not cancelled. I keep waiting for a phone call saying they had early dismissal and that I need to go back in. The whole school was so dark. The kids getting off the bus were so excited. The teachers.....well not so much. The storms didn't do alot of damage. I think the tornados weren't on the ground very long. We were lucky.

Okay one more amazing thing. My Mom is doing amazing (doctor's words) and is leaving rehab tomorrow. I will take her home and spend the week-end with her. Mr. Cozy will bring her little dog on Sunday. I hope she will be okay on her own by Monday. A little scary being 2 hours away.

Have an amazing day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a Grammy thing

Follow the brick road to the American Girl store in Denver. Dancing Girl (a.k.a. Snow White) going to get her birthday present.

Lots of Bitty Babies.

And accessories to go with the babies

American Girls. We couldn't find one that looked like our Dancing Girl. Light skin, curly dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, nope there isn't a look-a-like.

Loading much to choose from

sweet moment........a tender pat for the doll in a wheelchair.

Sorry for the blur........She choose the twins........and had to have nightgowns

A happy little five year old. Just in case you are wondering. Grammy bought one doll and Mama the other. (they come in a set) But wait.........someone else had a birthday...........

K. Bug was turning EIGHT, how can that be.......

So Grammy got her new Julie girl a new outfit.......with boots.........and

and an
American Girl Dog. K. Bug's favorite sleeping item is a she had to have this as well.

Happy Birthday to my sweet granddaughters.

Take note:

Yes, these dolls are way over priced esp. in this economy.
And they are made in China not

But it's a Grammy thing.

They will remember this better than a plastic toy that will break in a few months.
And if they don't remember.........Grammy will .

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big Chair, Little Man

Poor Baby Q. was so confused when we put him in this giant chair. He couldn't figure out what was going on. He is always on the go and he didn't know how to get out of it. The picture reminds me that almost all our problems are really little things. Lots of little things can build up and be a big problem, but most can be managed. Sometimes we may feel that the weight of the world is on our shoulders. That's when we need prayer the most. Today is Palm Sunday. To me it is a day of so much promise. My Mother was born on Palm Sunday. Also my K. Bug was also born on Palm Sunday. With an Apgar of 1 she is a true miracle. I always said that the angels looked down upon us that day. They were there to take her away from us and changed their mind. What a sweet child she is. Her middle name is HOPE. We can all use a little HOPE. My compuer is fixed. I need to download pictures to one of K. Bug. My Mom is doing very well. Mr C.B. and I are taking her to the surgeon tomorrow. I hope that we can handle it. She walks pretty good with a walker but this trip is her first since the fall other than by ambulance. The sun is shining here. Lots of dark clouds and wind. So many tornados across our country. Hope you all are well. (((((HUGS)))))

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recycling Bottle Caps

Our school collected plastic bottle caps for several months. All sizes and all different colors. Then the "bottle cap lady" came to school. She had on the cutest apron. It had a big flower on it made from the caps. The border was all caps and looks like fringe. She had painted huge plywood boards in the shapes above. I didn't see the presentation but they kids placed the caps on the boards. They were screwed in with bolts. The school bus was my favortie. Somehow it didn't get downloaded. I liked how different colors were used instead of all pink or blue and etc. I just thought this whole idea was so creative. The shapes will be placed around the school. I am saving all my caps from now on, how about you?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cousins are your first friends

I hope you aren't getting tired of my Colorado pictures.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Taking over

One thing I can count on to bloom in my yard. We cut this back every year but it just keeps on growing. Not much else does. I think that the deer must not like this or it wouldn't grow like this. A few years back we had a garage sale. It all took place very close to this bush. About mid day out walks a deer. It had been sleeping inside of the bush. Maybe they don't eat it because they like to hide there. Happy Blooms to you.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy 84th Birthday to my Mom

Happy 84th to my Mom and Happy First to Baby B. (Doodle's little brother)

My Mom is doing really well. Settled in to the Rehab Center. Not moving much from this chair but therapy starts tomorrow. Yes, this is her hair. Not washed or styled in a week but it is all hers. Looks like a wig doesn't it. Mine is whiter than hers. This is her little dog Molly. We took her to see my Mom today for the first time since her accident.

Today is was 84 degrees. Unbelieveable. Last week it snowed. Things are finally starting to bloom. Spring must be here.

Hope you all had a good week-end. Thanks for all your prayers and comments.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Don't you wish someone would push you around in a stroller and you could just go to sleep. I sure do. I am tired but all is well. My Mom is doing well. She finally was finished with her surgery at 11:00 p.m. last night. The doctor put a rod in her entire femur bone. Incision from hip to knee. She got out of bed today and walked with a walker. One of those forced physical therapy things. She was a little bossy and wanted her makeup, so she is okay. I spent the night at the hospital last night. This afternoon drove to my Mom's and brought back her Yorkie. Got some groceries and hope for some rest tonight. The doggies are adjusting. Tomorrow I am going to work and then go see her between my school shifts. I know, why am I working. It's only two days this week. So thankful they were able to fix her leg. Thanks so much for your prayers. Things will return to normal in a few weeks. This picture was at the zoo. The little ones just passed out at the same time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am KINDA back

Hello friends. I have so much to share with you from my trip. Some fun photos and stories about my visit.....but that will have to wait. I wanted to post this picture for now. Not sure what my hair was doing. It was really windy but no one else has that look. little cuties and their parents. Guess which adults are my kids. Well, the tall one next to me is my son and my daughter is the second from the right. Great visit but not so great return home. Of course I was flying Southwest, you know the airline that had holes in the plane. Luckily my flights out of Denver to Chicago and on to Columbus Ohio made it with out delays. Rocky weather but really not bad. We landed in Columbus as a tornado touched down near my home. My husband drove almost through it on the way to get me. We stopped for a bite to eat and then on home. As we were pulling in the driveway I got the PHONE call. My Mother had fallen and broke her femur and was in the ER two hours back the way we just came. She must have fallen the same time I landed. It took her 45 minutes with her cane to get her cell phone to fall to call the squad. Can't imagine the pain she was in. Anyway the ER she was in transferred her to a trauma center in Columbus. I was able to run in the house say hi to the doggies and change clothes. My husband and I got to the hospital when the squad arrived. She did break her femur but it is way more complicated. Six years ago she fell and broke the femur right were it attaches to her hip. They put a plate and pins in to repair it then. This time the fracture was below that plate and totally broke so now there is no bone attaching her leg to her hip. Then to complicate matters she has a knee implant in that leg. She was in terrible pain as they x-rayed and moved her. The doctors kept giving her pain medication but it didn't cover all the pain. We left at 1:30 a.m. from the Columbus hospital. She was in a room and somewhat stablized. She is scheduled for surgery in a few hours. The doctors aren't sure what they will do yet. The hospital is in a scary part of town. Since she won't be out of surgery til later I will spend the night at the hospital tonight. She has a little Yorkie that is home alone right now. I called two of her neighbors. The first one was unable to get her to outside but the second one did. He is going to let her out today and somehow I will go retreive the doggie and bring her to our house. My Mom is on the opposite side of Columbus., It will take 4 hours to just get the dog and back and then back another hour to the hospital. There is no one else to help. My brother lives in Alabama and will come when he is needed. He doesn't do hospitals. My Mom has had 10 surgeries in 6 years. He usually comes when she is dismissed. My Mom will be 84 Sunday. So must go for now, lots to do before hitting the road. I "think" I am glad to be home. So glad that I wasn't in Colorado when it happened. Hope all is well with all of you. I am in two swaps right now. I promise you will receive your goodies when all this settles. (((((HUGS))))