Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Linky Followers

I have just spent a whole bunch of time on the phone with my friend Sue from Sullivan and Murphy. Sorry Sue. She thought she could walk me through the "Linky Follower" set-up. Well, she tried, I failed , so she took over. She is amazing at these things. I told her to hang her shingle. There is no way that I could have done it. So I now have a new way for you to follow me. Please sign up.....I don't want to loose anyone. I will follow you on Linky if you are set up to do so. Whew, I feel so much better doing this.
Yes, feeling better. New meds seem to be helping. Back to work today. That was not easy. In and out of pre-school........I was huffing and a puffing. But the day is done. It's pizza and some blog time. Just don't know if Mr. Cozy can eat it.......there is always Chicken Noodle soup.

Okay, this is a picture of a buzzard, hah. I kept snapping and they would fly right out of the pcture. Now imagine we are talking hundreds of them and I got this one ugly buzzard. They are making my car look awful. It's not poop, it is vulture vomit. If you want more info I can provide it. They should be leaving soon. Not soon enough for me.

Happy To You.

Monday, February 27, 2012

And the winner is..................

Jane @Blondie's Journal
Jane won the Shabby Apple Skelton Necklace..........Yeah for Jane.
(Please send me your email and address to grammypetals@yahoo.com )

I hope the sun is shining where you live today. It is here today. I even have the window cracked letting some of that freshness in. Out with the germs and time to get back to business. I am trying and I think it might be working.

Congratulations to Sweet Jane.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another day of rest

Just a quick post to let you know that we are hanging in here. Hubby did great with his dental surgery. I was able to get us back home and take care of him for a few hours. He is now back to taking care of me. I am still feeling miserable. The awful back ache is going away - so there are signs of improvement. Just not fast enough. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments and for checking on us. I know, it could be alot worse.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Down for the count

Please look at this post for humor and not whining.........that may be a challenge;
I am down for the count. I have streph throat and an ear infection. I haven't had anything like this for over a couple of years.
Wow. I can swallow today so I am trying to force myself to drink and eat. My head hurts so bad I have to hold it up with my hands. That may be from sleeping so much.(Sleep is good in my case) I have exhausted all places to sleep comfortably. Next it will be the floor and I don't think I have the strength to get up off the floor. I didn't mention that I have had this aching in my back for a couple of weeks now. The doctor doesn't know what it is but to watch it for shingles. My hand is doing well.....at least something is.
I cancelled my little ones for the whole week.
Tomorrow my Hubby is finally having the dental surgery he has been needing for months. He is being put under. He asked me if I am going to be able to take him. I told him he could drive there and somehow I will get us home. Heaven forbid. Then when we get home who is going to take care of who. (There is always another day of mending here for me)
Then there is the car. I haven't been outside since Sunday. But I am told my car is a mess. We have been host to around 200 buzzards the last two months. I guess my car is covered in their mess. Last year they did this to one of our cars and we couldn't see out the windows. Maybe Hubby can take it to the car wash tonight......he won't be out of commission til tomorrow, right.
The neighbors have been helping in the fight with the buzzards this year. I heard one shooting thi morning. Only pellet guns, as it is illegal to kill them as they are a migrating bird. Yea, they migrate to my house.
We are also having coyotoe (not sure how to sp. that and don't feel like looking it up) problems. They killed a couple of Yorkies in a town not far from here. I know they are close as my son has seen them a couple of miles away.
I signed up for a welding class for Saturday. At this point I will have to cancel. Hope I get my money back or I can take it again, maybe.
The poor doggies didn't get fed til late last night. Hubby isn't used to doing it. Then Izzy needed her meds.......she wouldn't take them for him. She hid under the table, maybe because he wasn't talking in a nice tone.
In the agenda today.......hope to change my jammies.......I have been in the same ones all week. Please don't picture that. I did get a bath before I went to the doctor on Tuesday. Throw some soup on the stove.....oh that sounds painful but I must feed the Hubby.
We will be okay. Rest assured, if it gets too bad our son is a phone call away.
I hope that you can find the humor in this post.
Still a couple of days left in the giveway.....you can still sign up.
Thank you all for your sweet comments this week. They help more than you can imagine.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Things that brighten my day

Some days can be sad. Some days can bring tears. Some days are just hard to get through. What brightens my day...........
the sun shining
my husband
my kids and my grandkids
a sweet friend
a teddy bear
my doggies
a talk with God
What brightens your day? Maybe the same things or something else. I would love to hear.
Don't forget to sign up for my sweet giveway. This necklace has a value of $52. I was asked by Shabby Apple if I would like to do a giveway for my blogging friends. The only thing I get is the same 10% discount. I did this for you because you also brighten my day. I tried to find something that I thought you would all love. Who doesn't love anything with a key. All you have to do is check www.shabbyapple.com out and leave a comment of something you like.......or like them on Face Book. I would love to win this but I can't. I am a bit surprised that more haven't commented. Better chances for those that do, but I wish more would .
(It has been one year today that my cousin passed away. I miss her so. I have been dreading this day. It's like I have to get through this to move on. She will always be in my heart)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Skeleton Key Necklace Giveway

