Monday, December 26, 2011

It's a wrap

I have so enjoyed seeing everyone's homes with their holiday best. Loved all the family photos and the memories shared. I am hoping that everyone has survived this holiday and have many new memories to share for years to come.
My Hubby and I are in Colorado visiting our daughter and her family. We are celebrated to the max. We enjoyed all of our get togethers with all of our children.
Tonight we are watching our grandchildren while their parents get a night out. Not sure we will still be awake when they get home. As I look around the room it seems that I am the only one awake.
My back up computer also bit the dust since my last post. Not sure when I will be back to normal after returning home. I am ready for a computer that works.
Yesterday in the middle of presents I had a melt down that was totally unexpected. My daughter had made some photo books of our trip to Hilton Head. All of our grandchildren were together for the first time. She had lots of pictures of the cousins together. I started reading the quotes that were with the pictures. Suddenly I broke down with memories of cousin Jo. It was the hardest I have cried since her memorial service. I still can't believe that those quotes did that to me. I guess it goes to show that memories last forever and why it is so important to have family and friends in our lives. Sometimes all we have are the memories. Treasure each and every one.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

As we wait for this fellow to arrive...................

To bring all the little ones beautiful dolls and toys............................

to be unwrapped with excitement...............................

Just take time to remember THE REASON FOR THE SEASON


Merry Christmas my friends. This will be last post before Christmas. Things are suddenly getting busy here. Those three little girls are having a sleepover tonight.....what was I thinking. We are making bottle brush jars. Tomorrow my son and his family from Colorado will be here for another Christmas. Then another Christmas with another son and my Hubby on Friday. It is my dream someday that we can have one big Christmas with everyone. Then on Saturday morning Mr. Cozy and I leave for Colorado. We will be spending the week with our daughter and her family. I will try to check in with you while I am there. So have a great holiday and enjoy your families and make lots of COZY memories.

Photos........handpainted manger scences from a friend

The santa and Mabel's doll were made by Pat from All Is Bright. Oh my goodness are you loving them.

Little girls unwrapping moi, should have hidden that TV cord.

PS. Mother Dear is feeling a bit better. Back to the doctor for her tomorrow. My brother is coming from Alabama to be with her for the holidays.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Is it nap time

I think Piper has the right idea, don't you.
We have had two Christmases so far. Saturday with the Moms. Hubby with his and me with mine. My Mom isn't feeling well. I just talked to her on the phone and she says that she is better but with tears. That's not good.
Last night we had Christmas with our son and his family. The ones that live here. We had a nice dinner, watched Four Christmases, opened presents and all had our fingerprints taken. Hah, I got K. Bug a forensic kit. They sang Jingle Bells to us. Goose learned it at school and taught it to her older sister. Goose has a memory that blows us all away.
Tomorrow my two grandkids come to visit. The ones that are home from Colorado. Then Wednesday it is a sleepover with K. Bug, Doodle, and Goose. Thursday my son arrives from Colorado. We have our Christmas with his family on Friday. Then Saturday morning we fly to Colorado to our daughters for Christmas. So............................................................I think today I will take that nap with Piper. Is that okay with Christmas so close.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gifts on the go

I made these little canvas bags for the girly girls. Actually the canvas bags I already had. I just painted faces to resemble (I am so not an artist) the girls. Then I put some candy canes, coloring books and crayons inside. I thought it would be a good bag to tote all their things back and forth. Then Mama said they needed new bags for dancing SO there you go. It is hard to find something for kids that you know have everything and also to not spend alot of money on. I also made bows and glued them on the hair I painted.

The third graders at our elementary school singing at the Christmas program. Although, it doesn't look like anyone is singing but they were. The cute one in the middle with the earring belongs to me. She's my oldest grandchild.

I am officially on a two week vacation. Non-paid but still a vacation. I ran errands today. Oh my, people are grumpy out there. I saw some finger gesturing going on and some horns a honking. Slow down people and cheer up. I had a rough time telling the girls from the boys......geez what is up with that.

Off to do Christmas with our Mamas tomorrow. We will be doing things a bit differently. Hubby with his mom and me with mine. Mine is sick. I need to help her do a couple of get her car from the repairman, etc.

