Monday, March 28, 2016

A few more pictures

Games with the puppy.

Egg stuffing
Little changes here and there.
Tired boys and toys.
New shower curtain and towels
Easter fun.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

What a beautiful day

It was such a nice day today.  Perfect weather.  All and all the week-end was lovely. 
My son and his daughters came for Easter lunch yesterday.  The girls had so much fun playing with the dogs.  My other two sons just stopped by today at different times.  I made up little Easter bags for the grandchildren.  A tiny bit of candy and some little toys.  I don't go overboard at Easter and their parents frown on too much candy.  It was just nice to see all of them.  I will get to see my Colorado kids in a week.  I will be in Colorado to watch my daughter's kids while they are on Spring Break.  I am excited to see them.  It has never been this long between visits.  I last saw them in June when we were all on vacation together.
I am having fits with my camera, mini pad and kindle.  Seems like I need all of these plus the laptop to take pictures or post.
Here are some pictures I took around the house this week.
I thought I had more pictures but they must be on the mini pad or kindle.  I hope my daughter will show me how to post from the I pad onto my blog.  My kindle takes really bad pictures not like my first kindle.  So more later......but this is in my living room.....well all purpose room.

This is a sunroom, bedroom, or TV room.  I think it may become the doll room.  My dolly friends have huge collections and they need their own room.  I am really going to try to keep my collection small.  Hubby said it looks cluttered.

Here are the guys waiting on me to let them in the house. Those daffies have stayed so nice.   They came and put black mulch all through the flower beds.  I just love "having people."
Back to that room again.  I wonder when the plans were first made for this unit, this room could have been a screened in porch.  I am so glad that it is a room that we can use year around.  It has four windows in it.  The most windows in any of the rooms.

I have a picture of the girls from yesterday but sharing this one from about three weeks ago.  We met for pizza with our son and the girls for Goose's 10th birthday.  They are so funny together.  Very close and just enjoy being with each other.  This was the day that their other grandma went into Hospice.
Well that's it for now.  Hubby and the dogs went to bed before me and the dogs are not cooperating.  I took a nap this afternoon.  I can easily nap in the chair but falling asleep at night is just a pain.
I hope everyone had a lovely day today.
Thank you Jesus.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I honestly can't believe it is almost Easter.  My daughter that lives in Colorado is on Spring Break,  but her kids' Spring Break isn't for about 10 days. Her kids had their third snow day today.  I talked to her earlier today and she said that she got a sunburn yesterday.  They went to bed with their windows open.  During the night she started to get cold.  She went to shut the window and there was already about 6 inches of snow on the ground.    The snow has been slamming there all day.  She just sent me a text and said the airport had closed.  Her husband was trying to find an open road to get home from work.  They don't plow their  roads there like they do in Ohio.   They figure it will melt soon. 
Our schools are on Spring Break here.  It does seem funny that we aren't going anywhere.  When the kids were at home we always went somewhere.  The whole town goes away.  If you stay the kids have nothing to do. 
I am actually  going to Colorado to watch my daughter's kids during their Spring Break.  That is if the airport opens back up, hah.
Saturday I went to the Don Scott Antique Fair.  I think they have them in other areas of the country.  It was fun.  I went with my new dolly ladies.  Some things are way over priced.  Others are reasonable.  I went looking for things for my space.  Here is a picture of the things I brought home
  The little baby buggy is old and made from cardboard,  wooden wheels and very sturdy and a great find.  The Fisher Price fire truck brings back memories of all the FP toys my kids had.  That is a composition Bubbles doll.  She is from 1924.  She is in fair condition for being that old.  The rubber doggy I had been looking for.  The tiny Kewpie doll is actually a talc holder.  I found a Smokey the Bear for my collection.  The other things are a page from an old book of the Three Bears and some decals.  I also got a cute circus looking shelf.  Not sure what I will do with it but will show that another time.
My dolly friends are coming here tomorrow. I got some things in order that I have been so slow at doing.  I still have half of a bedroom to finish but not this week. 
Well that's about it for now.  If I don't get back before HAPPY EASTER.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