Skeleton Key Necklace
Hello my Bloggy Friends. I have been asked by ShappyApple.com if I would like to offer a giveaway of one of their beautiful vintage pieces of jewelry. They didn't have to twist my arm, that's for sure. I had a hard time picking out the perfect piece to offer. So many wonderful items to choose from. They also have wonderful vintage clothing in white and other amazing colors. You have to check out their site. Please note: US only and no exchanges.
How to win:
Like them on FB www.facebook.com/pages/Shabby-Apple/56291792791 then come back here and tell me that you "liked" them. You will get special promotions and exclusive discounts by liking them. If you don't do Face Book just go to www.shabbyapple.com and come back and tell me what piece of jewelry you like best.
Also you can get a 10% off coupon by using this code " cozyblanket10off " . This expires in 30 days.
Okay, that's the scoop......all you have to do is like them. That's easy right. Oh, and you can share on your blog if you would like.
Now, go check them out.
Please leave a way to contact you in case you are the lucky winner.
I will draw the winner on the 22nd of this month. That's next week.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love never forgets

One year ago today I was on my way to Florida to say good-bye to my cousin. As many of you remember that she died of H1N1. She was so full of life and such a loved person. Her best friends, sister and brother in laws and her sister and I were on the same plane. We had all booked a flight immediately after getting the call from her husband. We didn't even know that we would all be on the same flight. She was already in the ICU and in a medically induced coma. They were trying to let her lungs rest. They tried everything to help her. She was transferred by life flight to another hospital but suffered brain damage on that flight. Then two days later she died. There were alot ot hearts broken that day. We are all still missing her vibrant personality. At the same time my cousin, Jo, had lived her life preparing for Heaven. We all knew that and that did help our sadness. We are trying to move forward. Reality has sunk in, we know that she isn't coming home. We know that she is singing and dancng with Jesus. We will hang on to the memories we all had of her. She was the sister I never had. We even looked alike. I will never forget my cousin Jo......as love never forgets.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Great idea for Brown Baggers

This is my sweet granddaughter that I call Goose. The other day her Daddy called to see if I could pick her up at school because they thought she had pink eye. So between the other two getting on their buses we went to get her. She had her lunch with her. She had quite the system. First she opened up her lunch bag and pulled out a cute washcloth. She spread the cloth then placed all her food in places on that cloth. I thought this was such a great idea. So much better than placing that food on the table directly or in the lunch box. Imagine the germs floating in those lunchboxes. I thought those of you that sew could take this idea and run with it. (Bev) Also about the school lunch tables......I have seen what they clean them with....chemicals and the water is nasty that they reuse......just saying. (I only had her a couple hours as her Daddy got a sub at school to pick her up.....we were careful not to spread germs)
It is snowing........Yeah. So today for "What I love"..........it is SNOW. I do really love it. We haven't had much this winter. There may be more coming our way as winter isn't over.
I took the day off today......stayed home and rested. I have been so exhausted this week and I have been sleeping........
My heart today is from Nan and came all the way from Alaska. Isn't it adorable.
Have a great week-end Bloggy Friends.

My ace wrapped hand is holding the heart. It is coming along.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Piper suffers Bed Head/ A heart

Today I am loving this dog. He is so cute and funny and loveable. He loves to be on my lap every night. He is about 30 pounds, not too light. The last couple of days his hair has been doing this. I think it is static electricity.....but so funny. The little kids have been laughing at him.
Here I was trying to get him to look at me. He's a cutie, isn't he.
And for today's heart........found this cordoroy heart at Target for $6. I picked it up then put it down and walked away....then decided I needed it. Well the little girls have had this pillow just about every where. They love it so much that I went back and got three more for the granddaughters. It is so soft.
So what are you loving today?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Back to amost normal

Pretty much back to a normal routine after some week-end pampering from Mr. Cozy. I even had the kids today. I was hoping I wouldn't have to cancel as that gets difficult for the parents to find someone else.
So did you watch the Super Bowl. I went to bed after half time. I watched the game but mostly for the commercials. Was it just me or did you think the commercials weren't as funny and the half time not that exciting. Maybe it was just me.
We continue to have days with sunshine. It sure is nice to have sun. It is a definite mood lifter.
Makes me feel like I should be raking the yard or doing something spring like.
Hearts have been arriving here at Cozy Blanket. Love them all.
I have decided to post something with a heart every time I post this month.....and to also tell you something that I love....besides the obvious things.
I love Hazelnut International Coffee!
Tell me what you love........

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Just to let you know, all is well. Surgery went okay. It was a bit more than I remember the carpal tunnel being. I am getting lots of sleep......and that is good.
I will post more in a couple days.
Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Living small, really small

Could you live in almost no square footage. I'm sure this would be for camping not real living but.......small it is.
These first three pictures are from the same little "egg" camper. Pretty sweet.
They both were at the Country Living Fair last fall.
This one has even less space. The bed is all that fits inside. I like how the end pulls up for storage.
Glad it has two doors. It would be too confined for me without that feature.
My doctor has one of these even smaller. I honestly don't know how two people can fit into hers. I will post pictures of hers when I find them.
Have you ever thought of how much space that you really need to be comfortable.
We once had a cottage that was 750 square feet. It was big enough for two. I loved that little cottage. It has a screened /glassed in sun room. That little room helped make it seem alot bigger. I think that is probably as low as I could go.
Since out kids have grown we have one floor that does not get used at all. Two years ago we decided to find something smaller. We did but our house didn't sell. So we are still here. We basically live in our living/dining area, kitchen and bedroom. I even have all the day care toys in there. We have a craft room and a toy room that is untouched most of the time. My house is all very open and maybe that's what helps. But it's COZY all the same.
How COZY can you go.
(Updates.....Izzy is doing great, thank heavens. I have finally gotten some sleep. Minor surgery on my hand in two days.)