The computer I am on is as slow as a sloth. It won't let me read some of your blogs. It also won't let me leave comments on some. I am asking (begging) for a new computer in the New Year.

Okay that's about it for now. Ho Ho Ho.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Keepsake

A fun art project to do with your little ones and to keep for years to come.
The reindeer is the child's hand. The footprint is the sleigh. Santa's head can be a thumbprint. The child or the adult can add a few special touches to complete the project. Use some glitter for the stars and paint snow for the bottom of the picture.
This can be tricky getting the right placement. Painting their feet tickles them. A little bit messy as well. But I have done this for years and the parents love it.

On another note my computer died. I am using our backup which is slow as Moses. I don't know how long it will last. So if I disappear and you need me, shoot me an email.

Hope you are checking off your Holiday nice not nauty.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inside looking out

The opposite from my last post. This is Izzy checking outside for squirrels, deer, wild turkeys, or the lady that walks her dog with the motorized wheelchair. Oh those furry babies do not like her at all. The pillows are all nice and pretty until Piper tosses them around to make the sofa all comfy for him. Usually he is under one of the pillows when he is finished. Hubby's leg searching for another Christmas movie to watch. The TV used to fit in the cabinet.

I put the children's tree on the little chair and moved the other one that was there. You are wondering aren't you....why this is the children's tree when all the other trees look like trees for kids. Well this one has Charlie Brown ornaments and Crayola ornaments. The Crayola ornaments started with a gift from a friend. You see, I met our adopted son at a pre-school named Crayons. The mason jars are missing their lids because I can't remember where I put them. Two have candy in them, one has pictures and the other has a bottle tree. Don't you love all the things in jars for decorating this year. So cute, aren't they.

My house ornaments on the china cabinet, my Dad's antique chair. Had to move it from under the tree because I couldn't get to the outlet to plug in the tree.
A basket full of all the catalogs for Christmas. Geez, how many trees were used for those crazy things. The frame is many different years of my children on Santa's lap. There are ones with the first born only, of the original trio, the youngest alone and also with his birth sister. Very special pictures.

Piper, the check eater, looking out. He loves this spot. His toy is on display on the white coffee table, hah.

I want to paint this sideboard this summer. I am thinking of white. Speaking of white. Still nothing but those little flakes the other day. I heard last week that we might have a White Christmas, we will see. I know once it starts it will be snowing forever but I still love it.

So this is my house in it's Christmas glory.
Plain and simple but COZY.

(((((HUGS))))) to all.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Outside looking in

We wish you a Merry Christmas inside and outside of our holiday home.

The wreath from the Boy Scout's fundrasier. I took off the bow, turned the pine cones around so you couldn't see the red bells, and added this garland (from Urban Farmhouse, last year) and it looks so much better.

The Santa was a gift as was the star lantern. The high chair is from this summer's Buckeye Blogger outing. We went to the neatest little antique store in Tipp City. Everyone walked out with goodies from that store. The chair was $5. I was going to refinish it and let the kids play with it. One of the Bloggers said to put a plant in it and set it outside. Well it's had a plant, then a pumpkin and now Santa. It has made it to the front door but never inside yet. Love this $5 chair
We all need angels in our lives.

Of course, Santa is the star of the season but we need to always remember the reason for the season.........

the birth of Baby Jesus. (Sorry Baby Jesus, I almost didn't get you in the picture)

Just pretend the white spots in this picture are snow flakes.

The bank cashed my check. There were some giggles about it but not to my face.

My cards are mailed as some little packages. My decorating is done. Several things still in the boxes but I am pleased as I don't like it to be all cluttered up. My presents are all wrapped. So now there is Peace in my house. I still have things to do but Christmas is under control. It amazes me, but it gets easier through the years.

I remember when I worked at a Montessori day care. They parents were so stressed the first couple weeks of December. The kids were a mess. It dawned on me that it was from all the pressure of getting the tree and the decorations, the presents, the cards, and the parties. Then things seemed to settle down the next couple of weeks. I have learned from seeing what it did to the parents and the children that things need to slow down for everyone's sanity. It all gets done somehow. So hoping that you are all taking time to enjoy and to rest. Happy Holidays my friends.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa is in the house (Well kinda)

Cindy of Rick Rack and Gingham hosted a little house swap. You were supposed to make a house that reminded you of your blog. The little houses make up a "Blogging Neighborhood". I hope to turn mine into a banner and display it in my craft room. Look how creative these sweet ladies are.