When the sun shines

Yesterday was Karen's service.  (Long time friend and grandmother to two of my granddaughters)  I have to admit that I was really anxious about the service.  I was worried about my granddaughters and my daughter in law.  The service was nice and the worship leader described Karen to a T.  The high school choir from the school  where she taught sang.  They sang a song about sunshine.  While Karen's body was not at the service, she was.  At the end of the song all of a sudden the sun came in from a back window.  I'm not sure how many people saw it.  I sure did.  I believe in signs and felt that this was a sign from God that Karen was okay and in a great place.
My little granddaughters looked so pretty.  Cute dresses and their hair fixed so nice.  Goose had on pearls and K. Bug had bracelets that I think were from their grandmother.  Their faces were red and they shed a few tears.  But they were so sweet talking to everyone.  And their were lots of people.
Our other son and his family sat with us as did the mom of my surrogate grands.  I was their nanny and we are not related by blood but they are family.
After the service we went from the church to the school where the first graders were having a spring concert.   Mabel  sang and danced and had a small speaking part.  What a way to end the day.  But it didn't end there.  We all went out to eat at the village Mexican restaurant.  Today is my second's son's birthday.  We had a few people that joked about how we were over dressed.  Like Grampy and Daddy in suits at the concert.
I am hoping that my daughter in law will be able to find some peace down the road.  She needs rest.
Hoping you are finding the rainbows that God send to you.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Life and death

It has been a very long emotional week.  Our granddaughters Goose and KTBug lost their other grandmother.  She passed early this morning.   She has battled cancer for 14 years but it was ALS that took her life.  She suffered all week in Hospice.
I was happy that I could help with my granddaughters and their cousins.  They stayed home all week.  My son and his sil would come home in the late evening .  Their neighbor and my husband gave me a little breaks.  It is very sad.
Also this week we had a scare.  Blood tests for the new baby showed high levels for Trisomy 18 and Down Syndrome.  They had to see a specialist .  They did an ultra sound and it came out okay.  Then they did amnio and we waited.  They had a 50/50 chance of Trisomy 18.  It would be a fatal condition.  The nurse called me yesterday with good news.  The baby is okay.  She had been so nice to call me and explain.  My son and his girlfriend were overwhelmed and didn't understand.  So I know now that it is a baby girl.  They have named her Jubilee. Now we have to wait til August to meet her.
While we mourn the loss of a special person, we celebrate a new life in the near future.

These beautiful daffies have been growing since December.  They didn't get very tall but what a blessing that they bloomed yesterday.

Friday, March 4, 2016

White Cottage Barn Sale

I was so excited to go to the sale.  We woke up to snow on the ground and it is cold.  The barn was heated and the parking was snow covered or muddy.  I am glad that I went really early before it got crazy busy.  The vendor I like was where I first headed. Here are the two dolls arrangements that I purchased.
She takes dolls that are broken and fixes them in to these sweet things
She is the one that I was afraid I would offend by copying her ideas.  She wanted me to see the duck one in the little suitcase.  I told her that I made one but it wasn't like hers.  Her suitcase was $89.
Of course I went for small.....downsizing remember.
She greeted me by name and wants to go to doll auctions with me. She said she loves giving people ideas to do things on her own.  She is very artistic and that adds a whole different layer of creativity.
This was on a little canvas.  She uses a picture then adds her painting and a wooden picket fence like you would use for a fairy garden.
Her neighbor had this necklace.  Won't that be fun for me to wear at doll club or auctions.  (Now to figure out how to make these.  A to find little dolls like this.)
There are lots of vintage items and furniture but I didn't see anything that I needed.
 I have wanted to get some business cards for my little doll business.  I have been looking for vintage toy and doll pictures and couldn't find one I liked.  Even though this picture isn't a great one, it is a favorite of mine.  This is my late cousin and me. I am the one in the dark curly hair.  My great aunt owned a fancy store in California and would send me beautiful dresses.  In this picture I look like I have hand me downs from my brother.  I ordered my cards with a little help from Vista Print.  I only got a few because I don't know how they will look printed.  The preview came out better than this one did.
Here is another I thought about using.  Isn't that doll huge.  There was just too much going on in this picture.  Most of my pictures have me holding dolls or puppies.
And here is the pretty snow that we woke up to. 
Since I was already out I picked up a Rx and took lunch to my elder friend.  I also stopped at the hospital thrift store.  They were closed for January and February.  I found a Christopher Banks sweater for $3 and a baggie with American girl doll clothes for $5.  Score.  I live close to two Goodwill stores and they never have anything.
Well that's it for my day of getting out and about. Hope I didn't wear you out with all the photos.
Have a nice week-end.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Flowers and Fairies

Pretty flowers from Mr. Cozy. Prettier in person.
We keep having really spring like days and then it gets cold again.  Snow is happening tonight.  This kind of weather gives me a headache. 
 I haven't been in a swap for awhile now.  But I couldn't pass on the fairy garden swap.  So my little fairies are ready to be mailed.  Only 9 in this swap so that was nice.
Tomorrow is the spring White Barn Sale.  I  have been going to these since the beginning.  They stopped for awhile and had a retail store.  After that sold, I have been following along where they have things in other stores.  So glad they have started back having them in the barn.  My favorite vendors that are my friends.  It's going to be cold and messy tomorrow. 
So I will be back tomorrow.