Ooops, this one is blurry. See the bee hive with the banner.
All gussied up for Christmas. Somehow I missed that part of the instructions. Can you tell which one is mine, hah.

How about the little camper. The other one looks like a candy shop.

A cottage that's cozy but still in summer mode, two sweet little cottages.

Thanks Cindy for hosting this swap. Thanks to all that made these sweet homes.

I hope your sweet homes have a bit of Christmas cheer. You don't need alot to make it sparkle. My wish for you is that you take time to take care of yourself during this crazy busy holiday season.

Piper chewed a hole in my babysitting check. Just happened to be half of the account numbers and half of the signature. Will they take the check? I will let you know. It might help that the person works at the bank.....we will see.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Q. We love your blue eyes, your curly hair and that great smile.

You have style as well. XOXOXO Grammy and Grampy love you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do you have a best friend

I watched these two from the time they were 6 weeks old. Of course the one on the left is K. Bug my granddaughter) and the other Doodle. (just like a granddaughter) You have heard about her many times before. She was so tiny when she was born. I think she only weighed 6 lbs when I started watching her. These two have been the best of friends ever since. K. Bug and I went with Doodle's family to Breakfast with Santa.

This is how they stood in line to see Santa.

They have their lists ready. When they get this age you dread that they find out for real about Santa. I loved Mrs. CLaus. She was so sweet to all the children.

The girls are in their own world aren't they. That's Baby B. in the middle. He has no clue what is going on. He's only 18 months but a very tall little guy. Everytime anyone says anything about Christmas he says, "Happy Halloween." It is so funny.

K. Bug jumps out of the picture and Bew Baby B. sits down. He wasn't liking this at all. He's almost 3 months.

Mrs. Claus is going over K. Bug's list while Santa is in shock over Doodle's long list.

Later that evening Doodle's parents went to a Christmas party. I took care of all the little ones. I finally got the boys to sleep but those little girls chatted to the wee hours. I slept with the 18 month old. That was interesting. He'd reach over and pull my hair every so often. I think he wanted to make sure I was still there.

If you haven't talked to your best friend in awhile give them a call and say hi.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank you Ruby Jean

Ruby Jean posted how to make these sweet skates. She stuffed the tops with goodies. She also made a garland with them......cute, cute, cute. I made little ones and big ones.......think the littles are my favortie. I haven't stuffed mine with goodies yet. I bought more felt to make more, I'm on a roll..........glue, felt, glitter, stuffing and that's it. I made bows on mine but Ruby Jean made pom poms on hers.

Curly Girl after 4 shots. She was hurting by the end of the day. Does she look like a mini adult.

Little Miss
A. was very happy to model the skates.

Updates: I watched 4 darlings over the week-end. Got to sleep with an 18 month old..... whoa that was an experience. Still no snow here just lots of rain. Finished the grandchildren's Christmas.
Not much left now. I think I mentioned this before. Quaint toy shop, no crowds, and they wrap. I went to Barnes and Noble this week-end and had to leave.......the crowds swallow me up. I went to see Santa and Mrs. Clause. Pictures to follow. So far this season has been pretty mellow for me. Hope it stays that way. Hope you are all surviving.

Friday, December 2, 2011

little bit of Christmas

Cindy and I had a challenge to post our decorating today. So here are a few of the pictures. I still need to take some pictures and post in another post.
No special camera or lighting so look past that.
This chair was passed down to my father. It has to be at least 100 years old. The teddy bear was a gift for my anniversary from my hubby 9-12-11. I bought the doll because it looked like my daughter.
The wagon in a favorite of mine. I love it. In the newest PB catalog there was a small glimpse of one like it with Christmas things in it.
These are the little trees that I put out instead of a big tree. It looks kinda jumbled up with the cabinet in the back. But, really it doesn't look like that in person, you have to trust me.

Lots of
Boyd's bears here.

Another view, sorry about the cords. The trees are tucked in the corner to avoid furry babies and little curious people.

I found a little
Brownie. Do you see what it says "Holiday Flash". I was cleaning it up and my husband saw it. He said he had the same camera and told me how it worked. Usually he doesn't get why I have these things but this one brought back memories. How cute is that little angel looking at you. She was a gift from a friend that paints beautiful faces. (I also have the little instruction book that came with the camera. There is a penciled in date of when it was given as a gift....1956.....thanks Murphy for finding that for me at the sale)

A bear from my cousin Jo. So many of my Christmas items came from her. Glad to have the memories. The little desk it is sitting on is supposed to be from CHina and 100 years old.

A new little ME wreath from my sweet friend Genie.

My grandma's hutch and punch bowl. The punch bowl has ornaments in it. There was a bear in the little basket but he is hiding it looks like.

Our old TV fit in the cabinet. I loved being able to close the doors on it. The new one just fit on top. It limits what I can put on it. Has to be low so the controllers work. This had been a favortie place to decorate.

A little musical tree in the kitchen.

More to come later. I am trying to make it simplier every year.

I am headed out to a toy store to see if I can find a little gift for Mabel. She wants a baby carriage for her Calico Critters. It's a fun store that has lots of little stocking stuffer like toys.

Are you getting in the holiday spririt. Sometimes it is hard. I had one of those weeks nut it is time to move on.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My annual candle safety warning

Just a friendly reminder on candle safety.
A couple years ago I went to blow a candle out that had been burning most of the day. There was alot of melted wax in the glass container. Somehow when I blew on the candle the flame went back into the wax and hot wax just exploded burning my face and my eyes and all over the table. Trust me, I looked pretty bad for about a week. I still have some small scars but overall I was lucky. So please be careful blowing out your candles.
This candle experience I cringe even to tell you. I was watching a 3 year old (Doodle) and a baby that just turned 1. I put candles in donuts to celebrate the babies birthday. I lit the candle for the 3 year old but not the baby. That three year old is the one with the long red hair in the picture above. I went to take a picture and the next thing I knew her hair caught on fire. I reacted quickly and clapped it out immediately. In the photo I had just taken there was a wild strand of hair sticking out that must have caught the flame. I am such a careful person and couldn't believe this happened. I tried all day to get up the nerve to tell her parents and I kept getting cold feet. When they both got home from work the dad asked if the mom had told me that she was trimming the dogs ear the night before and cut a big gash out of his ear. So that was my open door. Of course they thought it was funny and every birthday since it always comes up. Those that hadn't heard the story are quite shocked. So the moral of this story really careful when lighting those birthday candles with little girls and long hair. (It was only a strand and it didn't even singe it..... but there was a flame instantly.....I was fast( trust me) to react)

Side note. Today I picked up China Girl at pre-school. She refused to hold my hand and was running to the car. She wiped out falling flat on her back in the mud. I was right behind her and tripped but was able to jump over her and not fall. Surprising if you know how unbalanced I always am. She was covered with mud. I had a towel in the car and just told her to sit on it til we got home. She never cried which helped alot. So me and my Motley Crew headed for home in the VW Bug.
Not all that happened today.......I didn't yield in the cross walk and I always do. I didn't see a friend of mine crossing. I was already through when I saw her on the other side of the cross walk. I stopped and yelled that I was sorry and we laughed. Then someone almost sidewacked me a little later. I said outloud, "What the heck are you doing".....except I didn't say heck. Ooops, sorry Olivia I hope you won't tell your mom........but then I told her anyway. I am glad this day is over.
There is SNOW in the forecast, yippee.
Cindy and I are in a challenge to get our decorating done and posted by Thursday. Don't tell her but I had most of it done before she challenged me........she was out of state and I was home all week-end.
Okay I will move on for now. I didn't mean to be so wordy.........but please be careful out there with those candles.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Is everyone decorating for the holidays? I am. Every year I saw I want to simplify. Then I see all my goodies and want to put everything out. This photo I borrowed last year. I love it.
All I would need is a small tree and a teddy bear and I would be fun. When I am finished I will show you my little trees.
Happy Holidays my friends. Let the fun begin.